not long till summer holidays now

Think about this

Ichigo is leaving his high school life and Rukia is in SS(post fb and pre fucked up last arc). And Rukia sneeks away to the world of the living to have some time with Ichigo and Kione and Kotsubaki help her and they think Ukitake doesn’t know, but he actually the one who makes the 12th devision open the senkaimon every time.

So they can spend a little time together. I mean the night. And then Rukia would make sure to get up before dawn so the Kusosaki family wouldn’t know she’s spending the night(what they actually all know and it takes all Isshin’s strength to not call out to her “Daaaauuughter!!”

So she tries to escape Ichigo’s embrace before he wakes up, but he still does. He holds her real close and kisses her behind the ear and along her neckline. And she struggles to free herself. All in vain. She keeps telling him “it’s already morning, I have to go” but he whispers some nonsense in her ear about nightingales and larks. Then he wins over, of course not because he’s bigger and stronger but because Rukia lets him win, and they flop over in his bed once again, he pulls the covers over them and snuggles to her chest. Somehow, no matter how many times they have been together, this side of Ichigo always catches her by surprise. She embraces him tightly, nuzzling in his orange hair. 

“Alright. Just a little bit longer” she says, already falling back to the dreamland. It looks so funny, because despite their height difference her head and shoulders are above the blanket and all you can see of Ichigo is the top of his orange hair. 

“I wish that longer could be forever” he says, fully aware that she is soundly asleep. But her lips will escape a half-awake “idiot”. Ichigo won’t know for sure if that was a reply or a sleepy-talk.

She will be angry with him later. Because she will oversleep the time the Senkaimon would be open adn she will have to go to Urahara to some back to work before anyone notices that leutenant Kuchiki in not is the Seireitei. But she won’t be angry with him for long. And she will seize the first opportunity to go see him again.

And on those days later people would comment how high Ichigo’s motiovation is to learn more money. Of course he needs money, he wants to start leaving by himself as soon as possible. All the while thinking of a reason that could let Rukia stay in the world of the living a little longer every time. 

But for now he will settle for waiting till summer holidays. So he can go to SS. She doesn’t know about it yet. She will be angry. She will call him an idiot. And she still will smile and sneek a kiss when no one’s looking. He wonders though, whether Byakuya would let him stay in their house….in her room…ok, the room is too much of a stretch. But he can work around it. If that means seeing her. Being with her. Touching her. Loving her. 


The Tirisfal Theatre Troupe is trying something new, and actually using our YouTube channel for a change! Please pardon Atos’s awful microphone - he’s working on it, we swear!Please note that this does not cover every event that may come up as the month progresses, and the best way to stay up to date on all our activity will be here, on our blog!We hope you enjoy this new way to stay in-the-know about what’s-what with the Tirisfal Theatre Troupe.Also a big shout out to the Running of the Trolls, who will be having their 3rd annual event on June 10th!

Winter’s Veil In July

Six more months till Winter’s Veil? That’s too long! That’s why we’re having a night dedicated to bringing holiday spirits to the surf and turf of Summertime! The Tirisfal Theatre Troupe will host a small party, themed around Winter’s Veil, but with a catch; it’ll be taking place in late July! THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER! Isn’t that zany? 

There will be games, performances, and snowball fights! And much more! Information is still being decided about the event, but for now, know that the date will be July 29th! An official post about the event will come later in the month of June, so get those festive sweaters out of storage and get ready to unwrap some presents early!