not living life

When you get to the tail end of your life, what do you want to look back and see?
How many lives would you want to have touched?
Will you remember all of the shoes that you bought? Or the expensive car that you drove?

Or will you remember the impact that you made on others’ lives? How many people that you made smile?

When you reach the end of your life,

What would you like to be remembered for?

—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

« For the Thirty Days of Beauty and the Beast challenge. »

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Notes: Another continuation of the farm AU! I’ve always headcanoned that despite the whole Gaston situation, Belle and LeFou are really good friends!

“So,” Belle said, her eyes sparkling as she poured him a cup of tea, “how are the children?”

“Oh.” He hadn’t been expecting that. “Er… well, they’re wonderful, as always -”

Tell me about them!” Belle insisted.

“Hmm… well, Mélite’s practically an adult already - seventeen and bold as brass, always going on hunting trips with her father and bringing home more game than he could ever dream of.”

“So things are going well? Financially?”

LeFou laughed. “Yes, they are, thanks to her. We figured that since no one would buy from Gaston anymore, maybe we needed a fresh face. No one really associates her with him, since she mans the stall at the market all by herself, so business is going splendidly.”

“Marvelous,” Belle said, taking a sip of tea and adjusting her gown. “She’s a good shot, then?”

“Of course - you know how Gaston is -”

“You know, someone was just telling me the other day that she gets it from her papa rather than her father.”

LeFou rolled his eyes. “I haven’t held a gun in years, Belle.”

“Still.” She grinned at him over her teacup, feigning innocence. “What about the boys?”

“Blaise has found himself a wife - Clère, a lovely young girl from a respectable family -”

“No! Not Clothilde and Cogsworth’s granddaughter?”

“Yes, indeed - and Constant and Elias are doing very well, too,” he said. “They’ve nearly taken over the farm; they keep insisting that Gaston and I need to rest, which I’m not sure I understand. We’re not that old.”

“You’re getting there,” Belle teased. “I still can’t believe that Anaïs will be married soon.”

“Have you looked at yourself lately?” LeFou joked as he set his cup and saucer down. “You’re going gray, Belle. And it kills me to say that it suits you.”

She laughed. “It suits Gaston, too, doesn’t it? He really strikes an imposing figure with his red coat and laugh lines and silver hair.”

“You should see him when he wears it down.”

so last night i was DMing my original campaign, and since we had a couple extra players at the table this week (Berlin’s husband had the day off and a friend of mine came up to play as well) i wound up sending the whole group on a “two-part retrieval mission” given to them by a strange old man in the woods who promised them quite a bit of money

the first part of the mission involved them trekking north to a small keep a few hours away, sneaking in, finding and retrieving a scroll, and taking it back to the old man - with instructions to do it as stealthily as possible and to at least TRY not to kill anyone

so they get to the keep and one of the group’s new members, a fire genasi named Ash (cue Pokemon jokes for the rest of the night) announces he has a plan to create a distraction so the group can sneak in (this is a fairly new concept to most of them, as they generally just run dick-first into everything - as you do in DnD)

at dusk, Ash heads back into the woods and casts Produce Flame and starts to move around, hoping the sort of “Will-O-the-Wisp” effect will attract attention

our resident cleric and resident tiefling decide they’re going to throw a few uses of thaumaturgy on top of that, and make the flame bigger and rainbow-colored with some “oontz oontz” sounds coming from the area as well

and that’s the story of how my party started a rave in the woods