not like he can see them

Can we acknowledge Jeremys lil “Wait, you came to see me in the play?”, completely ignoring the fact they are dealing with a crazy supercomputer and squiped zombie students

like Jeremy was just so happy to see Michael and the fact he still came to see Jeremy in the play despite all that happened im emo yall

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I saw you were writing a FanFiction, what I do is read other ones to get inspired. A few good ones are "you'll never know the psychopath sitting next to you", "drink responsively" and who can forget "dirty laundry" which is a great classic. I'd love to see lance talking in group chat about FanFiction. Net and like pidge searches him up and finds out he's written docs about Keith and him under different names but like they are super obvious??

lmao i read other fics to get inspired too!! i’ve read dirty laundry of course but omg i looked up the other two and omfg i’m adding them to my reading list :D

(anyway, i hope this fits your request the way you wanted lmao 💜)

now pidge just randomly comes into the chat at all hours of the day and spams their favorite quotes from lance’s fanfic and he’s just like ,,,,,,,,,, w h y 

The Other Archangel



“Fuck,” Dean said, slamming his hands on the table. “Another freakin’ apocalypse.”

“We’ll get through it,” Sam said. “We have before.”

Dean shook his head. “Every time, these things get bigger and bigger. And one of these days…”

“We’ll get through this,” Sam said, more forcefully. He knew his brother was upset, but he also knew that now was not a time to give into thoughts of failure.

“We need to find Lucifer,” Cas said. “We need his help.”

“Tell me something I don’t know,” Dean growled. He popped the cap from his beer and downed half of it in one drink.

Sam snatched the bottle away from his brother, causing him to dribble down his shirtfront. “Cas, do you have any idea where he could have gone?”

Cas shook his head. “The possibilities are endless. And since I’m not an archangel, I don’t have any sort of mental connection to him.”

“And we know Michael and Raphael wouldn’t want anything to do with us,” Dean said. “What about Gabriel?”

“He’s still… salty with you.”



Both Winchesters perked up. “Although?” Sam asked.

“There is… another one.”

“Another what?”


“That’s… that’s impossible,” Sam said. “Lore says there’s only four.”

“The lore… is wrong,” Castiel said.

“Well, what’s the deal with this other one?” Dean asked. “What’s he like? Where’s he been hiding? Can he help us find Lucifer?”



“She. The other archangel is female.”

Dean was quiet for a moment. “Huh. Well, it’s about time Chuck got some gender equality in the ranks.”

“What’s her name?” Sam asked.


“And how has she stayed out of… literally every religious text?”

“She keeps to herself. Father wanted her to stay out of… ‘big business’. She was his favorite, after Lucifer of course.”

“Do you know how to find her?” Dean asked.

“I can look around.”

Dean nodded. “Go. Find her. Bring her here so we can get some sort of plan in action.”



The Winchesters turned, finding Cas standing behind them with a young woman next to him.

“This is Y/N,” Cas said.

“The other archangel?” Sam stood, walking over. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Likewise.” You shook his hand, giving him a small smile. “My brother has filled me in.”

“Is there anything you think you can do?” Dean asked. “Any sort of tracking you have on Lucifer?”

“I haven’t heard from him recently. But I may be able to find him.” You paused. “But you should know, even if I find him, I don’t know that I’ll be able to convince him to help stop the apocalypse. He always did like… commotion.”

“What about the others?” Sam asked. “Do you think you can convince them to help us find Lucifer and stop Amara?”

“I don’t know.”

“Nonsense,” Cas said. “You know they listen to you.”


“They do. You’re practically the only other one they listen to after Father.”

You sighed. “I shall see what I can do.”


“So, why have you asked us here, little sis?”

“I need your help.”

Gabriel propped his feet on the table and helped himself to the bowl of jellybeans you’d set out. “With?”


“He is of no concern to us,” Michael said.

“He should be.”


“Surely you’ve heard what he’s done.”

“We’ve tried to distance ourselves from him,” Raphael said. “He’s not one of us anymore.”

“Well, that logic falls through, because he’s still an archangel.”

“His actions would say otherwise.”

“Look, unless we all come together, things are not going to end well.”

“Maybe we should hear her out,” Gabriel said.

“Eat your jellybeans, Gabriel,” Michael said.

“I am. But I can multitask. And I think we should hear Y/N out.” Gabriel dropped his feet to the floor, leaning over to you. “So, Y/N, what’s going on?”

“Well, as I’m sure you’ve heard, Lucifer has escaped the Cage.”

You could tell by your brothers’ reactions that they actually hadn’t heard that. What, had they lived under a rock recently? You shook your head.

“He’s out, and unless we find him, Earth is not going to end well.”

“Lucifer does damage, but it’s not the apocalyptical standards you’ve set,” Raphael said.

“We don’t need to stop him from destroying the world. We need his help to stop someone bigger.”


“Aunt Amara.”

“Shit,” Michael said, a rarity for him.

“We’ll help you,” Raphael said.

“” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : The women of the League are teasing you about the love bites that litter your body….

I already kinda had the idea of doing a similar story on the women side…So here we go. Last time the guys of the League were mocking Bruce for the scratches on his back (you can read that here), now, it’s Batmom’s turn (though I feel it’s not as funny as the other, I tried something else you know, so that the stories wouldn’t be exactly the same, too similar and shit…erf, whatever, hope it’s kinda ok). Hope you’ll like it (insecuritiesoverloadbutitsok) 

WARNING FOR LANGAGE and slightly NSFW, just slightly. Also, my masterlist :


It wasn’t really part of your initial plan to shower at the same time than them. Bruce told you about his friends trying to tease him about the nail marks you left on his body after a heated night, and you were afraid that your girl friends would do the same, a bit paranoid about it really…

But then you thought about the fact that usually, women tended to be a bit more mature about that (maybe?), that they would probably behave and ignore the hundreds (literally) love bites on your body. 

Besides, there was only Diana, Zatanna and Dinah, surely, they wouldn’t say anything, after all, they were used to Bruce being affectionate towards you when he thought no one was watching, small love bites wouldn’t shock them or anything. They were your three best friends, they knew how to not intrude too much in your life. They would definitely not talk about the marks your husband left on your body. 

And oh you were so wrong. 

You were in your underwear when you started to notice their smirks, and the way they whispered in each other’s ears while looking at you. No…could it be ?

You turn around, and when Diana’s eyes go wide at the sight of the love bites on your front while Zatanna and Dinah just start laughing stupidly, you know you actually were right to “fear” a reaction from them. You roll your eyes and give them your best “really ?” facial expression before saying :

-Are you guys snickering like idiots because of the love bites ? 

Zatanna answers your question :

-No, we’re snickering like idiots because Bruce…

And then it happens. The worst pun you ever heard in your life (and you were used to Dick and Tim’s nerdy jokes). All three of them yell : 


Stun. That’s what you are. Wow. Even worst that the poor attempt from your male friend in the league to embarrass Bruce. An awful pun. 

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If you have an elderly loved one, encourage your family to walk with them daily.

I work in guardianship, and it is often my job to step in and see that elderly people have their needs taken care of when they no longer have family who are able or willing to take care of them. One thing that I see constantly in my line of work is elderly people sitting down in a wheelchair and never getting back up. Sometimes this happens for reasons out of our control, like the person is a fall risk or has fallen and broken something and needs to recover and doesn’t get the proper Physical Therapy that they need. Other times it is more avoidable; the elderly person simply has no one to accompany them on a walk, spends all day sitting in their chair, and eventually loses the strength to be able to walk by themselves.

Watching someone go from walking to being in a wheelchair all of the time usually results in one thing: their overall health rapidly diminishes. For example I have one gentleman who refused physical therapy and refused to walk after an injury. This gentleman went from being a spry 50 year old to looking like he was 80 years old in a matter of six months. It is also not uncommon to see people sit down in a wheelchair for good, and ultimately go to hospice within a year.

If you have somebody that you love that is aging, encourage them to walk if they can, take them places even if it’s a burden, walk with them, hire a companion to walk with them, encourage your family to help them stay active. In my experience there is one thing that people who make it into their seventies and eighties and beyond have in common, and that is that they keep moving.


So I wrote this fanfiction about a week ago, but I wanted to wait to read the new chapter to add the final details. However, yesterday I was too shocked to write anything, and I finished this today. Hope you like it. This is basically Touken’s journey from Kaneki’s POV. You can also read it here.

Summary: Touka is not the first girl Kaneki likes, but she’s the first girl he loves.


Touka is not the first girl that Kaneki likes. She is definitely not the first one to catch his interest. There were others before her. He does think she’s cute when Hide points to her at the coffee shop, so long ago it seems like centuries have passed. But, although she is attractive, he has his eyes set on another girl, who unknowingly sets his life spiraling towards the path of tragedy.

Kamishiro Rize is both beautiful and smart. And she likes the same books as Kaneki does. Not to mention, she accepts going on a date with him. Kaneki is not hopeless anymore. And he thinks this could be the start of something new, until she corners him on an empty alley and tries to eat him.

His life changes forever.

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Hey, I don't know much about those things but didnt get get number #1 already? I thought he took despacito down? Thank you in advance for explaining!

He was sitting at the number 1 spot on iTunes in certain countries and worldwide for a day. A true number 1 not awarded until the end of the first week after a single is released. That means next Friday, we will know how he performed overall. It is determined by the volume of record sales, streaming on various sites like Spotify, YouTube, and Tidal, and radio play. That’s why it’s crucial in this first week to BUY Strip That Down, STREAM it as much as you can, and REQUEST by calling your local radio stations and asking them to play it. If you would like more information, see these posts:

Streaming Rules

How Streams Work

Streaming for UK Audience

Strip That Down Links (via @paynepromoteam )

US Radio Requests (via @paynepromoteam )

UK Radio Requests (via @paynepromoteam )

Sponsorships, Gifting, Receiving (via @1dsponsorships )

Nct Dream's reaction to their s/o cuddling up to them

Request: Nct Dream cuddling? Thank you if you can, and it’s okay if you can’t! 😊

A/N: i did this same one with Nct 127 here so i just copied and pasted markhyuck’s, hope you dont mind! im finally posting another reaction yay



Blushes like mad!!! And becomes so flustered and shy, he doesn’t say anything and lets you hug him. His arms would awkwardly find their way around your waist, and you’d see him giggle slightly to himself too. Would probably hum a song to you and play with your hair, his cheeks still flushed red. Only sometimes though, he’d kiss your forehead and whisper a small “i love you” to you.

Originally posted by taei


He’d probably have a slightly amused expression on his face first, then followed by a shy and bright smile. His arms would circle your waist immediately as you see his cheeks turn into a slight pink shade. Probably giggles and laughs a lot, saying things like, “Why are you so clingy today” or “I don’t normally like cuddles but today, i love it” when in fact he’s trying not to die from your cuteness on the inside.

Originally posted by nakamotens


As soon as your wrapped your arms around his body, he’d giggle immediately, but wouldn’t do anything to stop you. In fact, he’d not move and let you cuddle him all you want. Probably rests his head above yours and plays with your hair, laughing a lot to himself because he finds it super adorable when you cuddle up to him.

Originally posted by nakamotens


Becomes a koala bear and doesn’t let go of you at all. Probably smiles to himself throughout the whole time and whines even when you move away a little. Loves pinching your cheek and smiling to himself after, his own cheeks turning into a bright shade of pink. The only time where he doesn’t tease you and becomes a sweet and soft bun, saying sweet words to you, “you’re so beautiful today, i love you”

Originally posted by donghyukslee


Like Renjun, he’d have a slight amused expression on his face at first, but as soon as you start pulling him closer to you even more it’d change to a suspicious but cute smirk. Next thing you know he’s tickling you and he’s laughing his ass off seeing you struggle, as you try to push him away from you. But before you can do that, he has you in his arms again, and giving you small pecks on the cheek.

Originally posted by nctmark


Becomes an excited small little kid!!! Giggles much more than he already does normally and laughs even at the slightest touch from you. But he uses your head as a rest and says things to tease you, “You’re normally not like this, did you do something wrong” or “do you love me that much, you don’t have to hug me this tightly” but he’s always the one not willing to let go first so

Originally posted by kunxxxsol


Probably freezes a little as soon as you hug him but softens up really quickly. He doesnt say much because he’s busy blushing like mad but you’d see him smile to himself a lot and staring at you lovingly, as his fingers play with strands of your hair. Falls asleep really quickly in your arms and probably pulls you closer towards him while he’s asleep.

Originally posted by haechannie

Got7 reaction to their s/o bringing home 3 cats

A/N - I feel like this is something I would do lmao I just love cats a lot okay. I can definitely see myself having 2 or 3 cats in the future (preferably with Jinyoung there too lol) Enjoy~ Requested by @alicemad-hatter

Can you do a GOT7 reaction to their significant other bringing home 3 cats (you can do non allergenic dogs for Youngjae). Sorry if this seems a bit weird

Mark: I think Mark prefers dogs to cats but he’d still love playing with them or giving them some catnip to see how crazy they go. He’d have a lot of laughs with you and will love to have cuddles with them because of how soft their fur is but he’ll still think that Coco is cuter.

JB: HE WILL LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Jaebum is a true cat lover so if you bring home 3 cats, he will love you and the cats forever, no doubt about it. There is nothing he loves more than cuddling with those adorable balls of fluff. Expect them to have lots of play dates with his cats too.

Jackson: He’ll cuddle them lots and will call them his children, saying that you’re the mum and he’s the dad. He’d insist that he helps name them too because “they’re my children too, (Y/N)!” which you’d find super cute because he’s so in love with them already.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung would find the cats really cute but might think that 3 is a bit excessive. He’d probably tease you saying you’re as bad as JB for having cats but will find it really sweet and endearing how much you care for them. Even if he teases you, he ultimately will love the little cats with all his heart.

Youngjae: Since our little sunshine is allergic to cats, I’ll do this with 3 dogs! He’d be so happy to see 3 little pups but will insist that Coco is still his number 1 dog. He’ll go out with all 4 dogs on walks and play dates and it’d just be the cutest. Youngjae would post so many instagram pics too.

Bambam: I think Bambam would like cats but definitely prefers dogs so seeing you with 3 cats wouldn’t be a preferred situation for Bam. That being said, as soon as he hears a little ‘meow’ from one of them then he’s in love because “look how cute they are! and so soft!”

Yugyeom: Be prepared for constant teasing about how you and JB should get together with all your cats and raise an army or something. Yugyeom would annoy you so much and wouldn’t say it, but would secretly find your little cats really cute and will cuddle them when you’re not watching.

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DID U SEE NAMJIN IN THEIR POST BBMAS WIN VLIVE joon for real looked like he was trying to get jin to move closer between his legs and took any opportunity to hold his shouldERS IM LOOKIN INTO TOO MUCH PROBABLY BUT IM SO SOFT FOR THEM

Namjoon probably: *cue selena gomez music* can’t keep my hands to myself~

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How would the male exwires and Yukio react to accidentally seeing Izumo, Shura, and Shiemi naked? (Ik that it already kinda happened in chapter 68 but it didn't really show the boy's reaction) Thanks!

(Shura would kill them all within 0.4 seconds, but..)


Originally posted by bao-khoi

  • This innocent little chipmunk would be so embarrassed
  • He stands there for a minute totally stunned
  • He stares unintentionally for a moment
  • Before squealing and quickly turning around
  • He can’t stop apologising 
  • He feels so bad, but at the same time in the back of his mind he’s totally like ‘Fuck yes! Ya boi saw some tiddy!’
  • Rin feels bad because it was obviously humiliating for the girls as well
  • Plus he wanted the first time he saw a girl naked to be special and private, just between them


Originally posted by soul-dwelling-not

  • He’s quickest to turn away
  • He’s pretty horrified he saw that
  • He can’t erase the image from his brain
  • As much as he wants to, he doesn’t want too
  • He’ll apologise later on or whenever he sees them next
  • Might avoid them or speak little words to them
  • He’ll wait some time for things to passover and return to normal


Originally posted by vieilleotaku

  • He ded 
  • He’s never been so joyful in his life
  • Instant nosebleed
  • Wants to speak but is to dumbfounded for his mouth to form words
  • Instead he just has quivering lips
  • He’s also crying at this point as well
  • Happy crying
  • Bon probably drags him away at this point
  • He has his arms out reaching towards the girls doing that squeezing notion with his hands
  • He probably dies later that night from blood loss


Originally posted by thefreckledphantom

  • He’s so sorry
  • It happened so fast he didn’t have time to turn away
  • He probably squirms about quickly adversing his gaze but theres no where to look that doesn’t have some form of nakedness
  • He just covers his eyes with his hands and waits for it to be over
  • He’ll be uncomfortable around them for a while
  • After he apologises he never talks about it again
  • Gets super embarrassed to the point he wants to jump out a window whenever someone brings it up
  • Unfortunately for him Shima brings it up a lot


  • He looks and doesn’t look away
  • Doesn’t care who sees 
  • They aren’t good enough for his standards anyway (or at at least in his mind)
  • But he still looks
  • Focuses on Shura the most
  • No one even tells him to look away since he has his eyes closed most of the time anyways


  • His eyes will probably bulge out and spring across the room
  • He ‘s very stiff for a moment and doesn’t move
  • He can’t help but see it all
  • He is the quickest to react and if it were outside the baths he would give the girls something to cover up with, like his coat
  • He would act as calmly as he could whilst instructing the male exwires to leave the area 
  • Shura yells at him later for staring for a slightly long second 
  • After that she just teases him about it
  • If it were a mission, he’d seriously dread writing up the report on it
Boyfriend Seongwoo
  • Is great and knows he’s great
  • Super caring
  • Congratulations, you have an extra guardian now        
  • Wants to teach you things and learn things from you        
  • Extremely supportive         
  • Just wants you to follow your dreams        
  • Basically, he wants you to do whatever your heart desires       
  • Randomly cheesy sometimes       
  • Might get flustered if you’re cheesy back, it’d seem like he’s fine but he’d be screaming internally
  • Protective and over dramatic
  • Get a small cut and he might act like you’re dying
  • Just worries about you a lot and wants you to be safe
  • Texts to see how you’re doing when he can’t see you
  • Invites you to hang out with him and his friends a lot, would hope you grow close to them and become a part of his general friend group
  • Does things to make you flustered then acts innocent 
  • “Why are you blushing y/n?” He definitely knows why
  • Mainly casual dates
  • Takes you to the dance studio with him sometimes to show off
  • Almost always a bit of a show-off, he just wants to impress you
  • Random pecks
  • Would probably be the one to usually initiate skinship but would really like it when you initiate it
  • The type that could do romantic attention drawing things in public and not get embarressed 
  • Overall he’s pretty shameless
  • Willing to do anything to make you happy

Originally posted by kulo-ren

anonymous asked:

Ares head cannons??

- loves sports esp stuff like football (which is why sometimes they can get violent whoops)

- but he also admires stuff like figure skating - they’re so graceful

- remember the reality tv shows - he loves them

- kinda random but i feel like he’d be the type of person to have adhd?

- i can see him fidgeting by pacing or shaking his leg - and he’s def pretty impulsive

- a thrill seeker - he loves sky-diving n rollercoasters

- if its dangerous, he’s either been there or done it

- he doesn’t have a short temper

- he has no temper it goes goes from 0-1000000

- sometimes he feels bad abt all the wars and violence he cause but he can’t help it - it’s in his nature

- he’s all abt being healthy and fit

- he’s a mama’s boy

Bts as things me,my friends,and teachers say

Rap monster:You see us people are like broken pencils,always replaced when we can’t fix them…

Other friend: can you just sharpen the damn pencil?!

Jin: why can’t we all just be a normal class for once?! Look at him flipping the trifold like its WWE and that girl looking like a flying squirrel in a blender!Then we have you always on that damn phone and her being her weird self!I don’t even know what he’s doing!

Jimin:You see that! That’s me 100% look at these calfs!Not to much but thick enough damn I’m hot!

J-hope: Why do you all swear so much! Can’t we just speak without having holy water thrusted into our mouths!Rainbows and sunshine,Rainbows and sunshine

Taehyung:So…um *points to PowerPoint* “How to be police”

Jungkook:I really am great at everything. The best in drums,basketball,track and cross country. What can you say I’m the best you wish you were me *walks into wall*

Suga: Yo, I don’t care.Fuck math!*falls asleep,passes all exams with ease*


anonymous asked:

Imagine Dust mimicking conversations he had heard in the past and annoying the heck out of Death. Perhaps Strife teaches him a few naughty words and Dust says them at the worst of times... :3

Omg IMAGINE!! Death’s just like, ‘Dust, see what you can find.’ and Dust turns to look him dead in the eye and just croaks ’…..fak yoo.’

BTS Reacts: Your Heroic Act

Request: I really like your reactions ❤️❤️ can you please do a BTS Reaction To You Saving Them From Getting Hit By A Car, thank you 

A/N: I told myself I wasn’t going to make this long, and you can actually see the progression of me getting carried away and then I wanted backstory and I’m really sort of sorry

Originally posted by rapdaegu

Seokjin (Jin)

A/N: tteok-bokki are stir-fried rice cakes. It’s a popular Korean street food.

Seokjin chewed happily, face mask shoved down past his chin, and chopsticks in hand. He made a deep, throatily noise of content and smiled into his Styrofoam bowl. “Wahhh, it’s been ages since I’ve hade tteok-beokki!” he exclaimed happily, mouth full of rice cake.

Seokjin went to take another bite from his bowl, but felt his arm being jerked roughly back, pulling him back a couple feet and jumped at the unexpected contact. The sound of a car horn blarring past ripped his attention from his snack back to his surroundings. He looked from the street filled with traffic to just behind him where you stood, chest heaving from adrenaline.

Your cheeks flushed with his gaze directly on you and your hands immediately left his forearm, cradling each other across your chest. “I-I’m sorry, it just kind of happened. I didn’t mean to pull you so hard,” you stammered, your gaze falling anywhere but the man standing before you. Your eyes fell on the splattered tteok-beokki now all over the cement in front of him and your cheeks reddened further. “I’m really sorry, I can buy you another, I swear.”

Seokjin ducked his head lower to catch your gaze and smiled sweetly when your wide eyes finally met his. “Really, don’t worry about it! You just saved my life! I should be the one buying you tteok-beokki. Come, let me get you some.”

Originally posted by cyyphr

Yoongi (Suga)

Headlights flew by as Yoongi waited for the light to turn, allowing him to safely cross the busy street. He stood, hands in his jacket, hood up and face mask protecting his identity. Being this close to the company building, there were always fans wondering about, hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite member. Taking out his phone to send a quick message to Namjoon, he heard a faint ding he assumed to be the light signaling it’s change. Keeping his eyes trained to the light on his phone, he stepped out to cross the street.

“HEY! What are you, crazy?!”

Yoongi heard your shouting before he could see you, and felt himself be dragged back by a pair of unfamiliar hands. The feeling of being alone and of hands on his upper arm sent panic coursing through him from bad airport experiences as he immediately severed where your bodies touched, jerking away and turning to face you. His chest heaved from the adrenaline, as he took in your face, eyebrows screwed together in confusion.

Your breath hitched when you looked at his barely visible face, his eyes being the only thing giving him away. Those eyes. You knew those eyes well. Staring at you unknowingly for days on end until your mind was filled with only him, his lyrics, the deep timber of his voice.

Your mind ran a marathon in the 3 seconds of awkward silence that settled between you. You swallowed thickly. “Are you okay?” you managed out.

Yoongi’s cat-like eyes blinked at you as you watched his brain process what had just taken place. Finally, a small chuckle escaped through his face mask and you couldn’t help but smiling softly at the ground at the sound so close to you, something you had only heard through speakers that did the beautiful sound nothing justice.

“Thank you,” came the almost familiarity of his voice. His eyes crinkled in that tell-tale sign of his gummy smile and your heart soared. You bit your bottom lip to keep your smile from spreading too widely. 

“No problem,” you breathed and you could only hope the dark night was hiding your blush well. Your attention was brought back to your surroundings, people pushing past you to cross the street.

Yoongi turned to make his way across the street and only stopped briefly when he heard the small, uttered “Fighting!” only loud enough for him to hear. He smiled under his mask, and lifted a hand in a wave as he made his way across the street.

Originally posted by tbhobi

Hoseok (J-Hope)

Hoseok bobbed his head to the low bass that filtered through his headphones. He tapped the side of them, pausing the song and looking both ways before he trotted across the cross walk.


An unfamiliar, high-pitched voice screamed out his stage name before he met the sidewalk, and he immediately turned around to see a small group of girls crowded at the street corner he had just left, waving and smiling brightly. Hoseok smiled and nodded his head in acknowledgement.

The group thankfully moved on, giggling and smiling to one another. Hoseok turned to finish crossing the street and a hand reached out to his collar, pulling him roughly to the sidewalk just as a refrigerated truck blared its horn as it sailed by.

Hoseok’s chest rose and fell as he looked from your concerned face back to the now busy street. “Did you just-”

“You should pay more attention,” you lightly scolded, brows furrowed. You hands came to your hips and you tilted your head.

“I- Yeah.” he laughed. “Thanks. A lot.” Hoseok looked down to the ground, steadying his racing heart. “Did that just happen? I almost died! That means you saved my life.” He looked up at you, and you couldn’t help the shy smile that now filled your lips.

“Really, it was nothing.” An embarrassed chuckle left your throat before you continued. “You should get going before someone else recognizes you, Mr. Bigshot.” A genuine smile took place of your shy one and you hoped last minute that the nickname didn’t offend him. You opened your mouth to try and take back your last comment, but his wide smile quieted your thoughts.

“Right. Thanks again. Seriously,” His wide smile gave way to his signature toothy grin and you had to bite your bottom lip to not return the smile in a fit of giggles. “That could have been so bad. I don’t want to think about what would have happened if you hadn’t been here. But you sa-”

“Take care, J-Hope,” you smiled and gave a small bow before you made to turn away before you could mess up this rare encounter with one of your favorite idols. You were pleased that your heart wasn’t beating too loudly in your ears and hoping the blush that dusted your cheeks wasn’t too noticeable.

“Hoseok,” He stated, head moving to catch your gaze before you could turn away. “You can call me Hoseok, if you want.” His eyes searched yours for any sign of discomfort, before that disarming smirk was aimed solely at you.

It had never ben so hard to breathe before. All you could hear was the sound of his voice, quickly being taken over by the blood rushing in your ears and you knew your face was as red as the chili pepper paste you had gone to get, the only reason you were actually out right now.

Your lips parted, an unconscious gesture to make breathing easier and you licked your dry lips. “Y-yeah,” you stammered out, another shy laugh leaving you as you pulled out your phone, the screen immediately lighting up to the picture of BTS at the BBMA’s recently. You coughed violently at the embarrassment that filled your chest and quickly covered your mouth while trying to pull up your contacts list.

Hoseok chuckled and held out his phone, bumping it with yours to exchange information. He watched as your information splayed across his screen. “(Y/N),” he tried the name out on his tongue and your giddiness replaced the overwhelming embarrassment that was there just before. You couldn’t help the smile plastered to your face.

“I’ll see you around, (Y/N),” Hoseok waved and turned to head in the direction you had just come from.

“Yeah,” you breathed. You looked around to the people closest to you, and your smile only widened. That just happened, you thought. That really just happened.

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Namjoon (Rap Monster)

You sat quietly towards the front of the bus, phone resting in your hand as you stared out the dark window. You knew Seoul wasn’t the safest place at night, but you couldn’t sit still at home anymore. The silence was deafening and you craved for the mindless chatter of strangers to fill up your mind, to block out the unwanted thoughts. You were headed to Hongdae, to people watch, or window shop, you weren’t sure which yet.

You looked back to the only other soul on the bus, aside from the driver and watched as he concentrated solely on a small black notebook and pen in his hands. You watched as his brow furrowed, his lips moving with unsaid words.

You studied his handsome face, a strong set of brows and prominent lips with strangely colored hair, and you wondered idly if he was an idol. You focused your attention back to the black scenery outside and decided here was far enough. Your legs ached to move, to keep them busy. You reached up to pull the string to let the driver know to stop, but the only other passanger beat you to it, his tall frame and long arms easily reaching the string first.

The bus halted slowly and you made your way to stand, picking up your small backpack and slinging it over your shoulder. The other passanger walked past you, notebook still in his hand, and thanked the driver politely as he exited the bus.

You muttered a quick thank you as well and exited after him, watching the bus drive off. You watched as the handsome man made to cross the street, and chuckled as he stumbled lightly, dropping his notebook to the cement.

Your smile fell as you watched him bent down to pick it up, you eyes darting between him and an oncoming car that wasn’t slowing down. Panic filled your chest and your legs moved before you gave consent, closing the ten foot gap between you.

Your hand reached out and grabbed the back of his jacket, yanking him roughly back as the car zoomed past. The man snapped his head to look at you, plump lips parted, his heavy panting making little clouds in the chilly night air.

“Thank you.”

His voice was much deeper than you expected. You swallowed thickly and you chastised yourself for the full 30 seconds it took you to respond.

“O-of course. No problem.” Your eyes fell to the ground and you had no idea why this complete stranger had so much of an effect on you. Sure, he was handsome, but you weren’t the type to fall for someone just for their looks. You willed yourself to look him in the eyes, but the dimpled smile that settled on his beautiful face caught you off guard. “You should be more careful,” you managed out.

A soft, deep chuckle left his lips. “You sound like Jin-hyung.

Your brows furrowed in confusion. “I’m sorry, who?” Should I know who he was? you thought. The way he spoke his name so casually with you made you feel like you were already friends with the two, had known them for years. Your eyes scanned his face in the dim street light for any sign of recognition but none came.

The man’s eyes widened, a bit taken aback. “I’m really sorry, I thought you were a fan.” He tried hiding his flustered face, bowing deeply, glasses almost falling off when he came back up. “Thank you for saving me. I should go,” he said quickly, and turned to walk in the opposite direction he was headed before.

A fan? So he must be an idol, you thought. You smiled, glad to not be the only one flustered. Your eyes traced his quickly leaving silhouette and fell on the notebook still laying on the ground.

“Wait!” you called out, proud that your voice was steadier with distance between you. You walked over to the notebook, and picked it up, brushing off the rocks and dust that had gathered in the small amount of time.

You heard his footsteps approach behind you and turned, handing it to him. He took the small notebook in both hands, an apologetic yet dimpled smile on his lips. “Thank you, again. I owe you.”

“May I at least have your name?” you asked, your voice sounding a little more hopeful than you would like.

“Rap Monster,” he replied almost instantly and you shook your head.

“No, your real name,” you smiled and you couldn’t help the teasing toned laced with your words.

A deep, genuine chuckle rang in your ears and the sound was gone too soon. He smiled. “My name is Namjoon.”

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Taehyung (V)

“Look how cute! Taehyung-ah, look!” you called out excitedly, pointing at the small puppies for sale. You knelt down and began to pet the closest one in the pin, Taehyung smiling adoringly at you. He stood beside you and leaned down picking up one of the puppies, hugging it close. The puppy began showering Taehyung in puppy kisses, and a laugh escaped his throat. You beamed up at him at the sound.

“Can I have her?” Taehyung smiled at the older woman, and nodded. She handed you a leash, collar and a small bag of puppy food. You bounced excitedly in your place beside him, cooing at the puppy.

You placed the collar and leash on the puppy and Taehyung set her down to walk beside you eagerly. You smiled down at the puppy, keeping the leash close while walking on the sidewalk.

“What should we call her?” You asked, staring in admiration at the puppy. Taehyung looked back to the puppy and smiled wide. Your eyes met for only a split second before the street in front of you catching your attention. You eyes widened as you grabbed Taehyung’s hand and harshly pulled him back just as a car tore by. The driver let out a string of curse words out his opened window but was muffled by the rush of blood in your ears. Adrenaline pumped through you almost painfully as you eyed Taehyung with concern.

A nervous laugh left his lips and you could tell he was trying to make light of the situation. He licked his lips. “Did you just save me?” He asked playfully. You pulled him into a tight embrace, arms locking above his neck, head resting against his solid chest.

“Just be careful, dork,” you breathed into his t-shirt. You could hear the pounding of his heart, as you willed yours to calm down.

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“What are you saying?” you breathed. Tears streamed down your face, and you prayed that in the dark of the night, the street lamp hid your tears well. You watched as Jimin, eyes full sadness and pain, mouthed words that wouldn’t make sense to you, no matter how hard you tried to string them together.

“(Y/N), we can’t do this anymore,” he wouldn’t meet your eyes. “My company threatened my contract because I was hiding this relationship. They said if don’t get rid of my distraction, then I might not debut.”

You couldn’t help it. The tears fell from your face harder, sobs threatening to break through your lips. You shook your head, too many thoughts flooding your mind at once. He’s worked too hard for this. He’s sacrificed so much for this relationship that it’s hurting his dreams. You willed your voice to be steady.

“Okay.” It was a simple acknowledgement, but one word had your whole world crumbling. You had built a tower out of hope and future plans with the man standing in front of you, only for one support beam to be taken out from the bottom, your whole future collapsing with it.

Jimin looked away from you, eyes glassed over with tears. This was it. No fighting for the relationship, no harsh words of unkept promises. He swallowed thickly.

You watched as he backed away from you, stepping off the curb to cross the street back to the dorms. He sighed, running a hand through his newly dyed hair and turned around.

Through your muffled mind, you recognized the sound of a bicycle approaching fast, causing you to look away from Jimin just in time to react. You yanked his forearm back onto the curb, narrowly missing the path of the bicyclist.

He looked from you to the retreating form of the bike and sighed for what felt like the tenth time in your short meeting. “Thanks,” he muttered, sparing you one last glance before heading in the direction of the dorms, head hung low.

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Jeongguk (Jungkook)

Oppa! Oppa, wait up!”

You heard the high shrills of screaming teenage girls before you could actually see them from your place on the corner of the bust stop, and were sure some poor idol was having a bad night. You looked over and eyed the edge of the crowd of the busy street filled with vendors and independent street shops.

Your brow furrowed when a tall frame brushed past the crowd and sprinted towards the safety of the open sidewalk, in your direction. His black face mask was pushed as far up as his chin would let it, hair a mess as if he had been wearing a hat and lost it in his struggle to leave.

You sighed and felt sorry for the boy, a strange pang of wanting nothing more than to protect him washed over you. You pushed the unwanted feeling down. You had no idea who he was, and certainly no reason to protect him. From his broad back and large muscles (that you definitely didn’t notice), he was more than capable of protecting himself.

The boy ran past you, head still looking back towards the crowd for any sign of being followed. Panic filled your chest has he stepped out onto the busy street and you immediately grabbed the back of his striped shirt and pulled him back to the sidewalk, yanking him as hard as you could behind the view of the brick building just as a group of teenagers emerged from the crowd.

They eyed you suspiciously, standing just beside the brick building near the bust stop. “He went that way,” and quickly pointed to an ally leading to another busy street in the opposite direction of you and the boy. The girls took of at a run down the ally, and when the coast was clear, you turned to see the boy leaning against the wall, eyes closed.

“Tough night?” you called. You almost thought the boy hadn’t heard you, giving no sign of answering until he bounced off the wall and aimed his gaze at you.

Wow. Okay, you thought. The boy was definitely attractive, his shy bunny-toothed smile only enhancing how cute he was.

“Thank you so much,” he muttered and gave a polite bow. He nervously scratched the back of his hand and looked at anything other than your face. “Just don’t mention to anyone you saw me. I’m not supposed to be out by myself.”

You laughed at that, how young it made him sound, and his smile faltered at the sound. You smiled genuinely at him. “Don’t worry. I’m not even sure who you are.”

He blushed furiously and the shy smile returned. “You should probably go. They’ll be back for murder when they realize I sent them on a wild goose chase.”

He laughed at this, a hearty sound that was every bit real, and pride blossomed in your chest at causing the sound. He bowed again, smile still on his face. “Thanks again.”

“No problem, kid,” you smiled.

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How do the Jims associate with our lil Host?

They work for the same studio, though obviously not the same branch.

The Jims think of the Host as Wilford’s creepy, humorless friend (and they know little to nothing about his past as the Author) until they get stuck in a meeting with the Host in between them and he shows them pictures of his cats from underneath the table. He explains that Google took them to give him something pleasant to describe when none of his friends are around.

They like how the Host can tell them apart when so many other people get them confused and the three of them have a group chat where they send each other obscure memes. Newscaster Jim is probably the only one who doesn’t cheat during uno nights but wins the most and weatherman Jim has never won a game in his life.

They don’t get to see each other as often as they’d like to but they hang out when they can.

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i think the cringiest thing about nazi furries (besides either of those words) is their amazing strength to ignore the proof that Nazis would have definitely persecuted them. yeah hitler liked wolves. he didn't wanna dress up like one and fuck another costumed wolf.

That’s because fascism is 40% fear and 60% fetishism. It’s the attraction to an image.

And you know what’s great about images? Anyone can see themselves in a painting. Even if they have no hope of ever getting there.

Right-wing politics posits that hierarchies are inevitable or even desirable. There are reasons to believe that, and counterarguments for it, and a long intellectual history of yelling about it. Fascism is much less abstract. It states simply “my tribe is the best”. Whether the slogan is Deutschland über alles or America first or the plow marks the furrow, it’s a reliance on the tribe. It’s unbridled collectivism. And as long as you take a collectivist approach to anything, you’ll always end up at fascism.

And so nazi furries are liberated from actually having to represent their cause personally. Because fascism is inherently not about the individual, it’s about the group, and as long as this 5′7″ pasty fatass in a fursuit can PRETEND he looks like a big scary nazi straight out American History X, he IS in his mind and won’t get that he’d be among the first to get lynched for taking a piss all over institutions so sacred that even anarchists want to preserve them. 

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I WOULD LOVE TO TALK ABOUT MEG THANK YOU. Honestly it breaks my heart seeing her justify her "stepdad's" actions because I did the same thing with my parents at her age. It's like looking in a horrifying mirror. Well done, Rick.

Yes, it’s honestly excellent to see someone write about things like this. Real kids who are reading those books might have gone through the same thing. He’s teaching them that if Meg can be a hero, so can they, and that’s so so important. 

I honestly think Meg is one of the strongest characters Rick has ever written. To break out of a situation like that at the tender age of 12 must’ve been so difficult, but she still strives to help Apollo, to save him against her stepfathers wishes. 

She’s fierce and incredibly loyal, but of course, she’s still a child as well. Apollo’s protective instincts carry across from the page and settle right into my heart. 

Her character arc in the future maybe a bit predictable, unless Rick surprises us with something we don’t expect. I definitely see I final showdown with Nero at some point, I just hope Apollo (and peaches) is by her side to give her strength and support. 

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tbh i feel with the poseidon seafood stuff, it's a bit like the aquaman principle: everyone assumes that he'd flip out and be touchy about it, but like. what else do you eat in the ocean but fish? seafood is one of the bounties of the ocean and a big way to enjoy and connect to it? idk, just seems a bit off to me seeing ppl making him out to be sensitive about eating fish

idk, the idea of it seems kinda weird to me bc he can probably like talk to them and itd be kinda strange for him like ‘wow laura tastes delicious’