not like he can see them

Trouble - Jughead Jones

ikkaylove said:

can i have a jughead imagine where he accidentally forgets our anniversary and i give him the silent treatment but then we make up in the end. (something like that)

Anonymous said:

Could I please request a Jughead imagine where the two of you get into a big fight and then make up afterwards with lots of fluff

Anonymous said:

DKSFWHER can u do fic where the reader finds out about jughead’s situation and convinces her/their parents to let him crash w/ them since he has nowhere else and,,, he’s just so, grateful and it’s just rlly fluffy bc he’s so lucky 2 have the reader (romantically or platonically, either is fine) ;0;

Originally posted by dailycwriverdale

Okay, I hope all of you were okay with me mixing these requests. As soon as I read them I had an idea, so let’s see if you like it!!!

Jughead : Y/N I’m sorry.

Jughead : Please answer me

Jughead : At least let me explain.

You watched as your phone screen continued to light up with texts from your boyfriend, Jughead Jones. You didn’t dare reply, you were still fuming about today. It was your one year anniversary as a couple and Jughead, he forgot about it. You felt a little petty that it annoyed you so much, but it was important. So important that, after school before he could go home, you found him and chewed him out for forgetting about it.

“What the Hell, Jones,” you had said, shocking your boyfriend. “What?” You had felt so much anger in that moment, you snapped. “You forgot about our anniversary!” Realization reached his eyes and he dropped his overloaded backpack to the ground. “I’m sorry Y/N, I just have,” You just shook your head, “yeah, I get it. You were too busy with something more important, probably your stupid novel. That’s fine Jughead.” You were about to turn around when you felt him grab your arm. “Y/N please just hear me out,” you simply pulled away from him. “Not now Jughead, I’ll call you later.” You had stormed away from him,  leaving him distraught.

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[.gif by @hilariesjeffrey]

This beautiful, sincere, real smile here is so important.

Carol was in tears over her family, over the fact that the Saviors came. She was kicking herself and blaming herself that she wasn’t there to protect them…

She starts hating herself in that moment and Daryl’s not having any of that. So not only does he lie and protect her from that grief and guilt - but he can’t bear seeing her in pain so much, that he tries to “lighten the mood” on top of that. Desperately, he tells a lame joke, teases her, and Carol just bursts into this full, genuine smile. And she giggles.

Her face hasn’t looked like this in ages. In fact, the last time her expression was one of this much real joy was:

[.gif by @benkylorensolo]

And yet again, that was all because of Daryl. Because he was showing her affection and love and she thought it was adorable. It warms her heart when Daryl expresses that he cares about her - in any way - and that is still true to this day.

Even with the bleak place she’s in now, even with everything she’s been through, even though she was trying to run from the very love he was showing her - Daryl can still make Carol smile and laugh.

Even when she’s sobbing and in pain, Daryl is capable of bringing out that smiling, giggling schoolgirl in her.

things you said too quietly

You think love should be loud.

You think love is fucking into walls and screaming at the top of your lungs and laughter, loud, uninhibited laughter that rings throughout the house for ages after it’s left your mouth.

Shawn thinks love should be quiet.

Shawn thinks love is whispers in the dark and wet kisses to the forehead and the sound of his t-shirt swishing in the middle of your thighs as you traipse around his house like you’ve lived there your whole life.

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Every last breath

Its the breathing thats getting to me. I imagine that every breath feels far more important after you’ve nearly died multiple times from losing it trapped in a car.

Robert’s strong inhale of breath when he sees Aaron in the boot. Its so long, deep and drawn out like he can’t quite believe this is happening. 

Aaron’s “Yeah” to Paddy is like a breathless whisper in Aaron’s throaty voice like a quick gasp of relief, that finally, he’s found happiness. A realization almost, so contrasting to his panic attack, its like a sigh almost. Far more alike to his promise of “Yeah” in answer to the proposal.

Robert and Aaron standing shoulder to shoulder in the backroom both breathing in and holding their breaths. Taking a moment to breathe the same air together and hold on to remind them that they are alive together. After the crash in ssw I imagine their breaths are precious to them, so they are going to spend every last breath in each others company. 

Silly Sportarobbie Headcanon
  • Robbie is very clingy when he sleeps.
  • We’re talking full-on vice-grip, legs and arms wrapped around whatever person/object is in bed with him.
  • Sportacus isn’t clingy at all, but he loves to sleep close to someone, just nuzzle right in next to their body-heat.
  • If he sees Robbie asleep, he will happily lay next to him and nuzzle straight into his chest.
  • This works perfectly for them most of the time since Robbie just octopus’ around Sportacus and Sportacus nuzzles right back into Robbie’s neck.
  • The only problem arises when Sportacus wants to leave the bed.
  • Sportacus cannot pry Robbie off of him
  • It’s not like he doesn’t have the heart to (he doesn’t)
  • He can’t.
  • This is one feat of strength that Robbie will always surpass Sportacus’ own

Okay so my dad has just come downstairs, had a half hour conversation with me in which he defended the validity of transformative works in general, extolled on why people who question the validity of fan works are full of shit, told me how cool he thinks it is that there are these communities that can bounce off, be inspired by, and communicate so thoroughly with each other (basically ‘the internet’s great you just couldn’t have done that x years ago—you’d’ve had to write letters and everything would have taken weeks’), and asked me to link him in to my fanfics because he’d like to read them and would be interested to see my interpretation of the HP world.

So yeah, basically, my dad is the fucking greatest and I love him so damn much and I am so very, very lucky 

And actually, he’s always really good with things like this. Like, I love sewing—it’s another one of my beloved hobbies, and there was this tv show in the UK for a few seasons called The Great British Sewing Bee, and I was obsessed with it, naturally. And he’d watch the programs with me, let me pause and explain things I thought were cool, he’d ask questions about it. Then one day we’d gone shopping bc he needed clothes, and he was looking inside the waistbands of all these trousers, looking at the hems, pointing out cool bits of construction, identifying whether or not things were well designed and put together or not, and he was like “Wow, I’d never thought about how much work went into making clothes before, but now I can really appreciate how complicated a piece of craftsmanship even simple things are, it’s amazing, I mean look at how they’ve finished off the edge of that waistband…”

Like… he just really pays attention, he’s really, genuinely interested, he’s always appreciative and supportive of my interests… and I just love him. A lot. I think I possibly have the best dad.

Ok so this is my venting post, I hope it doesn’t ends up being too long!

So… today was awful. I barely had any sleep last night, i was doing a hw that I didn’t even finished, the teacher didn’t even checked it herself, that was strike two.

I think the thing that really did this day so awful was my Physics class, you see… we have this teacher that, even tho he’ pretty cool and an amazing teacher, he can be… cluelessly cruel.

For example, he always tells me to look at him in the eyes while talking, and not to force them while doing so, for me,
is impossible, i feel eye contact pretty scary unless its someone like my best friend.

Today he got the great idea to make me go to the board in front of everyone and solve an excersice, an exercise about a topic i don’t know, with no notebook… My classmates started laughing at me, and they mocked me between their breath, never taking their eyes of me….

I got terrified, I had to scratch my arm to calm myself a little and avoid crying and getting an anxiety attack in front of everyone, of course they noticed, I scratched so hard my arm was red and I actually bleed a little….

After like 15 minutes of torture the teacher finally let me sit down, and I was trying so hard to not freak out and cry..

If i cried in front of them they would mock at me more…

I couldn’t explain my friends what was going on, they wouldn’t get it at best and they whole mock at me at worst…

My arm still hurts…

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You know, I don't really like Markiplier's content much, but I don't understand how people can hate him? I've never seen him be anything less that cordial to people, even when they treat him like shit. He seems like a really sweet guy.

well they’re only hating mark by proxy. most of the markiplier hate you see on tumblr the last couple of days is actually hate for him making a response video on pewdiepie trying to get the community to calm down, to make them realize that a couple of out of context jokes dont mean he’s a neonazi.

but fuck that right? he’s defending someone tumblr already made their minds on and who is clearly a neonazi. 

-Mod Gemini

#40 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “can you do something like enemies to lovers where Van’s an ass to you but he falls for you eventually”

Fleur was in love. It wasn’t a crush, it wasn’t puppy love, it was deep and unconditional and you were so goddamn happy for her. You’d waited your entire life for someone to look at your best friend and see her for everything she was. When she first introduced you to Larry, you were so relieved. He was kind and used manners, but was also bitingly funny. As you third wheeled with them sometimes you would watch the way he’d be aware of where Fleur was in the room. He’d keep an eye out for her and gravitate back towards her after only a few minutes. She’d be flipping through records, or ordering at the bar, and Larry would be there. A bubble formed around them and it had its own gravitational pull. It was the natural way of things then that you would meet Van McCann. Your new-found least favourite person in the entire world.

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If they end up babygate, will they end all the stunts or will they continue with El? what do you think? I don't see sense to continue because ending bg is like confirming that they were lying and people who believe in this some will stop believing and elonour will be in danger. (Sorry for my English)

Don’t worry, your English is great! If they push Elounor further as a relationship, I can see lasting maybe a few more weeks and then going with “they tried to make it work, but it didn’t”, if they just keep things based on articles and social media, I can see them saying he reached out to her and she helped him see the truth but though it’d be better to be just friends

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I understand you don't like William because of several things he did, but other characters like Isak (in season 1), Emma (outing isak) or Sonja (even if she apologised) did also very despicable things, and still you like them. So what's the difference?

The biggest reason is that everyone acknowledges that these characters did mistakes. The fans own up to it and the characters owned up to it (Emma should have apologised tho).
People dont romantise what these characters did like people do William. the characters themselves know they did wrong and most of them both apologised and developed from it. William didn’t change. Many of his stans don’t realise how he’s problematic at all. And also I can 100% understand why these characters did what they did, BUT i can still say that it wasn’t okay. I can understand why Isak screwed over Eva. I can understand why Emma didn’t see how outing Isak was terribly wrong. And I can DEFINITELY see why Sonja acted like she did because I know what it’s like being a human with emotions and feelings. I don’t condone their actions and I definitely don’t approve of them, but I understand them. Williams actions however? To me there were no reason for him to act like that, nothing to excuse it at all. He didn’t show any regret or development.

The second of 7 ways Otayuri decide to be cute af

Also on AO3 |

“Are you sure I’m doing this right?” Otabek frowned at the back of Yuri’s head.

“Sorry to break it to you, but I can’t see what you’re doing.”

Otabek looked over Yuri’s shoulder, to check the instructions in the YouTube video that was playing in front of them. Every few seconds, Yuri had to pause so Otabek had time to follow the instructions given.

“I told you I wasn’t any good at this.”

“And I told you I couldn’t do it myself.” Yuri winced slightly when Otabek pulled on his hair too hard.

Otabek mumbled an apology and continued braiding Yuri’s hair.

“And?” Yuri asked the moment Otabek was finished.

“It looks like shit.” He decided.

“Of course it looks like shit, this was only your first time. You’ll get better over time.” Yuri stood and walked over to the closest mirror. “You’re right, it does look like shit.” He turned his head a few times to look at his hair from different angles. “I like it.”

Otabek waved a hand at him. “Come back here, I want to redo it.”

Yuri thought about it. “No.”

Otabek rubbed his eyes. “I guess it’s my turn now, isn’t it?”

Yuri turned around, a big smile on his face. “I knew there was a reason you wanted to redo my braid.”

“Of course,” Otabek said slowly while eyeing the box that was overflowing with pins and clips.

Contrary to Otabek, Yuri didn’t need very long – or a tutorial – to decorate the dark hair with colorful accessories.

“You should definitely do this more often, it suits you.” Yuri looked at the final result of his doing.

Otabek sighed, but did check himself out in the mirror. “I expected worse to be honest.”

“See?” Yuri stood next to him, admiring both their reflections. “It definitely looks good on you.” He got a thoughtful look on his face before pulling out his phone. “I’ve got a great idea.”

“No you don’t.” Otabek tried to get away, but Yuri grabbed his arm.

“Yes I do.”

“Only if you don’t send it to anyone.”

“I promise.” Yuri grinned. “Only because you look so cute like this, I don’t want anyone else to see you like this.”

Otabek laughed. “You know I have an image to maintain.”

“As the ‘cool, dependable guy’ right? Don’t worry about it, everyone already knows you’re secretly a big softie.”

“Unlike you.”

Yuri winked at mirror-Otabek. “You know me. Now smile.”

what was the point of that video that’s circulating with the uglie cheater guy and the girl whose heart he broke like what was the purpose of that like i h8 that his face is a meme now bc i dont wanna see it like he truly had no remorse and she had so much love in her eyes and she was hurting so much and he was just v uncaring and unfazed like u could see the stark difference in their body language and my heart goes out to her honestly like that guy can go choke wallahi men like that are so undeserving of having the kind of love that women like her show them 

nothing’s ever shaken me quite like you (malec)

a might-have-been after the last malec scene in 2x07. begins right before the last kiss as alec is pushing magnus into the bedroom. read on ao3.

magnus stares at alec as alec walks them into his bedroom, the desire a clawing chasm around him. it reaches out to him from alec’s eyes. it is warm and devastating and the only feeling he wants to have ever again. he can see the great potential it has to ruin him; he can see the great potential it has to make him – and in so doing, ruin him.

this is terrifying, he thinks, wondering if alec can tell that he’s afraid. both this itself and the way i want it. but i want it.

so when alec kisses him again, he throws himself into the chasm, fear and all. he is willing to let the fear cease to matter for this.

they pass through the door, magnus only still on his feet because of alec’s unwavering hold. alec pulls back and magnus follows, eyes closed, lips parted, his weight against alec’s fists. alec’s grip loosens and magnus opens his eyes, swaying until he has his own balance again. grinning, alec pulls his shirt over his head, magnus’ hands falling to the waist of his jeans.

magnus curses under his breath, in the tongue of his mother, when alec is left barechested inches away.

“what?” alec murmurs. his voice is feverish but soft, a gentle hum. magnus could swear he’s gone incorporeal.

“nothing,” magnus trills, running one longing hand lightly up alec’s side, feeling faint. “i just need to. sit down? lie down? lie down.“

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Is it really wrong to ship Reylo? Am I problematic for shipping them? I just want to see two people accept each others flaws and realizing that they can't kill each other because they see their lives in each others eyes. I hate that they have this UST. I hate how Kylo look at Rey because it screams like he likes her not in a cousin way.. Please help me. I've been so down. It's just that Reylo shippers and Reylos make me happy and safe. I hope I can meet you guys.

Hey nonnie, don’t be sad. I was talking to some friends yesterday about what the true meaning of reylo could be and it’s so much deeper and positive than we think. I’m hopeful that their story will be rightly done, considering how consistent the canon materials are and how all of them consistently address the strong connection between these characters. There’s nothing wrong with loving these characters and wanting for them to be happy and find solace in one another. I quote what i said yesterday: “That’s the essence of reylo to me, these two powerful young people, these forces of nature, both equally strong, but also vulnerable and lonely, finally finding the belonging they seek in each other.”
Don’t be afraid to come out of anon and talk to me if you want. There are many great people here in the fandom that are more than willing to cheer you up and welcome you. *hugs*


Ibis sat on his bed trying to figure out what was going on. Sure, they’ve been busy and Kayne looked busy now but there was something off…

‘I can’t believe this guy.’ Thought Kayne. ‘He doesn’t seem to get that he did something wrong. You’d think detention would give him a clue but nooo.’ Kayne started ordering the stack of books. Ibis noticed his roommate slam them each time a little bit harder against each other.

“Why are you mad? It’s not like you got detention.”

“Stop reading my mind!” Kayne yelled and turned around. “Actually no, don’t. Read it. See if that way you can figure out what you did wrong.”

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I watched the ILY scene again and I know most people are talking about Molly's pain, but to me she also has a strength about her, she's hurting and she's fragile but standing in her own energy somehow. Sherlock on the other hand is just fucking breaking down, and especially at the bit where he says „Molly please“ – look at his eyes!!! Like all you want to do is just tell him omg babe it's gonna be ok, don't worry, and give him a big hug… My heart just broke for him.

I can see what you’re saying but my heart just breaks for both of them in that scene equally.

mrs holmes going on and on about stopping her husband from humming is dark-sided ok?? hear me out

like, i know sherlock hasn’t been coded as autistic bc that would be a bit problematic regarding his character arc

but honestly 

if mrs holmes literally can’t handle her husband having a habit of humming, i can’t imagine how sherlock and mycroft survived with her constantly micromanaging and trying to force them to behave ‘normally’

it just adds to the fact that i really can’t see them being okay with sherlock being gay at all, or even really acknowledging that he’s a ‘gifted’ child

mycroft probably had to do everything he could to make sure sherlock didn’t get bored / didn’t hate himself / had the resources he needed


i mean, the holmes parents are described as “bumbling” like five times in the HLV script. the whole thing just seems like it’s set up to subvert expectations, building their family up to seem normal and nice when it’s anything but.

How would the UT US UF and SF bros do if their so had a huge dog that tackles them and gives them slobbery kisses every time they come over?

UT!Sans: He may joke that he’s coming more for the dog than you. He loves that thing: it reminds him of Toby back home

UT!Papyrus: He’s also reminded of Toby, but in a somewhat more negative light. “PUPPY! I APPRECIATE THE AFFECTION, BUT PLEASE, CONTAIN YOURSELF!”

UF!Sans: Uses his magic to restrain them when he sees them coming in for the kill. He’s had it up to here with the dog. Still, he pets it absently a lot. He likes the affection, just not the tackling. Or the kisses. Dog drool doesn’t come out of the jacket.

UF!Papyrus: You can always tell when Pyrus has come in. Three sounds are sure to follow. A door slamming, a low happy bark, and a long screeching noise. He won’t hurt the dog, but he’ll be screaming for you to kennel it while it crawls all over him. “STOP LAUGHING AND PULL THE MUTT OFF OF ME.”

US!Sans: Dogs kind of make him nervous, so maybe best kennel it for the first few visits. He does want to become friends with it, though, so he’ll go visit it in the kennel and pet it. It seems very sweet.

US!Papyrus: Just sort of lets himself be tackled and licked. After you pull the dog off, you may find he’s fallen asleep on the ground. He loves the dog though: he’s wanted one since he was a kid, but they scare Sans, so he just has Toby’s occasional visits to tide him over.

SF!Sans: Keeps trying to teach the dog to obey him, assumes that the tackling is the dog expressing his adulation for his Dark Master. Not a fan of the sloppy kisses, though: they soak his bandanna and feel slimy

SF!Papyrus: To be honest, he’s tall enough that unless you have a freakin Great Dane I don’t think it’ll be able to knock him over, but he loves the affection. He and your dog are best friends, and he talks to it when he thinks you can’t hear him.