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What I really love is how Tsuyu has surpassed the bnha fandom and like,, everyone knows and loves her. I have seen so many supportive posts that are like “I hope the frog girl from that one anime is having a good day” I really love that. It is so pure and good. Tsuyu truly deserves this.

How to study 2 languages at the same time
  • Make a schedule; 
  • Try to study language X in the afternoon and language Y in the morning; don’t change their order, unless you are advanced enough so you won’t mix them
  • Have different notebooks for them and if you use colors in your notes, think like 1 color = 1 language
  • When you study, have a certain place for each language (e.g. kitchen = French, bedroom = German, living room = Chinese)
  • Don’t focus on the same thing for your languages in the same day, if you watch a movie for language X, don’t watch a movie for language Y after (unless you are upper intermediate), if you watch a movie in X, read something in Y 
  • Try to spend the same amount of time on your languages, if you stay 2 hours studying X, you should spend the same amount on Y 
  • If you can’t do so, choose your “priority” and study 80% and 20%.
  • Occasionally switch the language that’s your priority.
  • When you practice, at the beginning try to talk to different people, not a person who knows all your target languages
  • If you use sticky notes like me, i assume you have more than 1 colour so again, 1 color =  language
  • Avoid languages from the same family.
  • Use both languages when you want to translate something. If you learn French, then translate a French text to your 2nd language.
  • If you use flashcards a lot, mix them. You practice both languages at once and you learn to switch between them.
  • If you can’t learn 2 languages at the same time, accept that and learn them one by one.
  • Find resources that allow you to use both languages at the same time.
  • Use personas to avoid mixing up your languages.
  • Choose 2 languages with different levels. e.g. if you are intermediate in French, you can start Japanese
  • Avoid starting 2 new languages. If you are a bit advanced in one, it’s better.
  • Accept the fact that you would be biased and like one of your 2 languages more.
  • Experiment new study methods and see what works for you.

bagginshield???? my city now

being a writer on tumblr

my drunk shitposts: 30,000 notes, 10 academy awards, cross-posted by like 14,000 people to twitter, instagram, buzzfeed, an interview on late night tv, people recognising me on the street,

my fanfic: like 20 notes, idk

my original fic: 1 note, an oreo, and an almost unintelligible ask telling me they hate me because I remind them of their cousin

MatPat: *takes a deep breath*

MatPat: i lo-

Jason: yes, you love Stephanie, we know, you love Stephanie so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Stephanie we KNOW, you love Stephanie you fucking love Stephanie okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE STEPHANIE FUCKING PATRICK. WE GET IT.

Diabetic! Lance bc why not
  • He was diagnosed @ age 9
    • His huge family helped support him
    • Lots of people to nag him to check his sugar all the time
    • Always someone there to take care of him if he was sick
    • Only one in his fam to have diabetes
  • When he was diagnosed he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to be a pilot anymore
  • Has a CGM ((with a blue sensor))
  • Pump??? ((idk if tslim, animas, or Medtronic)) or pens???
  • Makes good jokes about diabetes all the time
    • Will actively fight anyone who makes ignorant diabetes jokes
    • Likes to make people uncomfortable when they make jokes or misinforms or anything
    • “Im so alpha my beta cells stopped working”
  • looks up to shiro bc if he can be a badass fighter and pilot with his robo arm then damnit lance can be badass with a robo pancreas
  • SUPER STRESSED when he was launched into space
    • But I mean who wouldn’t be???
    • theres no insulin in space bro
    • and of course the //one time// he didn’t bring his meter he gets launched into fucking space
    • someone help this poor lost boy
    • his pump was probs running low on insulin too
  • he slowly started being high all the time bc he was trying to save his insulin in his pump for as long as he could
    • I totally didn’t do this when I went to the beach 3 years ago and forgot my insulin for 3 days and need to change my pump what
    • This got bad around the time sendak attacked the castle the first time
  • Lance was real high and had ketones and going into dka during the party
    • The reason he was feelin extra shitty and left early
    • When sendak attacked he couldn’t focus or shoot straight bc his sugars were all fucky
    • Adrenaline makes you high
    • Exercise w/ high blood sugar is a Bad Thing
  • When he went into the healing pods after getting hit it helps lower his sugars
    • Puts him back into honeymoon phase
    • He isn’t chronically high anymore
  • Pidge and hunk were the only ones who knew he was diabetic before the attack
  • He tells the rest of the team after he got out and realized how bad he got
  • Pidge hunk and coran work on making some new alien insulin type thing to help
  • During the mind meldy thing hes pretty low and the rest of the team can feel how he feels
    • Everyone super shocked at how he feels
    • “wait that’s how you feel?? Like all the time???” “well not all the time,,, only when im low??” “lance you say ur low like half the time”
    • hes also is hypoglycemic unaware sometimes so he didn’t even know he was low until keith pointed it out in the simulation
  • pidge and hunk hook up his pump and cgm to his lion
  • Blue can tell when hes high/low
    • Forces lance to take a break and correct when his sugars all wonky
  • When shiro found out for the first week or so he took up Dad Mode and was on his case nagging about if hes okay during training
    • Lowkey lance loves it bc it reminds him of his family at home being overly naggy
    • He comes in and checks his sugars in the middle of the night bc he cant sleep anyway and knew he was having a rough day sugar wise
  • Keith likes to watch him check his sugar and change his pump
    • Hes super lowkey about it tho and thinks hes being subtle
    • Like he’ll sit across the table and pretend to be playing with his knife or something else but is like watching out of the corner of his eye
    • Lance totally knows hes watching tho
    • At first he thinks its bc hes like weirded out by it since hes used to people from classes being weirded out when he checked
    • Eventually lance just shouts “Can I help you?????” at keith when hes changing his pump and is kinda annoyed
    • Keith just asks if he can help him bc hes actually really interested in it like the nerd he is
  • Everyone starts making good hearted good natured diabetes jokes
    • But lance is still the king of ‘em
    • And diabetic pickup lines
    • “her are you my needles bc ur super fine”
Opinion Wanted

PAIRING: Bill Skarsgård x Reader 


WARNINGS: Like one cuss word. 

NOTE: The dialogue from ‘IT’ that I use in this Imagine is from the original 1990 movie not the 2017 movie. 

“Y/N!” Bill calls out as he walks out to our deck where I am currently at. “I need your opinion on something.”

Bill sits down on the sun chair next to mine, hunching over looking at me with almost desperate eyes. I rest the book I’m currently reading, Joyland, down while sitting up in the chair. I turn my body to look over at my boyfriend for the past couple of years.

“What is it my love?” I question, scooting to the edge of my seat causing our knees to touch, mainly because he’s so much taller compared to me.

“I need your opinion on my voice,” Bill states to me. I look at him for a moment slightly confused about what he’s talking about. “My Pennywise voice.”

“Oh okay, yeah of course I’ll give you my opinion,” I tell him with a smile. Bill has been casted as Pennywise in the IT remake and he’s taking it so seriously, not wanting the movie to fail. But I know that he’ll be brilliant no matter how he approaches the iconic character.

‘Hello Y/N, I’m Pennywise the Dancing Clown,’ Bill says in a voice that it a different pitch than his own.

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"Im gonna go cry in this corner now."

Me after drawing from the deck of many things and pulling Death, and then the Devil, and befriending the dread wraith

My conversation with it after panic pulling the card of the devil

“HEY WERE FRIENDS NOW RIGHT?” Me nervously laughing



Dread Wraith: “Yep, call me if you need me.”

GM: “The dread wraith disappears.”

Me (OOC): “So is this a permanent friend or…”

GM: “Yeah no, im limiting this to a one time use.”

Also like to note this is a level 1 party in pathfinder.


S t r a n g e L i t t l e G i r l s –> a Janstar fanmix

listen to it here (x)

(in case u can’t read the track list)

  1. Sleepover-Hayley Kiyoko
  2. Kiss Me-Sixpence None the Richer
  3. I Miss You-Blink 182
  4. Lovesong-Adele
  5. I Wanna Get Better-Bleachers
  6. Drove Me Wild-Tegan & Sara
  7. Strangle Little Girl-Tori Amos
  8. Us-Regina Spektor
  9. Girls Like Girls-Hayley Kiyoko
  10. Shooting Star-Owl City
  11. Who We Are-Allison Weiss
  12. I Want To Hold Your Hand-T.V. Carpio