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check please characters as stuff my theatre friend has said/done
  • Bitty: "I have a theory I'm actually short people just tell me I'm tall" -him after me complaining about him being a foot taller than me
  • Jack: accidentally sent me a danny devito meme in the middle of sending me dogs to cheer me up
  • Shitty: told me my name was groovy when I came out as nb to him
  • Lardo: I was intimidated by him for most of the shows until i saw him silently take someone's phone to search teacup pigs and pomerainians to share the cuteness. i've sent him one (1) cute animal every morning since.
  • Ransom: told me the only things he's living for are brownies, his best friend, knowledge, and communism. in that order.
  • Holster: laid on the floor next to his best friend and when i asked what they were doing, reached for his friends belt buckle and made to undo it
  • Nursey: was on a mutual friend's snapchat story in one video reciting the actual cannibal shia laboef video and the next video explaining neo-liberalism
  • Chowder: is referred to by aforementioned friend as "the ray of sunshine in this dark, dark world" because he's a sweetheart
  • Dex: told me the only thing that actually exists is math and that he had to write a paper on it, then proceeded to tell me his deep hatred for math despite being very good at it
  • Tango: has existential crises on a daily basis. sometimes over text with me.
  • Whiskey: "If I had emotions I'd be the same way" -his response to me saying I'm softer than talc
  • Ford: freaked out when i sent him a bootleg of heathers with the original cast
  • BONUS:
  • Johnson: "Ok what if corn are alive and can communicate and we just smash them and combine them with chemicals and eat them" -a direct quote, after autocorrect turned spirits into doritos

#tfw bastilledan looks straight at u for a millisecond 

Camren Fetus - 5H Interview

Who farts?

Everyone: Camila! (and Lauren is always excited!)

Who’s the flirtiest?

Everyone: Ally! (look at Lauren!)


Everyone: Camila! (Lauren telling a story about Camila.)


Lauren to Normani: It’s you!
Camila to Lauren: NOOOO! YOUUUU!!!! YOUUUUU!!!!

1 - Look at Lauren’s reaction when Camila said she’s the loudest.

2 - Looks at Normani’s face like: “oh oh u gonna sleep on the couch!!” 
(LOL I’m dying)

(The first almost fight of the couple!)


Camila says that’s Ally… but Lauren says something to Camila like “you are weirdo! U know…” and Camila says “I know I am weirdo!”.

Camila says: “but it’s cute, cuz it’s Ally…” (look at Lauren’s face!)

They were so young. 

Vintage Camren. :)


yo listen… these two are my soft spot so appreciate them please ^o^


the meanie couple is my ultimate weakness

anonymous asked:

benji will probably cry if u smooch his chubby cheeks and play with his curly hair and kiss him all over bc... he NEEDS this love and affection bc everyone thinks he's a weirdo except u n jessie. like,,, he loves to lay in ur lap while u play with his hair and sing to him. soft boy.

• he would honestly do the thing that Evan does where when u kiss him he keeps his eyes closed and eyebrows raised for a minute (((again fight me)))
• but your fave thing to do is kiss his lil cheeks
• Benji is the skinniest and stringiest of beans like this boy is frickin tiny
• but his cheeks are so chubby and cute and ahoahwe
• and tbh he has probs always been insecure about them
• especially since jesse literally had cheekbones sculpted by THE GODS
• aNyWaYs
• you do this thing that he loves where you press thousands of tiny soft kisses to his cheek
• he scrunches his nose and giggles when u do
• and his hair is super curly and he uses no product so it’s super soft
• so you often play w it
• but if u play with it too much it poofs up and becomes a mini afro
• ((((jesse calls it a jew fro))))
• even tho he is lanky he will curl up in a ball when u cuddle
• like fetal position with his legs and arms draped over you
• and his t shirts are really soft so you cling onto them and he FALLS IN LOVE
• on long nights of studying, he will lay his head in your lap and close his eyes while u play w his hair
• he loves it when u kiss his fingertips
• he only ever kisses your nose and forehead
• but more often than not he will do the thing where he presses a kiss to the corner of your mouth bc he loves your smile
• every time he does this he makes a cute little “hm” noise
• he makes u sing to him sometimes
• usually a song from the muppets
• then u go “u look like a muppet”
• then he pouts “I do not”
• and you giggle
• and he giggles
• and Jesse just watches because you guys thought he was watching a movie but he just is so happy to see his bff in love

i love how much amazing art of loki is going around, makin him look like a stud or somethin, but have u considered, silly “ill do anything to make someone laugh” loki

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john: do you have a gf?
sherlock: girlfriend? no not really my area
john: Oh Okay hehe sooo do u have a boyfriend then?
sherlock: (why does this guy wanna kn-)
john: which is fine btw
sherlock: *rolls his eyes into the back of his head* i know its fine (omg wtf i dont need your straight pity)
john: so you have a boyfriend?
sherlock: no (ugh wtf this is so invasive like leave me alone CLEARLY i dont)
john: good, so you’re unattached. just like me. good.
sherlock: (ok u weirdo….o-OH)…..uh….john im soo flattered but im not looking for a boyfriend right now
john: (SHIT) uh no no omg i wasnt asking you out
sherlock: (sure. uh huh.)
john: i was just. saying. its cool . (that you’re gay). its all good.
sherlock: th..anks………