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listen, the fact that koth decides to not put up with a shitty outlander is one of the best and most sensible things to come out of kotfe ok

ok but I need a fake dating!klance fic in which shiro off-handedly mentions that lance/keith have the worst dynamic out of anyone in the team and they get together to Spite Him


Endless list of Felicity scenes (22/) | Ben & Felicity

What are you saying to me? - 1.05


Am I seriously the only one who thinks Strelitzia’s one-sided friendship with PC is a little creepy?

I ACCEPT (1x07)

my writing job is paying off I just got a review code for Birthdays the Beginning, the Harvest Moon dev’s new game 😍😩👌🏻

I think my favourite things about Avengers assemble is that Natasha has a flying car. Where did she get it? Who knows. It’s just a fact. Also, that Fury is just… adopting superheroes. 

3x5″ post-it note doodle. Adramelk/Adrammelech, Final Fantasy Tactics.

My girlfriend plays FFXIV and has been doing the FFT event or whatever it is in the game, and I’ve just been getting waves of nostalgia because FFT is near and dear to my heart. She got me the PSP version a few years back <3, but my introduction to FFT was back when it was first released and its awkward translation job is still stuck in my head*. I don’t know how many hours I blew on it trying to stay sane in art school, but I can still remember all the trap locations and where to run my party over the degenerators a few hundred times to keep from hitting 99 while still mastering all the jobs. I’m pretty sure I can do Deep Dungeon in my sleep.

* Sorry guys, the PSP version is great, but Algus is always going to be Whiny Dipshit Algus to me.