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Why Queer?

Queer! Ah, do we really have to use that word? It’s trouble. Every gay person has his or her own take on it. For some it means strange and eccentric and kind of mysterious. That’s okay, we like that. But some gay girls and boys don’t. They think they’re more normal than strange.

And for others “queer” conjures up those awful memories of adolescent suffering. Queer. It’s forcibly bittersweet and quaint at best — weakening and painful at worst. Couldn’t we just use “gay” instead? It’s a much brighter word and isn’t it synonymous with “happy?” When will you militants grow up and get over the novelty of being different?


Well, yes, “gay” is great. It has its place. But when a lot of lesbians and gay men wake up in the morning we feel angry and disgusted, not gay. So we’ve chosen to call ourselves queer.

Using “queer” is a way of reminding us how we are perceived by the rest of the world. It’s a way of telling ourselves we don’t have to be witty and charming people who keep our lives discreet and marginalized in the straight world.

We use queer as gay men loving lesbians and lesbians loving being queer. Queer, unlike GAY, doesn’t mean MALE. And when spoken to other gays and lesbians it’s a way of suggesting we close ranks, and forget (temporarily) our individual differences because we face a more insidious common enemy.

Yeah, QUEER can be a rough word but it is also a sly and ironic weapon we can steal from the homophobe’s hands and use against him

—  ACT UP (1990) “Queer Nation Manifesto" originally distributed anonymously at New York pride.

liking gay things is fun and all like yes i love representation but it’s such a pain to get involved in the fandom bc you always have a ton of straights obsessed with anything gay and its sooooo uncomfortable trying to figure out who is lgbt and who just enjoys the show and who treats us grossly and should be avoided at all costs



CHARLOTTE BRONTË: authoress, snob, penniless heiress. likes classical novels, classical music, and aesthetically-pleasing anything. dislikes the poor, ernest hemingway, and gory movies.

ANNE BRONTË: journalist, hothead, photographer. likes family, quiet libraries, and comic books (dc, not marvel, she isn’t an animal). dislikes snitches, being talked down to, and extraordinarily peppy people.


“Yeah… I just feel like I haven’t accomplished anything that I thought I was supposed to. You know, by the time my dad was 30, he was married, had two kids, and escaped the Communist regime. My biggest decision today will be if I send back this burrito with salsa verde.”

it’s just really interesting being on tumblr and following all of y’all as someone who doesn’t care about anything dc-related and has no clue what’s going on

Boning Wars

Another fic, another weird title. So called because @professor-riddikulus couldn’t think of anything punnier and I’m mean and horrible. Inspired by a text conversation with the aforementioned best friend.

Summary: James once accidentally walked in on Remus and Sirius in a very intimate moment. Sirius is determined to pay them back. All hell breaks loose.

Also here:

It started in September of seventh year.

James walked into the Gryffindor common room, practically floating on air because I get to share a dorm with Lily oh my fucking god, and he just has to, immediately, tell Sirius about how amazing it is to be living in the same dorm she is. He knew Sirius wouldn’t care, knew that listening to James talk about the smell of Lily’s perfume or the way the sun shines off her red hair in the morning or how much he just loves her laugh is exhausting, that Sirius could not give anything even resembling a fuck, but James didn’t care. He gets to live, live, with Lily bloody Evans and he needed to talk to someone about it.

Peter was sitting on the couch when James walked by, and he tried to stop him, really, he did. Peter shouted, “Prongs, you don’t want to go up there!” as soon as he saw James’ messy black hair over the crowd in the common room, but James, being James, just grinned, “It’s fine, Wormtail, I just have to tell Pads something.”

“Seriously, James, don’t -”

But James was already taking the stairs two at a time and it’s too late. Peter could have gotten up off the couch to stop him, but he didn’t.

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but can we talk about how he gave him his match worn jersey from his first PL goal!!!!

let me set it up for you. this was not some publicity visit arranged by the spurs PR team. this was not some carefully crafted moment set with a boom mic and proper lighting. this was a family desperate to make their sick son’s dreams come true reaching out to dele’s family. this was doubt that the busy footballer would actually take the time to stop in on his day off between travelling back to England after a taxing cl game and other obligations already arranged for that day.

this was dele looking in his wardrobe that morning and wondering what he could possibly bring to someone so young and so sick other than his own presence (as if that wouldn’t have made it everything anyway!), and seeing something he’s cherished for over a year and probably would have for the rest of his life. something priceless to him. did he even hesitate?

2 days. 2 days between little Tony’s parents reaching Dele’s and Dele showing up next to his hospital bed and spending a few hours playing FIFA and leaving behind something of sentimental value to both of them, and not just the memories. 

I love reading my old writing and just being
Small me. You are so transparent. You have not figured half these things out yet, but your fiction has

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So how would UT/UF Sans and US/SF Papyrus deal with this situation: Their brother found themselves a human S/O who makes them very happy but then a Reset happens. The two only feel like they've met before but other than that they've forgotten what they've had. Would the Sans equivalents help nudge them in the right direction again?


It depends whether or not he approved of the S/O in the first place. If he did, he’ll set them up as soon as he can, if not, he’ll do anything he can to prevent them from even meeting.


He’s not one to interfere with the love affairs of his brother. Besides, what has happened will happen again. Isn’t that how everything goes? Constant repetition, things moving like clockwork. His bro is happy and things will happen as they do. Why interfere?


He lets things play out as they will, afraid that if he interferes, things will turn out differently. But the moment they get on the surface, he does further extensive research on the S/O before they even meet his brother. He knows they make him happy… Pap just wants to make sure they’re good.


The most important thing is that his brother is happy. He’ll definitely help things along alittle. He’ll try to get them to meet as soon as possible but from there, he lets his brother take the wheel. It’s his brother’s relationship after all, not his. And he’s tired. As long as his bro is happy.

I had a therapy session early this morning and it was more harsher and straight to the point and she said that I’m obsessive over R and that I need to move on and just take what he said of me being a good person and that’s it, don’t dwell on the fact that he hasn’t responded and move on somehow 😞

I’ve always felt like white people were so super obsessed with banning abortion because they felt like they were going extinct. Which is ridiculous on its own but also like what a strange thing to be expressly aware of your status and impermanence as an animal while pretending you will individually live forever and are more civilized than anyone else.

I mean it starts to make sense if you hear them talk about preserving the ‘American Way’ which really isn’t anything at all and just seems like their catchall term for making sure they exist in the future lol.

Because on a ‘civilized’ note it makes no sense to have to manage your race like an endangered animal breeding program. There are plenty of you. 

I thinking I’m going to try to make stimboards again later today. It was pretty relaxing

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we haven't done anything with them yet but I want all of those OTP meme questions for monster mash plz

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

  • Which one sexts like a straight white boy?
    demetrius maybe??  i feel like more clueless than straight white boy but still
  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?
    nettie.   they cry at literally everything, disney would be no exception 
  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?
    either demetrius or nettie lbr  -  the human world and all its weird gadgets is confusing, ok.  they both 100% did this before they could see kyle, and never learned not to until after she appeared bc she was always interfering before they could blow up her beautiful appartment
  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?
    kyle and i can just see her materialising directly behind one of the other two so that they’d jump
  • Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?
    kyle maybe??  are ghosts cold??  am i just making things up??  idk but it’s cute to imagine
  • Who had that embarrassing Reality TV marathon?
    nettie.  kyle probably introduced them and demetrius to it and at first nettie was so confused  -  why are we watching these people's lives??  why are they always shouting??  -  but then they were hooked
  • Who laughs more during sex?
    honestly idk with this, we need to headcanon for it immediately!! 
    KYLE.  kyle is the littlest spoon, always in the middle