not kdrama

I really really do not like Joo Man.  
He’s honestly awful, and his behaviour is just so irritating. 

I hate how he treats Sul Hee, I hate how he doesn’t really try to brush off Ye Jin, and I hate how his character arc revolves around ‘not really cheating, because he’s a good guy, just a little confused’

Also the way he looks at Ye Jin and is reminded of when he fell for Sul Hee makes me even more angry. Because it makes it look like he just wants to be with someone who thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread. He doesn’t want a partner, he wants someone to boost his ego. 

Sul Hee does think he’s the best thing since sliced bread, but its not enough because she knows how pathetic he is as well. 

He’s wavering because Ye Jin doesn’t know him that well. 

Sul Hee deserves the sun and the stars, and it makes me so mad, because I know in the end her and Joo Man will stay together. 

“Have a good night” - Bong-hee

“Good night” - Ji-wook

few seconds later… 🔞 *HOT DAMN*

(OH. MY. FREAKIN. GWAD!!! You can’t just throw me a bed scene just like that… I need to prepare my heart for this!!! *happy squeals* )