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ok but I need a fake dating!klance fic in which shiro off-handedly mentions that lance/keith have the worst dynamic out of anyone in the team and they get together to Spite Him

I ACCEPT (1x07)

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Hi. Louis didnt "cheat" on Elk with Bianca, they "met" in February and hung out as "friends" but they "hooked up" in May, so they can still spin this as Louis was just friends with Breep then broke up with Elk and "hooked up" with B two months later. Also, they can say "Louis and Danielle felt like their relationship didnt work anymore and they fell out of it so Louis rekindled with Eleanor after the break up and Danielle hooked up with a guy on NYE" (D hooked up with a guy faster than Louis so)

But you’re forgetting that this is not the narrative they’re going with. They keep saying he and B were a thing back in Jan and that’s a way of making it more believable that he hasn’t asked for a pat test (because he trusted her) and D posted a pic on December 24 calling him “my love” and was rumored to be in his family house on Christmas, so when exactly did E came in? Like she got back with him a week after he broke up with E? Makes no sense, The timelines don’t match. For us it makes sense because it’s all fake, but if you follow this story and believes in it, he cheated twice and she got back with him 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Soooo e is a homewrecker if antis believe this is all true

Yeah like lol it looks like she just took advantage of his situation because his mom had just passed and sneaked in like a snake to end his relationship with D so she could be his gf again 

so… these exist

When some dude texts you “hey what’s up” out of nowhere at 10:00pm.

I was lurking (bc i love to suffer) and oh my gosh.

I’m over him.

Like, I don’t miss him or hate him or want him or despise him. I just… feel nothing.

my experience watching The 100 so far is kinda like…

Me: “Kane is such a dick, man fuck that guy”

Me Five Minutes Later: “Kane is such an interesting character just trying to do the right thing under terrible circumstances and yet everything always seems to go so wrong wow I feel so sorry for him”

Me Five Minutes After That: “Kane is such a dick though, fuck that guy”

…and so on and so forth in endless circles every episode