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The Yule Ball

Pairing: Fred Weasley x reader

Word Count: 1,266

Summary: Can I have a Fred Weasley one where we always fight (not dating) but we only fight because we secretly like each other and when it’s the Yule Ball there is this guy who is new and he is a player and he asks me and at the Ball he is really touchy and I don’t want it and Fred sees it and fights him and in the end with a lot of fluff and confessing our love.

Warnings: N/A

A/N: Request for @anyfandomimaginex I hope it’s what you wanted! ^_^

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“You two! Could you please stop? You’re making too much noise and I’m trying to study over here. Some of us actually want to pass our exams with good grades,” you said in a whisper-shout, folding your arms on your chest and glaring at the offending red-headed boys who were standing in the library, looking up explosive spells and trying them out on small objects. Colourful smoke was drifting up from what had once been flowerpots and old quills and the table was dotted with ash of all colours. No other student was glaring at them because they were all very fond of the twin brothers but you, as a Prefect, felt the need to tell them off as the library was for studying and not experimenting around with strange spells.

One of the two brothers -Fred, you knew, because he was the only one of the two who ever fought with you- stepped forward and fixed you with a harsh glare. “Oh, it’s little miss Prefect again,” he said, rolling his eyes. He was about to say something else when George grabbed his forearm and gathered all their stuff. “Don’t bother, Fred. Let’s go continue at the Common Room,” he told his brother and hurried off. Fred cast one last look at you before following his brother outside. A part of you was disappointed at that, but you had never actually allowed yourself to admit that perhaps you didn’t really dislike him.

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Ravenclaw! Jason

- Ever since his sister got sorted, six years before him, he’d wanted nothing more than to follow Thalia into Gryffindor.
- He was confident when the Sorting Hat was placed on his head. More than ever, so you can imagine his surprise when it announced, “Ravenclaw!”
- The whole house cheered for him, and he tries to be happy, but shoots Thalia one last longing look before taking his place.
- He’s determined to hate it, but finds that he actually enjoys being a Ravenclaw.
- He makes a lot of friends, and he won’t say it out loud, but the girl sitting by the fire in his common room scares him.
- She’s in his year, and from what he knows of her, she’s crazy clever, even though she doesn’t talk to anyone.
- By his third year, she’s his best friend. Everybody in their year knows Jason Grace and Reyna Ramirez-Arellano are inseparable. They even call the two of them the ‘Percy and Annabeth’ of their year.
- It’s silly because Jason actually knows Annabeth and he doesn’t think Reyna is anything like her.
- Annabeth is one of his favourite seniors, even if by only year. She teaches him how to transfigure people into teacups if they annoy him.
- He accidentally turns one of the Hufflepuff boys into a teacup one day and panics so he forgets how to reverse it.
- When he goes back to Annabeth with a teacup, she laughs and helps him out while Percy looks on, astonished.
- The Hufflepuff boy, Leo, laughs off Jason’s flustered apologies, saying it was no big deal.
- Jason thinks it IS a big deal, but also seems insanely cool, and they get along easily, and he finds himself spending more time with Leo and one of his friends from Hufflepuff, Piper.
- By his sixth year, he’s a prefect, and the only times he gets to talk to Reyna anymore is during prefect meetings. He misses her a little, but she’s got other friends, too.
- Piper starts to look incredibly pretty and he confesses to Annabeth that he might have a crush on her.
- Annabeth, who’s either studying for her NEWTs, practicing for a quidditch match or making out with Percy, tells him absently to ask her out while poring over her DADA notes.
- Jason asks Percy what he did when he asked Annabeth out. The older boy only shrugs.
- “I kissed her. You should ask Piper out.”
- Jason decides that being seventeen doesn’t make you any smarter than sixteen, so he asks Reyna, who gives him the pep talk he’s wanted all along.
- “You’re a great person. Now stop being afraid.” She phrased it a little nicer but it has the desired effect.
- Piper laughs when he finally asks her out. “It took forever to get it out of you!”
- He graduates with four NEWTs and decides to work in the ministry as an Auror.
- Leo, a muggleborn, decides to go back to the Muggle world to work with his mom.
- Piper works at Zonko’s for a while until she opens her own joke shop, and even though they do break up, they remain great friends.
- Every now and then, Jason wonders what would’ve happened if he was in Gryffindor, but he looks around at his friends and decides it’s not worth thinking about all the things he could’ve missed out on.

Macaroni (pt. 3) // Luke Hemmings

Requested; Yes

Summary; Luke is a struggling single parent and you’re his son’s teacher.

(pt. 1) // (pt. 2)


You turned around to find a sleeping and very naked Luke. Oh my god. You felt your heart beat rapidly as he let out another moan and you slowly tried to untangle yourself from his long limbs. Luckily, you were able to slip out from underneath him and you couldn’t help but to stare at him. It was almost creepy. Luke looked so adorable sleeping, almost innocent. Once you moved he instinctively curled up and you instantly regretted not staying in the man’s arms a little longer. The temptation to wiggle back into place in his arms had you on the edge but you couldn’t bring yourself to do so. Instead you decided to tear your eyes away from Luke and that maybe a shower would help you clear  your mind.


Stepping out of the bathroom with an oversized band t-shirt and spandex shorts, you take a look around the room and see that Luke’s not there. So maybe this was a one time thing, maybe he was just looking for some release and you were an outlet. You sighed as you went to open the curtains to at least lighten the mood, even though it was chilly and not to mention cloudy outside.

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