not la but nearby

fate/extra AU where the moon cell is replaced by California. California was the thing aliens dropped off to record human history.

the near side is the NorCal bay area and the far side is thee SoCal LA area full of nostalgic things like the nearby In n Out and the old school uniforms are loose tanktops, shorts, snapbacks, and longboards. the sea of infinite numbers is actually the sea of infinite traffic. no one can leave the old school grounds (and surrounding strip) or else they’ll be thrown into the 405 freeway.

BB has the personality of an aspiring Hollywood talent, explaining her larger than life way of acting and BB channel.

the Silicon Valley is the heart of the Cali Cell. Bill Gates is the face of the Cali Cell’s defense program.

abelg666  asked:

What is your personal theory about Bete du Gevaudan ?

You’ll get a longer answer than you expected, I think, and I’m sorry!

I personally believe she was a French Mastiff (Dogue de Bordeaux)- Wolf hybrid trained by Jean Chastel, the man that killed her in the end. I also believe she was more than one beast. 

A French Mastiff crossbred with a wolf would certainly confirm most of what was sighted throughout the years of La Bête’s attacks. The ability to be trained, red coloration, stocky body, broad head and chest of the French Mastiff:

Add that into the predatory instincts, agility, speed, thick fur, white stripe down the chest, pointed ears, large jaws of a Eurasian Wolf:

Throw in the intelligence from both animals and then add in selective breeding in secret and a man that has time to spare (Jean Chastel was an innkeeper - a man that ran an inn who had people he could rely on to run his inn. He was also a known hunter, he knew how wolves acted). 

In addition to the looks and behaviors, La Bête’s route of murders can be tracked. She began nearby Jean Chastel’s home and when she was killed? She was only yards away from his home again, after committing murders around the countryside. 

The reason I think it was more than one beast? Breeding would involve multiple puppies. It is likely Jean Chastel raised and trained more than one of these monsters. Especially since more than one La Bête look alike was killed. 

You might as “Wen but why would he do this?” Jean Chastel never took the cash reward from killing La Bête even though the King and government tried to make him take it. However, he was now known as “Beast Slayer” Jean Chastel. That would certainly bring more and more people to his inn and raise his profits. He didn’t need the cash reward when he was known as the slayer of La Bête.

Hope this answered your question. Sorry for my rant!

Paul Lahote Imagine: Just One Look Part Two

Request 11

I grab my headphones and put them into my ears. The soft melody swirled in my head as I grabbed and put on my jacket. The shoelaces hung limply at my feet until I brought them back to their perfect knots. The cold air slapped me as I finally reached the world on the other side of my front door. My feet carried me as I passed the nearby houses, aiming for a set destination for La Push beach. The only space that fills my thoughts were of the music. I was in total blissful emptiness as I simply ran. There were no thoughts of Jacob or Bella. Or the way my hand betrayed my body. Once I arrived at the beach I sat down near the water. It moved closer to me put didn’t quite reach my feet. My breaths slowly started to slow down to the same pace as the rest of the world around me. The music still was relaxing in my ears as I looked at the morning shorelines. A sudden tap hesitantly hit my shoulder. I suck in all the air around me and hold my hand to my panicking chest.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you,” replied Paul. Who confidently took a seat beside me. I pulled out my earphones, not bothering to shut off my phone that was attached to them.

“It’s okay. I would say take a seat but it looks like you already made yourself comfortable,” I calmly replied.

“you’re on my turf remember,” he nudged my arm. I forcefully chuckle at his words because I am at a loss of what to say. Silence trickles in the space between us. It looms over our heads as it desperately waits for another move. I nervously grab a lock of my hair and play with it.

“Well, it was nice seeing you again. I should finish my run back home. Um, it was nice seeing you again.” I stand up and awkwardly wave at him goodbye while putting in my headphones. I turn around and start to head back home. Only this time I did not have the pleasure of being in a blissful emptiness as I see Paul’s figure starting to run beside me. I stop dead in my tracks.

“Are you stalking me now,” I abruptly question him.

“No. No. Sorry. I just didn’t say what I wanted it to earlier.”

“Okay. And what was that?” There was a long silence between us.

“I always remembered you being Jake’s friend. You, Bella, and Jake the terrible trio we nicknamed. But I remember sitting across the fire from you many times and trying to work up the courage to maybe sit next to you. I that one time you brought a huge plate of cookies and the smile on your face was just so… So unforgettable. So I gladly took a handful of your cookiesI But when I took my first bite I thought to myself that these are the worst cookies I ever tasted in my life. I just wanted to see you smile more. So I ate the rest of my small pile and told you how good it was. My point being is that I want to get to know you more and that I really like you. I don’t want it to be just you, Bella, and Jake. I want to be there with you. So would you be willing to give this a change?”

I swallow the lump at the back of my throat and nod my head yes. “Thank you! I’ll pick you up tonight at 6:00,” he replied before leaving.


I rampage throughout my closet trying to pick out something to wear. I have no details of where we are going tonight. I am picking up outfits and holding them to my chest in front of my full-length mirror in front of me. But the mirror mocks me and tells me everything that is wrong.  Bella sits at the edge of my bed. Her positive words become an indistinctive tangle as I tune them out. Clothes scattered beneath my feet and I’m too intimidated to pick them up again. Out of the pile, Bella grabs a pair of dark blue jeans and a long sleeve green blouse. I nod my head as I swiftly get changed into the outfit.

I emerge out of the closet with it on. “It’s perfect. Not too overdone and also not too little,” Bella told me as she held up two thumbs up. I hear the doorbell ring. My eyes immediately panic. “It’s okay. Just be you,” she reassured me before guiding me outside my bedroom door.

I open the door. I see that Paul has changed from his usual lack of outfit. He is wearing a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. I close the door behind me. Paul opens the car for me as I head inside of it. He starts the car and we drive off with the radio host voices fading into the background.

“So where to,” I question?

“I’m taking you to a special place,” he replied.

“And where is that?”
“It’s a surprise.”

“Can I get a hint?”

“Let’s see…. How about this is a place that you know but with a twist.” I mull over the clue over and over in my head. Visions of locations pop into my head yet I am unable to distinguish what a twist would be about them.

We park a car in front of Sam and Emily’s house. The front porch was decorated with hanging fairy lights. There are two porch chairs sitting delicately on an angle from each other with a small table places in between. On top of it were two glasses of water and boxes of pizza.

“Sam and Emily went out for a date night so I took the opportunity to do this. I tried to cook something but I have about the same skills as you. So I ordered pizza,” Paul informed me. He took my hand and lead the way. We sat on the chairs and opened the pizza boxes. I took a slice and started chewing on it.

“Wow. This is incredible. Thank you. I never knew that the toughest guy in Fork’s had such a soft side,” I told him.

“Well, there is a lot you don’t yet know about me.”

“I can’t wait to find out then.”

Ethan Dolan - My type

Request: Do you make Dolan twin images? If so, can you make one where Ethan and y/n meet at a tour and he ask for her number and they go out ☺️ Btw I love your images


I wasn’t expecting anything big for my birthday since I already got a vacation to Paris in the summer and my parents told me it was a birthday gift, but I just had the best parents ever and they surprised me with another amazing gift. When they handed me an envelope I didn’t really understand what could be in it. But then I opened it taking out… two tickets to a meet&greet with none other than Aaron Carpenter, Cameron Dallas and the Dolan twins.

“Mom, Dad?! What is this?” I asked with wide eyes not even taking my eyes off the tickets.

“We thought you would like to see those boys you like that much,” my mom said smiling at me.

“But these tickets must have cost a fortune and we agreed that I won’t get anything else than the trip to Paris.”

“Yes, but my boss got them somehow, so they weren’t that expensive,” dad waved in dismiss.

I couldn’t thank them enough for those tickets, I had been dreaming about meeting them since I knew what Vine was. And of course, I was secretly wishing that Ethan would notice me.

The meet&greet was a few days later, my dad drove me there and told me he would pick me up. I stood in the line and got to know some awesome girls while we were waiting to get to the guys. We talked about how excited it was to finally see them in live and the funny thing was that we all loved different people more, so we just agreed on who would take who home.

Then we were close enough to see them as they were doing photos with other girls that were literally screaming while talking to them. I never knew how they could stay that cool and awesome when girls were screaming into their face and I promised to myself that I wouldn’t do anything like this. I wanted to stay calm and show my best side to them.

We were getting closer and closer, until I was the next one in the line. The bodyguard nodded to me signaling that I can go closer. Aaron was the first one I reached.

“Hey beautiful,” he smiled at me. For a short moment I thought I will just faint, but I knew I had to keep my shit together.

“Hey,” I greeted him and he gave me a warm hug.

“How are you?” he asked as we pulled away.

“I’m good, thank you, just a bit tired of the waiting,” I said with a light chuckle.

“Did you drink enough? You want some water?” he asked already stepping to the table where they had a bunch of bottled water and offered one for me. I wasn’t that thirsty, but when Aaron Carpenter gives you a bottle of water one does not refuse it.

“Thanks,” I smiled at him taking the bottle. We posed for a photo and then I turned to the next person, who happened to be Cameron.

He was really cool, he even told me a joke to lighten me up a bit. This worked, because I loosened up and I could finally get through the fact that I was meeting my idols and just enjoy the moment. We also took some photos and then I stepped to the next person, Grayson.

“Hey,” he greeted with a wide smile and hugged me.

“Hi, it’s so nice to meet you,” I said letting out a little bit awkward laugh.

“It’s good to meet you too. What’s your name?” he asked and he glanced over to where Ethan was standing quite often, I didn’t know why he was doing that, and I also wanted to see Ethan, but I didn’t want to be disrespectful.

“I’m Y/N.”

“What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Are you enjoying the meet&greet so far?” he asked leaning against the table casually. He looked so damn good, I wish I could take a photo s him in that pose.

“Yes, it’s awesome to see all of you,” I nodded smiling.

“How long did you wait?”

“Um, about two hours.”

“Gosh, that’s too much. We have to figure something out for you guys. I’m sorry Y/N, that you had to wait that much,” he said with an apologetic look.

“It’s okay,” I shrugged.

“But thank you for coming. Let’s do some photos.” We posed for the camera and then it was time for me to move on to the next and last person, Ethan.

When I turned towards him he was already looking at me. I took a deep breath and walked over to him.

“Hey Y/N,” he said and I was totally shocked as he said my name.

“Wait, how do you know my name?”

“Twin telepathy,” he smirked confusing me even more. “I was just kidding, I heard when you told it to Grayson,” he laughed and I suddenly felt dumb. How did I not think of that? But I laughed with him. “So do you live in LA?” he asked running his fingers through his hair.

“Yeah, I live nearby, actually.”

“Really? That’s awesome. How old are you?” he asked with a soft smile.

“I turned fifteen a few days ago,” I admitted tugging my hair behind my ears.

“You had your birthday a few days ago? Happy birthday! That worth another hug,” he said spreading his arms and I willingly hugged him again.

“Thank you.”

“I hope you had an amazing birthday.”

“I did, I got the tickets as a gift,” I replied laughing. He gave me a wide smile and then we posed for some photos.

I knew it was time for me to leave, I wished this meeting lasted longer, but then before I could head towards the exit Ethan grabbed my hand gently and pulled back.

“Hey, um, I was wondering if I could… I don’t know, have you number?”

I almost gasped in my shock and happiness. I immediately nodded and as he handed me a piece of paper and a pen I wrote down my number checking five times if it was correct before handing it back to him.

“Thanks, I’ll call you later.” He winked at me and I turned around once more to leave, but then I had one more question for him.

“Hey, why was Grayson eyeing you while we were talking?” I asked suspecting the reason. Ethan grinned at me before answering.

“Because he immediately knew that you are my type and made sure that I wouldn’t miss a chance with getting your number.”

Spanish Vocabulary - El cuento de hadas

This is a list of some very useful words related to fairy tale stories or some mythological vocabulary.

Especially for beginners, fairy tales are extremely helpful because most of the stories are ones that people know or at least have heard of before… so this vocabulary will help navigate some very well-known fairy tales (and Disney movies).

Note: There may be some repeating words

Snow White

  • (la) Blancanieves = Snow White
  • blanco/a = white
  • la nieve = snow
  • el cabello = hair (on the head)
  • negro/a = black
  • pálido/a = fair, pale
  • la palidez = paleness, pallor
  • la reina = queen
  • malvado/a = evil, wicked
  • la Reina Malvada = the Evil Queen
  • el cazador = hunter / huntsman [feminine form “huntress” is la cazadora]
  • el corazón = heart
  • la envidia = envy
  • los celos = jealousy
  • el espejo mágico = magic mirror
  • bello/a = beautiful
  • precioso/a = cute, lovely | precious
  • bonito/a = cute, pretty
  • lindo/a = cute, pretty
  • la amenaza = a threat
  • la inocencia = innocence
  • la belleza = beauty
  • la pureza = purity
  • el enano = dwarf
  • siete = seven (7)
  • la choza = hut, small house
  • la casita (de campo) = little house, cottage [lit. “little field house”] 
  • dulce = sweet
  • viejo/a = old
  • feo/a = ugly
  • brujo/a = witch, wizard
  • la manzana = apple
  • la poción = potion
  • el veneno = poison, venom
  • venenoso/a = poisonous, venomous
  • envenenado/a = poisoned
  • inmóvil = still, unmoving
  • el ataúd = coffin, casket
  • el féretro = coffin, casket
  • el velorio = wake, vigil
  • el príncipe = prince
  • el príncipe azul = knight in shining armor [lit. “blue prince”]
  • el beso = a kiss

Sleeping Beauty

  • la Bella Durmiente = Sleeping Beauty
  • bello/a = beautiful
  • durmiente = sleeping, dormant
  • dormido/a = asleep, sleeping | half-asleep, “out of it”
  • el bautismo = baptism, christening
  • la reunión = a gathering, a meeting
  • el hada, las hadas = fairy, fairies
  • el don = a gift, a blessing
  • el obsequio = a present, a gift
  • el regalo = a present, a gift
  • la maldición = a curse
  • el hechizo = a hex, a curse
  • la magia = magic
  • mágico/a = magical
  • la bendición = blessing
  • el encanto = enchantment, a charm
  • el escape = an escape
  • la huida = an escape, fleeing, flight
  • la búsqueda = a search
  • las hadas buenas = the good fairies
  • la selva = forest
  • el bosque = the woods
  • la corona = crown
  • el trono = throne
  • el huso = spindle
  • la rueca = spinning wheel, loom
  • la hoguera = bonfire
  • pincharse el dedo = to prick one’s finger
  • la rosa = rose
  • la espina = thorn
  • espinoso/a = thorny, covered in thorns
  • la zarza = thornbush, bramble, briar
  • el fuego = fire
  • la espada = sword
  • el escudo = shield
  • el dragón = dragon
  • despierto/a = awake

Beauty and the Beast

  • La Bella y la Bestia = Beauty and the Beast
  • bello/a = beautiful
  • Bella = Belle [Spanish translation of a French name]
  • la bestia = a beast
  • la aldea = small town
  • distraído/a = distracted, absentminded
  • ensimismado/a = distracted, engrossed in one’s own life
  • la belleza = beauty
  • el trato = deal, contract
  • trato hecho = done deal
  • secuestrado/a = kidnapped
  • la torre = tower
  • el ala este = the east wing (of a house/castle)
  • el ala oeste = the west wing (of a house/castle)
  • la escalera = staircase, stairwell
  • las escaleras = steps, stairs
  • el escalón = a step (of a staircase)
  • el salón de baile = ballroom
  • el espejo = mirror
  • la pintura = painting
  • el retrato = portrait
  • el autorretrato = portrait / self-portrait
  • maldito/a = cursed, accursed
  • el mueble, los muebles = a piece of furniture, furniture (pl.)
  • el reloj = clock / watch
  • la tetera = teapot
  • la taza = teacup / coffee cup
  • el candelabro, el candelero = candelabra, candle-holder
  • la rosa = rose
  • el pétalo = petal
  • el tiempo = time
  • el monstruo = monster
  • el hombre = man
  • humano/a = human


  • la Cenicienta = Cinderella
  • la ceniza, las cenizas = ash, ashes
  • ceniciento/a = covered in ashes
  • la madrastra = step-mother
  • la Madrastra Malvada = the Wicked Step-mother
  • la hermanastra = step-sister
  • malcriado/a = rude, lacking manners
  • el macriado / la malcriada = a brat
  • mimado/a = spoiled, pampered
  • egoísta = selfish
  • exigente = demanding
  • mandón, mandona = bossy
  • chillón, chillona = shrill, screeching
  • la fregona = a washerwoman, a woman who scrubs dishes, a scullery maid
  • el criado, la criada = servant, maid
  • el / la sirviente = servant
  • abnegado/a = selfless, someone who doesn’t think of themselves
  • el ratón, los ratones = mouse/rat, mice/rats
  • el caballo = horse
  • el sollozo = sob
  • el llanto = crying, mourning, weeping
  • la lágrima, las lágrimas = tear, tears, crying
  • la madrina = godmother
  • la Hada Madrina = Fairy Godmother
  • el baile = a ball (“a dance”)
  • la vara = wand / staff
  • la varita mágica = a magic wand
  • el vestido = dress
  • la calabaza = pumpkin
  • el carruaje = carriage
  • el coche = stagecoach [“car” in modern Spanish]
  • la diligencia = horse-drawn carriage [named for the “diligence/task” that horses did when pulling the carriage]
  • la transformación = transformation
  • la medianoche = midnight
  • a la medianoche = at midnight
  • al dar la medianoche / al toque de medianoche = at the stroke of midnight [dar means “to strike” and el toque means “the touch / striking”… both apply since the “stroke” refers to “striking bells”]
  • el zapato = shoe
  • el vidrio = glass
  • de vidrio = made of glass


  • el cuento = story (short)
  • la historia = story (long) / history
  • el cuento de hadas = fairy tale [lit. “story of fairies”]
  • había una vez = once upon a time
  • érase una vez = once upon a time [older]
  • hace mucho tiempo… = a long time ago…
  • el rizo = curl
  • rizado/a = curly
  • el oro = gold
  • dorado/a, de oro = golden
  • el oso = bear
  • Ricitos de oro y los tres osos = Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • la Caperucita Roja = Little Red Riding Hood
  • la capa = cape
  • la caperuza = cape with a hood / riding hood
  • el lobo = wolf
  • la abuela = grandmother
  • la cesta = basket
  • la canasta = basket
  • el camino = road
  • el leñador = woodsman / woodcutter / lumberjack
  • la piedra = stone, rock
  • la paja = straw
  • la madera = wood
  • el palo, los palos = stick, sticks, twigs
  • la rama, la ramita = twig, sticks
  • el ladrillo = brick
  • joven = young
  • viejo/a = old
  • anciano/a = very old, ancient / old person
  • Alicia en el país de maravillas = Alice in Wonderland
  • los naipes / las cartas = playing cards
  • el conejo = rabbit
  • el sombrerero = the Mad Hatter [lit. “the hatter / hat-maker”]
  • la Reina de Corazones = the Queen of Hearts
  • la Reina Blanca = the White Queen
  • el Gato de Cheshire = the Cheshire Cat
  • El mago de Oz = the Wizard of Oz
  • el Espantapájaros = the Scarecrow
  • el León cobarde = the Cowardly Lion
  • el Hombre de hojalata = the Tin Man [hojalata = “sheet metal” or “tin” that isn’t very thick]
  • Pinocho = Pinocchio
  • la marioneta = puppet, marionette 
  • el títere = puppet
  • el carpintero, la carpintera = carpenter
  • el / la Hada Azul = the Blue Fairy
  • la estrella = a star
  • la ballena = whale
  • la madera = wood
  • la nariz = nose
  • la mentira = a lie
  • mentiroso/a = false, lying, dishonest
  • el mentiroso, la mentirosa = liar
  • la verdad = the truth
  • verdadero/a = true, real
  • de verdad = for real
  • el castillo = castle
  • la vela = candle
  • la rana = frog
  • el sapo = toad
  • el jinete = horseman / rider
  • desconocido/a = unknown
  • extraño/a = strange
  • raro/a = weird
  • extranjero/a = foreign
  • el despertador = alarm clock
  • el cocodrilo = crocodile
  • el barco = ship (large)
  • la nave = ship (large)
  • el naufragio = shipwreck
  • el / la capitán = captain
  • el garfio = hook
  • El Capitán Garfio = Captain Hook
  • la sirena = Siren (Greek mythology) / mermaid [or a “siren” as in an ambulance or shrill noise]
  • la sirenita = little mermaid
  • la aleta = fin [of a fish], flipper
  • el deseo = wish, desire
  • el engaño = trick, deceit
  • engañoso/a = deceitful
  • el troll = troll
  • el ogro = ogre
  • el puente = bridge
  • el tallo de judía / frijol / alubia = beanstalk
  • el gigante = a giant
  • gigante = giant, large
  • lejano/a = faraway
  • cercano/a = nearby
  • lejos = far
  • cerco/a = close
  • Juan y la planta de habichuelas = Jack and the Beanstalk (regional)
  • Juan y la mata de habas = Jack and the Beanstalk (regional)
  • la cuna = crib, cradle
  • la nana = lullaby
  • la canción de cuna = lullaby [lit. “crib song”]
  • la querencia = love, fondness, emotional attachment


  • el rey, el Rey = king, King
  • la reina, la Reina = queen, Queen
  • la princesa, la Princesa = princess, Princess
  • el príncipe, el Príncipe = prince, Prince
  • Alteza = Higness, Grace
  • Su Alteza / Vuestra Alteza = Your Highness, Your Grace
  • Majestad = Majesty
  • Su Majestad / Vuestra Majestad = Your Majesty
  • el señor = man / sir / lord
  • la señora = woman / madam / lady
  • la dama = lady, dame, noblewoman
  • el don, la doña = lord, lady [property-holding people]
  • el dueño, la dueña = owner
  • el jefe, la jefa = boss
  • el noble, la noble, los nobles = nobleman, noblewoman, noblemen
  • la realeza = royalty
  • la nobleza = nobility
  • la plebe / la clase obrera = the common people / the working class
  • el caballero = knight
  • la doncella = maiden [la doncella refers to a young girl who isn’t married… in fairy tales, younger than 18 and (most often) virgins]
  • el galán = gentleman / leading man [used euphemistically, el galán means “playboy” because it refers to “the guy who gets the girl at the end of the story”]
  • el brujo, la bruja = wizard, witch
  • el mago, la maga = wizard, witch, mage, magician
  • el hechicero, la hechicera = sorcerer, sorceress
  • el hada / la hada, las hadas = fairy, fairies
  • el villano, la villana = villager OR villain, evildoer
  • el ciudadano, la ciudadana = citizen, townsperson
  • el ladrón, la ladrona = thief
  • el pícaro, la pícara = rogue
  • el desconocido, la desconocida = unknown person
  • el extraño, la extraña = stranger, unknown person
  • el mayordomo = butler
  • el ama de casa, las amas de casa = housemaid, head maid
  • el criado, la criada = servant
  • el / la sirviente = servant
  • el aya, las ayas = governess, governesses
  • el niñero, la niñera = babysitter
  • el niño, la niña = boy / girl / child
  • el bebé, la bebé = baby
  • el chico, la chica = boy / girl / young child
  • el joven, la joven = teenage boy / teenage girl [lit. “young (man/woman)”]
  • el hombre = man
  • la mujer = woman
  • el padre = father
  • la madre = mother
  • el hijo, la hija, los hijos = son, daughter, children (at least one boy; otherwise las hijas “daughters”)
  • el hermano, la hermana, los hermanos = brother, sister, siblings (at least one boy; otherwise hermanas “sisters”)
  • Dios = God
  • el dios, la diosa, los dioses = god, goddess, gods (at least one boy; otherwise las diosas “goddesses”)
  • el / la protagonista = protagonist
  • el / la antagonista = antagonist
  • el amigo, la amiga = friend
  • el enemigo, la enemiga = enemy
  • el héroe, la heroína = heroe, heroine
For a Lost Daughter (Adult Faith AU): Part 4

We have a title!  For a Lost Daughter 

As you probably already have put together, its a reference to one of Raymond’s lines in The Space Between, and was actually the original inspiration for this fic!

Part 4 begins Section two, which shifts the focus from Jamie and Claire to Faith/ “Fae”. 

Note: the story takes place in an AU where an adult Faith comes back into Jamie and Claire’s lives around the time of Voyager. General spoiler alerts for Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, The Space Between, and more.

Catch up on the story so far

SECTION ONE: Daughter :Part 1  Part 2  Part 3


Part 4 begins below the break 

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tesserfication  asked:

seafoam: describe your ideal summer vacation.

Ideal would be to split it into 3 parts. First to be ideal it would have to be huge, 3 months, 3 months of not having the steady (but not crippling) stress of work. Month 1? Go to Paris, and Italy is nearby so explore there as well. Just let all three of us in the family choose a place in Europe to go. But mine is most definitely Paris.

Part 2 would be to travel to Seoul and Busan in Korea. There’s so many beautiful locations in the KDramas, and I’d like to visit them. Specifically I’d like to visit some of the beaches, the neighborhoods with the stairs, the mountain views, and the field of buckwheat from Goblin.

Part 3 would be much less active. 1 entire month of no traveling. I’d go to La Jolla. We’d stay in a nearby hotel, go and watch every sunset. No working to see the sites, just relaxing.

I think that would about do it. Thanks for asking :)


Prompt from saidthebutterfly: “Felicity surprises Oliver with a trip to an indoor parkour park because she knows it’s killing him to not jump around like a ninja. It’s a win-win because he gets to play and she gets to watch.”

Took a little longer than I wanted, but I kept getting distracted by other story ideas. Better late than never? 

Also on ao3

It hasn’t even been two weeks and she can tell he’s getting antsy. He’s happy and smiling constantly, a beautiful thing to see every day on a face that’s been shadowed for so long, and he has her doing more activity than she’s ever done in her life. Yes, they’re in bed more than they’re out of it, but when they are out they’re hiking and riding bikes and exploring whatever town they happen to find themselves in, just wandering aimlessly, hand in hand, sometimes for hours. But while Felicity was too tired to even move at the end of the day yesterday, Oliver decided to go out for a run. He was gone for over an hour and covered in sweat when he came back to their room, but after a quick shower he still managed to rock her world before they finally fell asleep.

They may be “done” with the hood life, but he’s still constantly vigilant of his surroundings. She’s sure she sees his ears perk up every time there’s a siren nearby, and since they’ve been in LA these last few days, sirens are much more prevalent. She can’t fault him for getting a little restless. Her fingers have been itching to hack for days and she’s sure he misses the adrenaline too. She thinks maybe a little extra physical activity, something different, would do him good. So, while he’s sleeping in a little later this morning, something else that’s new, she sneaks out of bed to grab her tablet. She runs a search for an indoor parkour park, one of those places where he can use the extra energy to climb walls actually meant for climbing, instead of the ones in the hotel room.

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anonymous asked:

I know you love world building, so what's the first thing you figure out about a new fictional country you *just* made up? :D

I tend to start with the characters when I build a world - say, I want to tell a story about a not-so-awesome necromancer and the ex-soldier who drags him out of the mud and decides to be his mom-friend, then I’ll need a world that a.) has magic, b.) has some kind of military, and c.) has a belief in raising the dead. Those are all good starting points for crafting a world.

But when it comes to specific countries, or cities, in that world, I tend to start with the geography and climate. A LOT of what a country is like depends on its geography.

Is it a country in a temperate region, with a coastline and a good mix of forests, mountains and fertile grasslands? Then it’s likely to have a well-functioning agriculture, probably an industry centered on timber and forestry, mining for mineral resources, etc. The coastline means possibilities of trade and ship-building. Grasslands also mean grazing for animals. What kind of animals would they have?

Is it a country with a warmer climate, with a big mountain range? Chances are there’s going to be a desert due to the mountains interfering with wind-patterns and clouds, causing a rain-shadow. The population is less likely to be focused on settled agriculture - unless there’s a river with a fertile flood plain nearby (a la the Nile) - and more on mineral resources and on caravan routes passing through it.

Already, just by plopping a few geographical features onto a map and making a few decisions about the weather, you’ve got the building blocks of what their daily lives are like, and what kind of populations might live there: a temperate country with fertile soil is more likely to have settled farmers, while an arid desert region is more likely to house more nomadic populations.

… after that, you can start building upwards. If you’ve got farmlands and a forest industry, there’s likely to be trade. Trade means money, unless they make do with a barter system. If there’s money, there needs to be a central authority in charge of regulating that money. It’s probably going to have a more solidly organised political structure than a country with a more nomadic population. Organised political structure can mean anything from absolute monarchy with primogeniture in place, to a representative democracy that elects its leader on a regular basis.

Basically, worldbuilding is making a few key decisions, and then asking yourself “but why?” and “how’s that work, then?” over and over until you’ve got an imaginary world.

Hi y’all~ any fellow trans surfers in LA or nearby areas? Shoot me a message :) Let’s go catch some waves and live our endless summer dreams; get cheap tacos and live our endless diarrhea nightmares :D


DOR Lifting Over LA

June 4, 2017

As a repeat of yesterday’s DOR by day and DOR lifting by late afternoon, we saw the typical June clean-up process in the atmosphere in LA.  The skies looked “smoggy” during the day, and downtown LA and even nearby Baldwin Hills were obscured by pollution.  But the energy was much clearer than yesterday and the cleaning process was swift.  By evening, all the way to the horizon, one could see clean and clear blue skies and a soft marine layer emerged from the “smog.”  In the second row you can see Baldwin Hills before the DOR lifting and after.  Tomorrow morning we will awake to June gloom again.  Marine layer is an orgone transmutation.

64 days in heaven and hell (74)
More decoration
Van Gogh was hiring the Yellow House since May 1, 1888 and initially only used a room downstairs as his studio, spending his nights in the nearby Café de la Gare.
After about four months, he decided he should furnish the house and move into it, wether Gauguin would one day show up in Arles or not. He was able to pry some money from his brother, and with some advice from his postman-friend and his wife, Van Gogh bought the furniture for two bedrooms and some essentials for the kitchen.

In those days, he worked feverishly to produce the decorations for the house. This ‘Ploughed Fields’ is just one of many.

Vincent Van Gogh, The Ploughed Field, September 1888. Oil on canvas, 72,5 x 92,5 cm. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (F 574, JH 1586)

Help Me Remember (Ch.3) - Good Riddance

Series Summary: The night was going smoothly as you snuggled on your couch with your snacks by your side and Supernatural on TV. However, the peaceful rest was cut short when you started hearing voices, out of nowhere, calling your name, asking you to wake up.  The voices soon turned into yelling, as you fought to stay conscious, but soon enough, the darkness took over, and you collapsed.

As you opened your heavy lids, a smell of whiskey and gunpowder hit your nose, making you wonder where the hell where you, and how you got there in the first place. After inspecting where you were, and getting familiar with your situation you were in, you realized that you were in some kind of parallel universe where the events of Supernatural are the reality. Or were you? Maybe you have been there your entire life, and what you thought to be a reality was actually an illusion created by someone? Guess you’ll just have to find out.

Check out ‘Help Me Remember’ Masterlist for previous chapters.

Words: 2453

Warnings/Triggers: None

Castiel x Reader

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So Now You Want Me? (Luke Hemmings.)

Requested – No. This is a Birthday special. 

Prompt – You change after Luke rejected you rudely.

Warning – Might contain scenes of insecurity and Luke might be harsh as fuck.

Words – 1348.


Part 2. 

Part 3. 

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Emily & Felicity Blunt

“There are infinite possibilities in life.“

Within seconds of meeting Emily and Felicity Blunt it’s clear they are lovers of literature and life, as they immediately jump into deep discussion about the books they’re here to swap and discuss. Laughter bounces off the walls of Riva, their favourite restaurant local to the south London family home they grew up in (Felicity still lives nearby, Emily resides in LA), in between some serious philosophising and even a few tears…

“Book clubs exist in conversation,” Felicity muses. “If you meet someone at a bus stop and they ask you about [what you’re reading], that’s a book club. And because I recommended this to Em, that is a book club. We are a club of people who love books.

The book Felicity has recommended is Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life. “It’s a story of infinite possibilities in life,” she explains. “So you turn left or you turn right, you make your train or you miss your plane. I often think if Lauren Weisberger hadn’t written The Devil Wears Prada… If she hadn’t done an internship with Anna Wintour and possibly been tortured… Your career would’ve been completely different. Stanley and you wouldn’t have worked together…

And if Em hadn’t married her husband [actor John Krasinski],” Felicity continues, turning to me. “And I hadn’t gone to her wedding, then I wouldn’t be with Stan [Felicity’s husband is the actor Stanley Tucci, who also appeared alongside Emily in The Devil Wears Prada]. I find that totally fascinating. And actually I’m kind of scared by that because I’m so happy, I think, ‘What could’ve happened?’”

I think like that all the time,” agrees Emily, not for the last time. Later, they will try and point out their differences (they just end up complimenting each other), but really they could be twins. Only a year and a half apart in age, their shared experiences in youth mean they can communicate with just the flick of an eye and regularly finish one another’s sentences.

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