not knowing what everyone is saying

Regarding the Sarah “experiment”

Hey, friends. I know it’s in the morning for some of us. But if you can take a moment to look at this it would be greatly appreciated. I just want everyone to know that they shouldn’t feel “stupid” for thinking there was a girl that they’re in pain or possibly dead. I know that this is going to hurt more because we feel fooled but just know that this situation did bring the community closer together. It also gave survivor’s a voice.

If Ollie really did take this time to make an experiment over a couple of months it just shows what kind of evil and manipulative person he is. The fact that he’s been saying that his friends are laughing with him show how fucked up they are too.

I hope everybody can be respectful even the doubters because I hope that you don’t think that it was appropriate to make such an experiment. To the doubters please don’t use this as an opportunity to use the term “ I told you so ” because the situation hit many people close to home and it’s not really your place to judge. To the other many people who believed I am sorry and I am trying to find answers for us.

The one thing that we can say is that Ollie is incredibly manipulative, unkind and attention seeking individual. Don’t let him get to you. We will figure it all out. I just want to say I have no regrets as far as my post things about Sarah’s death as I was given information that I thought was real. I would hope somebody would have done the same for me so if anybody has a problem with me they can kindly block.

Dating Malfoy

Hope you enjoy this is based on this post by @o0o-chibaken-o0o 

As Harry gets up to get ready for classes he is sluggish and achy all over. He hears a few snickers behind him. He turned to glare at his friends.

“Another long night with Malfoy,” Dean says with a knowing smirk and a wink.

“What is it, every day this week?” Seamus looks to Dean for the answer

“No, it every day this month, maybe last month too.” Dean smiles. “Remember when we started dating were sneaking around for how long before we caught?”

“HOLY SHIT HARRY, ARE YOU DATING MALFOY???” Ron screamed while grabbing Harry by the shoulders. Dean and Seamus leave the room laughing at Ron’s distress.

“Of course, I’m not ‘Dating’ him. We have sex occasionally, that’s all.” Was Harry’s response as he sat down with a small wince.

“You’ve been back to the dorms late every night for at least the last month,” Ron says as he paces the room.

“Fine, we have a lot of sex. That’s still not dating.” Ron stops to look at Harry as he answers.

“Okay so…Just sex?”

“I mean we talk too sometimes. He’s surprisingly funny you know.” Harry looks at Ron with a goofy smile on his face. Ron sits down on the floor where he stood and just looks at Harry with disbelief. “We do study together and play a bit of Quidditch when we have time. Did I tell you he even invited me to stay with him over the holidays so we can play together at the Manor!”

“And you aren’t”

“Dating? No, Ron, we aren’t we…” they stare at each other for a moment. Ron sees the look on Harry’s face he’s seen one too many times. The look of realizing something he should have already known.

“OH MY GOD IM DATING MALFOY.” Before Ron could respond Harry was running out the door, in his pyjamas and no shoes.

“I don’t know why everyone thinks I’m the dim one,” Ron mutters to himself as he goes to find Hermione and try to forget.

-{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}-

Harry runs down to the dungeons and knocks on the door. A redheaded girl answers the door and before Harry can say a word she is yelling for Draco. When Draco sees him, he is shaking his head.

“Could you have at least tried to look like a decent human being before barging on the door.”

“Yeah, sorry, I um…” he looked around to see if they were alone. “We’re dating?”

“Seriously? What do you think we’ve been doing the last couple of months?”

“I… um…Well, you see…”

“Great, my boyfriend doesn’t know he’s my boyfriend.” Draco turned to walk away.

“WAIT” Draco stopped and looked at him. He tried to hide the hurt but Harry saw it. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it. It happens sometimes, I don’t see things that are right there. I like that you and I are dating. I’ve wanted that for a while but was scared you didn’t want it.” He pulled Draco to him. A placed a small kiss on his lips then hugged him tightly. “Love you” he mutters and Draco stiffens. “Please pretend I didn’t say that.”

“Idiot” Draco said as he kissed his boyfriend.

you know what i love about this picture? that its making everyone speculate that something is wrong and people are like ‘wtf are they doing with their mouths!?’ 

guys they’re doing that thing, you know the thing where a friend tells you to keep their secret and you say your lips are sealed and then mime sealing them shut and sit for a few moments pretending that you’re trying to say something but you can’t because your lips are sealed

the game is called truth bombs, their lips are sealed, it fits 

being best friends with yoongi pt.3

part 1     part 2

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another month has passed that yoongi hasnt woken up. the doctors have told his parents that if he doesnt wake up in the next week, that they are pulling the plug. his conditions havent gotten worse, but they havent gotten better. 

two months ago he was hit by a car

two months ago you started hating yourself.

two months ago you lost your best friend. 

you sat in the hospital waiting room that youve come too familiar with. jimin and hoseok sat on either sides of you, while jungkook sat across from you. jimin lazily rubbed his hand on your back trying to sooth you. he had noticed how different you were- mentally and phsically. dark purple and brown circles were around your eyes from not sleeping. you’ve lost quite a lot of weight from not eating. you were a lot quieter than you were when yoongi was awake. you couldnt help but be quiet, your best friend had a week to breathe and it was all your fault.

from the right side of you hoseok started crying- hard. he had been crying a lot these days. you hated seeing the practical sunshine turn into something similar to rain. jimin sighed from the other side of you, gave you a small, sad, smile and got up to sit on the other side of hobi, starting to reassure him. 

you loved how jimin was always the one who comforted people, putting other peoples feelings in front of his. you wondered how he was truely feeling though. you’ve seen him cry once or twice, but besides that he’s always making sure everyone else is eating and sleeping well, telling them that yoongi will wake up,”its min yoongi that we’re talking about, hes strong. he will wake up.” 

you had hope in jimins words for the first few weeks of the accident. but now, you had none. 

suddenly, jungkook stood abruptly, causing the three of you to look up at him, confused by his actions. 

“i’ve had enough of this. no ones sleeping or eating. all they ever do is cry. and its all your fault.” jungkook practically growled at you, pointing his finger at you as he did so. the three of you stared at him with wide eyes, not believing that he would say something like that. 

“jungkook, you know its not her fault. how could she control where yoongi walked or how fast a car was going?” jimin said softly, trying to calm down his younger member. 

“if she wasn’t so clingy with him, then he would still be with us. on stage. have you forgotten that we were suppose to be in japan today? doing a concert?” jungkooks words were filled with poison. each and everyone of them landing on your heart and breaking it a little more. 

“jungkook. stop saying that. when he wakes up he wi-” jimin started, standing up and walking closer to jungkook before he was cut off.

“hyung, he isnt going to wake up! hes not even alive right now! he’s breathing from machines. hes not living his life anymore, and he wont have a chnace to because of her.” you could see jungkook glare at you from over jimins shoulder,  his eyes pierced into yours. “do you know what? im leaving, i cant be here.” with that, jungkook grabbed his jacket and stormed out of the waiting room, despite hoseok and jimin calling to him to stop. 

when it settled down, and the nurses stopped looking at your little group, jimin and hoseok started telling you to ignore jungkook, that it wasn’t your fault. 

“jungkookie is just bad at showing his emotions.” hoseok said, his tear stained face looking at you. 

“i- i think i should go.” you said softly, not making eye contact with the two boys. “i’ll be back tomorrow or something.” you stood up and left in the same direction jungkook did a few moments before. 

as soon as  you were out of the hospital, you took a deep breath, finally escaping the horrid place that felt like death. from beside you, you heard a noise, like someone was crying. you turned your head and your breath was caught in your throat. there- was jungkook, his back hunched over a little as he was leaning against the brick wall. his hands were on his face, trying to muffle his sounds, but it wasn’t working.

“uh, jungkook?” you asked, his shaking immediately stopping and looking over his shoulder at you.

“i’m sorry y/n. i didn’t mean what i said back there. i know its not your fault. i- i’m just worried and scared about yoongi hyung. i dont want him to die.” he spoke softly, his voice cracking mid through. your heart broke at the sight, you were the reason why he, and everyone around yoongi was like this. instantly, you pulled jungkook into you, pulling him into a tight hold. 

“it’s okay jungkook. i forgive you.” you whispered into his ear, his crying starting up again. you couldn’t help but start crying yourself. “i’m scared too- all of us are.” suddenly your phone started ringing in your back pocket. you pulled away from eachother and took your phone out.

“hello?” you asked into the phone.

“y/n? where are you? you need to come back to the waiting room- its yoongi.” jimin said worriedly and rapidly.

your stomach was in your throat, and your hands started to shake while holding the phone. 

you could either get your best friend back or lose him- forever


@fangirlyyy22 asked: richie tozier x reader where richie and reader are dating->reader is jealous of a girl who keeps flirting with richie so she(reader) gets annoyed every time the other girl comes round

Pairing -> Richie Tozier x reader

Warnings -> swearing(hell of a lot cause you are angry😂)

A/N: I found this really funny to write 😂 Also, they sure 15/16 in this so it’s more of appropriate for them all to swear even more☺️ Also Henry Bowers is still alive in this as well☺️


You were pissed.

If someone was to ask you who, at this very moment in time, could you kill. You wouldn’t even hesitate to answer.

Nicole Barnes.

She was a girl in the year above you who every girl wanted to be and every boy wanted to be with. Bleached blonde hair, red lipstick, thin waist and popularity. Nicole had it all. It also seemed right now that she had Richie.

Your boyfriend.

Over the past four weeks, Nicole had started sitting closer to you all in the canteen with her mates. It was then table next to yours and, eventually, your table. You were alright with it at first, liking the fact that the girl didn’t make fun of you all and everything. But then she started flirting with Richie. It was the lingering glances or laughing at something he said all the time, but it soon got under your skin.

“Why can’t she just fucking see that me and Richie are together?” You had complained to Bill and Eddie, who were your best friends.

They had just shrugged and said that Richie still loved you, he was just being Richie.

Oh how you wished it was true.


You were all meeting at the Quarry for a day together seeing as it was the school holidays. You had looked forward to this day for the past week and rushed to put everything into your bag you were taking, almost forgetting the suncream Eddie had instructed(more like shouted) at you to bring.

Hurrying down the stairs, you hurriedly tie your shoelaces and wave goodbye to your older sister. You close the door and run down your drive, climbing onto your bike and pedalling off down the lane.

As soon as you arrived at the quarry, you dumped your bike onto the ground and walked over to the Loser’s who were already there. Sitting down next to Richie, you smile at everyone, but they all just look glum towards you.

“Hey everyone, what’s up?”

“Y/N don’t be mad but Nic—-“


Looking up, you stare as Nicole saunters over you and sits down on the opposite side of Richie, who just stares at the floor. You glance over at Beverly, who’s fiddling with her fingers. She looks up at you and shrugs, looking over at Bill and Eddie, who swallow hard and look away.

“We should put sun cream on before anyone burns” Mike says, standing up

“Sure! Richie, would you help me please?” Nicole says sweetly, batting her eyelashes at him.

You stare at them as Nicole practically dumps the cream into his hands and turns round, so Richie starts applying the cream onto her back. You try and look anywhere but them and was half tempted to get up and leave but what Nicole said next didn’t let you.

“What’s it like being Henry’s bitch then Y/N?”

“Excuse me?” You snap

“Being Henry’s bitch. He’s always talking about you”

And that was it.

You push yourself off the log and yank Nicole up by the arm, coming face to face with her.

“I’m not Henry’s bitch, asshole”

“Y/N there’s no need to be embarrassed. We’re all friends here”

“All friends? Haha in your bloody dreams. I’d also appreciate it if you stopped trying to get with my boyfriend Nicole. You look a bit desperate”

Nicole looks at Richie, who has moved next to Eddie and is staring at you all, and them back at you.

“Richie sweetie, why would you go out with her? She’s such a…”

“Such a what Nicole? What am I?”

“You’re such a slut”

It was so silent between you all you could hear a pin drop. Bill and Eddie were just staring at Nicole, Stan and Ben were looking at the floor or anywhere but you two and Beverly, Mike and Richie had stood up, making a barrier between the both of you.

“That’s enough Nicole. You’re not welcome around here if you’re gonna talk like that to my friend” Beverly snaps

“Why not? Can’t I say what is true? Everyone knows it?” Nicole says, rolling her eyes

“Nicole why don’t you just sh—Y/N JESUS CHRIST!”

Luckily for Mike, he had a little gap between him and Richie, so you pushed them out of the way and swing your first right at Nicole, hitting her straight in the mouth. She stumbles back and stares at you, who is now heaving with heavy breaths, fists clenched in anger.

“There’s a lot more where that came from. If you don’t shut it, I swear to god, your own mum won’t even be able to fucking recognise you” You shout

Standing up straight, Nicole walks over towards you, only to be pushed back by Beverly, who’s standing in front of you.

“Aww got to get your friends to help little Y/N huh?”

Pushing past Beverly, you storm towards Nicole, only to have Bill, Stan and Eddie stand in front of you, blocking your path. You barge past them as well and go to slap Nicole, when you feel hands grab yours, refraining you from moving. Turning your head around, you soon see Richie behind you. Sighing, you turn back round and glare at Nicole, who has already picked up her bag.

“Get the fuck out of here Nicole. You aren’t welcome around here” Richie snaps

“Didn’t want to stay with some Loser’s and a slut anyway”

And with that, she walks off back into the woods. Richie lets go of you, Bill, Eddie and Stan stand out of your way and Ben passes you a drink, smiling lightly at you. Sitting back down next to Richie, you gulp down the water and wipe the sweat from your head, handing the drink back to Ben, who puts it in the bin. Everyone is silent until Richie speaks

“I didn’t actually like her you know guys. She just seemed a nice girl”

“Still! Are you that blind that you couldn’t even see her flirting with you?! She may as well worn ‘I LIKE YOU’ on a t-shirt and you still wouldn’t know! You were flirting back as well Richie so don’t even deny it!” You rant

“Well I only like you so there we go. Problem solved. Now calm down love”

“Richiiieee” You whine, smacking his leg playfully.

“And anyways, I like seeing you all jealous and everything. It’s really hot actually”

“Beep Beep Richie”

“Thanks guys. I’m actually complimenting someone unsaracastically this time as well”

A/N: Well that was rubbish😬😐

Messages to abused kids:

  • Being able to stand up for our own rights in public is a privilege many of us cannot afford. To the people who can’t even follow my blog because their parents check their search history, not being able to help us isn’t a crime. We all understand that you need to take care of yourself.
  • Take care of yourself. Be decorative, even in gray. You don’t have to keep telling yourself that compliments aren’t deserved and apologizing for every little thing and saying you deserved what happened to you. I know you were raised to believe you’re in everyone else’s way, but the people complimenting you don’t want to belittle yourself, they want you to talk about your talents. Say thank you when someone holds the door for you, not look down and say sorry for making them take a longer time to get where they were going.
  • It’s not creepy to watch other people trying to figure out how to act. You need someone to teach you emotional responses.
  • Consentual cuddle puddles with your non touch-sensitive abused friends are always a positive way to help your emotional life.
  • Mood diaries are a good way to make sure you process emotion in a better way than you were taught.
  • Plenty of people have different responses than you. Some people like when people sympathize with them, I personally feel like I’m their tragedy porn. You may be shy, others may be loud as hell.
  • Not everyone knows how to explain their abuse. Not everyone knows its abuse.
  • A lot of people who were abused have learning disabilities. Be patient. They probably got abused for having a learning disability too and they don’t need you adding onto the belief that they are worthless for their disability.
  • Just because you don’t have a lot of symptoms doesn’t mean you’re overreacting.
  • Just because you have a lot of symptoms doesn’t mean you’re making it up.
  • Emotional abuse is valid, financial abuse is valid, medical abuse is valid, neglect is valid, uncommon and unprioritized abuses are still abuses and we aren’t gonna exclude you.
  • “Its a poc thing” doesn’t excuse abuse. Don’t ever believe your culture specifically relies on tactics white culture considers abusive, and even if you do believe that, cultures can be problematic and you need to follow your own morals rather than your cultures bias. That belief came out of the racist “happy white family” narrative and the idea that woc are violent and CPS protecting children of color less, hence “if a Hispanic mom saw you do that” memes. This is an extremely common idea but poc shouldn’t be shut down for fearing for their life.
  • Trust me right now, they don’t know everything you’re doing. Breaking the rules to protect yourself is fine.

Bev and Richie are the only people in The Losers Club who can do gymnastics type things like cart wheels and flips.

Everyone knows that Beverly can do it, but they’re unaware about Richie, except for Bev

One day Richie was talking about how he has gotten one flip in particular down, and the rest of The Losers Club just laughs. They bet their money that Bev could do what ever he thought he could do 100 times better.

Beverly just laughs, gives Richie a look that says “ you’re gonna take me to the Aladdin with that money”, and watches as Richie does a perfect round off flick tuck back.

The Losers Club handed their money to Richie, jaws dropped, and incredibly attracted impressed with him.

Rick’s “Fake” Origin Story?

So this could all just be bullshit but I think I have a somewhat plausible theory on what parts of Rick’s origin is true, who Diane Sanchez really is, and a solid idea to explain both Beth’s and Summer’s hair colors. Under the cut to save your dash because this is going to be detailed and long. So here we go. 

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The Cuter Stark

(A/N): This is in female pronouns :P

Pairings: Tony x Sister!Reader

Request: Can I request one where Tony Stark’s baby sister is in town but the team doesn’t know what she looks like. So when Tony is seen around the city with a hot younger woman everyone worries about Pepper thinking he’s cheating. Pepper laughs about it when everyone tells her so she clears up the rumors and gets Tony to finally introduce the cuter Stark.

Warnings: None

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace @ridingmoxley

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You were the little sister of the famous Tony Stark. You were all Tony had left that he could call family and he wished you would stay at the Avenger compound but you argued, saying you could take care of yourself. You didn’t get to see each other too often because of both of your jobs but any spare moment you had, you’d share with one another. 

The Avengers had heard your name mentioned every once in a while, but no one had ever seen you in person not even a picture. They always teased Tony that he was making it all up since he never brought you around and there was no evidence of your existence but he always brushed it off with a comment that you were busy changing the world or something cheesy like that. 

“So, Tony, how’s your ‘sister’ doing?” Clint teases, putting sister in finger quotations for what seems like the hundredth time as the team lounges around the common area and Tony gives a small groan before rolling his eyes. 

“She’s doing fine.  Tony throws back in annoyance as he downs the rest of his drink.

“We still have yet to meet the mysterious baby Stark. When are you bringing her around?” Natasha pokes further, an amused smirk across her face and now the entire team is chuckling and Tony sends a glare. 

“At this point, none of you are going to meet (Y/N).” Tony growls.

“Don’t stress too much, it would be no surprise to us, Stark.” Sam jokes out and Tony shakes his head when his phone buzzes in his pocket. He pulls it out, reading your name across the screen and his face instantly lights up reading that you were in town for the next week. 

He replies, saying he’d meet you at your favorite café before looking up at his curious teammates. “If you’d excuse me, I have some things to attend to.” Tony smirks out as he stands from his spot on the couch before disappearing down the hallway. 

The team didn’t know where Tony bounced off to after that conversation but since then he seemed to be a bit happier and less sarcastic. They brushed it off at first but as the week continued, the happiness didn’t relent and the team began to become curious on what was making the playboy have a change in attitude. They begin to notice Tony leaving early from his lab instead of staying cooped up in there all day and that’s when they decided to follow him to see what he was up to. 

The majority of the team followed Tony discretely around the city and finds him hanging out with a beautiful, younger female. They spot him eating lunch and dinner with the mystery woman everyday while also shopping around. Tony effortlessly laughs throughout the conversation, obviously enjoying himself while the mystery woman looks the same way. 

The team doesn’t know what to think about the mystery woman but immediately jump to conclusions. Tony had been with Pepper for almost 2 years and their first thought was he was cheating on her. They were going to keep it a secret from Pepper but decided on being honest, telling her the trust about the billionaire’s actions. 

So, they call Pepper to the Avenger’s compound as they wait anxiously for the redhead. They sit in silence before the sound of heels echoes through the air and they look up as Pepper’s form comes into view.

She gives a friendly smile as she holds her usual planner, her Bluetooth in her ear. “I got your call, what can I do for you all?”

The team exchange nervous looks before Steve awkwardly clears his throat causing Pepper’s face to scrunch up in confusion. “We have something to tell you. It’s about Tony.”

Pepper immediately groans, instinctively bringing her hands up to rub her temple. “What did he do now? I’m still cleaning up from that lab incident last week.”

“We-um… we think he’s cheating on you.” Steve pushes past his lips and Pepper’s face drops as she tilts her head to the side.

“Are you sure?” Pepper questions, friendly smile completely gone as she stares at Steve’s apologetic face. 

Natasha pulls out her phone, scrolling through a couple of photos before settling on one and handing it to Pepper. “We noticed him acting different around the compound, leaving early to visit this woman and he’s been spending a lot of time with her for the past week. This is the woman.”

Pepper grabs the phone from Natasha’s hands, locking eyes on the photo before her face softens resulting an amused smile. A small chuckle leaves her lips, leaving the team confused on why Tony cheating was funny. Pepper shakes her head a moment before looking back up at the superhero group.

“I’m very glad you guys are looking after me and trying to keep Tony in check but there is nothing to worry about.” Pepper states, handing the phone back to Natasha. The team speechlessly stares at Pepper, multiple questions popping into their head but before any of them can ask, the elevator dings. 

They all turn their heads as Tony and you walk out, smiles across your faces but they immediately fade when everyone’s eyes are on you. Pepper crosses her arms with an amused smirk as she raises an eyebrow at Tony. “Tony, you really should have introduced (Y/N) when she first got here. Steve and them thought you were cheating on me with (Y/N).”

Tony’s eyebrows crunch together, averting his eyes to his team’s dumbstruck faces before a giddy smile grows on his face as he turns towards you, placing an arm around your shoulder. “Avengers, this is my little sister, (Y/N). She’s a surgeon, forensic pathologist and 10 times smarter than all of you combined.”

There is a small silence with everyone staring at you when Sam breaks it. “You’re Tony’s sister?” Sam questions incredulously mouth slightly agape and you smile, tilting your head to the side. 

“I am.” You return and Sam closes his mouth, sending a look towards Bucky. 

“Damn, Stark, you didn’t mention your sister was cuter than you.” Clint jokes causing the team to snap out of their staring as they begin to laugh over the matter. 

Tony glares at Clint before pointing an defensive finger at him. “Don’t hit on my sister and she is not cuter than me.”

“I’ve always been cuter than you, Tony. Always have and always will be.” You declare with a wide smile as you poke Tony’s side and he gives a small grunt as he pushes your persistent fingers away.  

“Wanna bet, little one?” Tony questions before Bucky’s voice pipes up. 

“Sorry, Stark, I think (Y/N) has this one.” Bucky laughs out as the other nod in agreement causing you to chuckle as you watch Tony folds his arms across his chest, glaring at you. 

“I’m placing you up for adoption.”

“We’ll take her!” Natasha announces happily and Tony groans before throwing his hands up in exasperation as he begins to walk out of the room. 

“I’ve been replaced by my sister.”

“Love you, Tony!”

While trying to sleep and just about to head to bed I saw some ramblings about Celene… Then it hit me… Out of everyone the only one that would really benefit from Mark’s death would be Celene! (assuming that she is Mark’s wife) all the money he had would go to her and if there was a will saying otherwise, then there could have been some way that it might been moved?

And I really didn’t know how to feel about her at first… Her reactions and the way she’s handled things show that she does hold a lot of pride. And she does snap when she is kinda told she can’t do what ever she wants even though it is coming from a good place. And really thinking about it all… I really don’t feel to comfortable about her and Damien in Dark.

And Dark is considered a manipulator of sorts. Who is the one manipulating us? Damien… Or Celene?

Is she possibly manipulating Damien while they are Dark and he doesn’t really see it clear because of his love for her??

My head is all over the place with Celene now… I don’t trust her very much… And in that other theory I had… Maybe the colors are fitting where they are…?

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My public apology

This is addressing people who have been hurt or effected by something I said to them. I’m really sorry about that. I realize how bad my actions were and I deeply regret them. I make no excuses for it. I own and take full responsibility and I don’t blame anyone except me. So I deeply and sincerely apologize for everything I have ever done.

I also apologize to all my friends I disappointed and let down. I appreciate your compassion, kindness, and sweet messages. I appreciate you sticking by my side and wanting to help me put. I can’t get through this alone, and need you guys. So thank you for that. I don’t know what I’d do without you guys. You all are truly amazing.

Going forward, I will try to do better and change. And for those who have been hurt by me before, you won’t have to worry about me messaging you or saying anything to you unless it’s on a positive note or something good. I just hope everyone can accept my apology and we can get through this.

Me too.

That’s what is happening right now, people are coming forward and giving their voice, saying that victims are not alone - that they have been assaulted too.

It is a beautiful, and a beautifully terrible thing all in the same breath.

I want to shout it from the rooftops, I want to ink it on my skin, carve it on my bones - I want everyone to know that they are not alone, I am a survivor too. What is it that keeps us silent? Makes us meek and quiet in the face of our own injustice?

We quake, we tremble, we fear - no one will believe us. We hear what they say about those who came before, our brothers and sisters in arms, we hear how they deny their rights. We cower, we whimper - our mothers, our fathers, our friends and family, they don’t deserve this pain. We think only we are strong enough, only we deserve this pain, we don’t deserve it either - this load is too heavy to carry alone. We scream in silence, we rage against the dark, we rebel against our lives - it consumes us, because we carry it around like toxic waste in our hearts, our stomachs, and our minds for years.

It is so casual, the way we admit our survival, almost as if everyone around us has fought a war and we are just waiting for them to admit it. We want to shed our skins, our costumes, and scream, embrace, comfort.

You are not alone, because, it happened to me too.

One Hundred Ways to Say ‘I love you’ - 59: “Wow.”

Another prompt from @queseraone (I love these)!

Again, huge thanks to@justkillingtimewhileiwait  for her beta’ing help :)

Thank you to everyone who is reading too, and all of the feedback! <3 Please let me know what you think again - I seriously love reading all your thoughts. It truly makes my day. 

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“…and then in a few weeks’ times, the Hawks are gonna lift the Cup with all three of us right there watching. Maybe I’ll feel generous and invite your Uncle Will too,” Jay explained to his son in the one-sided conversation they were currently having whilst carefully trying to get his little feet into the equally little shoes whilst he was distracted by his talking. “I’m going to make sure you have all the best stories to tell when you grow up.”

The seven-month-old sat obediently on the couch dressed in a tiny Blackhawks shirt with ‘Halstead’ printed on the back, jeans and the cutest Hawks hat he had ever seen planted backwards on his head just like his daddy whilst Jay knelt in front of him to complete the task at hand. It didn’t help Sammy preferred to grab at his father’s hat or his own socks when possible, though with some diversion tactics of tickling or pressing kisses to his hands as Jay pried them away, he finally got him ready.

“There, all done!” Jay announced with extra enthusiasm, revelling in the way Sammy clapped and laughed back, dimples that were a mirror of his mother’s curving into his cheeks, and babbled what he swore was something that almost sounded like ‘Dada’. Sighing contently, he held the child securely by the waist and slid him forward on the couch. “God, you’re just too adorable. How did I get so lucky with you, baby boy?”

“Are you sure taking a seven-month-old to a hockey game is a good idea? It’s pretty cold in there,” Erin called out from their bedroom, repeating the worries she had been voicing for the past three days.

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Title: Another Goodbye
Pairing: Keith x Lance
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Warnings: SPOILERS
A/N: Here’s some pining Klangst for ur day :D sorry it’s so short!

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Lance couldn’t help but feel hurt when Keith decided to leave the team to join the Blade of Marmora. In a way, it was like he was saying he’d rather be with them than with him, and everyone else on the team. It was hard to accept, but he knew he had to; it was Keith’s choice, and Lance needed to respect it.

But that didn’t make it hurt any less.

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anonymous asked:

the 'problem' is that bi women see themselves in vanessa's story too?? because yes, even when you realise you like the same sex as well as the oppposite, as a bisexual person, you can still have internalised homophobia and try and convince yourself you love the opposite sex a lot more even if it's not really true. you can still want to be as straight as possible. a bi woman can definitely want to pretend she likes men a whole lot better even after having pseudo-accepted she likes women too

yo yo anon

in my post, i wasn’t trying to say that vanessa’s experience was something only lesbians could relate to and fuck everyone else

and i’m so sorry if that’s how it came off

but i was just - firstly: talking about my personal experience as a lesbian and why i could personally relate to it, because that’s what i know. i’m not bisexual and i can’t speak for bisexual people, because i don’t feel like that’s my place dude, so… why would i also talk about ways in which bisexual women can relate to vanessa?

i’m talking about my own journey - that’s certainly not to the exclusion of everyone else? i don’t have ownership over this one experience? and i hope i wasn’t implying that i do because… well, that’s insane.

me saying that lesbians can relate because of x and y reasons doesn’t automatically exclude bisexual women from feeling the same or similar or for relating to completely separate things in the same scene. this isn’t a war? this is just? two very underrepresented groups of people who can relate to a character’s on-screen experience?

it just so happens that i’m a part of only one of those groups and so that’s the one i am able to talk about comfortably.

surely you understand that?

much in the way that i’m sure i won’t see many posts from bisexual women talking about how lesbians can also relate - because they won’t know, because they haven’t lived it. that’s not a bad thing and it’s not exclusion. i haven’t taken it as such in the last few weeks since i’ve seen all the posts pop up about vanessa being bisexual. it’s been bisexual people talking about their feelings as a bisexual person.

my posts are from a lesbian, talking about my feelings as a lesbian. i’m pretty sure the only person i’ve seen who hasn’t necessarily been referring to vanessa as bi straight off the bat is @lesfemmesdangereuses. i wouldn’t… take everyone else’s posts as our sexuality being excluded? even though vanessa’s sexuality hasn’t ever been confirmed and so at the moment is just one giant bubble of 🤷🏻‍♀️ something 🤷🏻‍♀️

i know it’s different because bi-erasure is so prevalent but i also know that… maybe vanessa is bi, maybe she’s gay…. but whatever people want to label it in the meantime is probably coloured by their own experiences?

(and i’ve spoken previously about how my sexuality has been ignored both in real life and in fandom so this isn’t… completely out of my remit to talk about, in all honesty)

secondly - i was…. literally just talking about a common lesbian experience that i know because i’ve lived through it and i wanted to address why lesbians could also relate to vanessa in tonight’s episode, because i knew I KNEW that people would take me saying that and try to imply that i’m erasing her potential bisexuality

and it was and still is important to me that i try to explain myself as clearly as possible

not just because i don’t want people to think i’m being biphobic but mostly because…. the thing is, if someone tells me that wondering if vanessa is a lesbian is literally bi-erasure? (and i’ve seen that multiple times already?) it low-key feels like you’re dismissing and undermining my entire existence and the way i’ve grown and come to accept my sexuality. which. as we all know. fucking hurts. it doesn’t matter how you identify - that always fucking hurts.

so i want to be as clear as possible to avoid getting that thrown at me. i just want to minimise that response.

(guess it didn’t work?)

i honestly just wanted to try and explain that i’m as aware as i can be that bi-erasure exists in this fandom and in the world and that when someone sees a character who has expressed love for a character of the opposite sex and then still refers to them as “gay” that can ping as bi-erasure. i totally understand that.

but the problem with seeing someone say “vanessa might be a lesbian” and yelling BI-ERASURE and painting everything with that broad brush is that it also happens to erase the experiences of lesbians who have felt as though they were in love with men. because real life experiences are not black and white. there’s complexity to everything. and this is… reflective of very real women’s very real journeys. like. real life people.

so, while sometimes it might absolutely be bi-erasure, i just wanted to try and make it clear that my comments were coming from a different place?

and i’m not in any way trying to say we are the only ones that can have that kind of journey. i’m literally just trying to head the bi-erasure comments off at the pass. because that’s not where this is coming from. and no one will ever know that’s the case if i don’t take the time to explain it.

honestly, massive apologies if i didn’t make that clear before, but… i’m not trying to exclude your experience or say you can’t also relate?

but you aren’t the one who needs to try and mitigate bi-erasure accusations/hurting people unintentionally

and i am. so. that’s also why i made that long-ass explanation.

boku-my-hero replied to your post “Where are you?? It’s been a while since you posted.”

oooh you go to scad?!?!?! thats my dream college!!!! aaaa is it as great as everyone says it is???

I’m still on the fence about how I feel about it because I’m just stuck in fundamentals, but I can tell you, any school that a company like Disney actively seeks out is doing something right.

I know not all the majors are good here, but from what I’ve seen, game design is pretty damn good. And the networking is A+, I just got back from a virtual presentation where representatives talked about internships with Playstation (which I am totally going to attempt when I actually have stuff I can show them). But I can’t say much else since it’s my first quarter.

I know TAZ has some completely epic lines that resonate with people like the “I saw seven birds” speech and “Our capacity for love increases” speech but what’s everyone’s favorite stupid line that for some reason lodged in your head beyond the others I’ll start 

Mine is when Taako and Barry are talking in the Beach Episode and Taako says “Barold… Barold…. I rolled an Eleven Barold, you have to tell me.”

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You know what, I don't want to hear a "scandal" about any kpop idol dating, I want them to proudly introduce their significant others. Just imagine one of exo members during a concert telling the audience that his lover is among the crowd and every dellusional fan thinks he's doing this as some kind of fan service or whatever thinking that he means them when in fact his lover is actually there.

God I know !! I want them to be able to say “here’s the person I love” and for everyone to support them unconditionally about it !! It shouldn’t be an issue yet some scarily possessive (can you be possessive over a human? Something you can’t/or never will own?) make it one and it’s so embarrassing on their part tbh

Okay, I know we all love having Richie going missing and Eddie flipping his shit but what if

Just what if

Eddie went missing

And then everyone’s still panicking but going

“Oh shit he’s probably screaming about being covered in germs right now.”



Richie can’t even think because he’s so worried and scared he’s running everywhere double checking everything.

He’s losing sleep and everyone’s trying to say “Richie calm down we’ll find him”.

And then dramatic scene where Richie just breaks down like:

“What if we don’t? He’s out there alone, dirty, scared, and maybe dead! We’re wasting time I don’t need sleep I need Eddie! I’m not sleeping until he’s here! I’m not doing or going anywhere until I find Eddie.”

Maybe a little OOC but heads up I like seeing my boys having break downs and overflowing emotions.


I had a little tought about this picture:

What I’m going to say it’s something that i’m know it’s true and what I read here. I don’t remember the one who say it, sorry.

Well, for begin: The race is representing by Keith (half galra, you know) and the one who supports him (well, more than the others) was Hunk.

Next one: gender. Allura was the one who supports Pidge to tell to everyone the true about who she really was. So Pidge is representing Gender.

You know what does that two have in common? The one who’s representing looks nerveous. And the one supporting looks just like “Don’t you worry my friend” (I don’t know if I’m explaining me well ‘cause actually I speak spanish and… Whatever XD)

Soooooo, and here start what I think by myself XD, we have the last one that is LGBT, and, do you know what I think? The one who looks nervous is Lance(I mean, just look at his face!).

Shiro looks more “being supportive” than other think. I believe that, in some chapter, maybe explicit, maybe implicit, Lance will get out of the closet (like bi or gay, personally I think the first is more probably) and *moment fangirl in coming* maybe is cause he want to say him real feels for Keith and then they’ll end up togheter and…!!! Ok no, i’m kidding. But, what if something like that happenings? I mean, no exactly with Keith, but what if he just want to start to be who he really is. It’s just… We all know about him insecurities, so maybe one of them is about he sexuality.

What do you think? I mean, if you can understand what I say XD