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if cis women can bulk up and wear baggy pants and crop their hair short and go without makeup or shaving their pits/legs/anywhere else, co-opt traditionally ‘masculine’ behaviors, and still be viewed as women–even praised for how very feminist they are in doing so–then so can trans women. that’s it. end of.

and if cis men who love fashion and florals and pink, and wear dresses and makeup and love to bake, can be comfortable in their masculinity and praised as revolutionary for doing so, then–you guessed it–so can trans men. that’s it. end of.

not one single person on earth has any right to dictate how anyone else pilots their respective flesh suits. not one single person on earth has any right to claim someone is ‘faking’ their gender or performing a gender incorrectly when gender is arbitrary as hell as-is.

little things for Nursey & Dex
  • nursey rlly likes foot massages and he will plop down next 2 dex and put his feet on his lap
    • theres a 30% chance that he’ll rub them
    • there’s a 70% chance hell go “gross what the fuck” and shove him off
    • in which case nursey will shove his toes under dex’s butt
    • dex never wins w/ this
  • dex loves nurseys hair so much but hes so like secretive abt it like what a weirdo
    • he likes to run his fingers thru it & like just pet him & nursey doesnt rlly mind bc free head scratches
    • but he so rarely does it only when theyre drunk or like late at night its v weird
  • nursey loves loves loves kisses
    • like cute lil pecks
    • he likes to kiss the tip of dex’s nose and right between his eyebrows and the crown of his head/temples
    • he likes to kiss goodnight too hes such a nerd
  • whenever dex is driving he’ll hold hands w/ nursey or put a hand on his knee
    • nursey doesnt do that tho bc hes a terrible driver and needs both hands at all times
  • speaking of dex sings in the fucking car all the time but only with nursey and its horrible and pitchy on purpose 
    • its all like grunge and classic rock 
    • but sometimes its like glossy peppy 80s pop 
    • nursey has no control of the radio its very sad his poor indie chill electronica heart is broken
  • dex plays the bass usually but he’ll break out the acoustic for nursey and play him like full on love ballads
    • its so fucking cheesy oh my god do u kno what its like 2 have ur boyfriend sing you your the inspiration or all out of love while plucking a fucking acoustic guitar in his underwear at 3am
    • it’s so much that nursey cant even chirp him abt it bc he starts crying wtf 
  • nurseys poetry about dex is literally the worst that he writes bc its all sappy lovey dovey shit its useless 
    • like theres only so many times u can say how the world comes into focus when hes near & only so many metaphors for red hair and golden eyes & pls nursey calm down
  • their chirps very often consist of “ur gay” and then “no ur gay” and then “ur gayer” and so on
  • if they have a kid nursey says they should call them gaylord
    • dex thinks thats an excellent idea
    • they should not have children
  • nursey likes to give dex little presents every now and again
    • theyre always terrible
    • one time he bought him one of those fucking singing wall fishes
    • another time an xtra large leotard & tutu combo
    • but the best time was when he bought a furry porn print and hung it over dex’s desk
      • dex had to fucking explain it to poor bitty who had a lowkey heart attack when he first saw it
      • (he keeps it there tho he aint a bitch)
  • also nursey loves 2 look at dex’s freckles like esp. on his back and forearms and stomach and make up/find constellations
    • like he’ll just pull a pen out and be like “bro u have orion’s belt on right here u see this shit” and connect the dots and dex is like “can u please just go back 2 sucking my dick dude whered u even get that pen”
  • nursey pretends tht dex smells like fish bc lobsterboat sometimes and he goes “whoo dude it smells like rank vagina in here” nd then he looks at dex and hes like “oh there it is”
    • and dex always like thinks of good ass comebacks after it happens but he forgets in the moment and he’ll just blurt out a random insult like “at least i dont vape”
      • ((nursey vaped freshman year bc it was cool and edgy and dex never lets him live it down hes very sensitive about it))
  • anyways theyre really gay and spend too much time together like make some friends jesus

heads up that i’m gonna be at tracon all weekend, so i prob won’t be updating much! ♡♡ it feels so weird to be going to a con and not cosplaying, but there just was no time bc this whole thing was kind of a last minute decision lmao

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Please google "Watching porn is leaving women unsatisfied by real-life sex" and click the first link  ((Praying this is the right one))

Interesting artical, kinda weird though.

Honestly if you ask me: Don’t make a porno your sex standard!

Porn stars are specially picked out: whether it be skill/body/appearance, anything that makes them stand out from the crowd. Common folk often don’t have the same amount of experience or “outstanding” features as a porn star. 

Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Whether it be personality appearance or skill.  During sex, find out what you like, if you see something in a porno that you want to try out, great! Go for it! Just make sure that both parties have agreed with it and safety precautions are in place (i.e. Safe word, protection, etc).

Sex is different for everyone! Don’t try to reenact a scene from a porno if it doesn’t turn you or your partner on! Do what makes you satisfied whether it be kinky, vanilla or a little bit of both!

You do you boo.