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My grandparents went out today and I slept in. When they came back from their errands I greeted them and they brought me Lunch- my favourite meal from the restaurant they went to. I damn near cried it made me so happy.

hi i just wanted to say a lot of people may be side eyeing stuff happening this season, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s something to side eye! people will have their speculations and if you think it makes sense for you to be cautious, then go for it! but don’t take this fandom’s word for how things will go down this season. a lot of people are making more guesses this season compared to the last because there’s way more of us now, so they’re bound to be correct on some aspects but it doesn’t mean they’ll be right about anything! julie almost always manages to surprise us and the story is creative and wonderful so just let yourself enjoy it that way! if you enjoy reading all the different theories even if they all cant come true, then go for it! but no need to feel like you have to read them or agree with them just to go along with the fandom! <3

A Royal Commission (4)


The cafe is….quaint is probably the word. It surprises him because the place looks like a blue collar sort of joint and yet, Noctis is leaning against the outside like he fits right in.

Prompto glances around, because he’s the Prince.No one is giving Noctis a second look. A couple people’s gazes linger on him though and he shifts uncomfortably, wondering why as he closes the distance to Noctis.

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Can I ask what is your opinion on Chad future and exp edition like I don't like Chad future because he is just using money to get into the kpop industry but he also isn't learning korean but the thing is his songs are cringy as hell but he has people like a member of vixx featuring in one of his songs and EXP they just wanna get into kpop using their white privilege and I'm not for it so I just wanna hear your thoughts on it

Chad Future is an ignorant, piece of shit. He’s appropriating culture for the sake of money (no surprise). He likes the sound of kpop but his songs are in English, his videos are wack. His style is wack. He makes and is not making any effort to learn Korean, learn about the culture, or people. He’s treating this like a game, using his white privilege to push himself as far as he can. Personally, the fool can trip down the grand canyon. As for the idols who have appeared in his shit (yes it’s shit) The companies push them because yo be in American things gives you worldwide appeal which we all know is good.

EXP. First things first they are a thesis experiment by a Korean woman on cultural appropriation. She acknowledges that Kpop stems from American music (Black R&B, hip hop, and rap to be exact) and Kpop happened to cater to Koreans. They include other Asian people’s in their music (Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Taiwanese, Asian-American) but these people are Asian. She wants to see how people will react and feel about white men trying to include themselves in something they were not invited nor wanted in.

So far it’s going bad. However, she did a kickstarter for this and raised $30,000; now I don’t know who gave the money. Maybe it was a joke. However, it’s not funny. They are trash. Horrible, their Korean sounds like someone choking on their tongue, while vomiting. They are not cute. That video? Wack. Their hair? The fuck? All them damn colors? Why?! Their voices? Sounds like that time Hoseok thought screaming loud meant he sounded good while singing.

Those are my thoughts. Good luck on her thesis, but when it’s done, cancel them white boys.

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Rhea is Lena's mom. Did you see her punch a black belt like it was nothing? And the force she used? This bitch is not human. And Rhea kinda looks like her, and would you be surprised that she wants to marry her two kids together to keep the lineage in the family? It's always the same with royalty. Watch it happen

nah tbh the president is Lena’s biological mother you all laugh now but alien lesbian Luthor is rising

Hello yes my heart is ready to be taken


#there is nothing in this scene that isn’t amazing #from root in the background wondering how the hell shaw got out the cuffs #like she’s literally trying to fit her hand through the cuff seeing if she can figure it out for herself #to harold swearing he just seen shaw cuffed to the bench like five seconds ago and yet now she’s in his face #and then shaw casually eating like its nothing and ‘yea i’m really standing here..’ #like pls i’m dying #this scene is hilarious


Sweetest Jongdae hyung taking care of baby maknae (´▽`ʃƪ)♡


isak + raising his eyebrows in wonder during the 5:10 kisses.