not like she didn't already know

can you believe everyone fell in love with Finn the minute they saw him? like wow. He’s truly an iconic hero.

Yeah, about that - INTP

INTP: *in a job interview*

Interviewer: So, as you might know, we have a get-together next Monday - …

INTP: Oh, yeah, I saw that on your website. Already marked it in my calendar!

Interviewer: Oh! Oh, nice. I like organized people :)


y’all: i’m not gonna watch the trc show if [x] and [y] and [z]

me, with my popcorn already popped: ……………………………

There are so many things I love about Skin Deep and Rumbelle.

But one of my absolute favourite twists on OUAT is that their Beauty and the Beast story starts with ending a war. I… can’t really explain why, but the idea that Beauty in this story is not simply making a deal with the Beast to save her father (or -in some versions-  is basically being sold by her father who already made the deal with the Beast so he would let him go home), this Beauty is a peacemaker. OUAT’s Belle is a nobelwoman in a town under siege. A nobelwoman in a war council room, who is kind and gentle but at the same time has this incredible strength to her. She is someone who is not just capable of finding solutions that others wouldn’t have thought of (in this case summoning the Dark One) she is also the person who is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her people. The stakes are much higher than in any other BatB adaptation I know and that just gives this really interesting vibe to that very first scene. 

But it’s not just that it made (at least to me) Belle someone who is instantly a fascinating character. I also love how the Ogre Wars are something that played an extremely important role in both Rumple’s and Belle’s lives. 

I mean, here we have these two people who couldn’t come from more different backgrounds, born 300 years apart… and yet… war brings them together, in a way. The same kind of war, that so long ago ruined Rumplestiltskin’s life and ultimately made him who he is (after all if there were no Ogre Wars, he wouldn’t have become the Dark One). 

But it’s also interesting what kind of role they played in the Ogre Wars. Rumple was a soldier, who suffered because the nobels who ruled that territory (probably) couldn’t care less for their subjects. Rumple in that situation didn’t have any power or privilege. 300 years later he is the one with all the power, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he finds himself fascinated by- and later falls for this young noblewoman, who is willing to give up all her privilege and her freedom to save her own subjects. Belle becomes what Rumplestiltskin once was (a peasant/servant, someone whose life is basically in the hands of their master(s)) -what fate he later escaped from!- willingly, so she can save people like Spinner Rumple and Bae. And I don’t think that’s something Rumplestiltskin saw many times in his long life. 

There are many important things about Rumbelle, and the Ogre Wars being a shared experience (even if from totally different POV’s - but imo, that’s what makes it interesting) is probably not one of the most important ones. But damn, it’s fascinating.


100% inspired by @punziella


No. They weren’t real. - You didn’t kill her…

tbh something that kills me now that i think about it is that like, during the campfire scene aranea’s like “your friends begged me to come find you” or whatever, but like, they didn’t? they asked her to make sure the civilians on the train were safe? 

she noticed that he was missing on her own, asked about him on her own, realized he was probably in trouble on her own, since she knew more about niflheim than anybody, and then went back for him on her own like “oh man the small one’s gone better go find him” 

but then when he’s like “why are you here” she’s like “oh man can’t let him know i care, it’d damage my rep” and covers by being like “your friends were worried” as if she wasn’t one of the friends the whole time

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do u think that alex and lena would bond over never feeling like enough while they were growing up? like they both felt that their mother didn't care a lot about them and they both had a sibling who they were constantly being measured up to?

Dear god yes.

They first time they start getting close, it’ll be because both of their women are late from the job, and they’re both at Kara’s apartment already, waiting. Alex arches her eyebrow when she sees that Lena has a key, and Lena makes a quiet comment about how it seems appropriate, because Kara’s apartment is the only thing that’s ever felt like home, and Alex smiles, because she knows the feeling.

And Lena will notice when Alex’s shoulders tense when Eliza calls, knows the feeling of being happy to hear from her mother – wanting to be happy to hear from her mother, always hoping, always wishing, always thinking it can change – and she watches the smile fade from her eyes as she explains that no, Kara’s decisions are her own and no, she’s not neglecting her sister because she’s pursuing her own happiness with Maggie, and don’t you want me to be happy, Mom.

Lena talks her way into the DEO the next day and brings Alex lunch, and she doesn’t have to explain, because as hard as Eliza is on Alex, Alex knows she has nothing on Lilian Luthor, so she recognizes the ghosts of inadequacy haunting Lena’s eyes.

It unnerves Maggie and Kara, how well Lena and Alex start getting along.

Especially when they start swapping embarrassing stories about their women, especially when they start giggling together when Maggie and Kara walk into the room.

It unnerves Maggie and Kara to no end, but it also makes them so, so, so happy, because damn, they thought they’d hate each other and this makes game night a helluva lot easier.

How Anatole Fucked Shit up for every War and Peace character who shows up in Great Comet
  • Natasha: Manipulated her and used her and tricked her into ruining her life and nearly ending it. Destroyed her life. Seriously.
  • Hélène: Alright, take a second and think about Hélène. Why do you think she married Pierre? Love? Nah. She married him for his cash and neither of them were happy. I don't hold this against Pierre, who at least at first, truly tried to be a good husband. In the book, it's made evident that the whole reason Hélène needs to marry a man as rich as Pierre is because her father is broke. Why is his father broke? Cuz Anatole has spent all his money gambling and seducing women. So yeah. Anatole's fault.
  • Andrey Bolkonsky: Okay this one is easy. It's pretty straightforward but it's even sadder if you look at War and Peace, where it's abundantly clear that Andrey is a profoundly unhappy man and some of the only happiness he has in the book is with Natasha. And Anatole was at least partially responsible for taking that away from him.
  • Balaga: Never pays him? Like I know Balaga doesn't ask for pay but I still feel like paying him would be good. Also he gets him really drunk while he's driving. Honestly he doesn't do much to be responsible for Balaga's problems because Balaga is not important enough to have problems.
  • Fedya Dolokhov: Well in the book he never really gets his shit fucked up by Anatole but I'll say two things, one of which is that, Anatole doesn't listen to him when he is like the only person who tries to help him and keep him from being a bag of shit, and secondly, in the musical, since the duel was moved from Volume II Part I to Part V, it creates the implication that Natasha's love letter from Anatole was written by Dolokhov while he lay ill at his mother's recovering from a gunshot wound which is not, I'm sure, the ideal time to write a love letter.
  • Marya "Mary" Bolkonsky: Um alright this wasn't totally his fault just cuz it would have been a terrible situation for everyone but Anatole was supposed to be married to Mary but within like ten minutes of meeting with her already started hitting on her friend which was generally just a really mean move, and really hurt her already poor self image.
  • Marya Dmitrieva Akhrosimova: Marya is really a strong protective figure and she tries really hard to be good to Natasha and it's really sad that she has to feel like a failure because Anatole is a lying manipulative ass.
  • Old Prince Nikolai Bolkonsky: (I put in his name cuz I just like to note @ tolstoy fight me for including three separate Nikolais two of whom are named Nikolai Andreevich Bolkonsy. Fuck you.) Doesn't really have a lot of problems but I'll say even though he's batshit and not the best father that is really the only job he has at this point is being a father? And just like. Look what Anatole did to his kids.
  • Pierre Bezukhov: Okay, I know I've already said Helene was unhappy in the marriage, but Helene was a terrible wife who cheated on him a lot and wasted his life away and make no excuses was the main cause of his alcoholism and depression. But she never would have married him if Anatole didn't make Prince Vassily (his father) broke. Also the first person in the book to put a drink in his hand is Anatole, who says "finish it" even though Pierre says he does not want to.
  • Sonya Rostova: Endangered her closest friendship, with Natasha who I say again, though she still shared responsibility for her infidelity, was manipulated.

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Very friendly reminder to you : Orihime indeed a main heroine because instead rukia, kubo choose orihime on one of crossover art of all main-heroine of SJ. Orihime and Ichigo story are based many fairy-tale and tanabata story. Orihime characteristic is fit with orihime from tanabata, due she has godly-power and very selfless ,kind-hearted personality, much look like a goddess. Orihime is the most lonely character because she didn't know about her family and her brother is already die (cont)

I don’t really care what whack ass BS your spinning about Ori being the “heroine” – cause you’re wrong Rukia’s been called the Fixed Heroine, and was pronounced heroine alongside Ichigo in 13 Blades

Cause anyway – I’ve already taught all you asshats that Ori DID NOT have powers of a GOD, Aizen was mindfucking everyone when he said that – hence why Ori couldn’t do SHIT for the Soul King or do shit AGAINST Ywach – so stop reachin’ honey.

She’s not selfless – she PULLED everyone into Hueco Mundo cause she wanted to see if Ichigo would come save her, she MADE Uryu take her to the top of the dome in the Lust (nearly killing him and Ichigo)

And she’s not kind hearted because she was jealous over Nel, lied about “Urahara forcing her to wear” that hoe-outfit, and she couldn’t even spare her last goodbye to Tatsuki – the girl who protected her before Ichigo even gave enough shits about her to spit in her direction, the girl who was ALWAYS there for her.

And she doesn’t look like a goddess, she looks like a water-logged hotdog.


Fuck cishets my haircut is cute as hell

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Thank you so much. I really need some little group two stuff, especially some Mitsunari stuff ^^ You mentioned in one post that baby headcanons are your weakness so maybe I should ask for one. How does the Lord react if he came back from battle and discovered that MC is pregnant ~he didn't know it before he went into battle~ or already give birth to their child? ~I don't know which one you would like to write~

No need! The second group of lords are so preshy I WOULD LOVE TO SHOWER THEM WITH EVERYONES LOVE~! and HAHAHAHA *whispers* bb headcanons are my no.1 weakness after Yukimura And hey~! Since I couldn’t choose one, I did both so I hope you don’t mind! (✿´ ꒳ ` )

Hideyoshi was coming back after a hard battle and couldn’t wait to see his pregnant wife’s face. She always looked beautiful to him, but he knew that she’d look a hundred times more beautiful today. Rushing ahead of the retainers, Hideyoshi jumped off his horse and into the castle, and there she was. His beautiful wife. He had a huge grin on his face as he rushed towards her. “Huh?” He slowed down after a few seconds, “W-where did her tummy go?” he thought as he moved closer. There, laying in her arms was their baby. “M-Mc…” He looked up to her with wide eyes, as he never expected her to give birth while he was away. MC smiled with tears in her eyes as she stepped closer to him, “Welcome home.” He was still in shock as he looked down to the little girl stretching her little hands up to him. “T-this is…” He stuttered as the little girl held his finger between her tiny ones “We were waiting for you.” The baby brought his finger to her lips and nommed at it gently. He brought his free hand to touch her chubby little cheeks and smiled as he heard MC whisper, “She’s our little girl.

Inuchiyo was full of smiles as the Oda clan claimed its victory during this long battle. His smile could be seen from miles away, as his wife waits at the castle gates. He starts to add a bit of speed to his feet as he notices MC’s eyes on him. “MC, I’m back..!” He rushed to wrap his arms around her. She giggled softly as she embraced him back, “Welcome home, Inuchiyo!” He tightened his arms around her as he breathed in her scent, “Inuchiyo, n-not so tight.” She whispered softly. Inuchiyo pulled away and met her eyes with his worried ones, “Why? Did you hurt yourself while I was away?!” “N-no… its just-…” MC looked down shyly, “MC! Tell me wha-…” He frowned as he grasped her hand, “I’m pregnant Inuchiyo,” She glanced up to see his reaction, “… W-what?!” His eyes were open as wide as his mouth, “I’m pregnant.” She mumbled again, this time a bit louder and clearer. “I-I heard that part you-…” Picking her up, he twirled her around as his happiness got the best of him.

For the first time in a while, Ieyasu was leading his horse through the castle gates with a slight small on his face. Even though he tries to deny it, he can’t deny the stupid feeling called happiness from creeping into the cracks of his heart. He found it weird that MC wasn’t waiting for him at the castle gates, “Where is that Kitchen wench hiding this time.” he sighed as he started to walk to her room, he knew where she was resting hiding and why. She was in her last months of pregnancy and needed more rest than usual. As he neared her room, he heard a man’s voice. “” A frown fell on his face, what is a man doing in her room, and why is he speaking in such a childish-alien language? Calling out to her, Ieyasu walked into the room, “MC-…” a stop. His eyes fell to MC holding a new-born girl in her arms as a man tried to stop the baby girl from crying. That man was Toramatsu. As soon as the baby heard her father’s voice her cries stopped and a small laugh giggle was heard. “G-give her here! You can’t even silence a baby when she cries.” Taking their daughter from her arms, he clumsily with MC’s help held their daughter. His eyes gazed at her with such warmth and gentleness, MC thought her heart would melt.

It had been months since Mitsunari last saw MC, and for the first time in a while he was going to see her again. He rode his horse to the castle gates, the retainers and maids were all happy for the victory bought to the Oda clan, but Mitsunari felt this stupid feeling happiness for a different reason. He got off his horse and entered the castle, he was surprised to be met by MC. He was surprised to see her waiting for him, but he was more surprised to see her carrying a small baby in her arms. It was a boy, with hair like his and eyes that matched hers. “Welcome back, Mitsunari.” She smiled warmly at him as tears welled up in her eyes, “We missed you.” The baby looked up towards Mitsunari for a few seconds before it chuckled softly. “What is-..?” He looked up to her with wide eyes, “I m-meant to tell you but-…” She looked down, “you were gone before I got the chance to.” “Stupid… Manju girl..!” Mitsunari wrapped his arms around her while trying to hide these unknown emotions from showing on his face, “Succubi… Wretch…” He embraced them both securely and warmly, as the little baby giggled between their arms.

Kenshin was greeted by MC as soon as he reached the castle gates. Holding her close, he brought a flower up to MC, “For you.” She smiled happily as a blush covered her cheeks, “Thank you!” Taking the flower, she wrapped her arms around his back and whispered softly, “Welcome home, Lord Kenshin.” He smiled down to her as he tucked her hair behind her ears “I’m glad to be home.” Taking in his warmth, MC heard a little girl’s voice calling out to her, “MC!” Ai tugged on her hand, “No! the baby might get hurt if you hug him too tight.” Kenshin chuckled as he ruffled Ai’s hair, “Ai, I won’t hurt the baby-…” Staying still for a few second, Kenshin looked up to MC, his eyes wide, “MC y-you’re pregnant?” she smiled up to him with a tint of fear in her eyes as she nodded, “I a-am.” He couldn’t believe his ears as he held her tightly against him, “I w-will be a father.” he mumbled to himself as a huge smile covered his cheeks. “Lord Kenshin!” Ai called out to him again but he didn’t hear. Squeezing herself in the middle of the lover’s embrace, she looked up to Kenshin with the same look her father gives him, “I told you not to hug her too tight!

Shingen was hesitant to leave MC before the battle because she fell sick. On the way back, he made sure to go ahead of everyone to be the first one to see and check on her. Rushing to the castle gates with a huge smile, he saw a figure similar to MC’s inches away from him. Wrapping his arms around her waist, Shingen chuckled and whispered to her softly, “Gotcha!” and MC jumped in surprise, “L-lord Shingen-..!!” She didn’t know when he would be back and spun around in surprise. “I’m back again, MC.” He cupped her cheek as the smile never left his face, “Welcome back, Lord Shingen.” A smile naturally made its way up her cheeks as her hand went to rest over his, “I missed you!” He sighed and pushed her head to rest against his chest, “I missed you too.” A few seconds passed before he pulled back and met her eyes, “Are you feeling better now?” She looked up to him for a few seconds before smiling, “Yes~!” burying her face in his chest she mumbled softly, “It turns out-…” she glanced up to him with worried eyes, “that you’re going to be a father soon.” He felt like time has stopped as he got lost in her bright round eyes, “I’m going to be a father?” He thought to himself as he pulled her lips to meet his in a slow but long kiss. “I’m going to be a father.” Feeling her legs giving in, he pulled her against his chest and smiled brightly, “I’m sure you’ll be a great mother to our child.” 

Got7 Reaction to You Having a Resting Bitch Face

Anon: Can you please do Got7’s reaction to you having a resting bitch face[RBF]? Thank you!

 I actually have RBF too. It’s a bit inconvenient. Thank you for requesting! Reactions and drabbles are still open.

Mark: I think he’d be worried and calm about it at the same time. He’d wonder if he was the cause of your expression or if something else was bothering you. Once you told him your resting face was like that, he would feel like a bunch of weight was lifted off his shoulders.

Is she like that because of something I did? Was it because i ate her last bit of candy? Did I wake her up too early?… oh thank god, I didn't do anything.

Originally posted by jypnior

JB: I feel as though he would already know about that being your resting face. He would observe your face on days he knew nothing bad happened and then come to the conclusion that you had RBF and that he nor anyone else had done something to piss you off in anyway. 

“I know your not mad but let me see that beautiful smile of yours.”

Originally posted by umma-jy

Jackson: Once he saw the sour expression you held on your face he would begin to panic. He’d try to remember everything that had happened recently that may have been the cause. He’d ask and apologize to you frantically wanting to make sure he didn’t do anything wrong. You would have to kiss him to make him stop talking. 

“Did I give you that mean face? Did I do something wrong? Please tell me whatever I did. I’m sorry, please forgive me. Unless it wasn’t me… It was Bam Bam’s teasing, wasn’t it! I swear I’m gonna–” *you kiss him and explain* “Oh… so you’re okay?”

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Jinyoung: He saw how quickly your face twisted into an annoyed one. He knew you weren’t actually mad, but just to tease you he would act mad at you. Once you asked him why he looked a bit annoyed he would answer with…

“I don’t know, why are you mad at me?”  

Originally posted by markificent

Youngjae: This fluff ball would feel so insecure and takes things way out of proportion. He noticed that you looked more annoyed and sour than you did happy. He’d begin to think that you just weren’t very happy being with him. You saw him suddenly lose the glimmer he once had in his eyes and asked why he seemed so sad. He told you his reason and then you’d have to explain to him that you have a resting bitch face and is actually very happy to be by his side.

Is she not happy? Did I do something wrong? *You explain* “Thank god! I thought you were gonna leave me soon.” 

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Bam Bam: He looked at your expression and felt as though he needed to change it. He would try to do many funny things to make you smile, like his version of Never Ever or dance a really bad version of Girls Girls Girls. He just wanted to see you smile. 

“Hey! Look at this” *dabs really weirdly and ends up hurting himself* “Owwww! At least your smiling.”

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Yugyeom: He would be a lot like Youngjae. He’s very emotional. He’d ask you if you were okay and if he did something wrong. While saying all these things he’d grow more teary eyed. 

“Please, if I’m doing something wrong, please tell me. I don’t want a little mistake of mine to ruin our relationship. I want you to be happy.”… *sigh* “Thank god. I was so worried.”    

Originally posted by soybeantree

I’m sorry if this wasn’t that good but I tried. I hope you enjoyed it though. Sorry for any mistakes. Gifs are not mine. Reactions and drabbles are still open. 

~Admin Mochi 


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Prompt: 'Do you think we should go on a date?' Trini didn't mean to voice her thoughts. The girl on the floor next to her looked up from her book. 'W-well I meant like... like go to Krispy Kreme or you know we could invite the boys to the movies! We can go as a group it doesn't have to be a date. Like just us two.' Kim laughed at the shorter girl's rambling, a sound that made Trini go weak. Good thing she was already sitting on the bed. 'I'd love to go on a date with you Trini.'

Trini has been curled up on Kimberly’s bed for what seems like forever when in reality it had only been about two hours. Time just seemed to move differently when she was around her crush. “I think we should go on a date,”

“What was that?” Kim asks, looking up from the book she had been reading all afternoon.

Trini’s brow furrows slightly, wondering if she’d really vocalized her thoughts. “I just…I mean, w-what if we went to Krispy Kreme or you know…we could invite the guys to a movie,” She says lowly, biting her lip a bit. “We  can all go as a group, it doesn’t have to be like a date or anything…”

Kim smiles slightly, amused by the other ranger’s ramblings as she sets her book off to the side, scooting closer to her friend. “Trini, are you asking me out?” She chuckles softly, the sound making Trini weak. 

“I-uh-well…yeah?” Trini mumbles, never more grateful to be sitting down than when Kimberly grins at her. “I mean…it doesn’t have to be like a date, we could just…get food or something,” She trails off a bit, glancing at the bedspread. 

She can feel Kimberly move closer, but keeps her eyes on the sheets below them until there’s a finger under her chin, tilting her head up until she’s staring into those whiskey eyes she’s come to love. “I would love to go on a date with you, Trini,” She says softly and the yellow ranger is sure she’s dreaming. 

“You’re sure?” Trini asks despite herself, closing her eyes when Kimberly’s hands move to cup her cheeks. 

“Of course I’m sure,” The taller girl replies softly, leaning in until she can brush their lips together. “Gotta start somewhere, right?”

Send me prompts?

I just realized...

Ok but have you realized that the times Rowan and Rhysand, both being the pre-dicks they were, send our all-time favorite females to a monster’s lair, they both came out with a ring prize(that was not well worded, I apologize, but I hope you got what I’m saying).

When Rhys send Feyre into the Weaver’s cottage in ACOMAF to ‘test out her magic and its tracking ability’, he told her to seek out a ring. Obviously half my point is already made, so I’m gonna leave it there. 

In HOF, when Aelin was rescuing Luca(I think that’s his name), she had to fight that beast in the frozen lake(absolutely no surprise that Rowan made her do this). After doing so, she acquired Goldryn, who’s scabbard held that supposed engagement ring Athril had for Maeve that also served as a one-person protection from Valg demons… 

Now that I think about it, they were both engagement rings. Just that Feyre’s was more intricate and actually has a more meaningful value than demon warding. 

I don’t know guys, I’m just putting this out there. Y’all probably already catch on but I’m just slow so deal with it.

  • Zack: Do you think they will ever say anything to each other?
  • Jason: You're kidding right?
  • Zack: No? Trini isn't gonna do anything. She turns into goo around Kim.
  • Jason: And Kim is well aware of that. They went on a date yesterday after the pit though.
  • Zack: Trini said they were getting food after training yesterday. But, she didn't say it was a date.
  • Jason: So?
  • Zack: *laughs* I can't wait to tell her that they are already dating.
An Unexpected Danatole Moment

Ok so idk if anyone has already mentioned this but something happened when I saw great comet yesterday that I was not ready for. so yknow how during the duel, Dolokhov sings the lines “she’s first rate, but nothing but trouble”??? nbd right?? and then he walks over to the stairs with Helene where they both whip around and smirk and sing “better wait til she’s married”?? yeah sounds abt right, all good, nbd yup. nothin new here yada yada yada.

but. but.

but well um as Dolokhov walked away to say his lines with Helene, Anatole reached his hand out and literally SMACKED HIS FUCKING ASS football player-style and I swear I almost had a heart attack right then and there,, I looked around to see if anyone else was as astonished as me and everyone was just like “:)” and I died