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Imagine Jared calling you his soulmate when rambling about you during an interview.

“It’s not the size… of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean. Isn’t that what they say?” Jared chuckled, looking around him for some sort of confirmation “I don’t know, (Y/n) usually tells me about these things but I- I-” he chuckled “I get too distracted by her beauty to pay attention to what she says.” he confessed shyly but still slyly as people laughed around him.

Of course you did.” you muttered, hiding your red face for a moment as you kept watching the video of his interview.

“Speaking of which-” the interviewer grinned “You two are great friends right?”

“Great great friends, yeah.” he admitted with a small smile, resting his chin on his hand.

“You mention her very often in interviews, whether it is about movies or you guys’ new music, and I know there are a lot of people wondering how important is she truly to you?”

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Microsoft Xenix on the Apple Lisa

When people mention Microsoft and Unix in the same sentence, they usually are talking about their pros and cons for various deployments.  However, 1980, Microsoft made its very own flavor of Unix, which ended up not being as big of a hit as they had hoped.  Still, it’s a fun curiosity which Jason Perkins & Eric Rucker decided to explore on an Apple Lisa 2, an IBM 5155 PC portable , and a Zenith Z19 connected to the Lisa. 

Together, both main machines ran a fun guestbook program that was synchronized over serial by way of a cron job.  Of course, I entered my name into the guestbook by way of the Z19

On Sunday of VCF East, someone (who I never caught the name of, on the left), programmed up a bitmap viewer on the Lisa, while Jason (center) & Eric (right) converted and transferred a file onto its hard drive.  Apparently converting their cellphone photo to a suitable type for the Lisa, and getting it there took several hours of trial and error.  The results were pretty spectacular though!

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i'm really happy to see you're creating again - regardless if you decide to release anything or not. it made me sad that you ever stopped for whatever reasons you had because i think you're v talented. :)

Aww, you’re so precious and kind, thank you! I stopped creating because of four different things, I think. People’s lack of manners, the fact that I don’t use cc in my own game, my pc screen and Windows. My pc (aka cc machine) is a decent gaming laptop but it has this horrible screen that stresses my eyes out and I remember having a lot of issues with Windows. I dislike Windows with all of my heart but I can usually tolerate it, but it crossed a line for me when it became apparent how poorly put together the upgrade to Windows 10 was and I ended up not using my pc for a long time because of it. It’s a little better now though. It’s still Windows, but it’s back to being tolerable, haha! I have mostly been sprucing up old overlays, making them more translucent and more maxis match, so they’ll go better together with elders and their wrinkles. So not many new things, but I have made one new overlay and working on a second one. And I also made a recolour of a base game hoodie. I’d like to share everything with you. Sharing things with others always makes me so nervous, so I just need to build up some courage first, haha! Sorry for the lengthy answer. ( 〃..)

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Why do exclusives games on console always look and run better than third party games? My guess is when a game is created, it has a targeted platform to develop on. Third parties usually develop for pc first, then port to consoles. When any exclusive game is made for a console, it starts and ends only there, taking full advantage of all the specs. That is why (almost) all exclusives always look and run better. Is this correct? Was hoping you could go into this more...

You’re mostly right, but not completely there. While it’s true that third party devs have a target platform they develop on, it isn’t PC by default. In fact, most of the time it isn’t - it’s a console (usually chosen by the team leadership). Almost all console games are developed on PCs, but not necessarily for PCs. Whichever platform is lead gets all the assets and content tested on it. QA will pop over to test other platforms as development goes on, but the designers, programmers, and artists will be the ones with the dev kit for the lead console at their desks to create content and test their changes before submission. 

When we do cross-platform development, we usually have a small team of experts (usually engineering) to make sure things are working on the other platforms while the majority of the team creates stuff on the lead platform, and we have QA periodically sweep the other platforms and logging any weird discrepancies. We usually don’t need much beyond engineering to babysit the other platforms because the idea is that most consoles are about the same in terms of their technical capabilities (not including Nintendo), so it should only require some programming to make the same assets and same engine show very similar results on each platform.

Make no mistake, these engineers don’t sit around and just watch stuff. They’re the ones who have to study the hardware and firmware (and usually the central tech stuff that the publisher supplies to interface with the hardware and firmware), and then write the lower layer of software that works with the tools, content, and higher-level engine code. They’ve got some incredibly challenging tasks, which is why they are almost always in very high demand.

So why do platform exclusive titles usually look and perform better than cross-platform stuff? Well, this is where the software engineering gets down to the brass tacks. When you’re building cross-platform software, you prioritize portability over performance. It doesn’t matter if you can get a slightly prettier game or higher frame rate on the PS4 if it means your XBone version refuses to work, drops frame rate, or has texture problems. This also affects things like how the data are organized and how the tools process the assets in order to put them into the game. If you know exactly how the hardware and operating system will behave, you can take advantage of all of the strengths of that hardware. However, trying to do this on multiple platforms is like trying to throw a ball through two dozen rings at thirty paces. It’s really difficult. So by making it only one platform, those really smart, really knowledgeable engineers can focus their energies on squeezing every last bit of performance and optimization out of the game, rather than trying to keep everything working and looking right. THIS is why console exclusives tend to be better-looking and more performant than cross-platform games.

Got a burning question you want answered?

Hmmm, this is not about my games, but lately I saw many people wondered why some of Japanese games don’t use Japanese voice within its localization version. Or, why the game is being re-cast in the new version.

Maybe some has already realized this but in Japanese company, usually voice is not “bought” completely by the video game, but they only pay the “license fee” for “specific version”. And as I heard the license fee is the same with recording new voices. So for if dev paid XX yen for the vita version, they need to pay the same amount again for the pc version. Worse, lately I heard that in otome/bl version they made it more difficult. As if: you need also pay XX for the download version and another XX for the hard copies. Although, maybe the price and the rule can be different depends on the agreement with the agencies.

So yeah, it would be very very hard if the new version can’t sell as well as the previous one.

In my case, I usually gathered the VA using audition and already mentioned in front that they all will be paid once for the whole version (I don’t think I can afford multiple time license fee.) This is doable as I don’t make any agreement with a specific agency but with the VA their selves. I don’t think this is doable for a big company though, as they need to use famous VAs (otome gamers in japan usually will see the casts to decide if they will buy or not)

Anyway this is just blabbering and sharing experience :p
*back to work

#blog - Remember #mightyno9 ?

So today I received a strange box in the mail.

I didn’t remember having incoming orders right now..?

What’s this huge cardboard and this small box doing in there?

To the trash with you piece of garbage.

What’s this..?

“Having trouble installing MN9….”?

As in… Mighty No9????

Holy moley…

… It is! It is my physical copy of Mighty no 9!! I actually forgot I upgraded my tier for the physical copy! Specially since I’ve been playing it thanks to the steam release I got from the same tier.

They sure did take their sweet time, didn’t they? Add that to the collective internet outrage for this game.

Me personally? I’m fine with the game as it is. It’s not great, but I don’t find it that bad.

Specially with me winning one of their many contests and featuring one of my robot designs in the game! (totally not objective because of that)

I finally received the first thing I ever kickstarted on kickstarter! I know.. we all know. It was a bumpy ride…

But wait… what was that cardboard piece again?

It contains something inside..?

The NES-styled box and the manual!! What the… couldn’t they better indicate it!! I truly almost threw that out!!!

And I can put the manual in there! Because I wasn’t a weaboo and I chose the US/EUR-styled NES box to go along my actual NES games!

My only complaint is that it’s a real NES box. Meaning it has actual NES size and I can’t put the DVD-style PC case in there, collector edition-style.

And here’s the NES cardboard box, official kickstarter physical release and my own fanmade custom box I made once I got the steam key (as per usual):

Which one do you prefer?

With that many physical copies of Mighty no 9 in my library.. it’s like I’m a huge Mighty no 9 fanboy… Goddammit!!!

At least I can use the NES-styled box to store my boxless Mega Man 3 copy.


So I made AMAZING red velvet cupcakes for husband’s birthday last week, and they were so good we devoured them all and I made them again this week. Here’s my recipe:

Before u start anything at all, set out the ingredients for the frosting, so they have time to soften.

1 box red velvet cake mix (I’m in Canadia, so I used PC brand)

Follow box directions, EXCEPT:

Substitute BUTTERMILK for the water (or mix sour cream and water)

Substitute MELTED BUTTER for the vegetable oil

However many eggs it calls for, add ONE EXTRA

Add 1 teaspoon of GROUND or INSTANT COFFEE

Follow package directions. Bake for box-recommended time (usually 18-19 minutes), but check it a few minutes before–chocolate stuff benefits from being a little undercooked. When they’re done, let them sit for 10 minutes in the pan, then turn them out gently on a cooling rack. Let them sit for AT LEAST a couple hours.


½ cup butter, softened

½ cup cream cheese, softened

1 teaspoon vanilla

2 cups powdered/icing sugar

If your butter and cream cheese are too hard, zap them BRIEFLY (10-15 seconds) in the microwave–you want them soft, not melted. Beat the butter, cream cheese, and vanilla with a hand mixer until it’s all crumbly. Add the sugar 1 cup at a time, and beat till smooth. This is thick frosting, so make sure the cupcakes are 100% cool before you frost, otherwise you’ll tear them to shreds. (They’ll still taste great, tho.)

ive been hired to work on some scientific illustrations but just in time my tablet pc’s pen gave up AND i hadn’t managed to get my usual drawing tablet to work so i finally caved today and called the service center (best call i ever made to one of those poor service people) and im gonna get sent email instructions…. lets pray this works, i already bought a second pen cuz i thought it was the pens problem (it wasnt so imma probably send it back) and it generally worked except for some software stuff so urghhhh

poor thing is from 2011 but its served me well so like ?? dont die on me u fucker i need u to make christmas present money !!!

Mettaton is Mad -Underfell-
Ian Murray

This was sort of a Request by one of my followers! Apparently they liked my voice work and ask if I could provide my voice for a comic they made. I looked at it and I giggled so I decided to do it.

If you’re wondering why Mettaton sounds lil deeper then my usually Mettaton voice cause I personally think the Underfell version of him would sound alil deeper then his normal voice.

But hope you guys like it. Also @monster-prince-riy-mite This is for you!

Comic = @monster-prince-riy-mite

Voices = Me

Music = Metal Crusher | Undertale | PC (slowed down)

             Death by Glamour | Undertale | PC (slowed down)

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Can I get a scenario where u were a top-class ninja assassin & was supposed to kill Chanyeol because someone hired me. To gain his trust I started dating him but ended up fallin for him, he then found out and asked me to leave him, Happy ending? -M

Thank you so much for this request! I made it into a ONE SHOT so I hope you like it! It’s approximately 3175 words long. Please send me your feedback <3


“Is this Ms. _____?”

“Yes. What can I do for you?”
“I have an interesting assignment for you to complete…”

You leaned your head on the glass window and watched the night view from the 20th floor of your apartment. As you watched the endless train of cars drive by, you couldn’t help but wonder if Chanyeol was in one of those cars.

“The man that we need to you dispose is not going to be easy. His name is Park Chanyeol. He’s the CEO of South Korea’s Investment Bank, therefore, making him the richest man in South Korea. He is well protected and has security with him 24/7. It’s not going to be easy to find him.”

“Can you send me his profile?”

“I’m afraid that’s not possible.”

“What do you mean it’s not possible?”

“Not much is known about him except what I’ve already told you. No one really knows what Chanyeol even looks like.”

“So how am I supposed to find him?”

“Well, that’s why we hired you Ms._____, you’re the best in your field so I’m certain you’ll figure something out.”

And with that, he hung up.

How the hell am I supposed to find this man? You lifted your head from the window and began pacing yourself around the room. Was there really only that much info about Chanyeol? You grabbed your laptop and Googled him. As you slowly read through the links, the moon began to leave and the sun began to rise. Before you knew it, it was already six a.m. It has been six hours and you’ve found absolutely nothing about this man. Ugh I still have work. You threw your head back on the couch and decided to call it a day. You hopped in the shower and decided to go for a coffee run before going to work.

Indeed, you had two identities. You owned and managed your coffee shop in the day, but at night, you were a killer. Kind of like spiderman except he actually did the good.

7:15 a.m.

You left your apartment and began to walk, but your mind has never left the mission. You were strolling down the streets when you suddenly heard someone yell.

“Hey watch out!”

Suddenly you felt the weight of someone else knocking you to the ground. However, you didn’t completely fall to the ground. The person put his arm around your waist so your back didn’t slam onto the floor.

“Are you okay?” the man asked as he stared into your eyes.

“I’m fine, thank you.”

You quickly got up and started walking away.

“Wait! You’re just going to leave like that? I just saved your life from being crushed by a truck!”

“I know, and I said thank you.”

He opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out. You turned around and began to walk away. As you left, you heard his footsteps quickly catch up to you. You turned your head slightly to get a better view, and he was indeed following you. You stopped walking and turned around.

“I’m sorry, are you following me?”

“Who me? No. It just so happens that I need to walk this way too.”

Without believing a single word he said, you turned around and started walking again. Whatever, I’m going to get a cup of coffee anyways. I’ll just lose him later.

“Oh my God, clearly you have horrible taste in coffee,” the familiar voice said to you.

“So you are following me.”

“Okay maybe, but I’m just making sure nothing else happens to you.”

“Thank you, but I’m fine.”

“Wow. Someone’s not in a good mood.”

“And someone can’t mind their own business.”

“Whoa there. Fine. I’ll leave, but before I leave, I’m going to save your taste buds from nasty coffee.”

He grabbed your forearm and lead you out of the line.

“The place I’m taking you to is my favorite coffee shop ever.”

He was so different than everyone else. Usually it was easy for you to see through someone, but you couldn’t with him. What was he trying to do? You were examining his face but you were interrupted when he turned to you and smiled.

“This is the place.”

You looked at the shop and was stunned. Oh my God.

Before you could say anything, he took you inside and pulled out a chair for you.

“Hi! May I take your order?”

“I would like a mocha… What are you going to order?”

Before even responding, the server interrupted, “It’s okay, she doesn’t need to order. I know what she wants.”

“How do you know what she wants?”

“Oh, she didn’t tell you? She’s the owner of this place.”

With that, the server took the menus and left.

“No way! You own this place?! This place has the best coffee ever!” he exclaimed.

“Yeah I started this a couple of years ago.”

“Wait, why are you buying coffee when you own the best coffee shop?”

“Because you always have to learn what your competitors are selling.”

“Oh? That’s interesting… I’m PC by the way.”

“ _______.”

After that day, you haven’t seen him. You still worked in the day and continued to work on your mission at night. As you were searching for more info during your morning breaks, your phone rang.


“We found out that Mr. Chanyeol is going to be at the art gala hosted by the bank tonight. We have your invitation all ready. The event starts at 7:45 and there will be a car waiting for you outside your apartment.”

“Do I kill him tonight?”

The man chuckled. “It’s impossible to kill him tonight. He has guards all around him. Trust me, your typical tactics aren’t going to kill this man.”

You took an early leave to prepare for tonight. Even if I don’t kill him, I should at least get an idea of what he looks like.

8:00 p.m.

You checked in at the front desk and entered the building. You assumed that most people will arrive at around 8:00, but surprisingly, you were the last one to enter the building. You hated that because that made you seem like an attention seeker, but this time it was different. You dressed so all eyes were on you. You wanted to capture everyone’s attention, especially Mr. Chanyeol’s. Of course, you had nothing to worry about because you were stunning. You red dress perfectly defined the curves of your body and on the side of the dress, there was a slit to show off your beautiful long legs. You had big wavy curls that curled away from your face. You didn’t have a lot of makeup on because quite frankly, you didn’t need it.

As you walked confidently down the stairs, one person caught your attention.

“PC? What are you doing here?”

“Well ______, I was just going to ask you the same question.”

“I was invited here. You?”

“I own stock in the bank so I was invited too.”

Before anyone could say anything, a man walked on stage and stood on the podium.

“Good evening guests! I welcome you to the annual art gala presented by South Korea’s First Investment Bank!”


“As you all know, Mr. Park Chanyeol threw this gala for us today, however, I’m sad to announce that he will not be joining us today because of an emergency.”

You tightened your jaw. Damn it. I missed the chance. Ugh, now what am I going to do? Once the man finished his speech, everyone went to their destined table and returned to socializing. Well, might as well eat and then leave. You waited until people started making their way to the dance floor before exiting the building. As soon as enough people were on the dance floor, you were ready to make an unnoticed escape. You got up, however, you were stopped by PC. He smiled real big and asked, “Will you dance with me?”

You were thinking no in your head, but instead, the word yes escaped your mouth. What did I just say yes to?

A beautiful slow song began to play as soon as you got to the dance floor. He placed his hand on your waist and you slid your hand in his. He pulled you closer to him which made your cheeks flush red. Why is my face getting hot? PC chuckled. “Don’t be shy. Here, just follow my lead.” The whole entire time, his eyes never left yours. Usually you are tense and eager to figure someone out, but this time, you just relaxed and let the music flow.

As the song ended, you slowly backed away, but PC just pulled you closer and whispered in your ear.

“Come on, let’s go somewhere.”

He took your hand and placed it in his. Somehow, you couldn’t say no. You just followed his lead.

The art gala was held near the ocean so you guys made your way down to the beach. He took off his jacket and signaled you to sit on it. Both you and Chanyeol lay down on the sand and watched the stars as the waves crashed against the shore.

“I love the stars. When I was little, I used to come down here and just gaze at the stars in the sky.” he suddenly said, breaking the silence.

“Were you that interested in stars?”

“I just felt like they were my dreams and ambitions. I wanted to be with them, but they were so far away.”

“The stars are beautiful.”

“They’re alright. There’s something even more beautiful though.”

PC’s eyes were looking at the stars, but you turned and looked at him. “And what’s that?”

Still looking at the stars, he said in a soft, gentle voice, “You.”

His voice sent chills all over your body. Suddenly there was a loud thumping noise. Was it me?

He finally turned to look at you. “You know, that day when I saved you, I looked into your eyes and your eyes reminded me of the stars in the sky. After all this time, I finally found the stars I’ve been looking for.”

Slowly, you felt him moving closer and closer towards you.

No no no. This can’t happen. Push him away. Don’t do it. Your brain was telling you to stop, but it lost the battle against your heart. Gently, he placed his lips on yours and the chills raced through your body. What are you doing? But you couldn’t stop. Of the 21 years of your life, you have been alone and heartless. I mean, what killer has a heart? For the first time, you felt as if life was put into you. The burning desire to love was arising.

“I think I should go.”

“Wait. Hold on.”

PC took your phone and punched in his number.

“There, now you have my contact info and I have yours,” he said with a huge grin on his face.

You rolled your eyes and smiled for the first time.

“Oh my God. _____ smiled! Ah, I need to capture this moment forever,” yelled PC.

You couldn’t help but laugh as soon as you got into the car. What just happened!?

As soon as you got home, the phone rang.

“We finally have a picture of Mr. Chanyeol. We are sending that to you right now.”

Ten seconds later, you received a text.

Holy Shit. Isn’t this PC?

Then it all came to you. Park Chanyeol.

You thought it over the entire night. Is the feelings I’m feeling for Chanyeol real? No, it can’t be possible you thought to yourself. I have to complete the mission and I know exactly how I’m going to do it.

This was probably the cruelest you were going to get.

The next day, you were just about to get ready for work when your phone buzzed.

Good morning beautiful! I’m downstairs to drive you to work. -PC

-How do you know where I live?!- You

-I followed your car home yesterday :) -PC

Of course, he’s Park Chanyeol. Of course he has his connections and his ways.

-Stalker. I’ll be down in a minute.- You

You were greeted with Chanyeol’s beautiful smile. Stop that _____. Don’t look at his smile.

“How did you sleep?”

“Good and you?”


It was all silent until you realized he missed the street to your cafe.

“Wait PC, I think you’re going the wrong way.”

“I know,” he said with a cheeky grin.

“Well, where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”

He parked the car and smiled. “Surprise! We’re at the amusement park!”

“You drove all the way here so you can go on a roller coaster?”

“Duh you silly goose! I already found someone to watch your cafe so you’re free!”

You couldn’t help but laugh at his cuteness. Why would anyone want to kill him?

Just like that, you ended up spending almost everyday with Chanyeol. Every morning you woke up telling yourself that, I don’t like Chanyeol. I need to complete the mission, but you were tired of lying to yourself and everyone.

“Did you track Mr. Chanyeol down yet?”

“No sir. I haven’t.”

That’s what you said every time they called.

You hated yourself for what you were hired to do. You hated your life.

One day, Chanyeol came over your place and you guys watched a movie together. Because the TV in your living room broke, you guys watched a movie in your bedroom. You were all tucked in and Chanyeol had his arms around you. Oh how you wished time could just freeze and you two can run away together.

When the movie ended, Chanyeol shut it off and sat up straight.

“I have something to tell you.”

“Is it something serious?”


He took a deep breath and continued. “I’m not PC, I’m Park Chanyeol. The reason I haven’t told you that was because I wasn’t ready. But, now I am and I trust you.”

Holy shit, he revealed himself to you.

Without saying a single word, you cupped your hands around his face and kissed him. This time was different than the previous times. It wasn’t a gentle kiss. You wanted to give yourself to him. You wanted to to give him what was most valuable to you because of what he did. Chanyeol returned the kiss equally as forceful. Your heart pounded so hard you felt it was going to pop out of your chest, but you didn’t care. As soon as you began to pull off your sweater. Chanyeol stopped you.

“Are you sure about this?”

You looked into his eyes and whispered, “I’m ready.”

As you laid in Chanyeol’s embrace, you knew that this was your first and last time. It’s time for me to leave forever. If I don’t exist anymore, maybe my conscience will ease. I’ve done enough damage to him. You softly cried as you placed your head on his chest. “I love you,” you whispered before getting up and looking at him one last time.

You went to your window and dialed the number.


“It’s _____, I can’t complete the mission. I can’t kill Chanyeol.”

“You have to.”

“Well I can’t and no one else can either so just give up.”

“This isn’t —-”

And you hung up.

When you turned around, there he was, standing behind you.

“What did you say?”

“Wait Chanyeol.”

“You knew all along that I was Chanyeol?”

“Yes but, —-”

“So the entire time you were just playing me and waiting for the opportunity so you can kill me?”

“That’s what it sounds like but—”


You were sobbing now. It’s not like that. I do love you.


You couldn’t even stand anymore. Your legs gave up as your knees hit the ground.

“Did you know since the start?”

You shook your head.

“Did you just sleep with me because you felt bad that you were going to kill me?”

“No I —”

Because you couldn’t pull yourself up, you tried to crawl your way to him, but he stopped.

“Don’t come near me. Don’t even touch me. I swear, I can kill you right now if I wanted to… [long pause] I’m not going to because my feelings for you were real, but I never want to see you again.”

Chanyeol slammed the door and left your house.

You felt your whole body collapse as your body slammed on the ground. That night, you cried until there was no more tears left to cry. For almost an entire week, you just stared out of your window. You didn’t go to work. You barely ate anything. You didn’t sleep. You couldn’t do anything.

Maybe I should just die.

You took the razor blade and sliced it across your wrist. I’m sorry Chanyeol. I’ll disappear for good now. You smiled and closed your eyes.

Your eyes fluttered at the light. Am I in heaven right now?

You went to look at your wrist and it was all bandaged and wrapped. It took a good seven seconds before realizing someone was with you. Next to you was a sleeping boy who you love. You heart ached when you saw him. The tears started to flow down your face and the sound of you crying woke him up. As soon as he saw you, he quickly wrapped his arms around you.

“I’m sorry Chanyeol. I don’t have anything to say about what I had done, but I love you. I really do.”

He squeezed you tighter and said, “I know you do jagiya. I know.”

From the cracking of his voice, you knew that he too was crying. He wiped the tears away from your face and held you in his arms. “I hated you, you know. I really did. But the more I hated you, the more I realized how much I love you.” He then turned so that you could look at him. “I’m never going to leave you alone again.”

You sniffled back the tears and asked, “How did you know?”

“Do you really think I would leave you not care about you? I watched you over the past few days.”

“But I was sent to kill you. Why did you still look after me?”

Chanyeol sighed. “Maybe that’s what happens when you’re in love. You do crazy things.”

After some consideration I’ve decided to do a quick follow forever, lazily using the edit I made last time because I do not have access to photoshop at the moment. I may be a bit late to the party, but nevertheless felt I wanted to make a post.

This has been a bad year for me personally. First a family member passed away, someone I cared a lot about. Then I got involved in a serious car accident because someone else drove way too fast and ended up in my lane slamming into me at a speed of about 100km/h. As such, I’m fortunate to have survived. It took 4 surgeries and months of recovery before things got better again, but it’ll be a period of my life I’ll never forget.

I want to thank the people still following me despite my continued inactivity. Even though I was away so much people are still posting great content! I’ve just started using tumblr some more again, and as usual many names have changed.. Fortunately I recognize most of the people :)

I hope all of you have had a good holiday so far, and I’m happy to soon say goodbye to a really shitty year, possibly the worst of my life. I wish everyone a great 2017!  

I’ve also made it back to 1k followers a few days ago which is surprising considering my lack of activity. Once my new PC finally arrives I may finally be able to try making mediocre gifs again as well. Anyway, all of the following are blogs I’ve followed for a long time and will be following for an even longer time:


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Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Developer Diary #1

Hello fellow Harvest Moon fans! My name is Taka, and I am the producer of Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories. You may recognize my name, because I was also the producer of Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. We know that our fans were very excited to see our series of Developer Diaries for The Lost Valley, and we will continue that tradition with Seeds of Memories!

In case you missed the news, Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is a new game coming to the Wii U, PC, iOS, and Android.

I’ve had a long history with the Harvest Moon franchise. It first started back in 1997, when I played the Super Nintendo version. As I was in high school at the time, I usually preferred playing RPGs or action games. However, there was something about Harvest Moon that just pulled me in. In fact, the more I played, the more I liked it! I’ll never forget how much fun I had making my dream farm, and how satisfying it was when I made it happen. I’ll also definitely never forget when that hard work was blown away by stormy weather, which actually wasn’t the end of the world, because I had a chance to rebuild my farm to make it better!

As my farm improved, I was able to take time to forage around the mountain and town where I met various and unique villagers. To my surprise, I was able to marry my favorite bachelorette in the game, Ann! I experimented by giving her various presents to find out her likes and dislikes, which kept me playing for hours!

Farming, foraging, fishing, mining, interacting with the townspeople… It’s these simple actions that got me get into this title, and this experience is something I want all Harvest Moon fans to feel in Seeds of Memories. This is why the main concept of Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is to return to the fundamentals of the series…a back to basics, if you will!

The Simple Life
“Simply” speaking, the goal of Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is to build a successful life for yourself. Whether that means a life with tons of money by raising crops and caring for animals, or a life with family and friends, or ultimately both of those, it is completely up to the player.  However, the simple tasks of growing crops, caring for animals, making friends, and enjoying nature around you will give players a sense of accomplishment as hours fly by. This is what my ultimate goal is for Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories.

Keeping it Simple
As the franchise gets older, sometimes the simple details that made the franchise what it is today get lost or forgotten. It is my goal to focus on these early fundamentals, the pillars of the series, and share those with all the fans. Some fans of Harvest Moon may not have played the early games, and I want to give them the same feeling I felt so many years ago. Veteran players don’t need to worry, as I’ll be throwing in some surprises!

I plan to share a lot more details of the game through these diaries, but I wanted to share what my driving goal is for Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories first. We hope you’re excited as we are about this new title! Keep watching for the next Developer Diary!


Attempted to color my sketch of Norik’s handsome face. I made two variants of Norik’s face, one with his Pehkui in precious silver, and another one in normal protodermis. 

Turns out, Clip Studio Paint doesn’t have channels (maybe i’m looking in the wrong place, but so far, nada, not even histogram, that sucks). Because of that, cleaning up a sketch proves troublesome (not undoable, but headache-inducing).

Another feature that Clip Studio lacks is ‘save for web’. That one makes me pull out my hair because I have to manually resize my images to save them. Ugh.

As of usual, my PC cannot handle any remotely complex shading, it starts to lag like crazy. Simple shadows and highlights is as far as I can go, which is not a bad thing, but certainly makes me wish I could go all out on some of my sketches.

So far, Clip Studio is perfectly fine for sketching (to some extent) and simple coloring (to some extent as well), even has some very neat things, but I wouldn’t work on anything important with it. Too much features that I’m used to in Photoshop are missing completely or are weirdly/partially implemented.

That’s not me bashing on Clip Studio Paint, no. It’s a great program for it’s price, and a decent alternative to Photoshop (it’s less performance-hogging too!). But as an artist who painted in Photoshop for the majority of my digital art ‘career’, I just can’t stand the absence of some features.

when I was going through old folders on my pc I found this picture that my sister made for me at school when she was little. I usually save every drawing she gives to me but I thought I’d lost this one, I’m so glad to be reunited with this pure image. I’m so happy

**SIGNAL BOOST** !Commissions open! (poor disabled and need to eat)

Hi there, its that time of year again! I’m opening commissions to help feed myself and pay my bills. This can include anything from the list below, or a personal request. Please don’t send me asks about commissions! I will provide an email below the cut that you can send requests to! 

A quick summary of my situation at the moment; my mum disowned me July ‘14, and due to me not being estranged from my dad as well, student finance didn’t give me the funding I need to live independently. I can’t go live with my Dad, as hes broke as well, and has 3 other kids in a very small house. My grandparents don’t have the money to help me either, other than by sending me a bit of money every now and again. I can’t work as I’m disabled, (fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue with mental illnesses including anxiety disorders and depression)  so this is my only option for income.

If you can’t afford a commission, or it isn’t really your thing, PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST!! liking the post doesn’t help me get seen, so I would super appreciate it if you could reblog! 

Here is a simple price table so you can quickly look through.
Terms of Service  (on my tumblr and easy read version) 

commission details below the cut

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