not loving jacks either


they know what we want and boy did they deliver


John Silver is not a bad person so jot that down


my favorite thing is when someone references Eddie’s gazebos line in their post and someone unironically comments ‘ummmmmmm, they’re actually called placebos??????’

love it

Ok so I am not sure if people graduating from college get some sort of yearbook, etc but let’s assume the Samwell program/website includes the name of all people graduating and a quote.

Jack picks some historical figure, very inspiring, etc.

Shitty’s quote:

“Get the @$% out of my room!” - Jack Zimmermann

Jack rolls his eyes.

Next year quotes:

Ransom: “I love it here at Samwell. We have a great group of guys and we’re ready for a strong season.” - Jack Zimmermann

(Incidentally the most common quote he gave while in Samwell and the most common quote he gives in Falconers interviews. There’s a meme.)

Holster: “It wasn’t cruel.” - Jack Zimmermann on regards to his CRUEL SHEEP EMPIRE.

(That’s exactly how he wrote the quote.)

Lardo: “I could be a cat.” - Jack Zimmermann

(Said when picking his Halloween costume but no context explained, so make of that what you will.)

All the members of the hockey team that knew Jack put a quote, no matter how random.

Jack hangs his head and covers his face, knowing this will come up I every interview he has for the next month.

Year after that, Bitty has a hard time picking a quote because there’s just too many. He goes for a classic.

“Eat more protein,” Jack Zimmermann

(It was either that or I love you.)

anonymous asked:

Little Jack prolly fell asleep one day while playing in the forrest, only to be found by KO and BD. They stay behind because they find his sleeping form to just be so precious. They perk up when Arcee and June finds them, only to stay behind to flirt with an unamused June. Its here that its hinted that Jacks dad prolly was a summer court fae... A very important one o.o

I’m so very here for an epic Arcee/June/Knockout/Breakdown love rectangle!  XD  June apparently is just a fae magnet.  

fandom vs. book

fandom ralph: cynical no-one-touches-him prince, all aloof and cool and level-headed, always finds witty insults for jack, tough, smarter than everyone, everyone’s love interest, popular with everyone, good at everything

book ralph: quite airheaded and oblivious, moderately smart, often pissy, confused a lot, sad a lot, looks tough but is not, taunted by jack, moderately decent person, tries to be righteous, no one actually likes him except for a couple of people, mostly wants to go home

fandom jack: always stupid, either extremely hot or extremely cute, either punk rock or weirdly woobified, unpopular with other characters, always softer than his book version, either complete nerd or complete jock, no one takes him seriously, his whole purpose in life is to impress ralph

book jack: moderately smart but mad, scary, ugly af, ambitious af, agressive, both nerd and jock, obsessive, very manipulative, knows how to make himself popular, his purpose in life is actually stepping over anyone who gets in his way

fandom simon: always feminine and small,  flower crowns, always needs protection, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes smokes weed, is the epitome of the woobie

book simon: vulnerable child because of health problems, very smart, very wise, always knows the real cause of the problem, brave, strange af, looks like mowgli from the jungle book

fandom roger: either emo or goth, wears makeup a lot, weirdly has feelings for things other than murder, is inexplicably in love with either simon, jack or maurice, also sarcastic af, always has deeper backstory than other characters

book roger: small but scary, loyal to anyone who likes murder, doesn’t react much, stoic and quiet, you literally don’t know anything about him except that he’s a child sociopath

fandom piggy: quite accurate most of the time, except that he is in love with ralph and is brave enough to confront jack, often forgotten

book piggy: tries to be useful, knows a lot of useful and useless things, p smart but not the smartest, quite dislikes ralph, is terrified of jack, also wants to go home, is thrashed by everyone through the entire novel before he gets murdered, is literally the saddest case

Here’s jack and cry. I saw their tweet about they respect each other and I think it’s cute. Also I seen some people ships them and they’re like, “septicry!” Or “collab together” or think it’s cute, or something like that. Personally, I think “crack” would’ve been a better ship name for them, but then again, it’s probably not a good idea ^^;;

hero-smitten  asked:

Oh! A day at the beach with Bitty and Jack, please! Future or not, and other characters are welcome too :)

This is a fic set where Jack and Bitty have twin girls. You can find the first one I did with Jack and Bitty and their twins here

Jack had been lounging on his chair under the beach umbrella and had just closed his eyes, knowing Bitty would keep an eye on the girls when he felt a small hand on his knee.


Opening one eye, Jack found his daughter waiting in her bottom lip between her teeth, big blue eyes watching him intently.

Leaning forward, Jack pulled her lip out of her mouth and cupped her cheek. “Everything okay, Suzy-Q?”

“Can I sit with you?”

“All done swimming?” Tears appeared in Susie’s eyes and Jack scooped her up and onto his lap. “Hey now, it’s okay. What’s wrong, mon ange?”

Susie cried harder and tried to talk. “I. Don’t” Susie hid her face in her papa’s chest and cried a little harder. “Like it.”

Jack held his daughter close to his chest and rubbed her back. “That’s okay, Susie. You can stay here with me. How about we build a sand castle? How’s that sound?”

Susie’s sobs started to die down, but she continued to cling to Jack. “Oh..oh..okay, papa.”

When Susie didn’t start climbing down, Jack smiled and kissed the top of her head. He got a taste of salt and had a feeling about what had sent her running to him. “Do you wanna stay in my lap a little longer?”

Nodding into her papa’s neck, Susie wrapped her arms around Jack’s neck and went quiet. Jack continued to rub her back and whisper quietly to her, knowing it wouldn’t be long until she calmed down and was ready to play.

As they sat, Jack looked out toward the water where Bitty was standing in the waves with Ali. Bitty was laughing every time Ali squealed and reached down to try and catch the water when it reached them. Susie may be the spitting image of her daddy with her golden curls and easy smile, but her personality was much more Jack. Quiet and intense, she was always focused on whatever project entered her creative mind. Jack had worried for her at first until Bitty had kissed him and promised they’d make sure to show her that it was okay to relax and make mistakes.


Susie’s voice brought Jack out of his thoughts and he smiled down at her. “Yes?”

“Can we make our sand castle now?”

Jack let Susie climb down and reached for their bag of beach toys. “We sure can. We’ve got to go get some water so our castle stays together. Are you going to be okay, or should I ask Daddy and Ali to bring it?”

Susie studied Jack with a serious look. “Will you carry me?”

Jack laughed. “Yes, I will carry you.”


Grabbing Susie and a bucket, Jack carried her down to the water and waded in toward Bitty. Susie clutched at him until they got close to Bitty and then finally relaxed a little.


Bitty beamed and leaned over to kiss her cheek. “Susie-Q! You found papa!”

“I did! He let me sit in his lap!”

Bitty leaned up for a kiss from his husband. “Did he now? Did he help you feel better too?”

Susie nodded. “We’re gonna make a sand castle!”

“Oh my goodness! Better make it nice and big so me and Ali can see.”

“We will, daddy!”

Jack filled their bucket with water and bent down to kiss Bitty again. He also used the moment to ask, “What happened?”

Bitty sighed. “Big wave, Susie got water in her eyes.”

Jack winced. “Well, I’ve got her and Ali seems to be having the time of her life in the water with you. Just remember to come reapply sunscreen soon, okay? You’re both starting to look a little pink.”

Bitty playfully rolled his eyes. “We’ll be up shortly. We’re also quickly approaching snack time.”

When neither girl noticed Bitty’s words, both Bitty and Jack relaxed a little. Both their girls loved snack time and if either Jack or Bitty made mention of it, they would be demand their snacks then and there.

“Good.” Turning his head to talk to Susie again, Jack held up their full bucket. “Ready to build, mon ange?”

Susie clapped. “Yes, papa, yes! We’re gonna make the biggest castle ever!”

Not Right ~J.G.;S.W.~

Summary: you cheat on Gilinsky with Sammy.

Requested: yup

Note: sorry it’s so long, but I feel like this is one of my best writings :))

“How do you sleep at night?” I roll my eyes and wiggle into my skinny jeans.

“I think it’s the fact that he doesn’t love me that helps” I say pretending like I had to think about it. I turn around and look at the boy I’ve been sleeping with for the past 6 months. It was more than just sex though. It had always been more than sex. Sammy made me feel like no one on this earth did. We loved eachother, even though for the time being, we couldn’t be together.

That tore me apart. Knowing that I would see Sam almost everyday and never get to cuddle with him around our friends. I wouldn’t get to show him off and take couple like pictures with him. I know it killed him too. I saw the way his light brown eyes turned to a murky black, the way his contagious smile slowly crept away from his perfect face, the way he became more insecure and felt smaller in his big bed, the way he watched with intense curiosity as I moved around his bedroom collecting my belongs getting ready to leave again. But we could never be together.

I kiss him goodbye and tell him I might be able to come over later that night. He just nods and savors the kiss as he usually does.

I walk through the apartment and out toward my car, making sure no one saw me. Even if they did though, I had an amazing excuse, just incase. I climbed up in the car I first bought when everyone made the great migration to Los Angeles. I turned up the radio and made my way home.

As I turned on to the highway, my phone started ringing, the contact name flashed across my navigation system: My Love followed by a series of different hearts. I pressed a button on my steering wheel that answered the call.

“Hey baby, I was just on the way home, do you want me to pick you up something to eat?” I ask getting off at my correct exit.

“Oh sure, but could you pick me and Johnson up and take us to voice lessons, our cars are still at Dillons” my boyfriends voice sounded different through the speakers of my car.

“Yeah sure. I’ll be there in 5 minutes.” I say turning into our street.

“Okay. Bye” and with that he was gone. That’s how all of our phone conversations ended, no i love you, no see ya later. Just okay, bye. I pull into my driveway and honk the horn before seeing the two bestfriends goof around and jump into my car.

“Hey y/n” Johnson says from the backseat. I give him a big smile and put the car in reverse.

“Hey baby girl, what did you do today?” Jack says quickly pecking my cheek before buckling his seatbelt.

“I went to a few stores, but I didn’t find anything good. I’m thinking about going to the flea market later for some more decorations, you guys wanna come?” I ask the two crazy boys.

“Sorry y/n/n me and G have to finish this song tonight or this album is never getting out.” Johnson says.

We all began talking about the boys album and how they shouldn’t rush it.

I pull up to the building where they boys get vocal lessons before going to the studio.

“If you need me to pick you guys up or whatever just let me know” I say smiling.

Gilinsky pecks my cheek again before sliding out the door.

“Thanks y/n” Johnson smiles lightly at me before following behind Gilinsky.

I drive home listening to music and thinking about my life.

As I get home I start cleaning up. When I get to my bedroom I get an overwhelming feeling of wrongness.

I know I shouldn’t be sleeping with Sam when me and Gilinsky are together, but I love Sam. Aren’t you supposed to be with the person you love.

I know it may be cruel that I don’t love jack, but he doesn’t love me either, he never did. Me and him grew up as great best friends and people just kinda expected us to be together like some kind of cliche book. Hell our parents even let us shower with each other until the time we moved to Cali. Everyone was shocked when Jack started dating Madison. I was for a moment but then he told me how happy she makes him and that’s all I want for my bestfriend. When they broke up it was pretty bad for the both of them. I tried my best to console them individually but it was getting hard. Madison just wanted to be alone and Jack just needed someone. So of course I was there.

Of course it started out as innocent, regular bestfriend duties. Then we slept together and we continued to have sex for over a month. Then one day, while Johnson was on Instagram live me and jack accidentally walked through the camera. This wouldn’t be so bad, but I was half naked with my lips attached to Jacks.

We didn’t want to let everyone down and have our entire families and friend group disappointed so we just started dating and told everyone. It was fun at first, but the most important part of every relationship, is actually having feelings for the other person.

About a year into our relationship, I started getting feelings for someone else. These feelings were very real and very strong. Sammy caught my eye one day and everything hit me like a truck. He smiled at me and the world spun in the opposite direction for a moment. He hugged me goodbye like usual, but this time I could smell his heavenly cologne and feel how warm he was.

Our quiet flirting eventually turned into something more. We began hanging out by ourselves and realized we loved eachother. Luckily Sam had broken up with Stassie and she had already moved on.

Me and jack grew further apart and suddenly we were strangers. He didn’t care where I went and why I vanished for the night. He was always to caught up with Madison. I get it, I do.

As I sit in my bed, craving more from Sammy I realize this life wasn’t for me. I knew jack was probably in the studio by now so I decided to pay him a visit.

As I got in my car and began driving, I could feel and hear my heart slamming against my rib cage, threatening to bust out if I didn’t calm myself. My hands began sweating from my nerves and I found myself tightly gripping the wheel. I got a sudden lump in my throat and it was hard to breathe.

I pulled into the parking lot and raced up the stairs. I was moving a bit faster than I wanted to but my heart was controlling me, not my brain. I opened the door where the boys wrote and record songs. I see the 2 boys sitting at the computer with their sound manager, trying to make a beat.

“I hate to interrupt, but G, I need to talk to you” I say as confidently as I can. Though it sounded like a whimper.

He nods nervously and follows me out and into an empty room.

We both sit on the couch, knowing exactly what’s happening. We knew this would happen, it has to.

“We can’t keep doing this Jack” I turn my head and look at the stressed out boy.

“I know, I just feel like we have to because everyone wants us to and that’s what we were born to be” he says leaning his head on my shoulder. Jack will always be my bestfriend before he’s anything else.

“I know. But I was born to be happy and I love you so much jack I do, but I’m not happy with you and I know you’re miserable with me” I say almost whining.

“What do we tell everyone?” He says chuckling.

“The truth I suppose” I say scratching the side of his head. I always do this to calm him down.

“Do you love Sam the way I love Madison?” He asks quietly after a few moments of silence.

“Yea. Yea I do” I say before kissing jacks head making my way back to my car. I put out a tweet.

@y/n: you can’t keep doing things that make you unhappy, just because that’s what everyone expects of you

@y/n: me and @jackgilinsky just weren’t made to be together. We are bestfriends and I don’t think we could ever be more.

@y/n: I’m so sorry, but me and jack both have our hearts set in other places.

I tweet them and see all the mentions saying they’re crying and the ship has sunk. Most people said they understood and as fans they just wanted us happy.

As I got in my car I saw jack retweeted my tweets and posted a few of his own.

@jackgilinsky: my heart is set with @madisonbeer and it always has been

@jackgilinsky: don’t worry, I love @y/n, just not in that way. I love you guys too.

I retweeted and and immediately got calls and texts from my friends and family. I laugh and began my drive towards Sammy’s apartment.

The drive seemed so much shorter on the way there. As I walked in front of his front door I took a deep breathe with a huge smile on my face. I could finally be with the love of my life. I knock on the door and it’s ripped open by a topless Sammy who pulls me into a kiss before I get a chance to say hey.

“I love you so much” he says grabbing my face and squishing it. I laugh and pull him down on the bed, cuddling into his warm chest.

I would never have to see Sam get a little less happy every time I walked out his door. His sad smile would be replaced with giant grins. His murky black eyes could stay shiny and light brown. His insecurities washed away and his bed felt just right with both of our bodies mingled in it. We were finally happy and together forever.

RFA+V+Unknown+ Vanderwood+Ray MC wit big ol’ titties 

Come on the title speaks for itself, also…


Cause I’m mature :P

Nsfw???? sex is mention so i guess it’s nsfw? you’re the judge of that


  • >////<
  • He hasn’t known many women with big badonkadonks
  • so all the times on the chatroom he never once thought about it
  • Now when you came to the party
  • and he walked up to you
  • And you turned to him
  • Even with one eye he could tell you were blessed
  • Tried his very best to not look down
  • he was a shy lamb okay?
  • But you just knew and you were having one hell of a time
  • “Oh my~ I seemed to have spilled some water on my chest, mind helping me Yoosung?”
  • Boy almost fainted
  • As time went by it was easier
  • and he was even more bolder
  • If you allowed him he would gladly just hug you
  • shoving his head in your bust
  • at any time
  • lunch
  • dinner
  • when he’s horny and ya’ll gettin down
  • when he’s happy
  • your chest was THEE BEST pillow ever
  • “Mmm my pillow~”


  • Oh my
  • when you went to his apartment to help him heal
  • it was the first thing he saw
  • you stood in the doorway of his place
  • and your boobs
  • were just staring at him
  • in his face
  • “C-Come In MC”
  • hehehehehe
  • You knew
  • you were planning on seeing the beast tonight~
  • You did every trick in the book
  • and he exclaimed he was a gentleman
  • “MC I don’t want you to see this beast this early in the relationship”
  • “But I want to be friends with it”
  • “No please don’t”
  • “I know what you’re doing!”
  • “Oh? Than let me do it~”
  • Oh would you look at that
  • your bra was on the other side of the room
  • Totally attacks your breasts first during fun time
  • after that it was like second nature to touch your boobs
  • “Good bye MC, I’ll see you and your chest later”


  • “Okay”
  • Baehee got a nice big set of fun bags too
  • So she didn’t really care
  • Saw them in person and like
  • “Finally, someone who gets me”
  • she would be pretty happy that she knew someone else that had her struggles
  • “Let’s go bra shopping MC!”
  • seriously got nothing to say about this one
  • you two would love seeing both yo tits bounce around while you’re getting it on


  • Cool
  • I can’t stress enough how much the gang doesn’t care what your body looks like because they’ll love you no matter what
  • He’ll acknowledge them
  • “You have a very nice figure dear”
  • and the party he noticed how others looked at your body
  • and he didn’t like it
  • “How dare you look at my MC”
  • He’s fascinated how you can deal with them on a day to day basis
  • if you tell him your back hurts from them having to hold up your girls
  • “I will massage your back myself”
  • Doesn’t want anyone else to be near your chest in any way
  • He gets pretty excited when you ask him to play with them
  • does not hold back in any way
  • “You asked and you shall receive my love”


  • hehehehe
  • He saw them through the CCTV
  • and he was super embarrassed
  • but
  • “New toys~”
  • He was pretty happy about them
  • he thought of them as their own person
  • “Tit 1 is a bit bigger then tit 2″
  • “Good night tit 1″
  • “Oh i didn’t forget you tit 2″
  • Gives them kisses
  • Loves to squeeze them from behind
  • hearing your yelps from touching them?
  • makes him laugh
  • hears your moans from touching them?
  • bow chicka wow wow
  • enjoys that he can make you squirm from playing with them
  • He likes to watch them bounce
  • “MC! lets do some jumping jacks!”


  • You do?
  • would love you either way
  • You two meet when his eyes are pretty bad
  • so he can’t see them very well
  • kinda funny how he finds out about your balloons
  • reaches over to grab an apple for breakfast
  • accidentally grabs big squishy thing
  • “I don’t remember apples being this big, or squishy”
  • gives it a few squeezes
  • you let out like a low moan
  • “MC?”
  • “Yes?”
  • “Your breasts are nothing like apples”
  • He’s pretty embarrassed for touching them
  • and you’re like
  • “I like it when you do~”
  • immediately touches again
  • Is gentle with them unless you ask him to by more ruff
  • if you do want
  • he will not hold back


  • Whatever
  • he’s not too attached to the bags attached to your chest
  • when he picked you as a victim to the game
  • didn’t really pay attention to ya titties
  • but he would be confused why he feels the need to look at them a lot
  • and why he wants to touch them
  • “Wanna touch em?”
  • “I mean…I guess…if that’s what YOU want”
  • now he can’t go a day without touchin them
  • “Baby are you having a bad day? here, get yo fix”
  • *pulls out boob*
  • “I mean…I guess…if that’s what YOU want”
  • total tsundere about it
  • He would be too embarrassed to ask
  • but
  • when he’s horny?
  • R.I.P your boobs


  • He knows how to appreciate them
  • He would enjoy them
  • looks at them from time to time
  • when he saw you for the first time in the CCTV
  • “shes got a nice rack”
  • He’s not afraid to point it out
  • or to compliment them
  • “Your breasts look even better in person”
  • actually kinda possessive of them
  • if someone even looks at your boobs?
  • “Hey fuck face those are my boobs back off”
  • I think he’s more an ass guy while you two do your love makin
  • but still likes to bite yo nipples~


  • More to love
  • He was so in love with you that 
  • you could be a 67 year old with tits that touched the ground and he wouldn’t care
  • if you wanted him to notice them
  • then he would
  • And if you didn’t want him to notice thing one and thing two?
  • what boobs?
  • I guess when you two get down and do the nasty then he wouldn’t mind touching them a lil
  • but again
  • doesn’t care
  • He lurvs you~

Master list of my headcanons

[RotG] Spread your Wings

I blame @eastofthemoon. Wasn’t originally gonna write fic for this @jackrabbitweek prompt, but…
2844 words, fluff. 

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” Bunny commented, giving himself a stretch. Easter was over, now it was time to relax and unwind a bit. 

“What?” Jack said, distracted from his very busy task of attempting to balance a flower on his nose. It wasn’t working, but the effort was entertaining nevertheless.

“Wings.” Bunny said succinctly. Spirits, with two known exceptions, had wings. It was the one of the most obvious and identifiable ways to recognize them, thought to be a reflection of the spirit themselves.

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serendipity--goddess  asked:

"I don't deserve to be loved" with either sprace or jackcrutchie

Whew. So I decided on Jack/Crutchie and this is a modern AU. Snyder was an abusive foster parent and Crutchie (as in that headcanon post I made.) Has a prosthetic leg which is why his crutch isn’t mentioned.


I run out of the gym because I can’t take it. That goddamn Delancy. “You know you gotta stop fidgeting with the ball before you throw it, then again you’re just an artsy piece of shit who knows nothing about sports so what should I expect” How was he supposed to know? He couldn’t have. I reach a bathroom, the one where no one goes because everyone thinks it’s haunted. I sink to the ground and put my hands over my ears. They won’t shut up. “No, no, no.” I keep breathing but I feel like I can’t. ‘You’re awful you know, stealing from those people.’ ‘Stop fidgeting Jack you look fucking stupid’ “STOP IT STOP IT” I yell. I can’t make it stop. I start to rock back and forth to try and calm myself. But this isn’t a normal panic attack. ‘Now that I think about it you’re pretty ugly’ ‘Who would ever love you? I certainly don't’ Why-why did he have to bring back all the things Snyder said. I can’t do anything so I just continue to sit while I wait for it to be over. I listen to the voices. I start to think that he was right. “Jack? Oh Jack.” I hear his voice but iI'munable to respond. It’s Crutchie. Crutchie he’s your friend he likes you it’s alright. But what if he just feels sorry for me? What if he secretly hates me? Of course he does I’m awful. I’m pathetic. I’m ugly. “Jack, if you can hear me I need you to breath with me okay?” I try to nod but I fear it doesn’t come across. “In, 1,2,3,4, hold, 1,2,3,4, release, 1,2,3,4.” I try to comply but the voices are loud and I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.

It’s been… I don’t know how long. I’m kinda going along with Crutchie’s words. “In, hold and out” I begin to mutter. The voices are still there, spouting their truths but they keep getting more and more quiet. “Hey Jack, if you can speak right now can you tell me what’s wrong or how I can help?” I’m still swaying back and forth and an unstoppable reply comes out of my mouth.“I don’t, I don’t des,deser, deserve to be, t-to be loved.” I gasp and begin sobbing.

“Oh, Jack, oh no , that’s not true.” I keep sobbing

“I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m”

“Jack, if you can, listen to me.” He takes my hand and I squeeze it. His touch helps bring me back.

“You are beautiful and kind and amazing. You never fail to make me laugh; Which is a difficult feat, you should be proud. You give so much. You give to your art, to me to the whole gang, to those kids at the home. You have such an amazing smile.” My breathing slows. The voices are now barely a murmur. I lift my head and wrap my arms around his waist and cry quietly into his shirt. “You’re safe.” He starts to comb through my hair with his fingers. I move away and wipe my eyes.I’m fine now, the voices are gone. “Crutch i’m sorry”
“What for? Don’t be sorry there’s nothing to be sorry about.You have helped me through many panic attacks.” He frowns with concern. He cares I breath a sigh of relief. If he didn’t he would have left right?

“I know, I just, my brain and…. yeah.” He begins to shift uncomfortably and he won’t meet my eyes. What did I do?

“Jack I love you.” Oh

“What?” I say with disbelief. “Like in a friends kind of way?” He looks up and blushes. He’s real cute like that.

“Um well, um no. Inamorethatfriendskindofway. But maybe I shouldn’t have brought this up, you just had a panic attack and I was trying to let you know that you were loved and I’m sorry.” I smile. Crutchie loves me! He loves me, and I love him and–Oh. “Hey Crutch?”

“Uh yeah, Jack?” He meets me eyes.

“I love ya too.” He smiles and I think he knows where this is going.

“In a more than friends kind of way?” I nod.


“Oh.” I lean forward and put me hands on his shoulders.

“Can I kiss you now.” He blushes again. Can he try to be less adorable .

“Yes!”  Our lips meet and his mouth is warm. I move my hands to his cheeks. He has such soft skin. “Jack?” he mumbles against my lips.

“Mmm yeah” We pull apart.

“As much as I love this. We probably need to get back to gym the period is going to end.

“Oh! Sorry, how long have we been here?”

“About forty minutes.”

“Oh shit.” I stand up and grab his hand to help him up.

“You have nice hands you know that?”

“Sounds like you have a crush.” Crutchie sings and pokes my stomach.

“How could I not, you’re adorable and the literal ray of sunshine in my life.” I wrap my arm around his shoulder as we walk back to the gym.

“You’re such a sap.”

“What can I say? I write poems under only the light of the moon about how amazing you are.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Yeah.” I’m nod joking but he doesn’t need to know that. We’re suddenly faced with the gym door.
“Hey, how about we just grab our stuff from the locker room and leave?” I day with a bit of a tremble.

“Yeah okay.” Crutchie smiles but I can still see a lingering amount of concern. So I turn towards him and say; “Hey, I’ll be okay. Let’s just get through this day, alright?”


so like jack’s girlfriend either deactivated or deleted her ig and now,, Sophia, jack himself, Wyatt and/orJaeden ?? Unfollowed her,,, wowza lol

(Added on) and now she’s back ?? She has a second account and Jack follows that one, she’s like crying, apologizing on her live,, idk life is crazzyyyyyy

(And moorree) yea,, she was commenting a lot,, and going about with the whole Fack is real thing. Saying “I love you even tho ur cheating on me with Finn” kinda stuff,, idk. And now they’re probably gonna hang out today,, then more drama, woo !

anonymous asked:

I'd just like to say that Jack liking a post =/= instant canon. Jack had contradicted himself before, and that's because he doesn't have a 100% solid idea of the story either. It morphs according to our theories he sees and chooses to incorporate. :)

Oh don’t worry- I completely agree!! :D They’re more “cryptic” (as I’ve always called them) than anything. I think you’re referring to the ‘wubba lubba dub dub’ theories all the way back last April?

You’re right that a “like” doesn’t mean it’s canon, I even said the same thing in this ask at the time too. But it was the 2nd post Jack deliberately liked- he could have left it as it was, but didn’t.

I LOVE how Jack himself incorporates our thoughts and ideas and applies them either directly on the channel or through further foreshadowing/ hints. He’s right that on this platform actions and reactions are instantaneous- and I’m glad both sides have so much fun with it all!! :)

… I’m used to being set on fire by now- what are you talking about?

guess who’s super disappointed that they didn’t get tickets to jack’s minneapolis show ✌️