not knowing what everyone is saying

rcg writers' room during s12
  • glenn: hey let's do an episode that takes place throughout the entirety of the season
  • charlie: oh shit okay nice!
  • glenn: wait it gets better... we tell everyone that the timeline for the ENTIRE season is mixed up even though it's just this one episode
  • charlie: oh my god dude... why
  • glenn: it's funny! :~)
  • charlie: you know what? you're right
  • glenn: great! rob what do you think
  • rob: [holds up a drawing of mac and dennis getting married] do you guys like this? it's the script for the finale
Here for you

I just want to let everyone know, if you need a friend to talk to, I’ll be here for you as much as I’m able.

I probably have a lot of US followers here, and I’m sure some of you are students. If you need someone, please don’t hesitate to message me.

No matter what people say or do, remember that you’re not wrong. You’re amazing and strong and you matter. You have the power to get up and out the door everyday, and make lemons into lemonade. I had some tough times when I was younger. If I can get through it, you can too. Even if it doesn’t seem like it now, your future is bright! 

If there’s a silver lining to this mess: A joke of a president like this one is such a disaster that people are really starting to wake up and change. We have more support now than we ever have. That will grow. Don’t get discouraged. Pick your battles wisely, but do everything you can to make a change.

Use your skills and resources to do whatever small things you can do. The next big political shift will be one in our favor, and in the meantime we’ll fight to make the world better. 

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FRIEND - and obviously a very loyal and true friend. I'm not all bothered or surprised Tony was there. What I find intensely strange is the silence from Outlander/Starz - especially Sam. In fact this whole OW event and how it's been handled is strange. What in the world is going on that's causing such odd behavior??

Yeah. Been saying this from day 1. Don’t know about the OL folks. Sad that the OL fam in LA weren’t there (besides Bear I hear).!Maybe a silent protest? I think it may have been like the GG situation where Sam couldn’t go because of optics. Maybe I’m being melodramatic though and everyone will tweet congrats to Cait tomorrow.

in dreams

(jyn/cassian, post rogue one, everyone’s alive AU)



They’re flying to the Corellian system, a recruiting mission, several days into the journey. K2 and Cassian are up front, flying, Jyn somewhere in the back. Cassian blinks heavily at K’s voice, but doesn’t shift from facing forward, looking out into space, his hands loosely on the controls. He’s gotten good at tuning K out, especially when he knows he’s going to say something he doesn’t want to hear.

“Cassian,” K says, louder this time.

“What?” he snaps, sharper than he intends.

“You’ve been awake for 51 hours now.”


“And humans tend to need a few hours of rest every few days,” K2 says dryly.

“I’m fine,” Cassian grumbles.

“I’m sure you are, but I’d prefer for us not to crash.”

“We’re in outer space,” Cassian says, finally looking over at K2. “What could we possibly hit?”

K2 doesn’t say anything, just tilts his head to the side like he does when he knows he’s won.

“Fine,” Cassian sighs. “I’ll take a break. Wake me in an hour.”

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People literally are saying they would rather have John back than Mary yikes but sure there is nothing sexist going on lmfaoo

Me: explain how this situation isn’t sexist
Everyone: John is better than Mary
Me: I don’t know what I expected

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As someone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks and takes medication for them, can I just ask for some understanding from everyone saying 'ALL YUURI HAD TO DO WAS SAY IT WAS ANXIETY MEDS AND DEFEND HIMSELF' IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY! Wow it must be so nice for those commenters to not know what panic attacks feel like - they are suffocating, you lose yourself and there is only this screaming blinding fear and there's nothing rational about it, please be more sensitive!! >O

Yes, people need to understand that everyone reacts differently to things and everyone has their own issues to deal with that will affect how they behave  

what if WHAT IF instead of waiting for music bank and then trying to gif everything as soon as it’s reuploaded i’ll spend my day off with my family and gif what i want later?

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Do you think that Evangeline loves Cal? Or that she may possibly fall in love with him in the last book?

No. I think Evangeline loves Elane and can’t stand Cal. Not because she doesn’t like his personality, but simply because she doesn’t want to be identified as belonging to him. It’s a very understandable emotion coming from her position. Evangeline wants to be Queen, but she doesn’t want to be some gift that is handed from King to King, which is completely understandable, she’s not a toy or an object. She wants to make her own choices and for a second there in King’s Cage she almost did. I guess you could say that I’m thinking she and Cal may sort of team up with Farley and Mare under the table in RQ4 and form their own little alliance where everyone get’s what they want? I’m not sure though, cause I dont know how Mare and Farley would appreciate that, simply because what Cal wants to do contradicts directly with what they want. Not sure though. I think that would be badass though. STICK IT TO THE OLDER GENERATION!!! WE ARE THE NEW AMERICANA!!! (((: 

Community’s help - UPDATE!

Jack no reading! Keep going, none of this is your concern :p

But everyone in the community, please read this! :D

Okay so I now have an email that you can send all your photos and videos to! If you dont know what this is, it will be explained underneath the email!

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Be Safe, I Love You (Part I)

Pairing: Spencer Reid x reader, Reid x happiness

Summary: Set somewhere vaguely in the season 12 universe, without all the current bullshit that’s going on. Reid is dating the reader, who he is very much in love with but has yet to introduce her to the team. JJ figures out that he’s seeing someone but promises not to say anything yet. 

Word Count: 852

Warnings: brief mention of violence, murder, all the regular ‘ol Criminal Minds stuff

“Babe,” you heard Spencer’s voice whisper softly. “Babe.” “What?” you asked, the sound of your voice muffled by the blankets that you had wrapped yourself in. “I gotta go. Prentiss just called everyone into work.” “What? Spence, babe, its like - ” you rolled over and looked at the clock. “6:30 in the morning. On a Saturday.” He sighed. “I know. But Prentiss wouldn’t have called us all in if it wasn’t important.” You propped yourself up on your elbows and looked him in the eye. As much as you wanted to be annoyed and make him stay, you couldn’t. You were a nurse who understood dedication to one’s job and had had more than your fair share of unexpectedly early mornings that interrupted your time with him. “Okay. Call me once you get settled and be safe.“ You know I will,” he replied and kissed you gently. “I love you Spence,” you said as you settled back into the blankets. “Love you too.” Your heart wrenched a little every time you watched him leave - Spencer’s job was dangerous and you never knew what might happen to him while he was off on a case. But such was the life of dating an FBI agent.

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Checked the girls’ mom’s Facebook page this morning for the first time in over a month. I’m trying really, really hard to let go. To let be. Watching This Is Us makes it harder to stop myself from checking.

She has this on her page. Directed at someone else. With text that says she’s made mistakes, but she’s never “fucked up so bad” (as what or whom, I’m not sure; I couldn’t understand most of it). 

Her daughters have been in care for most of their lives. For baby blobfish, it’s been her entire life. With her, with their father, it’s nothing but excuses. 

There is so much denial. So, so much. And it shows in everything they say or share on Facebook. In court. To case managers. Everything is blame. Everything is lashing out. Everything is someone else’s fault and everyone else is lying about them. 

I’m not even part of this case anymore. I know that I should let it be. I know. I’m trying. But I’m so angry. I WANT the girls to be with their mother. I want them to be with their father, too, for that matter. I don’t believe for a moment that their parents being together is good for anyone involved, but I DO believe that being raised by their mother and their father is what’s best for them. 

So come on. Get it the fuck together. I know that foster care, having your kids taken, is a nightmare. A literal, living, waking nightmare. But the expectations that the system has of these parents in order to get their kids back are not extreme. They are not insurmountable. They do not have addictions to overcome, or housing to find, or any of the million things that could be keeping them from doing what needs to be done. 

But they keep. not. doing it. And they keep blaming others. And it’s like…it’s like that’s what they want. It’s like they are so afraid that they can’t manage it, so they don’t try. They do enough to be able to say “I am, I’m trying! Why aren’t you giving us back our kids?!”, but not enough to actually make changes, so they have the safety net of no definitive action. 

And that in itself is huge to overcome. THAT is their insurmountable obstacle. It’s not a requirement that the state has put on them, but limitations that they’ve put on themselves. Mom, especially. In fact, fuck every “they / them” that I said. I am talking about Mom. Dad has other issues. Physical violence, anger issues, etc. And Mom stays. She stays, despite it lowering her chances of ever raising her daughters. She stays, because she feels worthless without him. Not conjecture. She has said it. She could be amazing without him. 

I don’t even know what this is. This post. These thoughts. They barely make sense. 

Why – WHY – are mental health services not a priority for families involved in foster care? I know for a fact that both parents have mandatory therapy, and that – as of November – neither one was going. Still. Their coping skills, their communication skills, their fears and doubts and insecurities are the things keeping this family apart. I understand that they can’t be forced to participate. But that’s just it. If they refuse, if they absolutely REFUSE to do what needs to be done, why is their case still open? I HATE therapy. I absolutely hate it. But I would be on someone’s couch daily if it meant getting the girls back. 

I know that my priorities are not their priorities. …except that they are? The girls. They’re the priority. So…why is nobody – their parents, DCS, the judge, the GAL – treating them like they are the most important thing? 

I don’t fucking get it.

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If the writers/producers are against it, why is it happening? I know the network gets a pretty big say, but it seems to me that if enough of the people on the show argued, they could stop some of this stuff from happening.

some of the writers. Not sure about the producers. But some of the people who work on the show. Not everyone has the power to stop it. It’s not up to some of them. It really has to do with the demographics. The network and who is watching. If they see a video of Karamel getting millions of hits… while sanvers gets 20,000. Well, that’s what they go by. 
I mean it’s really not up to even the creators. There are contracts and deals from networks when agreeing to go into this. And who gets approved for writing specific episodes. It’s not like 5 writers who ban together and say…”THIS MUST BE STOPPED” and suddenly everyone is going to listen. The people.. the fans.. have more power than the writers. So this is why you got to make your voices heard. Everywhere. Be respectful or explain why it’s effecting you politely. Explain your criticisms to them. But show why this is seriously a problem. Power to the fans! Make it happen! Make the change and show them who is watching. I know there is large numbers of feminists and lgbtq fans out there who spend their days writing about this stuff on here. I’m watching. I’m listening. I can see the large numbers and comments. But then there will be crickets on the CW page. And on their twitters. And if all they hear is “Mon-El is the best added character to this show” then they are going to keep writing it about him. Because that is who they think is watching it. 

Hirose Tomoki 230217 Ameblo


Good work (^^)

Today’s news stated that some ten light years away, 7 planets with the possibility of life forms were discovered.
You see, I told you they exist (^-^)
Is what I want to say (^^)
People are usually talking about aliens so I want to meet an alien soon.

Also today, I immediately found squeezed orange juice at the vending machine.
Everyone, did you know??
When I was in high school, after my club activities of chasing around a soccer ball, I would always drink that.
That’s why when I found it, I was so happy I bought it.
That time was the best.
It feels like how an adult feels when having beer after work~
In reality, what really happens when you become an adult?
Well, it feels like that.

However, recently I haven’t drank alcohol at all, my head immediately hurts after I drink (laughs).
Did I grow weaker because I haven’t been drinking (◞‸◟) ?
Well, in the first place, I’m the camp that feels that juice tastes better than beer, so it’s all good.
But when the time comes, I’ll drink alcohol!

It has been a long time since I could last see the sky from the filming venue. I somehow feel relieved.
The sky has some unnatural powers doesn’t it?
And today’s sky had an amazing trail of clouds.
I wonder if it’s the Gods’ sports festival.

Just imagining how the different Gods run youthfully and vigorously on the clouds made me smile.

I will text again (*^^*)

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what happened with santa, weren't you planning revenge on him?





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God,sometimes i don't understand Jared!! Why share everything about his wife?! I hate that. That tweet was so unnecessary!

Hello, dear anon!

I apologize in advance, for what I’m about to say might anger you further. That is not my intention, but I need to let my opinion out. Please have patience with me, alright? This is not necessarily for you, sweet anon, but for everyone who is angry with the bearding.

What do we know? Well, Jared and Jensen are supposedly bearding and hiding the true nature of their relationship, so therefore they feel it’s necessary to bring up their wives at conventions, social media and interviews. We don’t exactly know why, but there are some good guesses, like protecting the show, their careers and their families. Maybe they simply don’t want to be known as a couple (although I tend to disagree with that view)?

Most of the bearding responsibility seems to fall on Jared and… the man is not subtle. It looks like he doesn’t know how (or care) to make it credible, so perhaps he thinks quantity wins over quality? He’s letting nobody forget that he has a wife and that’s part of what makes it so transparent to me. Pay attention to how it’s almost always “my wife” instead of some endearment like “my sweetheart” - Jared seems to want to cement his status as a married man.

I remember reading a drop where someone claimed Jared volunteered to do most of the het PR because he couldn’t stand the thought of Jensen having to do that. Unfortunately I don’t have the link at hand, but doesn’t it look like the case we have here?

Whatever the core reason may be, it looks like they don’t want us to know. They don’t owe us honesty. They don’t want to show us their real lives and we’re not entitled to the truth - they are actors and the only thing they “owe” us is that they take their job seriously and provide us with the best acting they can give.

This is what it’s like to follow a closeted couple. If a tiny little thing like this tweet is enough to anger you, I promise you there will be harder things to swallow soon enough - I’d be surprised if the het parade wouldn’t be back in full force upon the arrival of Jared’s daughter.

Let’s just try to put things in perspective, alright? This tweet he made is so insignificant that it’s barely worth a mention. There are no pictures attached, so he’s not even trying very hard to prove she was there in the first place. The hets will eat this up as proof for their “epic romance” and it’s minimal bearding effort for Jared. Just type in a few words and you’re set. Cannot be disproved.

I hope you have a lovely day, dear anon! Hopefully my rant didn’t come out too harsh… I needed to let it out. I promise not to treat you this way again and I apologize for any hurt I may have caused - it really wasn’t my intention at all.

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Re Genji's impossibly low standards, does that mean he's more likely to pursue one night stands? Or would he genuinely want something longer-term? Like if he met someone who didn't want to kill him, but was only interested in a short-term thing, would he try to keep them? Would he get angry if they still left, knowing that was all they signed up for? If Zenyatta wasn't around, obviously, because let's not sink the ship.

Whether long term or a one night stand, it’s dangerous either way. But it’s fair to say one night stands feel safer to him in general, and it’s what he’s used to. He’s had boyfriends and girlfriends in the past, pre-Hanzo’s murder, but the relationships were loosely maintained and easily broken off. He’s liked everyone he’s been with, but without being anything but superficially close to them–so in the present, he doesn’t totally know what a meaningful long term romantic relationship would look like. It’s been such a non possibility for so long, he doesn’t really think of it as something he needs or wants. Plus, he figures he won’t live very long. Maybe another five years? Ten, tops? No point in setting someone up to grieve. If he started up something and it got broken off prematurely, he’d lick his wounds and move on. He wouldn’t hold it against anyone.

Still, he’s played around with the idea every now and then, with people who he more or less trusts, such as with some of his longer-term retainers, but he always reconsiders. Doesn’t seem worth the risk–for him or them.

My thoughts

So I can’t sleep so seeing as everyone else gave their thoughts on ‘just friends’ I thought I should as well. I think this should go without saying but spoilers ahead.
Now let’s get right to it, I will admit, I was sad for Star, very sad, but Jackie isn’t a bad person and Marco is happy for her. Because of that, Star is sacrificing her happiness for her best friends happiness. And to be honest, what alternative does she have? Or does she think she has? We technically still don’t know how Marco feels about Star (from the live chat either he thinks of her as a very good friend or is in denial or doesn’t want to say that he loves her for whatever reason) so she can’t gain anything by telling him how she feels right now. The downside, jealousy isn’t that much of a choice for some so it is effecting Star rather harshly and if I could get the picture I would show you. She is hurt because she can’t do anything, she is (at the moment) in a no win situation. Marco is happy and Star doesn’t want to risk that by trying for a relationship that she might not even be able to get when he is happy with who he’s with … at least for now. Thing is,Marco said it himself, he doesn’t know if he likes the image of Jackie or for who she really is, they might break up mutually if they find that they don’t feel that way about each other. Marco sure didn’t know what Love really was, that’s for sure. There are many things that could happen that lead to Starco eventually … or not. But that is all for now, my shipping heart can now rest easy now that that weight has been lifted from it. Good night everyone. See you in the morning!