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hi me and my friends made an au where connor and evan become friends in middle school because connor gives/tries to give evan 20 dollars to come to his bar mitzvah because he doesn’t have any friends, but neither does evan so evan doesn’t take the money and nervously just invites connor to evan’s own bar mitzvah, obviously

i wanted to finish th bottom pic but i .. didn’t, anyway they go to a dumb middle school dance together as friends of course but evan kisses connor quick while they’re standing outside because the dance was too loud. its both of their first kisses and they both die on the spot

connor is natural ginger like his mama and he dyed his hair dark freshman year and he’s been keeping that up ever since thanks


a traditional gravity falls pic that i’m actually rlly super proud of! it ate up like,, all of my markers and took me like 3 days to finish but i dunno, i rlly like how it turned out! i’m thinkin i might make a digital version of it too? but i dunno yet so for right now i’m just postin it like this

Happy 10 years, The Big Bang Theory. This show has come into my life when I needed it the most, it got me through college and made me laugh on most stressful days. I’m forever grateful, for both the show and for my favorite actor Jim Parsons; no other actor could’ve done what he’s been doing all this amazing years. ❤️and this picture he posted taken “before the show ever aired” is just my favorite thing ever, I cant explain it, it just is. (thanks to todd for making him take the pic). 😍




so i had one hell of a day!! 

so okay, like…the best thing ever happened today. after the signing, an official pulled me aside and asked if I wanted to be in the cosplay video. I said yes (obviously) and she said to meet back around 10 to 2, so I thought there would be like 20 of us on the stairs

nah there were 4 of us in the back with GERARD FUCKING WAY and i’m crying still because i feel like somebody was on my side today (even though they made me forget my headphones at my brother’s place) but…idk. i don’t even feel like i’ve processed today or that it was even real but it sure made up for a shitty saturday. i will def post stills from the vid when it’s up because my face looks like shit in all these pics!

also that frank was the sweetest person ever and saved my new friend’s life who was the mini killjoy on the end when we nearly got crushed by the crowds and she’s like 11 and honestly the most lovely person

(i’m the party poison on the left of gerard/the one without a mask on!!)

DO NOT USE THESE PICTURES IN ANY WAY WITHOUT MY PERMISSION PLEASE. they’re not even mine, i have permission to reupload because i’m in them. 

warmblackrooster  asked:

That comic you made of noct wearing prom's jacket made my night. That soft tender smile on noct's face in the first pic as he's looking at the jacket is still embedded in my mind. You portray them so well. I really do think they'd be the kind of couple to share clothes, and I can see noct playfully teasing Prompto like "you dork what even is the point of this patch here?" "Shut up, you know it looks cool."

ahhhh thank you ;V;!!! that makes me so happy, I spend a lot of time thinking about their expressions and dialogue so that means a lot to hear!! And oH MY GOSH I totally agree, I think Prompto might throw in a comeback about Noct’s jacket having way too many useless pockets at that point B)

here’s a bonus doodle too:

heyorphevs  asked:

fuckiinnnnnnnnnnnnn idk man but the high funcitoning joke pic(s) were like, really hard at home and made me remember why i love junkrat in the first place? thank You for always being amazing at art and if you ever put those up for sale i will snag them up with my buttery fingers

dream sequence is about a year old now i think. you can view the animated svg version here:

Sooo life update for y'all

I got my birth certificate!!!!! Rip dead name, stay dead. I can finally get my passport so I can one day escape this hell hole.

This is like….huge step for me. Like nowhere to I ever again have to appear in documents as male. Tho now my dad is just awkwardly a Sr. with no explanation XD but fuck him lol.

And I should be seeing a surgeon soon to get details about surgery. After feeling really stagnant, I’m finally taking more steps in my transition, coming up on my 4th transiversary in January 😋

Also v excited to visit @septemberfallsaway up the in the great white North, land of maple syrup and stupid fucking Celsius. This next month cannot go fast enough.

Umm….yeah that’s pretty much it. Stand by for pics of the two sets of armor I made for me and my roomie for Halloween! I put entirely too much time into them XD

Clearing things up

So last weekend i went to see some punk bands like Antidote and Sick On The Bus.

I hangt with a lot of friends of mine drinking and stuff. I also took some speed and got super drunk and stupid.

What happend was that after the so, after passing out on the streets i finally made it to my hotel room where i took a topless pic of myself and drunkenly sended to some friends but found out i wasn’t just send to the people i met to send it to.

Lots of people thought it was stupid but an honest mistake and didnt really make a big deal out of it. (Some of those follow me here on tumblr and can confirm this)

Except for a girl called meg.

As it turns out meg is a non-cis punk who is underage. Me only realizing i sended her that snap by accident in the morning.

But without saying anything she posted on facebook the following:

As it turns out she is underage

Claiming i an “known to be begging for nudes from underage kids” which blew my mind into outrage, cuz we only replied to each others snaps about studs, patches and other diy stuff. instead of going bezerk i tried to tell her my part of the story and apologized, but no response.

This is what happend and i feel really shitty that it made such an outrage which, if it was somebody else i too would me angry and judge the person cuz shit like that doesnt fly in my book!!

Please reblog and share so this false allegation will be deleted


she hugged me and snorted at my neck and said “Oh! you smell sooo good.” and then we posed for the photo but I wish that I gave her the gift first because I felt so strange I felt like I froze and couldn’t speak, but then I opened the bag and said “This is for you, I, uhhh made you an ashtray” and she said “You MADE me an ashtray???” And she started laughing and shaking me and said “An ASHTRAY?!!! What!!! I’ve been needing a new ashtray!!!” I told her I made it from my own sweat and she started screaming Like That and then thanked me and squeezed me. She signed my poster and I was shaking and I said “uhhh I’m really nervous sorry ppffftt” and she asked my name and gave me a kiss on the cheek and I told her I loved her!!! And she said I love you too, face scrunched up as I waved her off. I don’t know how 2 speak I feel like a baby I was fine the whole time but then as soon as I stepped up to meet her my brain shut down bye

hamilcries  asked:

joseph. (ik thats not ur name but let me be dramatic.) i met four newsies today. i bonded with david guzman over being a twin. i congratulated akb on his engagement. i cried after meeting ben cook and demarius copes. i also met bernadette peters. jay armstrong johnson's eyes are SO blue. i met laura osnes with tears in my eyes. i stopped kathryn gallagher on the street and got a pic with her. i met anthony rosenthal. i made 3 new friends. i bought >5 playbills. i had an AMAZING day. i love you.

PEGGY!!!!!!!! GOODNESS DUDE OH MY GOSH AAAH!!!!! I am so so so so so happy for you! Holy absolute smokes!!!!!!! That is absolutely phenomenal!!!!!!!! 💞💞💞💞 I am so so so so so glad you had such an amazing time!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

I hope that I don't bother you but It's been a long time since I saw ( and fall in love) the pic you draw about Bismuth almost breaks Jasper with the Breaking Point and made me imagine that Bis did use the B.P but purposely failed to shatter Jas. Jas gets ironic toward Bis reminding her that she's a quartz soldier and Bis a simple blacksmith. That's when Bis shows Jas what a simple blacksmith can do by kissing her hardly and by her surprise Jas doesn't really fights back. And they made love.

Oh goodness, that one… I drew that on a post-it note before I acquired my first tablet. It got way more attention than I expected! Someone on Reddit said Bismuth’s face looked like Charlie Brown and I kinda died inside, lmao. 

In regards to your other ask (not publishing due to sexual language, my apologies) I do enjoy Jaspmuth and I wouldn’t mind drawing them again, but I’m trying to focus on my own ideas right now. Thank you so much though!! :)

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name: Megg

nickname: Umm… Meggy?

gender: Female 

star sign: Scorpio

sexuality: Straight

hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

favorite animals: Any baby animals ☺️

avg hours of sleep: ?? I guess 8?

dogs or cats: uhhh both…

blankets i sleep with: like right now depends because the weather is confused

dream trip: New York maybe?

dream job: Biologist

when i made my blog: 10 months ago I think..

why i made my tumblr: I saw that there was more pics and content of agents of shield and Tay. 😊

reason for url: Because I love the song haunted and Taylor says haunted in …ready for it? And I got
excited 😋

I don’t know anyone on here 🙁 so I’m gonna tag some blogs I see a bit and enjoy 😊 (don’t feel pressured though it’s all good☀️)



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