not listenin to you mum

"The Book" (Bog and Marianne drabble) request #2

Griselda rolled her eyes as she sat through another one of her son’s ramblings as he paced in front of her as he set out “rules” for her. Half-listening, she looked at her nails as she put one leg over the other as she sat on a piece of stone.

“When Marianne comes, please don’t pester her with the ‘marriage’ question or anythin’ relating to it!”


“And don’t ask her to wear any of the goblin’s attire-or any of me armor, I don’t think I can hold myself back.” he muttered embarrassly for he once caught her wearing his husks. It looked-fantastic on her and at the same time he was mortified as his mother pressed the idea of them working on “little Bog Jr.” as she likes to call it.


“Make sure to keep her out of my room-its a mess, and please don’t hang any more hearts in the castle, or draw on the wood, or clip hedges into the shape of them, or even mention it!”


“And the most importan’ one of all! Don’t. ever. show. her. the. book.” he stated slowly as he turned to her. “You got that mum? mum?…Mum!”

She was startled out of her day-dream trance turning to her sun who slammed a hand on his forehead.

“You wern’t even listenin’ mum!” he whined, running his hand down his face in despair. He was leaving on an important trip with a small platoon of goblins to investigate a new plot of land, that could be useful to expand the kingdom and farm more food. He asked Marianne to look after things while he is gone for a few hours but that means she would be with his overbearing love-sick mother.
Griselda rolled her eyes at her son.

“I heard everything!” she said throwing her hands up in the air. “What type of son are you? embarrassed by his own mother? I don’t see anyone else’s son doing this type of treatment!”

He hit his staff to the ground in protest. “Mother-I know you too well on how ya act around Marianne.” he stated lowly. “I remembered how you decorated the dining hall with red hearts the first time she was ah the castle.”

“And so what?” she scoffed, waving him away as he scowled at her.

“You embarrassed me!” he cried out, hitting his forehead in disbelief. “You have no idea how many times Marianne brings it up jus’ tah spite me!”

“And now you got the girl!” she retorted. “You should be thanking me! not nagging me to "keep out of the way”, what will your father say about this sort of treatment?“

"I believe father would be on me side.” he replied bluntly pressing his fingers against his brow in annoyance.

“Hmph!” she sounded her nose up in the air. He went down to her eye-level feeling that he was the adult addressing the child.

“Just please promise me that you won’t do anything to damage my reputation.” he said folding his two hands together, almost begging her.

“What reputation?” She snorted. “ Being a hunchy-grumpy-mother hating- King! of the bog!” she shouted placing her hands on her hips as she glared at her son, who let out a loud sigh. He turned away, walking out of the room, he had no time to lecture his mother or sit through another one of hers.

“I’ll be back in a few hours.”

“Don’t be in a hurry now!” she yelled out watching him turn the corner. She shook her head as soon as he was out of view. She hobbled up the small staircase up to his throne placing a hand on the arm rest. Even with a lovely girl on his arm, he was still a grump. It just showed how she shouldn’t keep her hopes on a high pedestal and that includes seeing her grandchildren before she dies. Even when she was suppose to not “pester” or “spy” on her son( his words not hers) She occasionally likes to hide in the bushes or behind the furniture in the castle. She was fraught with disappointment as her son The Almighty Bog King was more like The Almighty “awkward” Bog King. She leaned her head against the arm rest with a small frown. Maybe he wouldn’t be as awkward if his father was still alive. His father was a real ladies-man, he could have helped his son with some advice. She let out a soft sigh as she leaned against the throne. Even with her son’s awkwardness she wanted to show Marianne how great her son can really be. Even if it means covering the castle with roses, love letters and even dropping the hint on “marriage”. While a small part of her only did this for her own enjoyment she also wanted Bog to be happy, and settle down with a family because…she knows she wouldn’t be around for long.


She let out a smile, knowing the voice well as she turned.

“Marianne! There’s my future daughter-in-law!” She exclaimed with her arms out wide as she walked up to the fairy.
Marianne let out a nervous chuckle blushing slightly by the comment as she hugged Griselda lightly.

“Nice to see you too-Griselda” she smiled politely, letting the marriage comment slide.

“Ah! I’m sorry my good-for-nothing son had to leave you here all alone.” She said as she pulled away. She brushed a lock of Marianne’s hair back and patted her cheek affectionately.

“It’s no problem-” Marianne replied. “I’ll see him later. How about you Griselda? Do you need help with anything? You know, nothing too chessy?” She strained knowing her too well.

“Would you like to hear how Bog was as a little larva?” She asked, giving her a wink. Marianne immediately lit up and rubbed her hands mischievously for the knowledge of uncovering secrets about him.

“That would be wonderful-” Marianne replied cooly, hiding her own glee.

“Then let me show you his Larva Book, I’m sure you’ll love that!”

“Oh I’m sure I will-”

The Bog King cracked his neck, massaging is slightly as he landed into his throne room after a long day of exploring. He found the new land was perfect for expansion. He looked around expecting to find Marianne, or his mother. He scratched his chin wondering if Marianne could have left, but that doesn’t sound like her. He walked out of the throne room and down the maze of hallways trying to hear or catch a glimpse of them. He bit the inside of his cheek finding it unusually quiet that the silence was actually making him nervous. It wasn’t long until he heard hushed whispers and giggling down at the end of the hall. He raised his brow quizzically. There shouldn’t be anyone in that room because that was-
His eyes widened fearfully. His mother’s room! He barged inside, only to discover his worse fears was realized as he saw Marianne and his mother sitting together, with The Book.

“Hey Bog!” Greeted Marianne as she held up a small picture slyly. “I never knew you were such a cute little grub and you didn’t even have a nose!”

He dropped his staff his sheer shock letting out a deafening clang.

“Mum!” He yelled out clutching his face from betrayal. “I specifically told you not to show her thee book!”

His mother let out a innocent smile. “I don’t remember you saying anything,you know how my hearing ain’t good anymore for every time you open you mouth I hear, blah blah blah.”

“Oh mum!”

“Now hush up, I was in a middle of tell Marianne about the time you went into- puberty.” She said wiggling her brows. His face quickly turned beet red. Marianne let out a loud laugh as she lifts up another photo of his youth.
It was him standing next to his mother with a small scowl across his face, at that age he was already as tall as her, but it also show that his wings were not proportioned to his height, instead they look like small nubs. He hated that time of his life.

“I never knew that you had tiny wings at your age-” Marianne said. “When I was that age my wings was already in full growth!”

Bog’s nostrils flared up in anger towards his mother and in overwhelming embarrassment, which became worse as his mother continued with the story.

“You know my son has always been such a shy little thing, and he only acts that way because he feels so self-conscious about his-!”

“Mother!” He warned through his teeth, taking a menacing step towards her.

“His wings!” She shouted towards his direction, making him cringe and writhe with every word. “And his looks, and his nose, and his huge feet!”

“Mother! That’s enough!” He growled, his face growing redder as Marianne let out a soft laugh at his reaction.

“Doesn’t help that he now has such a pretty girl like you, I always had to drag him to little dances just to make him talk to the other troll girls-”

He grabbed his head in sheer surprise. Anything he does and his mother just keeps talking and squawking about his life!

“That’s enough!-” He immediately grabbed the book out off his mother’s hands, slamming it shut and grabbing Marianne’s hand forcefully pulling her out of the room and away from his mother.

“Thanks for the stories, Griselda!” Marianne yelled out waving her good-bye, making Bog grumble under his breath.

“Anytime!” She replied happily. She crossed her arms triumphantly. Now she was one step closer into bringing those two closer together.

Dedicated to Varrka who requested it. ^_^ I hope you like it. Now for request #3!