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a very late inktober commission- day 25 for @seasonofthegeek <3

not a scene from her fic bread makes you fat, but something i’d imagine happening in the story- cuddling in bed and nino trying to get a bite of marinette’s bread turtle 

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Hi cass! I know ur busy rn with exams and work but i realllly want to read a blurb where youre giving harry a blow job and making him lose his fucking minddd where hes moaning so much and writhing and cant think straight UGH god please i havent been able to find one oddly enough

i technically finished this on thursday but i edited it tonight and i gotta say, im pretty happy with the finished result! i hope u are too, love :’) here’s my inbox (if u wanna leave me some feedback, it means the absolute world) and if u like this, here’s my masterlist

also, this is considered a blurb even tho it’s actually 2.8k words but…the more the merrier! pure smut and a tiny bit of fluff bc who doesn’t love that. enjoy!

You’re in a mood. 

It’s not a bad mood, per say. 

It’s the kind of mood where you’re feeling overwhelmed. Where you’ve been thinking about Harry, and how sexy and mysterious and dumb and goofy he is, and you’ve been hit by the urge to love on him. The kind of mood where your heart is just so full of affection, and you know that you’re not able to use words to properly convey the sentiment.

You don’t know what Harry’s doing right now. Probably downing the last of the holiday eggnog, if your guess is correct. Your finger hovers over the call button on the screen of your phone as you debate whether or not this excuse is tangible enough to get him over to your place. Eventually, the ache in your chest (and between your legs) wins out.

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ahh yess an arranged marriage au. the typical marriage out of convenience story where wealth marries influence

this is for @hydrachea because you’ve mentioned you like takeritsu and that there isn’t enough content of it hahaha


♡ make me choose @mostawesomepineapple asked:  tessa gray or lucie herondale

“she firmly believed it was all right to stare at people when you were a writer. that was all there was to it.”

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Little Exile | Thrawn | Star Wars

I had intended to draw this and post it on the day of the Thrawn comic launch/release, but… I just finished it and honestly I can’t wait that long.  xD  So here’s little exile Thrawn based off the first issue’s cover.  :D

(more Thrawn fanart | more Star Wars fanart)

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But Billy calling Steve all kind of cute pet names until he really notices Steve's eyes and starts calling him Bambi Eyes

Oh my God, YES

Like, it’s all begins from the King Steve-in a mocking way, because this lanky boy who lose his girlfriend to the Byers nerd and can’t even hold a proper eye contact with Billy can be anyone, but not a King.

Then, it’s a pretty boy-as soon as Billy notices how long Steve eyelashes, how round his face, how milky his skin, how pink his lips are.

A dollface, just to tease-Harrington blushes so easily-how Billy could miss this opportunity to make his cheeks that rosy?

Fucking princess, knew you live in a castle, but Lord, heated pool? laughs Billy when he climbs to his room secretly from the Steve parents, and Steve just rolls his eyes, unamused.

Baby. They made a love for first time, real love, not just fucking. He calls Steve baby, his baby then, kissing his lips, drinking his moans. Thrusting in him slowly, hitting that magic spot inside of Steve again and again, wiping tears from his pretty face. Holding hands.

When Steve baking a cookies, only for him, Billy cant hold it and calls Steve a sweetheart, just as his mother called him when he was little. When she was alive. Surprisingly, he didn’t felt bad. Billy felt warm and cozy.

Damn Bambi, mutters Billy, giving up under this big doe eyes glance. It’s impossible to resist this-and, admitting to himself what his husband turned him into a complete pushover, Billy stands up and doing the stupid dishes, even if it wasn’t his turn now. What you won’t do for love, sighs he dramatically, hiding his smile as Steve beamed a big cheeky grin to him, continuing to lay in their bed, what they finally could afford-it was a hard few months as they moved out to Cali without any help. 

He, at least, would do anything.

boyfriends walking a puppy together. gotta love it. based on @sof-t1126‘s headcanons! im gonna reblog that here bc it’s given so much inspiration ♡