not like he can see them

He had only been home two days. Two days and he was already back to his usual ways. Leaving the toilet seat up, not loading or emptying the dishwasher, his dirty socks were still on the bedroom floor where he left them the night before. However, all of these things that would usually have you going through the roof were completely overlooked. He was finally home with you and that’s all that mattered. His little quirks.. well, you’d work on them over the week.


He hadn’t been in bed when you woke up so you knew the timezones were messing with him. You get out of bed, rubbing at your eyes as you try to focus in the dimly lit room. The only noise filling the house is the sound of your feet padding against the floor as you make your way downstairs. You stop when you see him, sitting on the sofa with his journal in hand. He’s always been like this. When he can’t sleep and he doesn’t want to wake you, he turns to his journal for some company.

“It’s a bit late, H, don’t ya think” you say, chuckling when he jumps slightly.

The smile that takes over his face at the sight of you makes the butterflies in your stomach flutter like crazy.

“Stupid timezones have me wide awake, pet” he mumbles as he moves his journal to the side, allowing you to take its place on his lap.

You rest your head against his shoulder, taking the time to breathe in his scent. He smells like Harry, *your* Harry. He smells like Home.

“Missed ya, love. Don’ like bein’ away from ya for so long” he mumbles as he presses light kisses to the top of your head.

You feel his arms tighten around you as you press a kiss to his neck and tell him that you missed him too, so very much and it fills you with such a sense of comfort and safety that you don’t think you’d feel anywhere else other than when you’re in his arms.

You don’t know what comes over the both of you then. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep or the lack of intimacy and contact between you both while he’s been away. His lips attack your neck first, nipping and sucking on the skin as you let out a whimper.

“‘M gonna take care of ya, love. Promise ‘m gonna make ya feel good” he mumbles as he picks you up. You wrap your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist as he carries you upstairs.

He wastes no time in ridding you of your pyjamas, taking a few moments just to admire you as your cheeks redden under his stare. “So beautiful” he murmurs in your ear as his hands travel down your body, his lips finding yours once more.

It doesn’t take long before you’re begging him to please, give you what you want. He’s taken a liking to teasing you over the years, never really giving in until you’ve begged enough times.

“Wha’ did ya say, love? Don’ think I heard ya” he teases as you beg him once more to please just fill you.

“I-I need.. I need you, Harry please” you’d whine as his fingers played with your clit, causing you to buck your hips and gasp.

When he knows you can’t take it any longer, he rids himself of the rest of his clothes and positions himself at your entrance. You can feel the heat pooling at your centre just at the thought of finally having him, like this, after such a long time.

Your moans mix with his, filling the otherwise quiet room as he thrusts into you. You wrap your legs around his waist, begging him to move faster, just to fuck you harder.

“We’ve got so much time, love. Jus’ let me take care of ya” he whispers in your ear as he nibbles on your earlobe.

The feeling of his skin against yours, him inside of you, his breath against your skin was all too much for your senses. He’d been gone for so long and now here he was, finally back with you again. Your nails dig into his back as he grabs hold of your hips.

“Missed ya so much, love. Cum fo’ me, come on love. Need to feel ya.. need to feel ya cum ‘cause of me” he breathes out as his thrusts become sloppy. You know that he’s close and that he won’t last much longer.

His fingers circle your clit and it’s enough to send you overboard. You scream out as your orgasm hits and he isn’t far behind you. He drops almost all of his body weight on top of you as you both try to catch your breath. He presses soft kisses to your chest, moving off you and turning you around to cuddle himself into you. You smile to yourself, just so content in the fact that he’s back home.

“Harry” you mumble, almost half asleep already.

“Yeah, love?” His reply is delayed and you know he’s falling asleep too.

“You’ve gotta pick up your dirty socks when you wake up.”

“For goodness sake, woman.”

ruin the friendship / tom holland x reader (part II)

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do all the things on our minds
what’s taking us all this time?
let’s ruin the friendship.

part II / ? 

song that goes with this part: dusk till dawn by zayn and sia


until there was a knock on the door that pulled him away, snapping him back into reality, thinking that kissing his best friend wasn’t a good idea.

the door opened to reveal a female wearing all black and a headset.

“oh, gosh, did i interrupt something?” she asked, he scratched the back of his neck as she turned a crimson color. 

kind of, he thought, but he didn’t dare say out loud.

“no, no.” the words tumbled out of his mouth,”what’s up?”

“they need you for set.” said the female before showing a shy smile. he nodded before moving away from his best friend.

“i’ll-uh, see you after?” he asked and she nodded, giving him a small smile. returned it before he walked out the door, closing it softly behind him. she landed on the cream colored sofa with a groan. 

she couldn’t believe that something she’s wanted for ages, almost came true, but then was crushed to pieces by that stupid girl in the headset. she pulled her phone out, checking all her social medias. 

soon, he had returned, a smile on his face as he walked through the door. he felt his heart swoon as he realized she was asleep on the couch. he pulled his phone out of his back pocket, realizing it said 8:34 pm, and since she was probably jet lagged and she had a long day of traveling that it’d be best if he let her sleep.

he sat down on the couch, being careful not to disturb her as he sat down. she moved softly, cuddling into his chest as she sleepily adjusted herself. he sat still, not daring to wake her up as she was getting comfortable. he let her fall back asleep into his chest, a smile on his face as she hugged at his torso, her head nuzzled into his shirt. 

he smiled down at her, taking in her facial features as she slept soundly. she practically had him wrapped around her finger. he would do anything for her, yet he didn’t know that she’d do the same for him.

as he played with her hair softly, the door opened to reveal a loud talking Jacob and Harrison. he immediately hushed them as they looked at him in confusion. Harrison’s face lit up.

“is that y/n?!” he asked, making Jacob’s mouth agape and his eyebrows raise.

“wait, is that the girl you’ve been talking about for ages?!” he asked slowly. he rolled his eyes at his two best friends, wanting to take back those night’s he’d talk about y/n and her boyfriend and how he’d been so mad that it wasn’t him who was treating her like a princess.

but little did he know, that ended months ago. y/n and her boyfriend had broken up, well, technically, she caught him cheating and dumped him. she wanted to tell Tom, she really did, but she wasn’t sure if it was such a good idea because of how mad he would’ve gotten. 

“yes, now shut up. she’s sleeping.”

they rolled their eyes,”you’re so whipped, dude.”

“how can i be whipped if she’s got a boyfriend?” he asked the blonde haired boy who had spoken up before him.

“Tom, what are you talking about?” Harrison had asked, utterly confused. the blonde then put the pieces together, his mouth forming into an ‘o’ shape.

“did she not tell you?” he asked, Jacob sat back, enjoying the juicy drama unfolding in front of him. 

“uhh, no.” Tom asked confused as well. 

“he cheated on her and she caught him and she dumped him.” he said,”it was a rough time. i thought she had talked to you about it, but i guess i was the only one.”

Tom looked down at the angel sleeping upon him. how could someone so cruel hurt such an amazing human being like her? she was so genuine, so kind, funny, smart, elegant. his heart broke for her.

“wait, so Tom, you can date her!” Jacob perked up, Harrison nodded in agreement. the two of them had wanted the both of them to get together since he first mentioned he liked y/n. 

“no, no, no.” Tom said,”i’m not ruining a friendship.”

“Tom, mate, she literally likes you! you can’t see it?” asked Harrison. Tom raised an eyebrow at his friend.

“she doesn’t, i highly doubt she’d like me.”

“Tom, you’re being so stubborn.” Harrison rolled his eyes,”she literally told me a month ago that she liked you, mate. and she’s finally single. there should be nothing holding you back!”

right then, he felt his heart stop. the world around him stopped spinning. the girl he wanted wanted him back. he felt a blush creep onto his cheeks as he looked down at her in his arms. he could already picture himself laying like that with her forever.

“you’re not playing with me, right?” he asked his best friend. 

“no, dude, why would i lie about that?” he asked. Tom smiled.

“i’m finally getting something i’ve always wanted.” he said. his two friends smiled at the scene in front of them, finally happy for their friends. 

the two finally walked into the house after a long day. she looked tired as she had just woken up from her nap about 2 hours ago, but inside she was bubbling with energy.

“so, anything new and exciting happen?” he asked, starting up a conversation.

she wanted to tell him what happened, but she didn’t know how, so for now, it was her’s and Harrison’s little secret.

or so she thought.

“pretty good,” she lied, in reality, it was hell on earth without him back in London,”how about things here? all well?”

he nodded,”you still with your boyfriend?”

her heart went to her throat. she didn’t want to lie to him about her ex forever, but if she told him what happened, it might be worse.

“uh-” she started,”uhm, a-actually, we broke up a while ago.” 

Tom gave a look of sympathy,”oh, damn. i’m sorry.”

no he’s not. he’s glad that she dumped that no good asshole.

“eh, he’s an asshole. i guess i just finally came to my senses about him.”

he nodded as she put him in the spotlight,”how about you, Holland? got a lucky girl to call your own?”

he laughed,”uhm, no actually, no girlfriend.”

se pulled her eyebrows together,”how come?”

he shrugged,”just haven’t found anyone worth the while. plus, i’ve kind of got my sights set on someone else already.”

she raised her eyebrows as she felt her heart shatter, the man she loves just said he liked someone and she knew it would never be her.

“but, my real question is, why didn’t you tell me?” he asked, she looked at him confused.

“what are you talking about?”

“why did you never tell me you liked me?”

her eyes widened as shock ran through her body. she immediately tensed up.

“who-who said that?”


i’m so killing him, she thought.

“no, no, okay, i don’t like you.” she stumbled on her words as a smirk tugged at his lips,”and if i did, i dont want to ruin my friendship with you.”

he made his way to where she was standing at the island. his body pressed against hers as a gasp escaped her lips.

“trust me, darling.” he said, his face so close to hers that she could feel his minty breath. his lips hovered over hers, only driving her crazy.

“what do you say, love? let’s risk it and ruin the friendship?” 

his lips grazed over hers before she couldn’t take it anymore. she reached up and grabbed his neck, her mouth meeting his as he wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her back with just as much love and passion.

and that’s where it all started.

introduction    part I    

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a bedtime story

“Shush shush now, I’m trying to tell a story.”

Emma squirms, her body shaking as she laughs happily from the very pit of her belly. 

Killian rests his warm hand against the exposed skin of her middle. There’s only the slightest curve there, a brand new exciting development in the growth of their child.

Killian’s hair brushes against her cheek as he leans in close and he strokes the bump affectionately.

Her heart swells with adoration. Seeing how excited he is about the baby brings her more joy on a daily basis than anything. It’s nearly heartwarming enough for her to forgive the other less desirable changes her body’s gone through thus far in the pregnancy.

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A Pair of Arms Means Love, Seven Means Home - Everyone/Everyone

Pairing: Poly-Relationship Between All the Losers

Word Count: 2515

Request: It wasn’t one. This one goes out to my Familosers. I love you guys.


It starts with Bill and Eddie.

One day they’re pals, sophomores in highschool, pushing each other into the quarry, and cracking jokes together in between class with the rest of the Losers. Then suddenly the next day they’re holding hands, trading kisses between classes when they get the chance, still cracking jokes with the other Losers. No one actually brings it up. It’s a progression of something that really, to everyone, seems like a long time coming. So there isn’t anything for the others to question.

Even Richie, who feels a spark of something (hurt, jealousy, desire) doesn’t say anything about it. Not even when his hands want to shake at seeing the two boys together.

It seems natural that he’s the first one to be added to Bill and Eddie’s thing. (Even they hadn’t really talked about what they were to any full extent.)

They’re down at the water’s edge, Eddie in Bill’s lap, their feet in the shallows while the others swim. The others aside from Richie, who’s skulking further up the shore, leaned against a tree with a cigarette dangling from his lips. He’s been like that for the month and half that Bill and Eddie have been whatever they are and really, Eddie is done with it, has been since the first week.

He doesn’t like hurting Richie and for a while, he didn’t know how to make it better but now that it’s been nearly six weeks of his best friend moping around and pretending like he isn’t, Eddie Kaspbrak is done. He’s come up with a potential solution. Eddie twists around in Bill’s lap, feet dripping water onto the other boy’s jeans. Bill looks down while Eddie looks up.

“I’m gonna go kiss Richie,” while it’s said like a statement Bill knows that, essentially, Eddie is asking for his permission. Bill’s lips quirk into a genuine smile and he nods.


Eddie is sure that if it were any other person he was in a maybe relationship with they’d break up with him in a second, but Bill isn’t like that, if he said okay, then he meant okay. Eddie nods and extracted himself from Bill’s lap, suddenly the picture of five foot four determination as he strode over to the boy. Bill watches, getting to his own feet and strolling over at a slower pace, as Eddie knocks the cigarette from Richie’s mouth and grabs the collar of his shirt in two tight fists. Richie had looked both pissed and scared that he was going to get decked for no reason.

He wasn’t expecting for Eddie to yank him down into a kiss. It doesn’t last too long, mostly because by the time Richie realizes what’s going on and that he is, in fact, kissing Eddie back he realizes he’s kissing Eddie back. Eddie, who is, from what everyone has gathered, going steady with Bill. Richie yanks himself harshly from Eddie’s hold, eyes snapping to Bill who was finally standing beside the shorter boy. Richie opens his mouth to apologize, because wow he does not want to lose Bill as a friend because Eddie had apparently lost his marbles, only to be promptly stopped when Bill leans forward and places his own, softer kiss, on Richie’s mouth, and oh, Richie thinks that he understands now.

This too comes as no real surprise to the others so it also goes unmentioned when Bill and Eddie become Bill, Eddie, and Richie.

Eddie is worried they’ll have to make rules and talk about things now and then it might all be awkward but is pleasantly surprised when Richie simply steps into the little crevices in his and Bill’s relationship he hadn’t even noticed before.

A month goes by and then Stan is next to be brought into the fold.

It’s not until Bill is tucked between Eddie and Richie on his too small bed does he bring up something that’s been on his mind for the last week or so. Eddie had made it seem so easy when he’d looked up at Bill with his big brown doe eyes and stated that he was going to kiss Richie.

The room is draped in comfortable, post make-out silence, with Eddie’s head under Bill’s chin and Richie’s arms throw over the both of them, he being the tallest of the three. Bill breaks the calm with a stuttering confession.

“S…sometimes I th-think ab-bout kis…sing S-Stan.” Bill’s waiting for things to get awkward after the whisper is past his slightly puffy lips. It doesn’t come. All Eddie does is hum something close to an agreement into his chest and snuggle in deeper, Richie’s breath tickles Bill’s ear when his says “that’s hot,” and pulls both of the boys closer to him. Bill is so frightening revealed that both boys know him so well, that they know it’s not because he doesn’t /want/ them in any way, or that he wants something new. They both know that Bill just has too much of his heart to give (and that sometimes he can get lonely at night when Richie and Eddie, who live close together, can spend them together.)

It’s also the fact that Eddie finds Stan attractive in the way that he’s meticulous and organized, he likes the way his shirts are always crisp and seem to fit perfectly. Eddie also likes Stan’s long legs and sharp humor. Richie has thought about tangling his hands in Stan’s hair and making his curls a mess. He’s also wondered what it would be like to place a kiss on his cheek in the hall and see some of the kids he knows who have a crush on Stan look on with envy.

By the end of the week, once Bill has asked, hesitantly, if Stan might be interested in joining whatever the hell they are at this point, Richie get’s to do just that. Bill had been worried that Stan would only want to be dating him and not the other two as well. When Stan kisses him good morning at the bike racks and moves on to do the same with Eddie and Richie as well he feels happier than he had been when Stan first agreed.

Bill is sure that now that there are four of them they’re going to have to talk about it more seriously. Stan never really brings it up though, just starts holding hands with whichever three are closest to him, sometimes two at one time, walking with them to classes and dropping kisses on their lips before leaving like they all do. Stan does it in a rotation because aside from first and fourth period his classes are on the other end of the school from everyone else.

The Losers, while completely accepting are a bit more surprised with the addition of Stan, more for the fact that he’s willing to be in a relationship that involves Richie than anything else. Stan told them, almost tonelessly, that while yes, he and Richie bicker and he thought that his jokes were tasteless he didn’t like him any less than Bill or Eddie. No one ever questions it again after that.

The four are surprised when Mike is the next to wheedle his way into their relationship, but really, none of them are complaining in the slightest. It was a subtle integration.

It happens the night the four of them are watching a movie in Bill’s converted basement. It’s a date night, they’re all sprawled against each other, kissing occasionally, tickling more often than not (Richie had caught Eddie’s elbow to the ribs for that one.) Everything is normal for them when the sound of Bill’s doorbell ringing. They all get up to answer it. Mike stands on the other side, hands tucked into the front of his jeans, looking almost bashful under the porch light of the Denbrough house.

“Mind if I join you guys?” At the time, none of them had thought anything of it and agreed, welcoming Mike into Bill’s house with open arms. They all descended back into the basement. Stan was sure that the newcomer was going to sit in the lazy boy that had been unoccupied for the majority of the night but he didn’t. Instead, once everyone else was back to where they had been before (Richie and Bill twined together on the couch, Stan and Eddie sitting in front of it, fingers interlocked) Mike places himself next to Stan and in front of Richie, but not enough that his vision of the screen was disturbed.

After the film resumes and was playing for a bit Mike carefully slings his arm over Stan’s shoulders, fingers brushing the nape of Eddie’s neck enough to make him shiver slightly. The next day at school Mike carries Richie’s books to class for him, and after lunch, on his Bill and Stan’s way to fourth period he takes Bill’s unoccupied hand in his. By that time the four realize that when Mike had asked “mind if I join you guys,” he hadn’t just meant for the movie.

After three days when Mike has yet to kiss any of them Stan thinks it might be time to actually talk about “rules,” for the five of them.

The discussion ends with Mike explaining that while he definitely has romantic feelings for them he isn’t sure about anything more intimate, the idea just not very appealing to him. Most, aside from Stan, are surprised by the revelation but it was decided that kisses on cheeks were acceptable for giving and receiving on Mike’s end, anything else was to be determined at the boy’s own discretion. It did nothing to change the fact they were now a group of five and Mike had shown his relief by treating them to ice-cream.

Richie decides that Mike is now his favorite boyfriend because of it. (Everyone knows that there really are no favorites which is why, ultimately, the relationship works.)

Ben and Beverly are the only two left. They’re already in a relationship and have been since before Billy and Eddie became a thing. That’s why Bill is sure that the evaluation of the Losers club is complete and everyone is in their place.

When Bev comes to him with Ben in tow one day, just Bill on his own (the other three in the process of getting picked up by Mike in his pickup) he’s not expecting her to say what she does.

“I want to date you guys,” Bill can feel his eyes widen because right away he’s willing to say yes, no matter how in love he is with his four wonderful boyfriends (because he is) he’s also in love with Bev, and, Bill’s eyes wander to her boyfriend, Ben as well. Bill loves all of them, deeply in a way that doesn’t allow just friendship to dwell. But Ben looks mildly nervous, like there’s something he wants to say but doesn’t know how. Bill says it for him. Because he knows Ben, and he knows that someone has to.

“B-But B-Ben’s not g-gay.” Because what it comes down to, really the heart of the issue, is that if Bev wants to date Bill and everyone else, Bill won’t let her do it without Ben coming along. It wouldn’t seem right. Ben almost sighs with the release of tension, like the statement was welling up inside and only now that it was brought up could they really address it.

“I’m not,” he starts out, more confident than Bill’s ever really seen him (at least without a pen and paper in hand), “but the truth is, I do, kinda, love you guys,” he looks at Bev who’s holding his hand for reassurance, then he looks back to Bill, “all of you.” And Bill sighs as well, because good Ben feels it too, the deepness in his heart that can’t just be filled with only one of the Losers. Maybe with all of them, it can be.

New “rules” are brought up at the quarry that night while they relax, feet dipping into the rapidly cooling water. Eddie and Stan love Bev, forever they promise, but sexually they just aren’t into women at all, unlike Bill and Richie, so while light pecks on the mouth are alright and more than welcome anything more intimate will be left to the boys (aside from Mike and Ben of course). After it’s established that Ben is more than willing to cuddle and hold hands with the others (much like Mike is) there isn’t anything else to really talk about and everything is good.

Richie can’t help but think that everything is complete and in a moment of actual maturity, states as such, earning him a kiss from Stan and Bev alike.

So yes, it starts with Bill and Eddie, but it ends a bit differently.

It ends with a lazy Saturday night, a group of seven people in love crammed in the converted basement of their boyfriend’s house. The lazy boy goes completely unused because if someone is sitting there then they aren’t all together, connected by crossed limbs and tangled fingers.

They’re all on the floor, blankets and pillows spilling from the puddle of people they make. Bill is resting his back against the front of the couch, Stan’s back against his chest as he sits between his legs, Bill loves running his fingers through Stan’s curls so that’s what he does. Mike is beside Bill with Bev on his other side, she’s got one of his hands in her, fixing his nails (which are often a wreck after working on the farm), Eddie is laying across their laps, feet on top of Bev’s legs while his head rests on Stan’s thighs. Ben in on the couch, laying so that he can reach Bev’s hair, braiding little sections that have grown longer than other and Richie is laying with his head on Eddie’s stomach, something they all know the smallest boy with complain about later on which will cause Richie to stretch out across him instead and tip the careful balance of bodies they’ve managed. They know it’ll happen, and when it does they know they’ll laugh, and share kisses and rearrange into a new coordination until they fall asleep one by one. Safe in the little nest they’ve made of each other’s hearts and arms.

legendarybane  asked:

i'll take uhhhhh number 27 with malec, extra gay?

this is a good one omg (extra gay always) (under a cut bc it’s p long or on ao3)

27. “Tell me again.”

They’re curled together in bed, and it’s late enough that Magnus has already tried to say goodnight twice. Alec is awake, in the way he gets sometimes, where even though his body is completely lax against Magnus’s he can’t quite get his brain to shut down. In the year they’ve lived together, Magnus has learned that it’s better to let him talk until he calms down than to try and force it. Besides, he tends to say sweet things when he’s like this, and neither of them has anywhere to be early in the morning.

“You ever think about the stars?” Alec says, voice heavy with sleep and yet still animated. “Half the ones we can see burned out ages ago. Before you were born, even. But they burned for so long and so far away that we’ll still see their light for hundreds of years? Does the night sky look very different than when you were a boy?”

Magnus chuckles. “Not that I’ve noticed? Though you can see a lot less in New York City, of course.”

“By the angel,” Alec says, as though he’s been hit by a revelation. “There must have been almost no light pollution when you were a kid. That’s so many stars.”

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There’s so much about Lotor that we don’t know.. 

How old is he? Was he born after Zarkon & Honerva became quintessence zombies, or before? 

I don’t think he has seen Allura face to face…… I’m not sure if he knows about her being alive, actually? 

Do they have history together from before? This would depend on whether he was actually born that long ago, though. 

Speaking of which, how long is a Galra’s lifespan anyways? We know that Zarkon & Haggar are 10,000+ years old because of quintessence, but what about the average Galra? 

Does Lotor know that Haggar used to be Honerva? 

Also. Also!! He knew that his mom was Honerva right? So, like. What does that mean? Does that mean Zarkon told him about her? Or does that mean that he was born when Haggar was still Honerva (aka before they became quintessence zombies) and he still has some memories of her?  

Also, does he know that he’s part Altean? or just that he’s a half-breed? 

What was his childhood like…. with them as parents….? 

Can he…. shapeshift? Seeing as he’s part Altean? (If all Alteans have that ability, that is.)

What did he do to get exiled in the first place?? 

What was he planning on doing with all of that quintessence? 

What is he thinking?? 

Dating Richie Tozier and Wearing Glasses

Hi hi hello!! Can you do some headcanons as to what it’d be like to be dating richie tozier and wear glasses? (As in both richie and the reader need glasses) if not that’s cool!!

these are wayyy shorter than my other headcannons sorrrryyyyyy requests are open btw :)))

  • ok first off, he would love the fact that you and him both had glasses
  • him taking yours off and trying them

“holy shit (y/n) you’re more blind than i am”


“richie, your glasses are thicker than ben’s thighs”


  • when you’re both not wearing your glasses, you squint at  the shit you can’t see together
  • all of the losers make fun of you two for doing this btw

“my favorite blind couple”

“(y/n) how do you eve know if richie is attractive to you? you can’t even see him”

  • you can see richie just fine
  • & he can see you just fine
  • y’all just have to squint sometimes when you’re not wearing you glasses
  • awwwwww sometimes when you guys would try and kiss, your glasses would bump into each other and y’all become a mess of giggling nerds
  • if anyone ever tried to make fun of you for your glasses, richie would actually beat the shit out of them
  • there is a 20% y’all would have matching ones, but i doubt it hahaha
  • he would take your glasses off when he wanted to see your eyes better
  • because ‘your eyes are the prettiest thing ever’
  • hiS gLassES WouLd FoG uP wHen HeS bLUShinG AWAwwawaAwAw

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god i love winn wolfhard

My two cents on FTWD

I don’t understand how everyone is so upset. Troy was the most interesting character on the show how can people ignore that? Just seeing him as “an attractive white boy” is ridiculous and whats even more ridiculous is calling fans of his character racist. Jake was beautiful… but he was also boring and white as hell.

But for a POC that type of character criticism doesn’t change either. It’s all about personality, Chris became a stagnant psychopath and he became kinda bland to me, but not from what his skin color was? And on the contrary Travis and Ophelia were also POC and I wish we could have seen more of them because I think they could have had really badass character arcs. And while Madison is the absolute worst person I want to see on screen now. I will forever love strand and Daniel. Alicia is obviously awesome and I just can’t wait to see more of this Diana character.

Also Nick (frank dillane) is biracial??? He’s like the best/most obsessed over character on FTWD (besides Alicia)


#Troy was racist but loving him as a character on a fake tv show does not also make his fans racist… this isn’t real life folks, this is televison made for entertainment. It’s about interpreting the art within that, not the hate

So how can people totally ignore the incredible underlying story metaphor here? About the Americans coming in to take the Native Americans land. In the end it was that it WAS TROYS HOME AND MADISON CAME AND TOOK IT FROM HIM

Hello. The irony makes me want to cry. Troys ancestors took Takas ancestors’ homeland with death and violence and this season showed how history repeats itself

Madison wanted the cliche “American dream” and Troy just wanted his homeland back for his people

#this land is your land, this land is my land

#I really hope Troy isn’t dead and one day comes back for Nick because their relationship was the most powerfully intimate dynamic I’ve seen in a while romantic or not

Look at them. Magnets of psychotic light and mad darkness #holy cow im so emo I’ll stop now

Preview to “Holding Out For a Paladin”

This is only the first chapter for story on Archive enjoy which luckily I can post on my phone!


“Where have all the good men gone, and where are all the gods?”


Sirens are blaring through the ship as the Paladins of Voltron run through the halls. Sentries following them as Lotor’s Generals lead them like a pack of wolves.

“This way!”

“Come on we need to hurry!”

“Coran, is the escape pod ready?!”

“Waiting for you in the Hanger!”

With hurried steps the Paladins find the Hanger as Lance looks to see the sentries and the generals following closely behind. He looks to see the others getting the members to quickly enter the escape pod. Lance looks back to see the sentries and generals are still coming quickly.

Lance growls annoyed as he demands, “Everyone in! I’ll try to see if I can hold them back!”

“Wait Lance! No! Everyone is almost in,” argues Allura as she shows another alien into the pod. When she looks up she sees Lance already leaving the group. “Pidge, Hunk please help him.”

“On it Allura!” agrees Pidge as Hunk nods.

They exit out the door as they try to hold back the sentries though it’s not enough. Lance looks as there’s still more aliens as he says, “Go! I’ll finish this off!”

“But-,” starts Hunk before suddenly both him and Pidge are pushed into the escape pod as Lance sees some aliens go in, but the sentries and generals are closer.

Lance looks back at his team as he takes a deep breath as he forms his rifle shots the escape pod’s door keypad as the doors begin to close quickly.

Hunk wondering what’s taking Lance so long looks up to see take the shot as he yells, “Lance! What are you doing?!”

His shout brings the attention of the others as they take a sharp intake of breath wondering what could possibly going through his mind right now.

“Lance! You idiot! Hurry up!”

“Get in here!”

“You can still make it!”

The shouts and pleas for him to go through that door went quiet in his ears as he looks at the the door. He couldn’t possibly fit through but something can. He looks down at the Red Bayard… Keith’s Bayard.

He looks at the Team as they try to rush to keep the door open as he says, “I’m sorry.”

He looks away can’t baring to look at of any of their faces as he throws the Bayard in the pod. He hears the pod flying away with the muffled yells and cries of his teammates as he looks to see the generals look at him with amused looks as Acxa grabs his wrists and forces him in a kneeling position as he hears footsteps.

Blue meets Yellow as Lotor greets with devilish smile, “Greetings, Blue Paladin… I believe we haven’t been properly introduced.”

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I ship Jaune and Pyrrha.

Pyrrha: You wouldn’t be the first person to say that.

Jaune: After what happened at the dance, everyone pretty much assumes we’re a couple now.

Pyrrha: We’ve also been spending a lot more time together, beyond training sessions, that is, so people see us out and about…

Jaune: … and think we’re on dates, yeah.

Pyrrha: He keeps taking me to the movies–

Jaune: You’d never seen a Spruce Willis movie, okay! That was a crime.

Pyrrha: You say that like most of them haven’t been romcoms.

Jaune: I – well, yeah, you like romcoms, I’m not gonna make you go to action movies just so I can watch stuff blow up, we’ve got Nora and Yang for that.

Nora: They’ve also been going out to lunch together every Saturday. Alone. Just the two of them.

Jaune: Get out of here, this is our ask.

Nora: I’m just saying.

Pyrrha: A bit more like brunch, considering all our sleep schedules, but yes. We have been going out fairly regularly.

Jaune: I mean… okay, look. We’re partners, right? Equals. And the whole first term, we were just focusing on me all the time – my self-esteem issues, my training, my crush on Weiss – and I was so focused on what was going on in my life that I totally missed everything that was going on with you. I had no idea how lonely and isolated you were feeling, and I just… it was really unfair to you, and that’s not the kind of thing I want to miss, ever again. I want to be there for you when you need me, and just. I don’t know. Make you happy.

Pyrrha: You’re too good to me, Jaune.

Jaune: No, I’m not. I’m not good enough. You deserve the world, Pyrrha. And a much better partner than me.

Pyrrha: No. I wouldn’t want anybody else.

Nora: Oh my gosh, I swear to dust if you two don’t start dating yesterday I’m going to puke.

[tell me who you ship JNPR with]

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How about number 76 for Harry/Hermione?

I’m sorry, I think of these two as siblings… but here we go. It’s more of a friendship thing.

76. “I need you to pretend we’re dating…”

“Could you please repeat that?” Harry asks blankly.

“I need you to pretend we’re dating,” Hermione repeats.

Harry nods slowly, trying to figure out how to gently break it to her that she may want to ask Ron. Then he remembers that Ron is with Lavender, a fact that he doesn’t particularly like to think about due to the images his mind supplies him with. So much spit.

“Okay,” he says. “Why?”

“McLaggen,” she says exasperatedly. “And Smith. And-” She recites a list of ten names, some of them Harry has never heard of and at least one of which is a Slytherin. Which, ew.

“I see. Can you write them down for me?”

“Of course. Does that mean you’ll do it?” Hermione asks, looking hopeful.

“No.” Harry studies the list of names, comitting them to memory. “I won’t need to,” he continues grimly. “Hey, have you seen Hedwig? I’m going to write a letter to Fred and George.”

If it’s gotten so bad that Hermione of all people is asking for help, then clearly drastic measures have to be taken.

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I seriously can't get over kookie's smile when jimin ran to bow again with them! He even smiled before turning to Jimin, the love in his eyes and his huge smile really made my heart warm. I don't even care what they are now because whatever bond they share is just so beautiful ❤️

he looked so cute when he turned towards jimin. his smile was so big and it was just :))) so cute like i love them.  like, i could legit just see the love shooting out of his eyes as he looked at jimin and smiled at him all soft like.

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I see a lot of punk Richie but what about pastel Richie who wears pristine white converse and baby pink sweaters that reach mid thigh where as Stan is this big tall punk boy who has an aura of touch me and I’ll hurt you, most of the time is in flannel and leather jackets carting his small pastel boyfriend on his back so he can keep his shoes clean bonus points if Stan has like two pastel flannels that he bought specifically for Richie to steal after he’s worn them for a few days

hey anon are you some kind of god bc ya got me cryin in the club rn this is perfect

big scary boy stan is honestly something to live for??? after The Incident he overcorrects himself and he looks GOOD so nobody really complains because hes still sweet enough to his friends. richie is tiny and soft and lovely and he has stan wrapped around his finger like hot damn if you want stan to do anything ask richie to ask him.

richie’s sweater paws make stan melt. when he’s drunk he cries about his tiny pastel bf and the illusion of scary boy stan is gone (but it’s fine because Loving Boyfriend Stan is a much nicer truth to the I’ll Hurt You lie)

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NTAMW tells you that you two will have sex in the future without any doubt on his mind. tells you he is gonna have your children and already has names for them (all of this regardless of you already being in a relationship with a girl). ntam that tells you gay relationships do not count and can by definition not be cheated on. ntamw buys you very girly clothes you expressed to dislike cause he doesnt like yours. ntam that tells you you wanted it cause he could see you smile (nta fucking psycho)

Holy shit. This guy sounds dangerous. He is completely ignoring your boundaries, and your own agency/autonomy. Acting like your choices, thoughts, opinions, and own life don’t matter. I agree, what a fucking psycho.

It’s not odd for concept art not to look just like the final product.

Demo was conceptualized as some white ginger dude

and pyro looked like an old man.

Engie almost had some kinda mechanical exosuit thing.

Isn’t that awesome? Personally, this is the engie cosmetic I’d love to see in game. But I can do without it. And I don’t hear anyone crying because pyro isn’t an old man or because demo isn’t a ginger. Because those are changes we really don’t need.

We don’t need them revamped. I like demo the way he is, and I have the same stance on Overwatch’s Mercy.

(Though I would love to see the mercy concept art guy become his own character. And I still sorta wish Engie had the mech suit as a cosmetic.)

I see you, Bryan

So, in Star Trek Discovery there’s a dude obsessed with the cross-universe connections made by fungi. He’s called Stammets.

One can only assume he’s a descendant of the serial killer obsessed with connections made by fungi in ‘Hannibal’, also called Stammets.

Add Michael searching for the truth about 'the Ripper’ and I guess we must just wait and pray for them to resurrect Beverly Katz via transporter or something, like c'mon she’d be AWESOME in Starfleet…

A snapshot

Liam and Theo becoming really good friends after the war, spending a lot of time together and they even go to the same college after graduating high school, moving in together, all that jazz. But Theo has this crush on Liam that gets stronger and stronger every day and he knows Liam just sees him as a friend and Theo ignores it at first, thinking his crush will go away, but it just gets painful and far more than just a crush after a while. Because Liam grew up and he’s not the baby beta anymore, he likes to meet people and he likes to flirt with people, go on dates with them, have sex with different people and to see that just hurts Theo more and more.

He gets jealous, can’t keep his snippy comments to himself more and more, and they get into a big fight about this one day. Liam doesn’t understand what is wrong with his friend and they yell at each other, cuss and scream, until Theo’s shoulders sag and he looks at Liam all hopeless and sad, letting out a “Why don’t you want me? Why am I not good enough for you?” in a complete broken voice because Theo can’t be strong anymore and pretend everything is okay. He’s tired. He knows it will destroy their friendship but he just can’t fake it anymore. 

Liam looks at him, completely frozen in shock, and Theo’s shoulders hunch even more because he knows that’s it, so he turns around and walks out of the room, right into his own room where he grabs his bag and starts packing some things. He will get the other things after he found an apartment on his own, he will only take the bare necessities. Space is what he needs.

 He doesn’t even realize he’s crying while packing until suddenly Liam bursts into the room, wide-eyed and frantic, and he grabs Theo’s bag and yanks it away from him to stop him from packing and then yells at Theo that he can’t go. That he needs Theo and he can’t let him leave. Liam’s actually begging at the end, crying too, and Theo knows he should leave, protect his own heart, but he hears the way Liam’s heart races in his chest and the way his breathing quickens and how he shakes and he realizes Liam is close to a full-blown panic attack, so he wraps his arms around Liam to stop him from panicking completely and that’s when Liam really breaks down, hysterical crying and still begging Theo not to leave. 

They sink to the floor and Theo desperately tries to console Liam but he is at his wit’s end because he never saw Liam like this before. An angry Liam he can handle, but this hysterical Liam is something he never expected to happen. He is scared something will happen to Liam because he’s still panicking and breathing so fast, so Theo just holds him. “Liam, you need to breathe! Breathe, Liam!” He mutters over and over again and finally Liam calms down, his breathing slows down but he’s still weeping and then he raises his head and looks at Theo, grabbing his face to keep him right there, again begging him not to leave. “You can’t leave! You can’t leave me alone. I’m sorry I didn’t love you enough, I’m sorry I couldn’t make you feel all the love I have for you. I’m sorry you didn’t see how head over heels I am for you.” He says over and over again because it’s clearly his fault Theo thinks Liam doesn’t want him. He wasn’t clear enough, he didn’t give away how hard he fell for Theo years ago and that he loved him all those years.

Theo stares at him, trying to figure out how Liam means it, if he’s just saying it to keep Theo, but he can’t hear any lie and when he finally look at Liam’s face again, into his eyes, he sees the truth; he sees what fools they both had been for not realizing they love each other and thinking their love was not reciprocated. 

Theo kisses him right then and there. It’s messy and ugly because they are both still crying and too riled up to actually settle for a real kiss but it sparks something inside them both and they wrap their arms around each other afterward and just hold each other until finally moving to the bed after what feels like hours. They fall asleep wrapped around each other, with Theo’s bag still tossed on the floor and the curtains still open but they just care about each other.

When they wake up a few hours later its dark out there and they just lay in bed and look at each other for a while, until Liam smiles softly. “I love you.” He whispers and Theo smiles back. “I love you too.” He whispers back and they kiss each other again, soft and sweet this time, without any tears. When they pull apart, Liam chuckles. “Can this be our real first kiss?” He asked and Theo nods with a happy laugh before pulling Liam into his arms, not intending to let him go ever again. Liam raised his head and they kiss again and again and again; small and sweet kisses who steadily get longer and more intimate by every passing second. Hands slip under t-shirts, wander over soft skin and worship the other’s body before clothes finally get shed, lips travel and they have sex for the first time ever. No, not having sex, they make love, slow and intimate, with whispered “I love you”’s and when they finally curl together after reaching their high they both are happier than ever before. They drift off to sleep, arms wrapped around each other and legs tangled together.

Morning comes and they decide to skip classes and call in sick for work just so they can stay in bed and cuddle and map out each other’s bodies like they always wanted to. 

Their carefully constructed timelines don’t seem to ever make any sense. I wish they would share because I’m very confused how they said it is 2017 in Hyperion Heights. I know time works differently in these realms, but if season 6 ended and it was around 2015 or so, then how can only 2 years have passed? Henry grew old enough to leave home. Even if he aged really quickly in that new realm like Gideon, it should still be later than 2017. And then there’s having Lucy and she has to age too. Again, she may have aged very quickly. But I think the timeline needs to be cleared up and quickly.

Makes me wonder if they aren’t answering this question because we will see CS’s child grown at some point. Maybe it’s also their way of saying they couldn’t show us a flash forward of them with their baby because it’s possible it hasn’t been born yet. So somehow Lucy could have been conceived, been born and aged to about 9/10 in that realm, but Emma not have even give birth yet. Makes complete sense.

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Instead of the Ooc mess that was half of season 7 and that crappy ass season Jackie goes off to college with Donna headcanons ?

  • Jackie would be worried for her relationship with Hyde since he would be staying in Point Place and she is not sure if she can deal with NOT seeing him every day. Donna is always assuring her everything will be fine and being away from their boys will make a) their relationships growth, b) make them more independent.
  • They share a small apartment and it’s a mess because Jackie doesn’t like doing chores and who told you Donna is any good at it? What she is good at, is cooking, so at least they won’t be dying in that matter.
  • Every time Eric and/or Hyde goes to see them, Kitty sends them like a box of food.
  • Bob calls every day and it annoys the hell out of Donna, but the day he doesn’t call, she is worried sick and Jackie is laughing her ass off.
  • Jackie is The Best™ at administrating money, so Donna lowkey lets her check the bils and pay them. Slowly, she gets to help Donna manage her money because the first time she got her paycheck/money from her dad, she kinda spend it on shit she didn’t actually need.
  • “Let’s get a kitten!” “Donna, we can barely pay the rent!”, they eventually do get a cat. Jackie lives thinking on the day they’ll have to move away, thinking on who will take their Piper (see what I did there? ah? ah?)
  • So Hyde gets Jackie a kitten, too. But then she worries her Lily (see what i did there again? aaah? aaaaaaaaah?) will want to stay with Donna or what. Hyde wants to die.
  • They never got to Point Place during finales. It costed Eric to understand, so he went visit without saying anything and had a big fight with Donna (and Jackie, who really just wants to study). Hyde basically ties him during finales so he will let the girls alone.
  • Sometimes, Hyde stays for entire weeks and Donna looks at him like, “Bitch, get out” and teases him saying that, “Now that you are a boss, you get to be lazy, how does it feel to become exactly what you hated the most?” “FUCKING NICE, BITCH, SEE ME MAKE MONEY AND GET TO STAY WITH MY CHICK WITHOUT HAVING TO GET MY ASS TO PHYSICALLY WORK”, until WB lowkey tells him he better have those books and so in order or so help him, God.
  • He does, tho. That’s what Donna hates the most.
  • She envies him, let’s be honest.
  • Bob cries when they gradute and poses with Jackie for her family picture since her mom is away and her dad is in jail. She also takes a picture with the Formans and with the Barnetts.
  • Hyde’s grandma makes an aparition from time to time, most times without even telling Hyde, which kinda makes him mad because yOU ARE MY GRANDMA, IZZY, COME ON. But she just adores Jackie so much, oh boy.
  • Midge sends them letters like if they were in Europe or something.
  • When Donna does go to Europe with a scholarship, Hyde stays all that time with Jackie and starts administrating WB’s store in Madison that lowkey becomes his. Again.
  • Jackie is the best Nurse™ when you have a cold and Donna is so surprised, it makes her cry.
  • Eric and Hyde fear going to visit when they are in their periods, but it isn’t actually that bad. And you know what, Brooke gets them a copy of her period mix her moron and cute husband make her (see what i did there, too???????????)