not like im gonna stay the same age forever

malef-minhan asked:

Ok but like thank you for that psa like I strongly dislike that a lot of people I interact with in the fandoms are super young but love to call idols close to, around or same age as me (23) as smol babies or whatever like... 😐😑 and be surprised and actually hurt when they realize they aren't like "what happened to him he was a smol child he needs to stop thinking he's grown" etc BUT IF I SAY SOMETHING THATS OBVIOUSLY A JOKE THEY GET MAD AT ME AND SAY WELL THEY WERENT GONNA STAY YOUNG FOREVER

Well, personally think that everyone who does that should come down from their cloud of double standards. If, I call an idol, Changmin for example who’s like 27, baby, im just fooling around, but when people are living beyond reality then they really gotta stop it asap