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Aroace transfemale Hermione

(Trans girl or trans woman - with the space - would be a better label than “transfemale”.)

Yes! Perfect!

I feel like there’s a lot in the books that sets up Hermione as not only looking a little awkward but feeling self-conscious about how she looks, and I don’t think it’s unreasonable that those descriptions come from her being trans and nervous that people will misgender her.

Many people may have read romantic intentions between Ron and Hermione, but I never did. I think Ron and Harry had a very easy friendship, Harry and Hermione had a fairly easy friendship, and Ron and Hermione had a harder friendship. I think Ron’s feelings might have developed into a crush, but I think Hermione was more confused and looking for approval from Ron, to be as good friends with him as he was with Harry, more than anything else. I think Ron was very protective towards Hermione in a brotherly way, which is a part of why they bickered so much. And Hermione, as an only child, was flustered by this. And she was unsure of her own feelings towards Ron, only knowing that she did care deeply for him.

Hermione was completely surprised by Krum’s attention in her, and I think she accepted his invite to the Yule Ball more because she admired that he had actually noticed her - and in a positive light (as a girl, specifically!). Even her relationship with Ron and Harry got off to quite the rocky start, but here was Krum telling her she was beautiful and asking her to the Ball, so she went to just have a great time.

Hermione and Ron spent a lot of time together over the summers without Harry, but I don’t think this was because of any growing attraction. It was literally because Harry couldn’t join them. And Ron and Harry were probably the closest friends Hermione ever made - maybe the only friends she’d made on her own, so it was important to her and her parents to nurture these relationships when they could.

And when Ron and Lavender start dating, Hermione does feel abandoned. Usually when she has distance from either Ron or Harry, it’s due to some fight or another, but this time Ron is choosing to spend time with someone else besides them simply because he enjoys the other person’s company and not because he needs to in order to not be lonely. I think Hermione’s upset and confused at why he would choose romance over his friends. Plus, maybe she’s even starting to realize that her peers are feeling feelings that she simply isn’t, so she’s also got a lot of internal conflict going on that she doesn’t know how to vocalize.

And don’t even get me started on the Horcrux hunt. Spending that much time together under the influence of something trying to break them down? It’d eat away at every single one of us. This is where I think Ron did develop a crush, but Hermione didn’t return it. She’d erased her parents’ memories of her, so at that moment, Ron and Harry were really the only family she had left. Wouldn’t it just be heartbreaking to have your family walk away from you like that when they were all you had left?

I do think Hermione and Ron ended up kissing when Ron says they should go down to help the House Elves escape, but I think that would end up being more of an awakening for them than anything else. In the heat of the moment, they’d have this really passionate kiss, but when it was over, there’d be this sense of… eh. Like Ron would realize that he really likes Hermione and while he may have a crush on her, he really doesn’t want to date her. He wants to be friends and just be friends with her. And Hermione would realize that there was a reason she’d never really thought about kissing before and she really did lack that romantic/sexual attraction to others that her peers all seemed to display.

So yeah. I think aroace trans Hermione is wonderful! Tis canon, I have declared it.

~Hufflepuff Mod