not luvbi


Far away on the Overthere, Luvbi is also laughing at Mimi.

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#I can’t give you proper olde English #I can give you proper old Spanish instead: #Pero no puedo otorgaros el buen viejo inglés #My gaming lang is Spanish (NOE) in the end #By the way #That’s based on Skype #But it isn’t Skype


-makes really loud idk noises-

okay i’ve talked about this piece of trash with several of you now so HERE IT IS I’M SORRY DON’T LOOK AT ME

this is the hinging point for all my shitty mario worldbuilding: bastard child of King Croacus I and the Shadow Queen, original creator of the Chaos Heart, and the spirit that fuels the Dark Prognosticus. oh, and Dimentio’s crazy ex. I WISH I WAS KIDDING.

so yeah, King Abscuro, probably the worst thing i’ve ever created. everyone judge my terrible flower child with me.

“The Pure Heart doth wish to resume its original form… Tippi… Takest good care of the real me… and… savest the world, yea? Such is my final wish, so if thou dost not do it, thou art most unkind! Father… Mother… Fare thee well. I am sorry… for lying earlier. Because in truth… I… I love thee… both.”

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What's it like in the Underwhere? And have you ever neat Luvbi, Queen Jaydes' daughter?

Sapphy: “I don’t know what any of that means. And now these two won’t stop laughing. We live in a big city town place thingy. Can you two stop laughing? It said where not wear.”