not like it'll ever be used

She stared for what felt like forever before studying my eyes with hers.

“So how did you ever get.. over me?” Her voice cracked under fear she must have been feeling form me.

I leaned back in my chair and gave a small smile.

“I never did. Maybe I should have, or maybe it’s best I don’t. But the idea of letting you go hurts me so damn much. It’s like a tornado violently crashing against the walls of a volcano. It’s dangerous, and the outcome is catastrophic.

—  An excerpt from a story I’ll never write. (#46)

( @sierracrz​ )

        Out of the few bars Reuben found himself attending to on a regular basis, this was one of his more favorable ones, not because of the crystal drinks or the sub par atmosphere but more so for the hands on service he was always guaranteed. Just finishing up what felt like the longest game of darts ever, his gaze shifted to the other a grim smirk playing his features ever-so perfectly. ❝ What is that three games to me and none to you ?? you really do suck at this. ❞ he mocked the other, more so venturing from his competitive nature than much else. 

Everything In Between - Part 4

Hey everyone, here’s part 4. It’s not super happy, but it’s not the saddest thing ever written either. Anyway, I really like this part, I liked writing about how they dealt with problems as a couple, what norms they had created between them during their time together. Anyway… I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading. The next part should be out fairly soon as well. 

Part 4:

We still haven’t talked about it yet. We got home last night and the both of us were silent. I shouldn’t be surprised, from being with Finn for two years, I know when something big comes up, he’ll never talk about it in the moment, he needs time to collect his thoughts.

Usually we talk about it after he’s slept, but this morning he had to be at work for some sort of performance tests. I texted him this morning that I loved him and he said it back but that’s it.

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Hello lovelies!

So I’ve had this idea for a while and this url just sitting there but I think now’s the best time to use it.

Being an international fan, it’s not easy to get the opportunity to see bigbang or give them gifts/fanmail.  So I figured we should have a blog where you guys can submit “fanmail” meant for bigbang (the entire group or any member) as though you were actually giving it to them.  If they (*cough* Seungri *cough*) ever go on tumblr and find these, then it would be an easier way for them to access and read all the fanmail from their fans from all over the world.

I was also thinking that maybe at one point, I can compile all the letters (when I get enough) and make like a book and send it to them…but we’ll get there eventually.

So, here’s the url: letterstobigbang

You can send messages/letters/fanart in anon or not. You can include your name if you want.  I’ll re-type them up on different backgrounds  or make them a text post (idk yet).  


Hopefully this can be a place where all sorts of fanmail to Bigbang can be found :D

And this should be a good way for us to keep ourselves sane while we wait for this comeback lol.

You ever think we’ll see a Harry Potter headcanon that makes us all collectively go, “okay, that’s it, we’ve thought of everything we could possibly think of and now it’s time to pack it, we had a great run, everyone”? Because I personally think we can and possibly will stretch this to the sun death of the universe