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Hey guys! i have some really important news for all of you so i really need your attention right now.

about a day or two ago requested my followers to send fluffy klance prompts to my inbox, and while it has been pretty nice and all, sadly some of the content sent is, as it turns out, offensive and disrespectful to some individuals. i wasn’t aware of this fact, and sadly allowed the ask to be posted. this could be an easy fix if the ask hadn’t of gotten so many notes, but unfortunately it’s gotten out of hand now. (i’m pretty sure it’s almost up to 500 notes now :( )

this is the post i am talking about. someone pointed out how the idea that a disability (such as deafness) needing to be cured in order to achieve a happy relationship is an abliest idea and shouldn’t be tolerated (because this suggests that those who are deaf are “broken” and need to be “fixed”, which isn’t the case at all.)

with that said, i would like to ask anyone who comes across the original post to not reblog it/like it so we can avoid spreading these kinds of ideals in the fandom. i would also like to ask anyone who has reblogged it to go back and delete it off their blog, if they are willing. (i plan to delete the original post as well so people can’t rb it from the source anymore.)

i know none of you meant any ill intentions by sharing the post, and neither did i. however sometimes we can hurt people without meaning to. in order to make things right, we must own up to our mistakes even if our intention wasn’t bad in the first place. i hope you can understand! (please do not take this as me pointing fingers at anyone, i’m the one to be at fault here because i allowed the ask to be posted on my blog, thus giving people the implication that it was okay to allow these type of ideals. if anyone is to blame here, it’s me.)

one final thing i would like to ask, is if you guys could share this post by reblogging it or linking it to anyone you know who rb’d the post so people can see this and be aware of the situation. it would really help out a ton.

thank you for reading this and i hope you have a nice day!

i’m so sad in such a profoundly deep way. i feel like nothing anyone says or does can comfort me anymore. i’ve always taken comfort in being given attention and validation in moments of weakness because that’s the nature of the beast but recently it’s as if something has changed and it doesn’t matter how much attention, affection, or support i get - i feel so hollowed out and detached. idk if this is even dissociation at this point. i feel real, i just can’t find relief from anyone or anything.

Emimike/Michemil Translators Masterpost

This is a masterpost that hopefully will help any fic writers or fanartists translate sentences to/from Italian and/or Czech, as I explained in this post

How? The people linked down below are willing to help you translate things to Michele or Emil’s language, so you should be able to contact them. Ideally it’s all people who ship this couple and will squeal with you about your work. However, while translating a few sentences (usually parts of dialogue) is usually not a big deal, this is not a list of people willing to translate a full fic to/from another language, so please don’t ask them that.

(I want to add that they’re all probably also glad to help with things like understanding some aspects of the culture/customs/traditions of Italy or Czech Republic, in case you need that too)

Italian translators:

Czech translators:

I’ll add more names if more people offer to help, we’re particularly short on Czech translators as of now.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone, in case let me know. Same thing if you don’t want to be on this list anymore, just write me and I’ll remove you.

Last thing I ask if to please help me spread this post around.

THANK YOU!/Grazie/Díky everyone who is willing to help by translating or reblogging ♥

anonymous asked:

is lesbian separatism good or bad? i've trying to find more information on this to formulate an opinion but everything i've found already is very biased. so i figured i'd ask you because you seem like an intelligent and impartial person.

like most theories on this site i don’t think lesbian separatism can really be solidly classed as “good” or “bad.” i’m definitely something of a separatist myself and i hope one day i won’t have to deal with anyone who’s not a lesbian anymore, but i still have mixed opinions on the subject and other women who call themselves lesbian separatists

julia @butchcommunist had a fantastic post i reblogged earlier this morning in which she was talking about how separatism isn’t necessarily a good political strategy but it’s good for the personal life, basically saying that you can’t say “only people like me whom i agree with deserve to be liberated from xyz oppressive force,” but you can say “i am tired of doing unappreciated work for people who marginalize me, and i am tired of associating with them in my personal life.” i’d love to be part of an inclusive lezsep community that also fought for the liberation of people who are not just lesbians – a community that prioritizes lesbians in the day-to-day in terms of friendships, relationships, community work, etc., but that also works for the freedoms of other marginalized groups and unites with them in struggle.

anonymous asked:

Did you hear, @archiesandrews aka Yasmin, deleted because she spread photoshopped images of Herizen Guardiola of The Get Down. She tried to destroy this poor girls career with lies because she didn't like the show. It's so gross and who actively lies to destroy someone's career

Did she really delete? I never liked her. She was always rude to me and had her mutuals harass me about unblocking her just so she could reblog and mock my posts 🤔

I heard about her faking screencaps about the girl from the get down. That’s fucking disgusting. She didn’t even do it in a way that’s obvious parody or anything. Like why would anyone do that?? This could have literally ruined her career since she’s an artist on the rise 😒

Lots of my mutuals were mutuals with her tho so at least I don’t have to see her cross my dash anymore 🤷

if anyone has any stim things like these they dont use anymore please please please message me!!!!:

     - tangle jr. (normal, textured, fuzzy, metallic, etc. any works)
     - bouncy ball with visible glitter in it
     - spinner ring
     - stretchy things! ranging from just a little stretchy to almost slime-like!!
     - stretchy spiral keychain things… if that makes sense??

If you don’t have any of these, please at least reblog this!!!! I really need stim toys!!!!!! I am in a very, very poor state right now and only getting worse without things like these to stabilize me. thank you so much!!!!!!!

rosemem  asked:

All the OC questions with the selkie fam, which includes the 3 bros, Irena, and Anneliese, and also the boys mom if she's developed enough


*these asks are from this post in case anyone wants to either send more or reblog the original 

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The Edward Gal Rollkur Compilation (incomplete)

On Glock’s Undercover… the bottom left looks the most painful.

On Totilas

On Undercover again

On Totilas again

On Rubin Cortes…

On Gribaldi

The video of him on Undercover has been taken down and deleted from Facebook, surprise, surprise.

I’ve seen many other  photos of him doing this on  other horses, like Gribaldi and Glock’s Zonick, but I can’t find them anymore. If anyone finds them please add them to this or message me! (If you want to reblog and add a photo, make sure you do copy image location instead of copy image).

On Blue horse Romanov 

On Lingh 

Glock’s Undercover (Yes I know the first photo isn’t full Rollkur but look at the blood in his mouth) 

On Gribaldi 

Ignore All Of These Blogs Immediately, Virus Blogs + Info!

(Very long post, sorry guys, but it’s worth it.)

Because I want all of my followers and everyone on Tumblr to be safe from this big FBI Virus attack or any Virus attack, I listed some of the names of the Virus blogs that you can copy and paste into the “Ignore Users” feature on your blog and ignore them without having to type in the long and somewhat complicated usernames. I promise you the names on the list below will not take you to their blog if you click them. But whatever you do, DO NOT follow them or go to their blog.

If anyone has anymore FBI Virus or any Virus blog usernames that you have found, please message me so I can add it in, or reblog it with the username(s). I want to get as many names in here as possible and I want this post to spread like a wildfire so everyone can be safe.

- For more information on the FBI Virus + other Viruses and how to be safe from them, go Here. That is where I got just about all of the Virus names from.

- Also look at This for information on a recent Virus blog going around.

Here is information on a earlier FBI Virus that is probably still going around.

- There’s also a new Virus going around that includes anonymous messages, look Here for more details and how to avoid it. There’s also This one as well.

Virus Blogs List (Be sure to ignore all of them!):

  • nurzjaue
  • ocy107
  • nuu354
  • mafsbn
  • wicmsowerby
  • losaicduk
  • jaddlyn
  • picn330
  • matveebvf
  • nmawchgy
  • uvtal
  • urqin4411
  • kiebyuu26
  • ii0081
  • facolehu
  • qdbsonjafft
  • pmocivisxaa45
  • believer-orsucker-oftruelove
  • nmontel
  • doghtk12
  • nilkii179
  • olfergusrjg
  • tamecap383
  • lastac
  • fiffilm
  • srotettrixuu80
  • laova
  • nskdevhirado
  • primereinalmo
  • intoawell
  • asemthps042
  • focnac25
  • rpttodddm
  • openszlinfu
  • opwinoyd
  • shakywrench526
  • pabron516
  • psqandh
  • liecu813
  • rottenplate533
  • onyxcpo
  • this-is-another-virus-blog
  • kasachstan081
  • paecsvidmore
  • resrolapv
  • rausaa6
  • nonmithipalnyuu55
  • pirvuze
  • remontqvorzir
  • pmtkimjue
  • perin383
  • padrinvasiziy
  • prinjikalconstruct
  • paxefia584
  • ialardytheu
  • cynthiawalshce0
  • waohfaw335
  • aswalxv
  • petrovichyy6
  • perchu
  • itsjanellechick
  • not-a-virus568
  • lilah-terry
  • Modern-donut
  • Remote-anaconda
  • Silicon-ex
  • Sexy-tgirl-here
  • Humongousobjectscollector
  • inviting0nymphopjaidyn

Possible Virus Blogs (Not confirmed if a Virus or not yet - Better Safe Than Sorry though.): 

  • adriiaannnnaa
  • sicfheadleifreefow
  • altporno
  • tosaghumbsubpa
  • chepascum
  • midzuken1977
  • timofey-alenushkintya
  • zuykin-gerasim363

Stay safe everyone!

So…today’s my birthday. I’m 37 now, I guess.

But I really don’t feel like celebrating it, because it’s become increasingly obvious to me that I don’t matter enough to far too many of my friends (because they’ll pile on the birthday wishes and/or gifts for their other friends, but never me), because I still feel like I can’t trust anyone anymore, and because the world insists on reminding me just how shitty it is.

Even the birthday message on Facebook that I was most looking forward to left me crying and agonising over how to respond. I was already feeling depressed, and it felt like those lying assholes who hurt me last year have partially tainted a friendship that meant so much to me.

I guess what I want most for my birthday is for people to simply give a damn about me and genuinely mean it. Material gifts would be nice, but I’m just so tired of feeling forgotten and lonely that such things feel so hollow.

please help me move out of an abusive household

The situation with my mother has only gotten worse, landing me in a mental hospital, and causing some unhealthy tendencies in my behavior. I need to get out. I turn 17 in December, and in my state you’re allowed to move out then.

this is where you all come in. I have no way of getting to and from a job, because of funds. I can’t go through drivers training even, because my family refuses to pay for it, not to mention my transition. I cannot afford hormones, or SRS.

I hate to ask this of everyone, I really do. but please please reblog and or donate if you see this, I can’t live like this anymore. please.
message me for more details on donating, and REBLOG

there’s no way people will see this if you don’t reblog. I’m in a very tough situation.

for anyone that donates, you will get an automatic follow from me if you don’t already have one, and a sketched drawing/painting/pixel drawing.

thank you all for being here for me.

Breathless, pt. 7 (of 7)

Emma and Killian share more than just a heart.

A/N: This is it! Never in a million years did I think a simple one-shot would turn into more than 30,000 words, but here we are. @caprelloidea​, you’re the best friend/beta/head-canon partner anyone could ever wish for. Thanks so much for your help on this. To everyone who read, liked, reblogged, or commented, I can’t thank you enough. Thanks for sticking with me.

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. AO3.

~4,000 words.

Emma watches as Killian slowly pulls himself back together.

She didn’t think it was possible to be any prouder of him. He keeps proving her wrong.

She helps as best she can, and it doesn’t escape her notice that he finally lets her. He doesn’t hide his nightmares anymore, curling away from her silently or slipping from the bed to suffer in silence downstairs. He reaches for her instead, allowing her to draw him tightly into her arms. Sometimes she holds him until his heartbeat slows and he’s able to drift off once again; others his lips will find hers and he’ll drown in her touch, passion pushing away the nightmares as they find solace in a tangle of limbs and sweat, interlocked fingers and mingling breaths.

She almost always accompanies him when he goes sailing now. She doesn’t tell him he’s being cautious or push him to go out by himself, not after he explained what happened to him that day (he knows there’s a phrase for it now, that panic attacks are a thing and he’s trying to come to terms with the fact that it doesn’t make him weak). He’s always at his best out on the water anyway, and she adores watching him work, light and free and easy as the wind whips through his hair and he squints against the sun.

He puts himself on a schedule, too, to keep himself up and moving and engaged - some days patrolling with Emma, some at the library, some at the docks, and even the occasional friendly sword fight with David in the park (an event that draws a bigger and bigger and crowd each time it happens; the betting pool is getting a little out of hand).

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hello. this summer it has come to my attention that there is a certain individual scamming people on twitter. that certain person is @stagebeauties (asha). you may know her as “the girl what threw the adidas jacket on stage for louis” at OTRA chicago. i will provide as many receipts as I can as proof that she is a scammer. all of this took place during the months of july/august.

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Thank You

-Dark’s Future-
It’s hard having to say this but it’s something that I have been wanting to say for a few months now. Some of you might be expecting this and for the rest of you, this may come as a bit of a shock.

A couple of weeks ago I said was shelving Dark. I have but I didn’t say I was terminating him. In fact, he’ll be sticking around but the changes I talked about the other day involve his name and association. I was going to post about this later but due to recent events, I feel I should mention it now.

Dark will no longer be an -iplier. He will be known from here on out as just Dark, not Darkiplier. He will not be tied to Mark in any way and his backstory will change slightly (I will have that update later down the road when I work out some more things). He will still be the same personality wise, his looks might slightly change (a slight facial structure change more than anything) and his interests/overall story won’t change a lot. Basically Dark will still be Dark, just minus the -iplier association and Mark’s looks to a degree (tbh he hasn’t looked a lot like Mark anyway so the slight changes to his face won’t be dramatic).

I have many reasons for doing this and I won’t get into all of them. My main reason is Darkiplier became too niche to allow me to be creative. Making him an OC will now open up the floodgates to ideas that I wanted to produce but was restricted due to his association with Mark.

To all the other Darkiplier mun’s that wish to continue with their -iplier’s, I hope you continue to work on them and create many positive experiences with those in the fandom. As one of the first Darkiplier creators, I am sad to be departing from the tag but I hope I inspired many of you and I hope to continue to inspire you with my future works.

To my followers, I hope you stick around while this change happens and you continue to enjoy my trashcan son’s Dark’s lovable face popping up on your dash. I have many ideas floating around in my mind and can’t wait to get to them once time allows it.

I’d like to thank everyone in the fandom for their support these past couple of years. I don’t think I’d be where I am without the constant support from this community. I appreciate the mass majority of you and can’t thank you enough for inspiring me.

No, you may not claim my Darkiplier as your new Darkiplier.
Just because he isn’t a “Darkiplier” anymore doesn’t mean he’s “up for grabs”. He was and is still my -iplier OC, no one is to claim that image/personality/etc. that I created for him. I shouldn’t have to say this but this is just in case anyone thinks that he’s “available” just because he’s now disassociated from the Darkiplier/Markiplier fandom. Darkiplier’s chapter may have ended but Dark’s is only beginning.

The final thing I would like to say is that I will continue reblogging Darkiplier and Markiplier related posts. My love for that has not faded and I’d like to see this as leaving on a positive note. I’m excited to start new projects and I hope all of you are just as excited as I am for this change. Again, I want to thank you all for your support and I hope you stick around for more adventures. :)

Important Announcement

It’s come to my attention that the last post I made (the idea submitted by an anon) already is a comic. After searching I have found that it is indeed and you can view it here

It doesn’t stop there though. I believe the same anon gave me the idea to have Qrow call Jaune ‘Juan’ which happens in this comic by the same artist, fjtiko. They also asked for Nora to be snoring loudly and Ruby be startled by it which is a comic that can be found here.

I am incredibly sorry to fjtiko for creating conversations out of their ideas without their consent - I will be sure to add your name to the tags of those prompts. Or if you’re not happy with that I will delete the posts but I won’t be able to delete people’s reblogs of it.

I am annoyed at myself for letting this happen, granted I was unaware they were already comics, but I still feel like I’ve been played the fool. I want these conversations to be original ideas, not copied from someone else, excluding the parody conversations where I quote popular tv shows/films - I always say in the tags where it’s from if I do, do that.

And finally because of this I have made it so anonymous posts can’t be submitted anymore. This is so if anyone gives me an idea and it’s already someone else’s idea I can tell them it’s not cool to do that instead of having to make a post like this to address the anon I can’t contact. If you have an idea and you don’t want your name to show up in the tags let me know in the post you submit and I’ll tag you as anon. 

So be respectful to other people’s creativity please. Never take something that isn’t yours and say its your own. Be sure to check out fjtiko’s art because it is very cute and funny. 

Thank you for reading and I hope everyone is doing well.




On a scale from 1 to Donald Trump, how much would you guys hate me if I just dropped this comic? (omg I’m already feeling the hate…)

No, I’m not dropping it just like that!!!  

But, IDK I’m not feeling it anymore…you know? Like, it’s become a drag to work on it… which I hate because I love this characters and their “mysterious” past together- 

I’m really conflicted about it… >x< 

Next ep. Sat 12 p.m UTC -5:00 



Unggh… suggestions, anyone?

The 2015 Cherik Fandom Awards

It’s official! The Cherik Fandom Awards are happening!!

If you missed the introductory post last week, here’s what you need to know in order to participate.

Between December 26th to December 31st simply make a post to your blog containing the following:

  • Rec Three Fics: Tell us all about the favorite Charles/Erik (or James/Michael) stories you’ve read this year (on any platform). Rec one fic that was created and completed in 2015; rec a fic by an author who had not previously published in the Cherik fandom prior to 2015; and finally, rec a third fic by any author, posted at any time.
  • Rec Three Blogs: Tell us about your favorite Tumblrs and why you love them. They could be blogs completely dedicated to Cherik/McFassy, or blogs run by awesome people who you feel regularly contribute to the fandom, either by posting the occasional meta, headcanon, drawing, etc. Tell us who brightens your day!
  • Rec Three Fanworks: What made you completely squee with delight this year? Tell us about your favorite fanart, GIFs, manips, videos, even memes! They don’t need to have been created this year, just so they are new to you. (Please make sure you link to the original posts so that creators may get proper applause. Please do not use reposts or paste images into your post.)
  • Bonus: Tell us, in your post, what you enjoy about the Cherik fandom and what you are most looking forward to in 2016.

Some things to keep in mind as you put together your rec list:

  • You MUST tag your posts #cherikawards2015 in order for them to be posted on the official blog.
  • Recs may be for anything Cherik or McFassy related.
  • You may be as creative as you want…If you’d like to make your own categories in your recs, such as fic most likely to make you cry, blog that makes you laugh, or cleverest meme of the year, go for it!
  • It’s totally ok to keep your recs simple, too! Write as much or as little as you like and/or have the time for. No pressure here!
  • When you are compiling all your favs remember that this is a good time to bestow kudos on creators and creations that may not have gotten a lot of recognition over the year, but who absolutely deserve some spotlight! Don’t automatically list the first, most popular story that pops into your head (unless of course it truly is your absolute favoritest thing ever—then by all means rec it and tells us why it moves you so!)
  • You can either follow the tag #cherikawards2015 to keep up with future posts, or you may subscribe to the blog here.

If you’re someone who often reads or enjoys others’ work without ever leaving kudos, comments, likes, or reblogs this is the PERFECT time to recognize all the writers, artists, and bloggers who have made your 2015 a little bit better. If you’ve been tagged in this post and you want your name removed from the list drop me a msg, and I will make sure we don’t bother you anymore. Likewise, anyone who is going to participate and who would like to reblog this post, please feel free to tag anyone you feel might be interested. Spread the love!!

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed their thoughts on this little project last week, and extra special thanks to @idareu2bme for making some spectacular graphics.

Happy holidays, everyone!


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so,, its that time again,, ok but its my 18th birthday and since december ive gained a ton of new mutuals and hit 7k so this,, is necessary,, but yeah thank u all for putting up w me and i love u all and if i forget u im sorry i still love u but yeah ok lets do this and hope nothing goes wrong rip 

//theres also a special place for anyone who has ever reblogged my selifes//

//first// idek what this gc is called anymore so im just gonna reference u to the ‘niall replied to jess and killed everyone’ gc,, 
@arsetattoo @zourrymp3 @zoncept @acezourry ,, and everyone else that left us along the way,, highkey u guys are the loml’s ???? apart from u tere,, but like ?? u guys founded the nessies and ur the purest and yet the messiest people i know and like tere?? u literally got me a birthday present and ilysm I keep saying that but?? ilysm tho honestly what would i do without u all

//second// u guys are always changing the gc name too so im just gonna call u the ‘rmbr when anti and jess met up’ gc,
@lucozhade @lourrywedding @tattslou @harrylouiz u guys ??? we literally have a family portrait ?? ur all my ho’s and ha rmbr when me and anti literally met up and went to a concert and anti almost made me buy another record player,, and we met the band,, bc me too,, but idek what to say u were my first gc and ur all sinners i love u 

//special mentions//
@hazums im getting real tired of always putting u in these things but ur my best friend and i cant believe weve been friends nearly two years?? and the second time we met we literally trekked to wembley and sat outside a hotel for like ten hours, and then after that we went to the airport,, i do,, ily

@buttsexnarry ok i met u too and it was the best day ever and i want to go to leeds fest with u so hurry up and come back to london ily

@letmeintoheaven lois,, pure,,soft,,lois,, ily withc ur my fav person in the entire world ily

@arsetattoo i cant believe ive put u in my ff twice but?? it was necessary bc?? ily?? so much ?? like idek what to say bc i just ?? love u ?? so much?? ???? ur literally my fav person and i cant wait to meet u rip

//okay and here are all my fav mutuals/accounts!! nobodies bolded bc i literally love u all//

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