not loving yourself

You have completely creative control over your appearance

 7 steps to change your appearance (through the law of attraction)

Source: YouTube/ Leeor Alexandra: Law of Attraction: How to change your appearance

all of our thoughts and opinios (from others too) about ourselves have formed the way we look now

1. believe that it is easy and possible to change the way that you look! You have to tell yourself often that it is easy to get the body you want.

2. Visualization (or day dreaming)! You have to visualize yourself looking the way you want to look in your head every single day.

3. Say the change that you want out loud (to yourself and everyone). Instead of complaining all the time about how you look tell others and yourself how good you feel or that you’re losing weight.

4. Find a placebo! Telling yourself that doing something will make something else happen is a very powerful technique. You need to find a placebo pill for you (like eating carrots will slim down your waist)

5. Begin to behave as if the change has already accured! If you wanted to lose weight, start buying clothes in the size you want to fit in.

6. Start to appreciate the quality that you want for yourself in other people. (instead of envying it!) For example if you want long hair, compliment a person with the hair you’d like to have too.

7. Release resistance. You have to stop beating yourself up for the way that you look now! You have to accept and love yourself. If you’re beating yourself up for not looking a certain way you’re just focusing on the way you don’t want to look. You have to think about what story you’re telling yourself and others that’s holding you back. If you want to be thin, you can’t keep talking and thinking about how fat you are. Thinking lovingly about your body will help you to reach your goal.

BTS as me
  • Yoongi: wakes up before my alarm "ah, I can go back to sleep for an hour" wakes up 7 hours after my alarm.
  • Namjoon: am unable to make any point without using obscure illustrations and dorky hand gestures.
  • Seokjin: maybe you didn't find my bad joke funny, but I did, and I am going to laugh shamelessly.
  • Jungkook: pulls random skills out of hat to impress people but then get all shy and awkward about it.
  • Hoseok: am everyone's personal cheerleader because smiles are healing and wonderful and if the sky is going to be grey I might as well be sunshine.
  • Taehyung: am always spouting nonsense and then spouting more to explain it and somehow I end up making sense but it has no bearing on life whatsoever.
  • Jimin: I hug people. Constantly. Live off of praise but get all shy when people compliment me. Fall all over the place when I laugh. Am a smol bean. Always clinging to people. People love me anyways.

Sink into silence, turn off your thoughts, and just be here, be right here, right now.
Inhale, exhale, and think about how beautiful and magical creation you are.
You are expression of a great creative energy.
Observe the process of breathing. How marvelous and natural it is. And yet you don’t have to remind yourself to breathe all the time.
Just be here, be now, be love, BE YOU!

When you look in the mirror

people look in the mirror

and don’t like what they see

I’m ugly they say

I’m so damn ugly I want to die

why would you want to die

from that thing you call ugly

you aren’t ugly

people look in the mirror

and get sad and mad when they see

those eyes that look back at them

I wish I were skinny they say

I wish I had better looking legs they say

why would you want to change anything

you aren’t ugly

people look in the mirror

the wrong mirror

all the time

and they see everything that’s not real

you aren’t ugly

your legs are beautiful

your weight is perfect

you are beautiful


shouldn’t worry about what other people see


should worry about how you feel about yourself

because a beautiful thing

has to be taken care of

and you my dear

are the most beautiful human being

I have ever seen

because you are you

and that’s something no one else can be

something you can’t change

and shouldn’t change

I look in the mirror

and dear I don’t see just arms just legs just a waist

I see all of them because they are mine

they are the only one’s I have got

and in those eyes of mine

i see myself

i see myself


Bopo of the day. On the left I’m wearing what’s deemed a work acceptable and flattering top. On the right, I get nothing but weird looks and creepy advances when I wear this body suit in public.

You can’t “get away” with wearing lowcut tops when you’re heavier. It’s “inappropriate” and I’m inherently sexual.

I have struggled with my body being sexualized since the day I grew boobs. It’s only gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. I am coming to a place in my life where I am decided to wear whatever the fuck I want.

It’s taken me YEARS to finally gain the courage to wear a dress like this. My body may not be “perfect” according to society’s standards…however I’m learning that it’s healthy and beautiful regardless of how often the media tells me that it isn’t. Your body is BEAUTIFUL no matter what shape or size it is❤️