not like in a lonely way i just

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++ and i feel so lonely because i dont have a lot of friends anymore and i dont get invated to stuff. Its hard for me to try to be more social and start talking to them because i feel like im not wanted. Last year was the first year of high school and it was very hard for me because i felt lonely and like im just there annoying everyone with my existence. I mean nobody likes the person who never says anything. The coming year just stresses me out and i dont want it to be the same. I just cant go

Okay if you think that way then ofc no one will want to be friends with you. They will want to, but with that thoughts you’ll end up pushing them away, they can’t get to know you better if you don’t try to know them better

a concept: silena and ethan being friends at camp. like. can u imagine

ethan doesn’t really have that many friends at camp, and silena just. notices? like. she sees ethan sitting a little ways away from everyone else at the Hermes table at dinner, and she thinks it must be a little lonely to be at the most raucous table in the whole mess hall and still be alone. so she comes up to him, asks him to work with her during the upcoming game of capture the flag, and he gives her the barest hint of a smile. it’s enough answer for her.

silena does her best to braid flowers in ethans hair (“chrysanthemums,” she declares, thrusting a basket of them into his hands. “purple ones, for support and friendship”) even though both of them know it’s too short. it takes hours, and there are probably only a few scattered petals balanced on his head by the end of it, from where silena accidentally ripped the flowers in half in her frustration, but that’s okay

true to her promise, they pair up together for capture the flag, even though they aren’t technically supposed to because they’re from different cabins, but everyone pretends they don’t know about their alliance. but they’re such a good team that they end up winning, and that’s when everyone else calls them out on cheating. (it’s the first time silena gets called a traitor and the first time ethan gets called a liar, and maybe it’s just the campers’ idea of poking fun, but ethan snarls, “don’t call her something she isn’t,” and silena snaps, “I don’t want to hear anyone talking about him like that.”)

eventually ethan tells silena about how he’s afraid he’ll never get claimed and won’t be remembered and she pulls him close and promises him that she’ll remember him, even if no one else will. and she’s the first person he’s trusted so wholeheartedly in a while, so he pulls her close, breathes in the familiar scent of her expensive perfume, and she lets him

when ethan leaves to look for the Titan Army, silena tries to stop him. of course she does. she tells him it’s not the right path to follow, tells him it’s too dangerous, that the Titans are too volatile, but all he says is, “as if the gods aren’t?” and laughs, maybe a little hollowly. she can’t stop him, but she wants to, she wants to. and ethan is going to miss her, too, and so he asks her to join with him. (in the future, her refusal isn’t going to mean anything, but they don’t know that yet.)

true to her promise, she remembers him, until they meet again, with him as kronos’ lieutenant and her as kronos’ spy. that’s when she starts to forget.

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what are your recent favourite fanfictions? :o

God there have been sOOO many good ones that have been posted/updated - I hope you don’t mind an entire library :’)



I’m in a really dry season. I can’t fully explain it because I’m not sure even I understand all of the emotions I’ve been feeling, I just know it feels dry. I’ve been staying the course, settling into routine, but things around me feel heavy- it seems like every time something feels good and settled, things shift and change. Maybe that’s just the nature of life, but sometimes it feels crushing. When fruit isn’t seen from your labor, it’s hard to not ask God what He’s doing. It’s hard to not feel lonely or sad or fearful, but He has commanded us to trust Him in all things. 

Luke 10: 38-42

As Jesus and the disciples continued on their way to Jerusalem, they came to a certain village where a woman named Martha welcomed him into her home. Her sister, Mary, sat at the Lord’s feet, listening to what he taught. But Martha was distracted by the big dinner she was preparing. She came to Jesus and said, “Lord, doesn’t it seem unfair to you that my sister just sits here while I do all the work? Tell her to come and help me.” But the Lord said to her, “My dear Martha, you are worried and upset over all these details! There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”

I’ve been too much of a Martha lately. I’m so focused on my circumstances, the dryness of this season, comparison of others and their fruit or success, that I’ve focused on details instead of the One constant I should be trusting in. I don’t know when this season ends…I can’t honestly say I’m not looking forward to it, because I most definitely am, but in the chaos, confusion and unsettledness that is resting in my heart, I will praise Jesus and trust Him where He has me. I don’t wan to have comparison steal my joy or restlessness force me into decisions I’m not ready to make. I don’t want loneliness to creep in and steal from the relationships I do have and can maintain. I don’t want the seemingly lack of fruit in ministry to cause me to miss what God is doing or cause me to think I must work harder to overcompensate for my feelings. 

I want to be a Mary; I want to sit at the feet of Jesus and be content.

One of These Nights

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Rating: T

Word Count: 2936

Warnings: angst, typical cliche stuff

Summary:  You ended your relationship with Bucky Barnes two years ago in order for your safety. However, you still miss him as you find yourself engaged to another man. In order for you to make it back to Bucky, you’re confronted with a tough choice. Based on One Of These Nights by Red Velvet

Notes: “catalyst part two will be up today” – me, every day, but it keeps not happening. u guys might like this, u guys might not, it’s a bit rushed compared to one of my usual stories but normally my stories are too long.

I just woken up from a dream

There’s a sad, lone star in the dark sky once again

Goodbye, we said our awkward goodbyes

As I turned around and went on my way

It felt so far

You stood in front of the door to Bucky’s apartment in Brooklyn, arms hugging your chest tightly, trying to keep warm. The soft, white scarf Bucky had gifted you randomly one day was wrapped around your neck. Your gloved hands were nestled behind your elbows and you leaned forward slightly. Your stature was vulnerable, but that was exactly how you felt.

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hello everyone i’m sorry i’m doing another text post i’ve done quite a lot of those lately but i just wanted to give you a heads up that tomorrow night in atlanta is my last 5sos show and i go home monday, at which point posting and updating will return to normal! i’ve also got some really cool ideas for the blog when i get back to get it up to date (like my sad and lonely events page) and i’ll finally have time to put my gallery back together after it was deleted! (and i went through today and tagged all of the posts i missed tagging from the past two weeks by the way)

(also in case you were wondering i’m also going to do a video montage of all my videos of michael drinking water when i get home because….why not)

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Could I please request either a yoonmin or jihope fic with the following prompt: "I don't want to just sleep with you. I want to sleep with you, and wake up with you and do everything else in between with you, too." Angst, with optional happy ending! Thank you!! xx

For Jimin.
rating: t
warnings: swearing, implied sexual content

word count: 2151
crossposted to ao3

Yoongi wants more than heated nights that fade into lonely mornings. He wants Jimin in every way, even when he settles for having him in any way.

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I wish I had friends outside of the internet who were also w|w because like, even when a friend is like an ally they just, don’t really get it and when I try to have a conversation abut how like pretty a girl is it’s always just like, for them it’s in an aesthetic way but for me it’s in a gay way and I just feel kind of lonely

like, being the only one you know who is like you is lonely af 

The moon is shining so bright,
illuminating this sleepless night.

Sometimes I talk to her about you.
I like to tell her about your laugh,
and the way you hold my hand.

She knows about our nighttime conversations,
and about the things I never told you.

I tell her how I think I’m going crazy,
because no matter where I go,I smell your scent everywhere.
She says it’s just because I miss you.

I don’t know how much longer I can take this.
Your absence continues to thicken with every passing night.

Talking to the moon makes things less lonely sometimes.
I wonder if you talk to her about me too.

—  I wrote this by the light of the moon. I hope I’ll see you soon.

Let me just open this with the fact that I now empathize with Meg Giry more than I ever did before in my life.

I stayed late after tonight’s show to do laundry, which is all fine and dandy up in the brightly lit room with all the washers and dryers and clearly that led me into a false sense of security for like an hour because when it came time to go down to all the dressing rooms to collect the rest of the laundry I came face to face for the first time in my life with a giant empty theatre.

And that walk across the stage that I must have done a hundred times now became the most terrifying harrowing journey through almost pitch blackness illuminated only barely by a lone, eerie as shit, ghostlight.

I could just be way too scared of the dark at my age but I am not remotely exaggerating when I say that I was genuinely expecting to live out the first five minutes of Supernatural and get murdered by a ghost in fact if it happened I would die screaming but also screaming ‘I completely 100% expected this’

is now like. a bad time for bi louis

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91 with Baron Corbin

Prompt #91 “The power went out, it’s not the end of the world.” with Baron Corbin

Groaning into my pillow as I heard a loud bang coming from another room of the house, I turned to lay on my back as I rupped my hands over my face, feeling like the walking dead because of the harsh way I was woken up this morning.

Leaving the comfortable warmth of my bed, I slided my feet over the coldish parquet flooring of the ground with half opened eyelids, my destination was the kitchen as I assumed that my boyfriend would be there.

Entering said room, I looked around in confusion as I found the tall man who’s known as the lone wolf among the ranks of his colleagues, for me he’s just Baron Corbin, the sweet, gentle love of my life who can look really intimidating, sitting on the small diner table in complete darkness.

“Why are you sitting in the dark?”, I asked, still confused before I sat down on the table on the opposite side of Baron, who was waggling his phone in the air.

“Blackout, honey. There’s no power in the hole district as just I found.”, he told me in a monotonous sound and in respond, I simple let my head fall down on the surface of the table, acting like I’m starting to cry.

The power went out, it’s not the end of the world.” - “But no coffee, Baron. No coffee!”, I expressed like I have suffered a march through the desert and the only thing that kept my sanity was the pure thought about the first fresh cup of coffee afterwards.

“You’re addicted.”, Baron breathed out with an annoyed look on his face, not buying my poor acting for one second as he watched me with a bored expression in his eyes. 

“Well, maybe you can wake me up instead… Beside bumping yourself loudly against some piece of furniture.”, I replied with a cocky smile, wiggling my eyebrows in a teasing manner and right after he dramaticly rolled his eyes, Baron lifted his tall form from his seat and took a grip on my wrist before leading me back into the bedroom.

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Hey so this is embarrassing, but I'm 18, never been in a relationship, haven't kissed anyone, and I feel so behind. I just haven't found anyone yet. It's a blessing in a way, because I have to stay closeted for my own well-being at the moment (for the next year), and then I can come out. So being in a relationship would be complicated. But I can't help but feel lonely and like I'm going to be so far behind for when I do find a boyfriend because I will not have any previous experience at all.

Hey there! First of all, I’d like to say that what you told me isn’t embarrassing at all. There is nothing to be ashamed of because that’s pretty normal. Also, you don’t have to feel so behind because in the end that’s not what counts.  So, you are right because you don’t need to come out right now. It also will be a big step in your life and there’s no problem to come out later. You’ve got to think about it, very carefully, to know if it is the right time to do it because sometimes we just have to wait for the right time. There’s no need to rush yourself. Such an important decision has to be well planned. Look, there’s no need to feel lonely and I do know that sometimes being alone is sad and frustrating and that’s why most of people feel desperate just to feel a little bit of “love”. Sometimes we feel our heart empty, then we want someone to fill that empty space. I am sure that sooner or later you are going to find someone special that will love and accept you just the way you are, and that’s why you don’t have to concern about being far behind because this doesn’t matter at all. After all, when you love someone, they become a part of who you are and you don’t think the person is perfect because you are not perfect either. Plus, you know their flaws, the deep-down truth of them, and the shadows of all their secrets, and they don’t frighten you away, in fact you love them more for it because you don’t want the person to be perfect. You just want the person to be the “one”. So my friend, to love someone, you don’t need to have got any previous experience at all. Love is not about it. Love is about being yourself and finding a mutual love. Love is about being honest, okay? So dear, don’t you worry. One day things will be different for you. Never, ever, give up! ;)


Moving to London definitely inspired a lot of the songs on the album and the mood, I think. ‘Cause I think the first two weeks I was quite lost and I was quite lonely, I guess, 'cause I was just finding my way and making friends and learning to look after myself. But then after that, y'know, it was really freeing and I was, like, so excited to be independant and I think a lot of that hopefulness on the album has come from that. - Birdy, Beautiful Lies Track By Track

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ok so i absolutely love Clueless Keith that doesn't understand high fives and memes and team yells (poor lance) BUT i just realised that it is also very sad because it probably means that he never really had a friend to teach him stuff like that? he must've been so lonely especially if u imagine shiro being his first/only close friend and thEN HE DISAPPEARED ON HIS MISSION my heart hurts a little keith needs a big group hug tbh

why must you hurt me this way???? T_T

poor keith, just give him all the hugs. i want to see some more interactions between him and all the team. he deSERVES ALL THE LOVE!!!!

((tbh i love clueless keith too, but even more i love all the headcanons about him being autistic, like this post here))

The Tailcoat

Do I write tiny Sebaciel fics? Yes I do XD. I’ll gladly take requests from anyone, but for now, you can just read this :3

It was just sitting there.
Sebastian’s tailcoat, that is.
A piece of elegant black material that could flare behind the demon like wings or hang here, suspended on the back of a chair. Ciel, having given up reading long ago, had paused on his way past the dining table. Sebastian’s tailcoat dangled from the back of one chair, lonely and abandoned. He had most likely left it there while he went to fetch the silver for polishing or perhaps had gotten swept up in another dispute with the servants.
Either way, there it sat and it was suddenly much too tempting.
Ciel was reminded of his butler’s shoulders framed by that coat, the way it brought out his obsidian-black hair. Without thought, he gently took the tailcoat from its place and wrapped it around his own shoulders. It was simply an observation, he told himself, and nothing more. Warmth soaked into him from the fabric, bringing a pleasant shiver out ofthe boy. How he’d like to sit and read with this around his shoulders. Lips tilting ever so slightly, he lifted the collar up to his nose and inhaled.
He didn’t know what he’d expected a demon to smell like, but this is what Sebastian smelled like: white, burning things, curling and blackening, throwing sparks up into the air. It sent trembles down Ciel’s spine. “Oh…”
“If you were growing cold, young master, you could’ve asked for a fire, perhaps,” a silken voice said.
Ciel nearly leaped out of his skin when Sebastian appeared behind him, seemingly out of thin air and with a knowing curve to his mouth. “I—I’m not cold!” he protested, flushing and ripping the tailcoat from himself. “I was only…wondering why you would be so stupid as to leave your tailcoat hanging from a chair!”
“And so you found it necessary to try it on as well?”
“Yes! I mean, no! I mean—”
“Stammering isn’t an admirable trait in an earl, my lord.”
“Shut up!”

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Not really 2 bands but pre 2015 5sos or current 5sos??

I think I like them in different ways … Idk, it’s hard to choose, because they’re the same people, but their lives have changed. I feel like pre-2015 5sos was much more carefree. I miss Ashton’s giggle, I miss how uncool they all used to seem. I feel like they were just young, innocent, silly boys who loved music and each other and hadn’t gotten quite famous enough for it to alter them. They were addicted to social media because they were off in a new country with no one but themselves and each other, and while I don’t like the idea that they were lonely, it was so fun to have them posting constantly and get to feel like we knew them and they were our friends. 

Now, fame has altered them a bit. Not even necessarily in only ways that are bad, but they’re different. They have to be more guarded. They have to put up with a lot of crap from a lot of truly awful people who call themselves fans. Some of the ways are good ways. They’re much more confident now. They don’t care what people think so much, they’ve stopped fighting the ‘we’re not a boyband’ fight because they no longer care what anyone says about them. Some of them have found love, and that (at least in theory) is a good thing. They don’t get to connect with their fans as much anymore because now there are too many of them, and that’s unfortunate but it’s the price of success. But at the same time, that success has allowed them to do things they wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise, like play Madison Square Garden and be asked to contribute a song to the soundtrack of a summer blockbuster movie. Idk. This went rambly lol. I like old 5sos and new 5sos for different reasons.