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TT!! So i love your threads about Fenrir and Remus, i have a little bit of a problem though? Basically, I can't work out what Fenrir's feelings are towards Remus. (I'm autistic, so I find it hard to work out people's intentions/feelings, this isn't you or your acting ability, it's just me and the way my brain works) Could you explain how he feels about Remus? Is it a perverse kind of lust?? it feels a bit like it. or is it an obsession with a kid who's broken and self-loathing. Thank you!!

(( OOC: I haven’t really made it entirely clear, I’ve kept his feelings a bit ambiguous, so no stress. ;) I’ll explain how I see it more thoroughly.

Fenrir is the type of person that isn’t affected by anything… he does not have the ability to feel empathy or guilt. When it comes to “morality”, he doesn’t see the world the same way as other people.

Fenrir doesn’t live with the restrictions/limitations that come with having a “conscience”. He finds manipulation and destruction to be amusing. Life is a game… and his goal is to outsmart and overpower “inferior” minds. 

Because of these tendencies, Fenrir gets bored easily. People are predictable, their emotions and their reservations make it easy to determine how they will react in any given circumstance. It’s no fun to manipulate “normal” people, because the results are usually the same across the board. 

Remus is not “normal”. Remus is a werewolf, living and functioning in wizarding society. He has friends, he has support… and he’s probably the only werewolf to have ever attended Hogwarts (seeing as accommodations were made specifically for him when he arrived). Instead of embracing his curse (like Fenrir), or rejecting it and falling into madness, Remus has learned to work around his lycanthropy and find a place in the wizarding world. He’s a rarity. 

When Fenrir finds someone interesting, he zones in on them. All of his energy goes into “playing” with the people that catch his eye… and he can’t bring himself to stop until he “wins”… whatever his end game may be. 

Fenrir doesn’t have the ability to feel “love”… he doesn’t love Remus… he doesn’t care about Remus… he’s obsessed. He wants to “dismantle” Remus. He wants to see if he can break him… take away the qualities that make Remus unique. He wants to have complete control over Remus’s will… he wants to win. 

In a way, it is a form of lust… but not in the usual sense. 

That’s how I see his relationship with Remus. )) 

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Tbh I think Gochi is one of the healthiest couples I know. Goku is willing to sacrifice himself for his family and friends to live, but also wants to do right for Chichi. Chichi wants to protect her family by trying to make them have a normal life, but understands that because her family are saiyans, it's impossible. People hate on Chichi because she "nags" but I'm pretty sure Bulma does the same and no one says anything.


Originally posted by iaminfiniteus

And yes Bulma does nag. She complains about her saiyan husband Vegeta just like Chichi complains about her husband Goku…….

(so I don’t really understand why people call Chichi a bitch when Bulma does the same?? It showed her several times complaining about saiyans and their “obsession” with fighting just like Chichi…. And not just saiyans…..Bulma has been shown to nag about other things in general…..) 

Like I said these ladies have a lot of things in common except one is a martial artists/fighter and the other is a scientific genius. And one can cook and the other can’t. But overall they do have similarities. Both have FULL blooded saiyan husbands who are battle obsessed. But they both love these men regardless. AND they both seem to like wearing scarfs and short vests!! xD (That’s why I call them the scarf ladies lol. Or the full blooded saiyan wives) 

And of course they are both loud, hot headed, strong/brave ladies

Both can be hard to handle but their husbands love them regardless. 💖💖💖

before learning about the mcelroys I’d never been a huge fan of any real actual human beings before. 

Like, I love the stuff they make but I really just love them as creators even more than I love their creations, they could make/do anything and I’d like it just because I like them as people. 

me: i really wanna see the lego batman movie!! it looks cute, but i probably won’t get obsessed or anything

me, a day later, knee deep in batjokes fanart and batman content in general: haha whOops here we go aga in!!


i’m obsessed with my own fanfic. send help. updated version of this disgusting thing from four months ago [x].

i colored digitally. i colored digitally. my god it’s been so long since i’ve done anything remotely decent like this digitally.

read final tour[x]

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I'm OBSESSED with your writing. How about a thing where Bughead goes to where Polly is and they go to break into her car and Jug is all like "dang it's locked" and Betty's all "I've got this" as she pulls out a crowbar (or whatever it was lol) and proceeds to break into the car the way she broke into Grundys and jugs really impressed

Yeessss, I love this prompt thank you so much!

Jughead was sneaky, he could pretty much get away with anything. It helped that he was basically invisible to everyone around him, but that was beside the point.

It was something he prided himself in, his air of mystery and overall shadowy personality.


He sure looked like an idiot standing next to the only girl he ever cared about impressing, not having a clue what to do next.

They had made it this far, sneaking into pollys insane asylum, gathering information about her, and now they were at the one place that held the peak to their clues.

Jason blossoms car.

They had to get past the creepy, satanic blossoms to get here, and now he was just standing there staring at the locked car door.

“Damnit, I didn’t think this far ahead, I was distracted with everything going on, we should have got the key before we got all the way over here I really… what are you doing?”

Jughead stopped mid sentence to stare at the bouncy blonde ponytail that was now on the ground digging in her book bag.

Suddenly she popped up holding up some kind of wrench, as if it was a trophy.

“a ha, got it.”

“As much as I applaud you girls, and your ability to keep an entire toolbox in your purse, I don’t see what this has to do with…”

Suddenly Betty was digging into the lock of the car and he heard a satisfying “pop”

She turned to him with a smug smile.

He just stared at her slack jawed and wide eyed.


That was hot.

He couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of his very own mcgyver.

What kind of girl could bake you the best blueberry pie in riverdale ( he was their when they awarded her with the ribbon at the town fair, totally deserved) in thirty minutes flat and also break into a dead teenage boys Cadillac with a wrench?

His girl that’s who.

Well she wasn’t his girl per say, but she was kind of his girl. other than that trev loser, she didn’t seem to be hanging out with any other guys and she spent almost all of her time with him, that had to mean something right?

She wiggled a little under his intense gaze.

“I fix cars with my dad, you never know when that’s gonna come in handy.”

“Was there anything this girl couldn’t do?”

He hadn’t realized he said it out loud until she blushed bright pink, shaking her head and opening the car door.

“I’m pretty terrible at keeping my family together.”

As she went to duck her head into the car, Jughead grabbed her wrist.

“That’s not you’re fault, none of this is. just like my mom leaving wasn’t mine. Families suck, That’s why it’s great to have one you picked out all on your own.”

He smiled shyly at the ground

Betty placed a hand on his cheek

“You’re my family too Jughead.” She said smiling Her famous heartbreaking smile.

He took a minute to stare into his eyes, and lean his cheek against her palm, before he bent down grabbed the flashlight from her backpack

“Shall we miss Cooper?”

She laughed sweeping her hand out

“After you mr. jones”

Playing Pretend

Yoongi slowly walked toward the small house snuck in between bigger buildings at the end of the street. He needed to do this, it had been weeks since he’d last talked to his mother and he was sure she was getting antsy, if the the 121 missed calls and 53 voice messages meant anything. This was just how his life was and he needed to suck it up. Cause Yoongi had learned early on that pity and sadness only equated weakness. When he arrived at the door, he saw it was just as beaten down as the last time he’d seen it, the paint chipped so bad that it looked like an animal had attacked it. He sighed and rang the doorbell, adjusting the one cheap tie he had bought years ago for occasions like this. His suit was two sizes too big and his dress shirt still had a stain from his last visit (hopefully his mother wouldn’t be able to tell). I mean Yoongi wasn’t poor, far from that, his “extracurricular activities” paid well. But Yoongi also believed in not using money where it wasn’t needed. The money it would take to buy a better suit, he could just give to his mom. Combing his hair with his fingers one last time, Yoongi took in a deep breath and pasted on a fake smile. The door creaked open and before him stood his small, stocky mom. Frown lines more prominent, hair grayer, but smile just as bright as ever. Yoongi loved his mother (She was the only family that was worth shit anyway). And he knew what it would do to her to know how he actually survived. So a couple times a year he would dress up in his “office worker” costume and play pretend. He didn’t want to be a bigger disappoint than he already was. Right when she saw him, Yoongi was pulled into a bone crushing hug that smelled of cinnamon and old memories.

“Momf I canth brefthe” Yoongi muffled as his moms relentless hold tightened.

“That’s what you get for making me worried for days. Come back sooner. Have you no respect for your mother. I wait and wait and you never call or com-”

“Alright, alright sorry, I know I suck, I should come more often, but um… work gets very stressful mom.” Yoongi said cutting her off and finally pulling out of the hug. As soon as he mentioned work, his mothers face fell into a sympathetic and worrisome state.

“They’re not overworking you are they. If they are Yoongi say something, they can’t treat you however they want you know” His mother stated defiantly. Worked up on Yoongi’s behalf. She led him into the house and walked straight to the kitchen. If Yoongi knew his mother, he knew there was a feast waiting for him.

“I know mom. Thanks” he sighed sitting down at the table with copious amounts of food on it. “How do you always out do your self. Mom I’m not starving. I don’t send you money just so you can make me dinner that could feed an army.”

“Just say thank you and eat the food. If I don’t spend money on my boy then who else would I spend it on.” She asked, incredulous. She sat down beside him and started placing food on his spoon and plate. “I only need to see you happy to be happy.” Yoongi’s mom was a sap, and she knew just the words to melt his heart. Had it been anyone else, Yoongi would’ve scoffed and degraded their entire existence, but to his mother he could only smile and shove his face. He knew the routine by now, after stuffing himself with food until he weighed about 20 lbs heavier, Yoongi would be asked a series of questions regarding his personal life, then he would mention his workload and his mom would pack him the food he wasn’t able to finish (which could honestly last him a month) and he’d be on his way. The process took about 3hrs. It was simple and always the same. Except this time Jimin had called him nearing the end of the personal questionnaire portion of the evening and his mother had seen the contact info before he quickly hung up. Now he could’ve made any excuse to who Jimin was, If the idiot thug wasnt as possessive as he was, and hadn’t changed his name in Yoongi’s phone from “Rich Asshat” to “❤️Jiminie❤️”. I mean yeah he’d done it months ago, which gave Yoongi plenty of time to change it back, but Yoongi’s excuse of always being too busy remained strong. (Also there was the fact that his name was saved as “Suga😍👌🏾👅” in Jimins phone and he secretly loved the personal feeling it gave off, but you’d catch him dead before he admitted that). So instead of 3hrs it took 4 and a half, as he kept repeating that Jimin wasnt anything serious but rather just a casual relationship. And the hearts around his name were a joke, but his mother wasn’t truly convinced. So he now had to bring Jimin to dinner next time he came, and it had to be before the month ended, or he’d “see his mother’s wrath”. Yoongi grumbled and pouted the rest of the night and huffed an annoyed sigh as he grabbed the bags of food and gave his mother a kiss on the check as he left her home.

“I’m excited to see him.” She smiled, and then narrowed her eyes and continued, “and if I don’t then you won’t have a mother either.” Dramatic was her middle name.

“Yeah yeah” he waved as he left her behind. Playing pretend for his mother was a habit by now. And he sometimes believed she played along. How else would the warm scene of a broken down family, which consisted of a alcoholic, weak mother and her prostitue son making ends just barely meet make sense. Playing pretend was all the two had left, and they took their roles seriously. Cause when Yoongi left the cabinet under the sink would open and wouldn’t close the day before Yoongi next came. Their fucked up lives took breaks for only 3hrs a couple of times a year. Maybe that’s why when Yoongi was far away, he pulled out his phone and dialed the first name on his missed calls list.

“I don’ like it when ya keep me waitin darlin” the voice slurred as Jimin picked up the call.

“I was busy. With my mom. I told you. Why’d you call” he replied short and straight.

“Cuss I missd’ ma baby, and wanted ta play” Jimin continued, voice filled with flirtations. Yoongi fought back a smile, and kept his voice emotionless, he was prostitute, that owed Jimin a shit ton, nothing more and nothing less.

“On my way. But I need to talk to you about something. A favor.” Yoongi said, fully aware of the teasing that would follow.

“Anotha one, ya really like usin’ me don’ ya. Guess we'r jus gonna have ta add it ta ya list. What does ma darlin need.” Jimin asked amused. Yoongi sighed, this would probably equal a 2 weeks worth of fucking, but it really didn’t matter, he basically owed Jimin for life. And he wasn’t really complaining about it either.

“I’ll tell you when I see you.” Yoongi replied, “it’s not that big of a deal compared to what I’ve asked of you before”

“At this point it don’ matta darlin, I’m doin errythin for ya. An I don’ mind” Jimin answered with the same amused and flirtatious voice that now somehow seemed reserved for Yoongi. “Can’ wait ta feel ya baby” he added his voice dipping low. Yoongi hid the arousal from his voice as he just hummed back and then proceeded to end the call. He knew was fucked, but hey at least he was also getting fucked.

For @ask-gangtan (I’m obsessed)

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Mutsuki and toukas affection for kaneki are quite similar (mutsuki's more extreme but listen)? haise father figure to mutsuki same with kaneki he literally is like arata even looks like him imo both crushes they have for him are coming from a very unhealthy father complex?Touka always punching kaneki to show her love, kinda reminds me of how mutsuki lashed out at fake haise and called it 'love' because its the only love he only ever knew. I'm looking forward to a mutsuki/touka confrontation tbh

Wah, sorry Anon, no offense really xD but you can’t exactly compare the feelings of someone who says…

And of someone who goes

Touka isn’t exactly expecting anything from Kaneki, no matter how she feels about him, she just wants him to go back to what “home” is for him and it doesn’t even have to be :Re…

Meanwhile Mutsuki developed an unhealthy obsession, which might not have a lot to do with love even if they call it like that themselves (please read this post ), but they’re completely dependent on Haise’s presence and mostly they used to want Haise to belong to them only.

So I’m not judging or commenting on those feelings for these two characters, however I don’t find them to be comparative at all, sorry Anon.

As for Arata and Kaneki “being similar”, I think you’re misunderstanding something: Kaneki is said to be similar to Arata, not because of the physical appearance but because of their similar behavior, as Ayato said himself:

And honestly, if you’re looking for someone who looks like Arata, that person is Ayato, as it is very discernible when you look at any moment of :Re (which is natural since he’s Arata’s son). :)

I can’t disagree with you that many readers did make a parallel between Kaneki and Arata, even just from a physical point of view, but that’s mostly because…

…whenever we saw Arata and Hikari in the manga, Touka herself was always associated/compared to her mom, and as such many fans tend to see some kind of link between the couples Arata & Hikari and Kaneki & Touka. 

So, I’m sorry Anon, besides my personal opinion that maybe the parallels between Arata/Hikari and Kaneki/Touka could be made on purpose by Ishida-sensei, I think it’s too easy to just dismiss Touka’s possible feelings by calling it a father complex, when her relationship to Kaneki went and will still go through many developments.

Finally, I’m sorry to completely disagree with you yet again, but not only have I and several other bloggers talked about Touka’s punch several times before (please check her tag) but in any case, the punch was only once in :Re + it is in no way related to…

this, so I hope that a glance is enough to understand why this scene and the punch scene are completely different.

I am definitely looking for a Aura & Mutsuki vs Kaneki & Touka conflict personally though :D because it can only bring interesting development to all of them and I’m 100% here for this!
When it comes to comparing Mutsuki’s feelings and Touka’s however, I don’t think it’s very useful seeing as they’re completely the opposite of one another. 

So I disagree Anon :) but that’s just my opinion so you don’t have to agree with me either. I hope maybe it helps though. Have a nice day/evening Anon! 

liking gay things is fun and all like yes i love representation but it’s such a pain to get involved in the fandom bc you always have a ton of straights obsessed with anything gay and its sooooo uncomfortable trying to figure out who is lgbt and who just enjoys the show and who treats us grossly and should be avoided at all costs



CHARLOTTE BRONTË: authoress, snob, penniless heiress. likes classical novels, classical music, and aesthetically-pleasing anything. dislikes the poor, ernest hemingway, and gory movies.

ANNE BRONTË: journalist, hothead, photographer. likes family, quiet libraries, and comic books (dc, not marvel, she isn’t an animal). dislikes snitches, being talked down to, and extraordinarily peppy people.

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😩 I miss Sterek so so so much. Recently I've been obsessed with watching the early seasons and reading so MANY fan fictions bc I can't even mOVE ON. Will I always be trapped in the painful hell that is Sterek?! Lol

I feel you, nonnie. I honestly thought last year I was finally starting to ease up on my Sterek feels (hahahaha, oh sweet, naíve summer child) but even when I was barely on tumblr and rarely having anything to do with fandom my heart was still like

Originally posted by dilnush

still snuggled up under my sterek blanket.

And I mean, I couldn’t even get through one book or movie without being all, “YOU KNOW WHAT THIS WOULD MAKE A GREAT AU OF??”

Brain: Don’t tell me. The sarcastic asshole and his broody, emotionally constipated, werewolf boyfriend?

Me: HOw dID YOU KNOW??????

Brain: *sighs*

Brain: Return to tumblr.

Me: I can’t

Brain: Someone might have already written the AU.

Me: ….you raise an interesting point………………………

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Do you listen to any other kpop groups? I'm looking for recs because I listen to some but mainly BTS. I'm trying seventeen out but I can't remember anybody's faces and I think it's a good idea for m to try smaller groups first? Idk

I like Big Bang, EXO, BlackPink, Monsta X, and GOT7, but I don’t know all of their songs or anything like that, that only happens with BTS. There are so many amazing groups out there, I’m sure you’ll find something, try looking up a Kpop playlist on Youtube, you’ll find a bunch of them. I’m just not letting myself get obsessed with 75 groups because even this is too much :D

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sooo...I'm new to the whole Nygmobblepot fandom. I'm completely obsessed, just got caught up with every episode, I'm hurting but still hopeful for their inevitable romantic union XD but I like really NEED some good fanfic of them to help tide me over. Have any suggestions? I'm not opposed to anything really; AU's, NSFW, oneshots, multichaps... you name it, and if you recommend it, I will definitely read it! :)

I’m going to give you a list of names that have really good fics. Just check their blogs and you’ll be able to find their fics under the appropriate tags. All their fics are wonderful!

@freckledandspectacled || @backwardabyss || @robinllordtaylor || @rose-for-dead-alice || @riddlerbird || @mrgoldsdearie || @m4dh4ttey || @goth-on-ham || @jokesterwrites || @okimi79 and @rissalf

There ya go! Enjoy <3

I also write fics on AO3. My username is starsofgallifrey 

ALSO one of my alltime favorite Nygmobblepot fics is Plant Food by @zsaszmatazz (I believe) It’s definitely amazing

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but can we talk about how he gave him his match worn jersey from his first PL goal!!!!

let me set it up for you. this was not some publicity visit arranged by the spurs PR team. this was not some carefully crafted moment set with a boom mic and proper lighting. this was a family desperate to make their sick son’s dreams come true reaching out to dele’s family. this was doubt that the busy footballer would actually take the time to stop in on his day off between travelling back to England after a taxing cl game and other obligations already arranged for that day.

this was dele looking in his wardrobe that morning and wondering what he could possibly bring to someone so young and so sick other than his own presence (as if that wouldn’t have made it everything anyway!), and seeing something he’s cherished for over a year and probably would have for the rest of his life. something priceless to him. did he even hesitate?

2 days. 2 days between little Tony’s parents reaching Dele’s and Dele showing up next to his hospital bed and spending a few hours playing FIFA and leaving behind something of sentimental value to both of them, and not just the memories. 


“Yeah… I just feel like I haven’t accomplished anything that I thought I was supposed to. You know, by the time my dad was 30, he was married, had two kids, and escaped the Communist regime. My biggest decision today will be if I send back this burrito with salsa verde.”