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At the Orpheum Theater waiting to see the McElroys and it is SO WEIRD to be at this theater (big fancy place where I saw Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and a metric buttload of touring Broadway shows) and have 99% of the audience be millennials.

I feel old.

goddamnshinyrock replied to your post “At the Orpheum Theater waiting to see the McElroys and it is SO WEIRD…”

very soon everyone born before the turn of the century will be a legal adult.

I realize this is true, but there is still a part of me that is like, “1996? That was four years ago, right?”

I was a mathlete. You’d think I’d be able to get this right.

Bill outside the Neibolt house: Ok guys, we’re going to find It and kill It.

Pennywise literally two metres away:

Also apparently there’s “Is solarpunk REALLY punk” discourse and I’d just like to say there is NOTHING more punk that clean energy and domestic gardening and breeding new kinds of organics in a world that says diesel and industrialized agriculture are what’s right.

Solarpunks are the people who scream “down with lawn culture” and turn their entire yard into a vegetable garden. Solarpunks are the people who destroy the factory polluting their water and don’t lose power when the grid is cut off cause they have solar panels. Solarpunk is clean, organic punk, but it’s still punk AF.

DOOM DOOM DOOM This is a thing. Yep. It’s a thing… (I know I draw Zim stepping all over Dib a lot but that’s because Zim is smol and Dib is toll and that’s what you do when your arch nemesis is a tree, okay?)