not lemon candy

if infinite's house burns
  • Sunggyu : can't see the flames, he doesn't even know his house is burning
  • Dongwoo : tries to calm down the fire with his laugh
  • Woohyun : talks to the fire and tries to calm him down with aegyo and love
  • Howon : takes all of his purple objects and run away
  • Sungyeol : builds a campfire and a barbecue
  • Myungsoo : takes a selfie with him and the fire then posts it on instagram in black & white
  • Sungjong : gives to the fire a lemon candy because he believes in lemon candy's power

Custom made AU Sprites for @candy-undertale!! I made (mainly) the bosses of that world, with a few extras here and there~

This was a lot of fun to make and I hope you enjoy them Abbie! Free to use! ~<3





☆ Ryuko as Shotaro Kaneda (from “Akira”)

☆ Satsuki as the Corpse Bride

On the way to meet their friends!

Super Yummy Honey Lemons

Anime: Kuroko No Basuke
Appearance: Episode 17
Time: 1 day
Serving: depending on how many you eat at a time quite a bit

So I just finished a 10 day detox, and had a LOT of lemons left over so this request was perfect! I made my preserved lemons like I always do when I have a lot of lemons and a few honey lemons! I have to say these are amazing! they are awesome in a regular drink or tea or even on their own. I suggest if you want to have a softer skin to soak the lemons over night in water. 


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INTP Problems #1025

Once upon a lazy Sunday morning, an INTP woke up and saw a package with a slice of lemon printed on it.

“Lemon gummy candies!” she thought excitedly.

INTP picked up the package and frowned. It was a face mask sample from the Korean beauty store.

No words could describe her disappointment over the deceit and betrayal of discovering a lemon face mask in what looked like candy packaging.