not like it'll ever be used

Can we take a minute and talk about how fantastic Harry’s voice sounds on this song?  It’s rich, it’s not strained, his technique is on point for rock.  his falsetto is clear and pure. The beginning in particular is clean and precise.    His belt at the end is open and fully supported.  His breath control is spot on.  And the little details like the way he transitions from chest voice to falsetto in the bridge on “will we ever learn?” is SO SMART.  He’s using such strong dynamics.  He has grown so much and I’m just so incredibly impressed.  And so incredibly proud.  

The MBTI Heist
  • ENTJ- The Backer: The one who's paying for the heist to be done. Enjoys bossing everyone around by stating they're in charge of the operation, but everyone knows INTJ designed the heist.
  • INTJ- The Mastermind: The one who comes up with the entire scheme and makes the diagrams and writes up the roles. Would be the "Boss" but is too socially awkward, so they sit in the dark, scheme, and refer everyone to ESTJ for answers.
  • ENTP- The Source: The one who found the job. Typically the one to find the jobs in general. Has really good online connections and is typically able to get us the best price for the job.
  • INTP- The Hacker: Content to sit in the back of the van controlling the alarms, security cameras, lights, etc... INTJ wants you to hack into the police database to alter information? About time you had a challenge!
  • ESTJ- The Boss: Technically not the one who planned the heist, yet everything goes through them. Their unofficial job is to manage the crew and make sure they know their roles flawlessly.
  • ISTJ- The Informant: The one who knows about everything. They have gathered all the information concerning everything about this heist, and could ESTJ please explain that once more, it doesn't seem like sound logic.
  • ESTP- The Conman: The one doing the actual conning. Being the actor, doing some people manipulating, creating some useful relationships.
  • ISTP- The Gadgets Guy: Job description is to create or obtain what ever the crew needs. In charge of all the gear, from earpieces to explosives. Enjoys planting bugs on INTP to hear them talking to themselves while in their van.
  • ENFJ- The Mole: The one already on the inside. Everyone likes them and sure they'll listen to your problem... and then leak your weaknesses to the crew.
  • INFJ- The Pickpocket: Somehow able to get you to start telling them your life's story in the bus. When you're done it'll be more than your conscience that's been lifted. Enjoys secretly planting little notes of encouragement on all the crew members.
  • ENFP- The Acquirer: The one who everyone seems to like and has limitless contacts. ISFP needs a better motor for their car? Yeah, I have a friend whose dad's cousin runs a car shop in New York, so of course I can get that.
  • INFP- The Person on the Inside: Unlike the Mole who was placed in their position, the insider doesn't know they're going to help until they are. They really are just trying to help, and ESTP made it clear that it would be a big help ($$$) if you just left that one door unlocked.
  • ESFJ- The New Kid: The one with potential in everything, but not great at anything. A little lost but ready to prove themselves. Is super hyped that to know the INFJ believes in them.
  • ISFJ- The Muscle: The sweetest person... until you mess with their crew family! They're super devoted to the crew and have no qualms backing that statement up with some force.
  • ESFP- The Distraction: The one causing the social commotion. Keeping everyone's eyes fixated on them, not the other crew members. Their job is to be more exciting then the surroundings.
  • ISFP- The Driver: They've taken driving to a whole new level, it's become an art form. Yes, all those cars are theirs.

anonymous asked:

honestly though there's??? a difference between Yuuri "Unreliable Narrator" Katsuki and what the show actually shows us???? like with all the stories with unreliable narrators, you gotta *look* and pay attention to figure out what's bullshit and what's actually true. it's like with all the fucking references they make to figure skaters and skating and even queer stuff, if you don't know *what* you're looking at it'll fly right over your head. the yoi staff loves figure skating to bits

I mean he literally breaks a world record that Victor set with a program as difficult as anything Victor ever did. This is outright stated in the series. This isn’t even something you really have to pay much attention to see. There’s another point where his short program is called the SP with the highest difficulty ever. 

These are such blatant things. You don’t even have to know anything about skating. You don’t have to know anything about skating to know that he did Victor’s world championship free skate while out of shape and out of practice in episode one either!! Like?? Come on people. These aren’t context clues they’re context ANVILS. 

If you can’t get that Yuuri Katsuki 300% has the potential to be the number one skater in the world you’re just not paying attention to him.


orphan black rewatch: sarah and cosima in 2x10

look, so this spiral - this is the golden ratio, and it’s a mathematical pattern that just repeats itself in nature, in flower petals and honey bees, in the stars in the galaxy, and in every molecule of our dna. 
god, we’re so different, all of us. 

  • *december 24th*
  • merlin fandom: i cannot believe it's already been 4 years that our show was taken from us. it'll forever feel like yesterday that arthur died in merlin's arms and our hearts were shattered into a million pieces and we never recovered and we cried forever and never really moved on because this show has our hearts for life and the pain will forever be there. this show should of ran forever. we should of had 80 more seasons of arthur and merlin's adorable banter and more than two seconds of arthur knowing about merlin's magic and we'll just forever miss this show it will not ever matter how much time has passed. we will forever miss it and feel the pain like it was yesterday.
  • everyone else: christmas eve

livingflame  asked:

hanzo didn't indulge in sleeping in, like ever, before jesse. but now even if he wakes early, he stays in bed because he likes the feel of jesse pressed against his back, breath soft on his neck, his arms around hanzo. he likes when jesse sleeps on him, using him like a pillow and clingy as an octopus. the rare days he wakes and they're at opposite ends of the bed, he'll scoot over, rest his head on jesse's chest and listen to his heartbeat. sometimes it'll even make him fall asleep again.

Where’s that photoset with the dude screaming crying Bc that me reading this

monoshiki  asked:

Your foreteller head canons seriously give me life god bless,, I'm tempted to draw many of them

well……. I’m not gonna say you /should/….. but…….. if you did…. I might just die
@monoshiki ahh thank you!!!  I so, SO appreciate it

  • Ava, smashing her Keyblade into a Heartless’ face: “I’m sorry!”
  • Luxu: “How did you find me?”  Ira: “Well I saw a huge explosion and thought ‘I wonder who that could be’”
  • Totally normal questions MoM has been asked:
    • “Hypothetically, if I were to tell you someone had destroyed your latest experiment, how angry would you be?”
    • “Where’s the best place to hide?  I may or may not have insulted the cake Invi made.”
    • “Let’s suppose someone accidentally set a giant Heartless loose in the middle of the town.  How much property damage are we talking?”
    • “On a scale of ‘Gula tried to break into the black box’ to ‘Ava tripped and knocked over your bookshelf’, what punishment is merited for trapping Aced in the basement?”
    • “Master, could we maybe, like, I don’t know, not chase after the monster?  Just a thought.  No?  No.  Okay.  No worries.  I was only asking because Luxu already got knocked out.”
    • “Is it just me, or is the castle quieter than normal? ….. You threw Gula into a portal again, didn’t you.”
  • Surprisingly, Ira and Gula have the same sense of humor.
  • best way to figure out where Luxu is? Listen for the explosion
  • Invi, on a daily basis: “I expected so little, and I’m still disappointed in your sanity.”
  • Ok, ok, so I know everybody and their mom is from Destiny Islands, but like, can you imagine Ava being a native of Destiny Islands??? Like?  The Islands where the paopu trio grew up & became friends was where Ava, the friendliest and sweetest master, came from.  But she went with Master because…
  • Ira.  yes, Ira.  I think Ira lived there too super original i know but like, hear me out.  He doesn’t even have to be Ava’s older brother or cousin–he’s just an older kid who always ended up taking care of the younger kids and Ava looked up to him a lot but one day Master showed up and offered Ira a Keyblade/apprenticeship, but at the last second, Ira looked back and found Ava staring at him, and offered his hand.  She’s probably an orphan, and she was probably really young, but like, can you imagine them going together?  like?  Being a pseudo-older brother to her.  Taking care of her scrapes.  She found other friends in Daybreak Town but like, always having that connection to her home.  Ava always knowing Ira would understand her.  She goes back to the Islands once or twice.  He doesn’t.
  • Luxu: “Are you sure you wanna go back to Olympus?  Remember what happened last time you went?” Gula: “Those deaths were never traced back to me.” Luxu: “Exact–wait, what murders?  I was talking about Ava snitching some of your chocolate stash–you did what?!” Gula: “Ah, nevermind.”
  • Out of all of them, Ava is the one who likes hot sauce the most.  Ira won’t touch the stuff, and Aced likes it, but Ava will literally drink hot sauce.  She bit into a red pepper like it was an apple once and Luxu almost fainted
  • Master: “Gula, stop stealing my cookies.”  Gula, with his hand in the cookies jar: “I’m not.  Why would you accuse me like this.”
  • They have a “It has been ___ days since Master gave us vague instructions/abandoned us in the middle of a mission” countdown
    • it’s only made it to double digits four times
  • Ira: “Don’t worry, I got this.”  /several explosions/ *far-off screams* /cat screeching/ Ira: “I’m okay!”
  • Aced unequivocally gives the best hugs (but they’re rare.  Ava gives daily hugs, and they’re the sweetest.)
100 fleetwood mac rp starters
  • **these are my favorite lyrics from my favorite people ❤ feel free to change pronouns, etc!~**
  • ~~~
  • 1. "And if you don't love me now, you will never love me again"
  • 2. "Said you'd give me light but you never told me about the fire"
  • 3. "I should have known from the start, I'd be the broken-hearted"
  • 4. "Why don't you tell me what's going on?"
  • 5. "Well, who am I to keep you down?"
  • 6. "So I try to say goodbye, my friend"
  • 7. "I haven't felt this way I feel since many a year ago"
  • 8. "Living through each empty night, a deadly calm inside"
  • 9. "Agony's torn at my heart too long"
  • 10. "Do you know how to pick up the pieces and go home?"
  • 11. "All I want is to see you smile, if it takes just a little while"
  • 12. "Not all the prayers in the world could save us"
  • 13. "Loving you isn't the right thing to do"
  • 14. "We will never forget tonight"
  • 15. "I keep my visions to myself"
  • 16. "I wake up but only to fall"
  • 17. "You'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loved you"
  • 18. "Was I such a fool?"
  • 19. "Why not think about times to come and not about the things that you've done"
  • 20. "Dreams unwind; love's a state of mind"
  • 21. "Well I've been afraid of changing 'cause I've built my life around you"
  • 22. "You don't know what it means to win"
  • 23. "I'm so afraid"
  • 24. "The stars must be my friends to shine for me"
  • 25. "Tell me why everything turned around"
  • 26. "I hope and if I pray it might work out someday"
  • 27. "I never did believe in the ways of magic, but I'm beginning to wonder why"
  • 28. "Never change, never stop"
  • 29. "I know I could have loved you, but you would not let me"
  • 30. "Did you say that she loved you?"
  • 31. "Time makes you bolder"
  • 32. "Thunder only happens when its raining"
  • 33. "So we make our choices when there is no choice"
  • 34. "How can you love me? I don't understand why"
  • 35. "But never have I been a blue calm sea; I have always been a storm"
  • 36. "I never did believe in miracles, but I've a feeling it's time to try"
  • 37. "Damn the dark, damn the light"
  • 38. "I wish that you were mine"
  • 39. "All your life you've never seen a woman taken by the wind"
  • 40. "Don't say that you love me! Just tell me that you want me!"
  • 41. "I loved you from the start"
  • 42. "And if I was a child, and the child was enough…"
  • 43. "To you, I'll give the world"
  • 44. "Can you hear me calling out your name?"
  • 45. "It's only right that you should play the way you feel it"
  • 46. "Why are you right when I'm so wrong?"
  • 47. "Can you tell me, was it worth it?"
  • 48. "Remembering what you had and what you lost"
  • 49. "But now you're here; can't believe that you're back again"
  • 50. "Don't break the spell"
  • 51. "Now I know I can't lose, as long as you follow"
  • 52. "I feel that when I'm with you, it's alright"
  • 53. "Have mercy, baby, on a poor girl like me"
  • 54. "There's a heartbeat and it never really died"
  • 55. "Just think what tomorrow will do"
  • 56. "She's a dragon"
  • 57. "If I could, baby, I'd give you my world "
  • 58. "You can take me to paradise; and then again you can be cold as ice"
  • 59. "How can I ever change things that I feel?"
  • 60. "And I have changed, oh but you, you remain ageless"
  • 61. "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow"
  • 62. "Is there anything left to save?"
  • 63. "Damn your love, damn your lies"
  • 64. "I'm not a child anymore; I'm tall enough to reach for the stars"
  • 65. "Drowning in the sea of love where everyone would love to drown"
  • 66. "'Cause if you use me again it'll be the end of me"
  • 67. "Sleep easy by my side"
  • 68. "…Loneliness like a heartbeat, drives you mad"
  • 69. "I'd go anywhere…ask me and I'm there"
  • 70. "And I can't walk away from you, baby, if I tried"
  • 71. "Never going back again"
  • 72. "Gimme just a chance"
  • 73. "Your eyes say yes but you don't say yes"
  • 74. "Rulers make bad lovers"
  • 75. "Lightening strikes maybe once, maybe twice"
  • 76. "Time cast a spell on you, but you won't forget me"
  • 77. "I'll be waiting for you if you ever wanna be there"
  • 78. "Maybe I'm wrong but who's to say what's right?"
  • 79. "You say you want your freedom"
  • 80. "And you reached out your hand to me"
  • 81. "You're the poet in my heart"
  • 82. "I'm so weak and you're so strong"
  • 83. "She is like a cat in the dark and then she is darkness"
  • 84. "I can live today, if you give me tomorrow"
  • 85. "Every night he will break your heart"
  • 86. "I love you…like never before"
  • 87. "When the rain washes you clean you'll know"
  • 88. "And I feel that when I'm with you, it's alright"
  • 89. "We better make it soon before you break my heart"
  • 90. "Did I ever really care that much?"
  • 91. "She was just a wish"
  • 92. "You know you make me cry"
  • 93. "Will you ever win?"
  • 94. "And I don't have to tell you you're the only one"
  • 95. "I'll follow you down 'till they the sound of my voice will haunt you"
  • 96. "Did she make you cry? Make you break down? Shatter your illusions of love?"
  • 97. "Can the child within my heart rise above?"
  • 98. "You can go your own way"
  • 99. "I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain"
  • 100. "Now you tell me that I'm crazy; that's nothing that I didn't know"
Paladins As Things My Teachers Have Said
  • Shiro: "Huh. The school smells a lot like chemicals. I hope they're finally killing us."
  • Allura: *after getting complimented on her ring* "Haha thank you. I don't need men, I bought this myself!"
  • Pidge: "Just know, I never skip workdays. So if I don't show up assume I've won the lottery and fled the state."
  • Hunk: "Please don't ever yell at me I will cry and it'll be embarrassing for the both of us."
  • Lance: "Now if men ever use the 'blue balls' excuse on you I want you to point at his penis and laugh very loud. His balls won't be so blue anymore."
  • Keith: "You guys have been taking this class all year and all you've ever learned from me is how to properly cheat in gambling."
Realistic High School Starters
  • "They treat us like kids, but expect us to act like adults."
  • "I swear, everyone here is a slut."
  • "Really? Prom is just an excuse for kids to grind on each other in front of their friends."
  • "I never leave the [fine arts building, gym, ceramics room, bathroom, cafeteria, etc.]"
  • "Do you have any tampons?"
  • "Are you staying after school?"
  • "Can we not go to the pep rally?"
  • "I left my flashdrive at home!"
  • "May I be excused?"
  • "Do you think if I passed out I could go home?"
  • "How do you make yourself pass out?"
  • "They're so weird..."
  • "I have to wonder—have I ever done my homework at home?"
  • "Jesus Christ, what do you have to teach still in the minute left of class?!"
  • "Shit, it got super quiet..."
  • "How do I tell me parents?"
  • "You're so screwed."
  • "Let's start a fight!"
  • "If people could just stop having sex in the hallways...I swear, if you can cum, get to your locker, and then get to class in six minutes, you're not having good sex."
  • "I'm actually gonna have a meltdown."
  • "College isn't the only option, you know!"
  • "[insert name here] is the only teacher who knows what he/she/they are doing."
  • "What idiot have them a teaching certificate?"
  • "When will I ever use this?"
  • "Fuck me. I mean yes, do fuck me, but also just fuck me."
  • "Ugh, do I have to?"
  • "Yeah I'll help you out, but it'll cost you."
  • "Do you understand this?"
  • "Are you high?"
  • "If I'm not at school, I'm at home. I'm sandwiched between stress hell and annoying hell."
  • "This is my presentation. It is titled 'Drinking Bleach'."
  • "Don't listen to them."
  • "Isn't 'that's so gay' a little outdated?"
  • "You aren't really going to join that club, are you?"
  • "It's social suicide!"
  • "Fire drills are the best."
  • "I used to like lockdowns, and then kids actually started dying during them."
  • "I bet she/he's gonna shoot up the school."
  • "Aren't you a little old for nap time?"
  • "Can we have nap time?"
  • "Give me some goddamn fruit snacks."
  • "Pop quiz!"
  • "Can I use your microwave?"
  • "What the fuck are you eating?"
  • "I'm not voting for you."
  • "Fuck you and fuck Christmas."
  • "Can your mom pick us up?"
  • "What did I tell you? No one's supposed to know we're related, asswipe."
  • "I did absolutely nothing last period. It was glorious."
  • "600 points? Isn't that a little excessive?"

colethewolf  asked:

Tyler Posey could come out as bisexual & I guarantee that it wouldn't change my feelings about him. For some reason, people think that being queer automatically means that you can do no wrong. Or that you're protected from being called out on your bullshit. Or that you can't be labelled homophobic or inappropriate. Wanna bet? If Posey ever comes out, it'll be like Bella saying she's bi or Miley saying she's pan. Blah. No one cared. Because trashiness & messiness overshadowed it. (pt.1)

(pt.2) Posey could come out as bi right now & guess what? His BWT comments are still homophobic, & rude. His inappropriate comments about Dylan & having a “balls deep” friendship is gross. His using gayness as a joke is gross. His obsession w/ farts, poop, & pee is gross. His attention seeking is annoying. His jealously regarding Dylan’s rise to fame & Sterek’s popularity is childish. AND his portrayal of Scott is poorly done. Sexual orientation can’t & won’t turn trash to treasure. Sorry.


anonymous asked:

can you give me an advice please? it'll mean a lot to me. have you ever felt like your friend isn't really your friend? and she/he sucks all the good from you, and for you - your friendship is really tirying(tired), and you cant handdle any more....

Hmm personally I’ve went through stages where I think oh this person doesn’t like / care for me anymore and it is emotionally draining to me so I used to just stop speaking with them but hey they always came around and spoke with me again!

anonymous asked:

Has Pidge ever gremlin climbed Shiro? Like their out in public shopping or something and she just says "to hell with ladders" and climbs shiro to reach something? (I hope things are well for you!)

If they’re out in public, she just asks him to grab it for her. :P

But when they’re in the garden she totally uses him to get up into her quiznak apple trees.

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she's gonna marry nicole and it'll fit with the dream of waverly going to see her at work but emily will be trolling us because they'll wake up and be like lol i don't want to ever get married Know This

riddle me this y is nicole wearing her police uniform when waverly looks like shes just come back from coachella

Updates Pending

It was brought to our attention a bit ago that all of our non-food craftables weren’t restocking from sim inventories but only from the catalog or not at all if we had hidden them. Why it took so long to come up, no idea, but that’s besides the point.

We are now aware of this issue on many of our sets. Food items restock, but non-food craftable items are missing the code. We are currently working on a MEGA update to most of our sets which will fix this issue, as well as add a few other features. Our plans are to release this update in about a month. Sunni’s currently juggling trying to get out some new releases + the updates, but hopeful we can do this all fairly quickly.

That being said…yeah you’ll most likely be re-downloading everything and slipping new files into your game if you want proper business restocking. As for other features, those are surprises. At this point we will remind everyone that if you don’t run businesses you’re not really required to update BUT those old files will become no longer supported by us and may get wonky in the future if they conflict with the changes we have made and WILL be on every new set.

Everyone that episode of Gotham:
  • Oswald: :(
  • Oswald: Where is my Eddie-bean?
  • Tarquin: Hi Oswald!! Hi!! I'm your new chief of staff I'm trying my very best to please you hi!!!!
  • Oswald: >:( You're not my Eddie bean, you suck.
  • Jim: lol gonna turn up at the funeral of the guy I murdered and make sure his mob boss father sees me lol
  • Harvey: Jim can you pls make a good wise decision once in your life I am literally begging you
  • Zsasz: Hi Jimmy lol why don't you ever lock your door?
  • Jim: what the fuck
  • Zsasz: anyway I'm gonna kill you, sucks lol, bye
  • Jim: what the fuck
  • Tarquin: Hi Oswald hi!!! I got you a TV appearance please love me!!!!
  • Oswald: >:(
  • Oswald: Unless my Eddie-bean's going to be there, I don't care.
  • Ghostie Elijah: BOO!
  • Oswald: Aaah!
  • Maria: Hey Alfred ~
  • Alfred: *heart eyes*
  • Selina: ugh, my Mum's flirting with my Dadfred, gross
  • Bruce: *is a smol angel*
  • The Actual Gotham Fandom: JErome is tHE BEST I love him SO M UCH ugh WHEN IS HE COMING BACK IT SUCKS WITHOUT HIM
  • Harvey: what the fuck
  • Jim: jerome's not even that great lol
  • The Actual Gotham Fandom: hOW D A R E ???????????
  • Jim: oh shit run
  • Zsasz: Hey Jimmy bae ~
  • Jim: OH SHIT
  • Sleepy Oswald: zzzzzzzz I am snooze
  • Ghostie Elijah: don't trust the birthday boy!
  • Sleepy Oswald: who dat tho
  • Falcone: Jim must die!
  • Lee: Yes! Jim must die!
  • Lee: ...
  • Lee: .......
  • Lee: *ariel voice* bUT DADDY I LOVE HIM
  • Falcone: ffs fine
  • Oswald: Another day, another struggle without my Eddie-bean. :(
  • Tarquin: Hi Oswald hi!!!!!! It's my birthday!!!! I got cake!!!!!! Do you want cake? :D
  • Oswald: !
  • Oswald: *snoopin in Tarquin's office, v. sneak*
  • Oswald: *finds rotting corpse* That's my daddy dearest! Looking as handsome as ever!
  • Tarquin: Hi Oswald hi!!!!! Looking through my cupboards there? :D You can take any of my personal belongs you want if it'll make you love me!!!!!!
  • Oswald: >:( *beats Tarquin to a bloody pulp*
  • Tarquin: This has got to be in the top five worst birthdays of my life :(
  • Oswald: Welp, time to go on TV. Without my Eddie-bean. :(
  • Interviewer: So, I heard you used to kill people?
  • Oswald: Yah, like five minutes ago hahahahaha I mean what
  • Ghostie Elijah: ffs Ozzie why do I have to clean up all your mess?
  • Oswald: whoops gotta go bye
  • Interviewer: what the fuck
  • Camera crew: what the fuck
  • People watching at home: what the fuck
  • Snedward (snake Edward): heheheh i'm so evil and sneaky
  • Snedward (snake Edward): I made him look like an idiot on live TV
  • Babs: no offence Edwin Mystery or whatever the fuck your name is but i think he would've managed that without your interference, the guy looks like an idiot every time he leaves his house
  • Snedward (snake Edward): shush i'm sneaky and evil
why you should love seventeen
  • choi seungcheol: because even though he's the leader he knows every member of the group is important and he will never try to take anything away from his boys. he looks out for them and cares about them and is really generous with his affection. also cheesy af and if you're into that kind of thing he's perfect for u
  • yoon jeonghan: because he's so incredibly patient and kind, and he looks out for his members (just look at him explaining stuff to minghao :-) ) also he's gorgeous and probably actually really sassy. his voice is amazing and if you don't know it yet I'm gonna redirect you to their predebut performance of mirotic
  • joshua hong: because he is a crazy talented musical creator. he can write and compose and rearrange and play the guitar and what more do you want?? his voice is so gentle and soothing and so so lovely to listen to (he's also really lovely to look at he's basically model material) also bboys but I'm gonna just let him battle this one out with minghao
  • wen junhui: because this boy is more than a triple threat he acts really well, can play the piano also really well, is REALLY academically intelligent, pulls off dance like its nbd and has had to learn Korean and can now be the chi-kor mc if he needs to. pls don't underestimate jun because underneath all the good looks he also has so much more to him. warning bc he can also be greasy af but other than that he's good
  • kwon soonyoung: fun fact you may know him as svt's impossibly talented choreographer but know that he could have been placed in vocal unit but decided to be put in performance unit so he could choreograph. also remember that he's a '96 liner with such a huge responsibility but he still pulls it off with a smile and for a boy his age to be doing all this is just so humbling and amazing?? he's also really funny and is really such a warm member of the group. also remember everything revolves around him i'm pretty sure 10:10 has become pledis' auspicious timing
  • jeon wonwoo: because you may think this boy is really quiet and might be cold but he's really not that. he's passionate about what he does, and always gives his 200% no matter what. (he's going to be that one seungcheol has to yell at to go sleep or take a break bc he's sick and will want to keep working) his voice is deeper than the ocean and when he smiles it genuinely feels like nothing could be wrong in the world and it'll make you question why you ever thought he could be a cold person. also be careful bc his jawline could cut through diamond
  • lee jihoon: because this boy is the reason why we have amazing songs we can use to introduce these 13 idiots to our friends. he works so. incredibly. hard. and is so dedicated to his work and puts so much pressure on himself to give nothing but all of himself and if you ever think he's only that kid with the coloured hair who's cute i will sit you down and change your mind. reminder that he's still so young, with so much responsibility i'm just really in awe of him
  • lee seokmin: because this boy is literally a ray of sunshine LOOK AT HIS SMILE. he's also hilarious(go watch andromeda episodes with him in it and slowly fall in love) and has such an impressive set of vocals on him seriously you need to carefully listen to this boy. idk why he's so underrated because he's actually got everything going on for him. also his face is literally so aesthetically pleasing ill just stop before i embarrass myself
  • kim mingyu: because this boy is a hUGE DWEEB. his height is insane idk what he eats but dAmn. pretty sure he's the definition of gentle giant because even though he's the tallest he's also so adorable and warm and deserves to be on the cover of gq and all the magazines. he also loves eating and can manage to look chill af even when he's in an eating competition (which he won btw go watch svt's qmentary)
  • xu minghao: BECAUSE THIS BOY IS THE EMBODIMENT OF ADORABLE. he works really hard to improve his korean and is that one who's really quiet but he catches everything. he's super supportive of his boys and will always be prepared to shoot anyone a supportive grin or nod or just any affirmation because he's so full of love. also loves dogs so he'll probably adopt 10 with you if you're willing. but underneath everything also watch out for this boy bc he's also a gangster (redirects you to all the photos where he's pointing the middle finger) and his b-boying will literally take ur breath away be careful
  • boo seungkwan: because he's so precious. he's the moodmaker of the group and is the reason why we get to learn so much about svt?? think about how effortlessly he can helm an interview or run andromeda and it's really through him that we get to see who seventeen is. not everyone can help bring 13 people to life but seungkwan does that so easily. also his vocals are to die for he's seriously SO talented and he deserves all the happiness. he also works really hard for what he wants,and i just know he will succeed. he loves his mum a lot which is so precious
  • hansol vernon chwe: because he's such a distinctive rapper and again, he's really dedicated to what he believes in and what's he's passionate about. he will fight for what he wants and won't simply keep quiet about what bothers him. this boy has a fire in him and he's really brave (although idk this might get him into trouble some day lol) he's also a really sweet boy to be honest, despite everything.
  • lee chan: because this boy is an amazing dancer. seriously, this kid is only 16 but the way he dances makes it look like he's been practicing for 20 years and his passion is so so admirable. he can choreograph, and does help soonyoung with it, which is amazing?? he has so much potential to go so far and really, if we're lucky enough to watch him grow older and as svt gains more experience, we'll get to see so much of Chan. he's also actually really cheesy and can be a romantic so ~

therandomraichu  asked:

What are your opinions on crystal slimes? I, for some reason, hate them with a burning passion

Well, I really like them!! You can clear away the floor’s spikes with water so they aren’t so dangerous, and they don’t really ever try to escape corrals so I get along with them just fine. I’d say the only annoying thing about them is how impossibly stupid it is to grow odd onions for them >:0

My least favourites slimes in order of trouble they cause me are quantums and dervishes. I also used to have a long lasting vendetta against boom slimes but I’ve gotten over that now that they’ve released greater evils xD

Death of a Bachelor lyric starters
  • [ warning - some prompts are nsfw,, violent, mention drugs, or mention alcohol ]
  • Victorious:
  • " My touch is black and poisonous "
  • " Fifty words for murder and I'm every one of them "
  • " We gotta turn up the crazy "
  • " Livin' like a washed up celebrity "
  • Don't Threaten Me With a Good Time:
  • " I should probably introduce myself "
  • " How did we end up in my neighbor's pool? "
  • " If you go out, you might pass out in a drain pipe "
  • " I'm not as think as you drunk I am "
  • " I lost a bet to a guy in a Chiffon skirt "
  • " But I make these high heels work "
  • Hallelujah:
  • " My life started the day I got caught "
  • " Being blue is better than being over it "
  • " I was drunk and it didn't mean a thing "
  • " No one wants you when you have no heart "
  • " You never know if you don't ever try again "
  • Emperor's New Clothes:
  • " If it feels good, tastes good, it must be mine "
  • " I see what's mine, and take it "
  • " I am so much more than royal "
  • " Welcome to my world of fun "
  • Death of a Bachelor:
  • " Do I look lonely? "
  • " When you think of me, am I the best you've ever had? "
  • " Share one more drink with me "
  • Crazy=Genius:
  • " There's no residue of a torturer inside of your eyes "
  • " You're just like Mike Love "
  • " You'll never be Brian Wilson "
  • " Darlin', you know how the wine plays tricks on my tongue "
  • " You don't seem to change when you stuff all your feelings with drugs "
  • LA Devotee:
  • " You got two black eyes from loving too hard "
  • " I wouldn't change ya "
  • " I couldn't change ya "
  • Golden Days:
  • " I found a pile of Polaroids in the crates of a record shop "
  • " Don't you wonder when the lights begin to fade? "
  • " Time can never break your heart, but it'll take the pain away "
  • The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty:
  • " Truth is that it was always going to end "
  • " If you wanna start a fight, you better throw the first punch "
  • " Don't think I've ever used a day of my education "
  • " There's only two ways that these things can go "
  • " You've been gone for so long I forgot what you feel like "
  • " All our friends want us to fall in love "
  • House of Memories:
  • " I don't wanna be afraid "
  • " I think of you from time to time "
  • " You were just too kind "
  • " I wish I could believe you'd never wrong me "
  • Impossible Year:
  • " All the guests at the party, they're so insincere "
  • " There's no you and me "
  • " These nightmares always hang on past the dream "
A hell-bent hybrid meme
  • Clara: How about we just don't? Why don't we just fly away somewhere?
  • Doctor: Ooh..That would be great, wouldn't it?
  • Clara: It would...
  • Doctor: So you and me? Together?
  • Clara: You know what? Forget I ever mentioned it.
  • Doctor: So it'll be us? Just us?
  • Clara: Doctor, no! Think about the universe...
  • Doctor: You and I. One whole. But half Clara, half Doctor...
  • Clara: Why, why just now?
  • Doctor: It'd be like we're. . .
  • Clara: *Presses his hand over the memory wipe gizmo*
  • Doctor: *Fainting* A HYBRID!