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I realized two out of three of my OCs have some type of major battle scar. Meanwhile Loretta is just like ???

Hon don’t worry, I think that’s a good thing you don’t have any major scars(yet), you haven’t gone through big time bs XD

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What were your impression of each of the exo members that you saw irl? Please please please tell in great detail. Just let me live my dream of seeing exo up close through you. T_T thankyou and sorry for being annoying. I just T_T

You’re not being annoying at all. I’m always happy to talk about EXO lol

Suho is GORGEOUS. And sooooo so so smol. Like I’m 5′2″ and I don’t think he’s much taller than me. His hair was perfect and beautiful. I was shocked bc he was walking by himself. Not a manager or anything. But he looked lost, like he was supposed to be with the others lol He was walking super fast.

Chen.. My friend actually pointed him out. & I was like “nah” but then I looked at his legs & was like “yep! that’s him!”. His legs are really skinnyyyy. He has the chillest, coolest walk & tbh it was very very attractive to me. He was also by himself & he seemed so relaxed. Just strolling down the street with his bag.

Chanyeol!! He is not as tall as I thought he would be!! I was really surprised But I heard his voice (while they were recording!!!) & it was the usual lovely deepness. Also his ears <3 

On the flip side, Baek is taller than I thought. And he seemed kind of nervous? We made eye contact for a quick second but he looked away so quickly. Also he and and Chanyeol walked past us THREE times. 

Sehun… I had my back to him every time he walked past so I didn’t look at him that much. But what I did see is that he has a nice walk. It’s such a confident walk. He’s also not as tall as I thought he’d be.

And Minseok. Kim Minseok. Don’t even get me started. It makes me emotional just thinking about him. He seemed so relaxed, chill, happy, calm, excited. You could tell that he was enjoying the street show sooo much. He was smiling so hard & was giving all his attention to the performers. Uggghhhh he is perfect. Idc if I sound biased, he’s PERFECT. He was so ridiculously cute and honestly he looked like a normal guy just watching a show. & that makes me love him even more

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"It’s quite a pathetic kind of person who thinks 'how can I use someone who needs a voice to make me look good and help me find fame?'"..."If you don’t already have fame then it’s hard to look at it as anything more than opportunistic and parasitic. If you need your celeb friend to retweet your tweet I struggle to see the symbiosis." THANK YOU for stating so clearly what I felt about that post & RT. It's hollow, transparent & yes, parasitic. It's also what's so shady about the pursuit of fame.


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okay but crs shouldn't auto-win best kit just because their players look the best in them because their players would look good in anything

That’s exactly why they should win automatically. Any kit on Christen Press is the winner. Simple as that. Sorry I don’t make the rules ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m in the market for the majority of a new wardrobe since I have a limited selection of stuff and a lot of what i do have was only ever intended as interim workwear until I owned more clothes, so it’s more Whatever Goodwill Had That Looked Professional than anything “my style” and the point… of this text post… is… I’m considering just embracing my inner summer goth and doubling down on how much stuff I buy in black. I mean I don’t do heavy makeup but I’m a fan of shit being easy to match. I need a big black sunhat and a black maxi dress and black tights and black short-shorts like BARE minimum, anyway. the rest of my stuff can be grey or cream or white or off-white. Easy To Match™. if I need to wear a color I have some scarves. some nail polish.

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how u tagged that sonic thing as art god bless

you look at that and tell me it is not more beautiful than anything else you have ever seen? this is true art

im so anxious bc like???? im going to meet an internet friend this saturday to get my laptop reformatted and,,, that person is my ex bf aaaaaa (not the one i broke up with last few weeks– that one is a girl) but i know no one else who has the same OS installer of my laptop soooo i really have no other choice since it’s for free

why am i anxious?? well last night he confessed to me that he was hoping he could get back with me??? but of course i politely rejected him since i don’t feel anymore for him

but what scared me is the fact that he had been posting depressive statuses which i know its all about him being rejected by me njdbfkkf im anxious that he might pull off something bad once he meets me or anything??? i already contacted my trustworthy friends for look out just in case though,,,,,

can someone help me ease this feeling? look, i don’t want to feel like im responsible for him being all depressed and shit its scary tbfh

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I made my first ever spell jar last night from your anti anxiety jar post. I'm so proud of it. I'm such a slacky witch. I don't keep up with anything. Most people wouldn't look at me and see a witch, cause I'm pretty much never doing anything witchy related. But I want to. I wanna up my craft. And I actually had the things to make the anxiety jar and I do struggle with anxiety sometimes. So I'm really excited I was able to make this one. I love your blog and have actually learned a lot.

Ahhhhhh! Yay!!! 

And it’s okay! I don’t “look” like a witch either! I hate the idea tumblr has that everything has to be witchy all the time, because it doesn’t. My life and my person and my style is so much more than my craft and I think it’s okay if you aren’t always doing witchy things or don’t have the energy to do witchy things. It’s okay! You did something and that’s rad! Proud of you!

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What do you look for in a significant other?

Well right now I’m not looking for anything really. Never really am… it’s one of those things that I just let it happen. If I am enjoying ones company and it happens to be “it” then I go hard in feelings. Normally I like getting to know someone’s story and what makes them who they are. I like to find ones mind and see how big is their heart. Love honesty and a sense of humor. Good characteristic like these are things I like to see. You know a good person at heart.


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