not lemon candy

Meet my OC :)

Things that Remi has in his bag:
- pencils and a fountain pen
- penknife
- paints and brushes, Emilia’s stuff he gathers by mistake when in hurry (he’s often in hurry :))
- notebook with very important notes
- lemon candies and a lot of wrappers xD
- conkers he found somewhere
- letters
- car key
- Whiskey’s toy (Whiskey’s his cat, it always drops something into his bag)
- books: dictionary, textbooks and something he likes (probably poetry)
- notes, student’s works and most likely some of Emilia’s sketches (probably chewed by Whiskey at some point…)


Anyways here is how my warden cosplay is doing

Stan, Richie: Wardrobe Thief

Request  “Can i have a Stan, Richie with a s/o that wears their hoodies/shirts and they just think that it’s so adorable?”

A/N  I wasnt sure if you meant both stan and richie w the same s/o, so i wrote both separately just incase. drop another req if that is what u asked for though, sorry!!

Pairing Stan Uris x Reader, Richie Tozier x Reader

Warnings  → neh? a little bit ft. smoking book richie


↳ “My hairs still wet! And my swimmers…”

“It’ll dry. It’s still better than you catching a cold”

You felt guilty as you shrugged on Stan’s hoodie. He looked away as did so, smiling to himself at the fact that you had said ‘swimmers’.

The soft cotton was warm. He wasn’t getting this sweater back, but Stan already knew that. He rolled his eyes, trying to fight that smile, as you shot him a goofy grin and a “Thanks”.

It smelled floral, like Grandmas or fancy perfumed bookstores. He was a little taller than you, and it fell a little longer than it should’ve. Stan smiled to himself the whole bike ride home, letting you pedal in front of him just to see you wearing it.

It made him feel a little more… Secure? He couldn’t quite place it. But seeing you wearing something that belonged to him, and you doing that so happily on your part, kind of reaffirmed everything between the two of you. Was he being selfish for thinking like that?

You returned it to him months later, after numerous laundry cycles left it smelling like your detergent and not his. (Was that creepy? No. Was it?) Stan appreciated it though, asking himself that same question.

It wasn’t long before all the Losers were hanging out again, messing around in the park, and you managed to snag another one. You had made some excuse about it being late, and getting cool. Stan rolled his eyes at you, but you saw the quirk at the ends of his lips.

You wondered if his parents ever thought it was strange, or if they even noticed that a jacket would disappear for weeks on end, and then be returned as another one did the same thing.

You wondered if your parents noticed. You shrugged it off, tugging the hoodie closed by the drawstrings. Stan sat beside you on the park bench, shoulder against yours.’Maybe he should stop this before it grew into a bad habit’ he thought. But then dually ignored himself.

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