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Hey! I just wanted to say that your work is awesome! Also, I have a request. So, I was wondering if you could do a Bill Skarsgard x reader where the reader is an actress and Bill’s wife as well and appears as Harley Quinn. Both get interviewed and are asked what a crossover would be like between the reader’s character (Harley Quinn) and Bill’s character, Pennywise. and then maybe a part 2 where they make the crossover happen with a skit on SNL (Saturday Night Live), please? Sorry, it’s long.         

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader   

A/N: excuse me for making you wait so long! I was having that writer’s block and I just have my mind in blank.. but here’s the first part of the crossover! I hope you like it and soooooorry for my horrible english…  If you have request for me to include in the second part, please let me know! :D

Title:  A couple of handsome psychopath clowns

She was wearing the dress that Bill had given her the night before, it was a dark red dress with a neckline that reached down to her lower back and was perfect for her figure, making her curves stand out. Bill had hesitated when he decided to pay for it and left it on the dressing table with a note telling her to wear it tonight, he couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that other men put their eyes on her, on the other hand he was pleased to make everyone notice that she was his and the ring she wore in her left hand proved it, she had been his from the moment he saw her, but having married made it even more real.

Both were posing for the paparazzi, today was a special day for Y/N,  it was Suicide Squad Vol.2 world premiere, where she played Harley Quinn, just as she had done on the first film; Bill had his hand firmly on her lower back, right where the tremendous neckline ended, his gaze was slightly lowered, he was watching her, couldn’t believe how perfect she looked, he loved her eyes, her velvet lips with that mate lipstick that made them look even more fleshy and spectacular, he loved everything about her, he loved her simplicity and the fact that she looked beautiful without wearing an extravagant makeup, like most of  Hollywood’s stars do it.

He loved her, she was perfect and she was his.

Paparazzi were fascinated with the two of them, they kept shouting their names and asking them to keep posing and they did it, they continued posing for a few more minutes, even her movie colleagues appeared to pose with them for a few pictures; Bill walked away when he heard some fans screaming his name repeatedly, however  he wanted to give her some space and time to enjoy the premiere with her friends with whom she had worked hard over the last year; he signed some posters and took hundreds of pictures until he felt the presence of his wife next to him.. photobombing his pictures with the fans… they both laughed a little before starting to take pictures together along with the fans

They were perfect, they were naughty and playful, fans loved them, they used to called them ‘relationship goals’ all the time, the pictures proved, they were really so in love and they didn’t try to hide it, they even made people believe that ‘the other half’ really existed.

“Look at this, Bill!” She exclaimed excitedly, taking in her hands a manip of her and Bill characters Harley Quinn and Pennywise together, looked very authentic; Bill finished signing an autograph and approached her immediately, taking her waist gently and seeing above her shoulder what his beautiful wife wanted to show him…. The picture was fantastic.

“Are you serious?” Bill asked looking surprised at the fan…

“It’s like a fandom dream” the young woman said timidly from the other side of the fence that separated them “I would love for you both to sign it”

“Of course, we’ll do it!” Y/N replied as she signed it in a corner “did you edit it?” she asked playfully, watching the fan nod, she decided to leave a small note that said: you have born talent! Keep going on Girl! 😊 .  Bill hugged her from behind and rested his chin on her bare shoulder, Y/N gave him the silver sharpie so he could sign the picture too …

“It’s fantastic” He confesses with laughter and then they continued with the fans for a longer time; both had that ideology of spending as much time as possible with their fans, no matter how late they came to the interviews, even though their managers would get mad at them.

They reached the place where the reporters were waiting anxiously, there were already another actors like Jared Leto and Jai Courtney being interviewed; a reporter shouted Y/N name’s and she approached arranging some hair that had left it of place, behind her ear.

“Good evening, Y/N! How are you doing?” He greeted her cheerfully, the man was carrying a MTV microphone in his hands

“Oh Hello! Very well and you?” She replied kindly

“Wonderful, It’s great to see all the cast together again! It looks like everyone  is getting along fantastic!”

“Of course we do! We’re like a big dysfunctional family, y’know, since the first movie we had a very big bond and we always have a good time being together!” She approached the reporter a little bit, to let people pass behind her, she looked at Will Smith who noticed her and coming to greet her effusively, then she returned to the interview again.

“You look fantastic, Y/N!” He confessed “the fans were very excited to see you!”

“Thank you” she chuckled shyly “Bill surprised me by giving me this dress and I must accept that I love it and… about the fans… I think both of us were excited to see them… it’s amazing to feel so much support from them all the time, I really hope that they like the movie”

“I’m sure they will, you never disappoint us, dear! Bill is here with you tonight, am I right?”

“Yes, he’s here” She started looking for him in the crowd, but she couldn’t see him, maybe he was with some other reporter “well… He was here but now I don’t know where he is…” she laughed a little

“There he comes!” said the reporter pointing behind Y/N, who turned to look for him and meet with her favorite green-eyed boy who smiled to see her. Bill approached her and place his hand on her small waist “Hello Bill” the reporter greeted him

“Hello, how are you?” Bill asked him kindly

“Fantastic, it’s like a dream to have you both together for the first time as a married couple” They both laughed at notice his enthusiasm “I’m totally a fanboy I cannot deny it and I want to take advantage of the fact that I have both of you here together, to ask you guys:  do you know about the fandom’s crossovers?”

“mmmhn…. It depends” Y/N replied and Bill continued the phrase…

“…. If you mean those of Atomic Blonde and Kingsman (let’s suppose that you had also in Kingsman’ movies)  or the ones of Pennywise and Harley Quinn.. or…. I don’t know dude, the fandom has an extraordinary imagination”

“You’re right, they’re all fantastic, but the one that interests us most is Pennywise and Harley”

“Oh… actually, We just signed several manips of it… I’m very surprised about how talent these people are… I mean, they look even more real than the pictures we took as a couple” Y/N joked, looking at Bill “right, dear?”

He smiled at her “They’re really good”

“Yes, they are, I’ve seen too many, what do you think? How do you think a crossover between these two would be like?”

She sighed and looked at Bill for a response, but it seemed as if the question had taken him by surprise, so she decided to speak first “I think Harley wouldn’t mind to change The Joker for Penny and calling him ‘Puddin’” she said imitating the voice that commonly used to be in her role as Harley “from time to time…also I didn’t stop thinking about Pennywise the dancing clown giving me an erotic dance… you know, Magic Mike style” she joked placing her hand on Bill’s chest who laughed embarrassed feeling his cheeks burn.

“What do you think about, Bill?” asked the reporter trying not to laugh

“Well… I think Pennywise wouldn’t mind having a relationship with a psycho girl who walks all day in her underwear around the house… maybe she’s not a kid but I bet she taste as good as one”

“Yeaah, y’know, they’d be like the best psychopath clowns couple” She laughed kissing Bill on the cheek

“A couple of handsome psychopath clowns… don’t forget about it” the reporter laughed “by the way Y/N, I think everyone would love to see Pennywise dancing at Magic Mike’ style!”

“Don’t give her any idea!”


“Also, also, I don’t like the OC hate. If it’s a well made OC, then why are you hating on it? I’ve done various amounts of research for my OC, Indiana, and I’m still scared to roleplay with her because I’m scared people don’t want to roleplay with her or even learn about her.“

OC hate, if baseless, is pretty bad.  I speak this from experience as someone who used to hate OC’s with a burning passion and just denied every one of them due to most of their creators throwing tantrums at me and refusing to accept constructive criticism.  Nowadays, I try to be more tolerant only because of a friend who has a pretty great OC, but I need to address your final point: the one where you address having fear of people not wanting to roleplay with your Indiana OC.

This may sound harsh and blunt, but that’s just how some people are, myself included.  I don’t hate OC’s needlessly nowadays and do try to give more chances, but I certainly don’t have much interest in them.  Especially not in roleplaying.   It may sound disheartening, yes, but you need to understand that roleplaying is a two-way street.  I’ve had that happen to me where I was RP’ing Nyo!Vietnam and I had a poorly done OC shoved onto me.  If one of you isn’t interested or invested, the roleplay will most likely not go well.  Likewise, you can simply just find somebody else: I’m pretty sure there’ll be someone that accepts OC’s for RP’ing.

That saying so, don’t give up or feel scared at facing other people’s opinions towards your OC.  Yeah, it can hurt or sting, but that’s life.  Don’t let it get you down and just keep going.  Express and introduce your OC but do it in a way that isn’t imposing.  Ask the person politely if they don’t mind RP’ing with an OC first and if they say yes, you’re gold and may have a new RP partner.  If no, respect their wishes and find another person.

OC’s are a very touchy subject in fandoms, in general, and I think it’s mainly because of the sections that really ruin it for everyone.  

- Mod V

Prompt: Here is my request how about a scenario it can either involve Dabi, tomura, Katsuki, Izuku, Torodoki, or Kirishima. Its where the S/o brings their sibling to school with them, and it happens to be on appearance of villians.During that time one of them says something inapproiate while the child has no idea and repeats it with a question.(I will send this on what they can say in msg)            

Requester: Rabbit Anon

Notes: I hope you don’t mind, but since you left it up to me I just picked the characters I had ideas for.

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○ Flustered. Like, what did that kid just say to him? He’s immediately red in the face and his hands are twitching almost menacingly

○ Bakugou has no love for kids. He’s not going to treat them better than he treats anyone else, so a beat after the kid speaks Bakugou is yelling at them

○ Toes down his cursing, but still asking what they hell the kid just asked, and where they learned it

○ He’s ready to beat down that villain a second time, blaming them for how embarrassed he is in the moment. Pissed, but doesn’t really have anywhere to direct it

○ Tells the kid not to say that but isn’t about to get into why. Not his job. The most the kid’ll get out of him is an ‘it’s bad’

○ Drops the kid off with s/o and yells at them to be more careful where they’re bringing their damn sibling. He’s not really upset with them but he’s still grumpy

○ S/o is left entirely confused as their siblings asks them one of the dirtiest questions they’ve ever heard

Originally posted by lacuna-matata


○ So flustered! He can’t believe he just heard something so filthy from such a tiny person! He can’t even respond at first because he’s just so shocked

○ At first he tries to explain because it’s hard to say no to those big, innocent eyes, but after sputtering and blushing for a solid few minutes he realizes he just can’t

○ He ends up telling the child that they’ll learn that when they’re older and for now they shouldn’t say it because it’s not proper/polite and he really hopes they drop it

○ If the child said or insinuated something about him and s/o he thinks about it a little more than he should. He feels really guilty but the thought was put in his head and it’s hard to get it out

○ He can’t even look at s/o for a little bit in that case because he’s so flustered and guilty

○ For a while he’s lowkey scared of what the kid’s gonna say next. He’s so on edge around them like what else have they managed to pick up?

○ He’ll probably tell s/o what happened once he’s over the shock, just to prepare them in case they get asked

Originally posted by cynthiayears


○ Not nearly as effected as the other two. He looks entirely unphased. He is a little surprised to hear a child say something like that though

○ Actually doesn’t care what kind of language the kid picks up. They’ll learn it eventually so it’s not a huge deal to him

○ Plus he finds it kinda funny in the mean time. S/o probably has to stop Dabi from teaching the kid a few other unsavory phrases

○ Thinks it’s prime teasing material. He’s not flustered, but that doesn’t mean s/o isn’t. He will absolutely do everything he can to make the situation as embarrassing as possible

○ Probably pushes s/o harder for an answer, making the question the child asked even filthier than it already was when he repeats it

○ If s/o isn’t there and the kid asks, Dabi’s response will depend on his mood. Either he wont tell them and will just ruffle their hair, or he’ll tell them flat out what it means - which probably leaves them even more confused.

○ Not a good influence. If the kid is around Dabi a lot, s/o is going to have to get used to explaining more ‘adult’ concepts - though it’s usually more cursing and violence with him.

“I have a feeling that a lot of people don’t fully understand what god-modding really is. It isn’t just killing/injuring someone’s muse without permission, it’s controlling that character in any aspect. Time skip without warning, and you bring my character into the new scene yourself? God-modding. ‘Implying’ an action in order to further a plot, even if you don’t explicitly state my muse’s name? Still god-modding. I know that for some people, little instances like scene changes aren’t a big deal, and it’s cool if you don’t mind. It really bothers me. I know it sounds petty, but I didn’t have a lot of control in my life for a while, so losing this little bit of control hits deep.”

Also, does anyone get restless over their character because of how you perceive them in your mind vs in game? Doing Val’s hair edits consistently has me all ruffled now because ITS JUST NOT THE SAME in-game sobs. His face is decent even pre-edit, but good lord I am still dying for a default hairstyle that will feel comfortable and right.

Why I love Leopold James Fitz (feat. Iain) … 

- as a character he’s grown so much since he began in season 1 as a shy boy who was just trying to impress Skye and he relied on Jemma a lot and throughout the seasons you can see just how much he’s grown
- he’s so much more independent now and is willing to fight for what he wants
- he loves Jemma Anne Simmons with his life. He risked his life for her after confessing what has probably been on his mind for ever and he wasn’t afraid because he knew he was saving her - not only that but after everything he recovered from brain damage and learnt how to be okay around Jemma
- he loves the rest of the team. he cares for Skye/Daisy/Quake, for mack, for coulson and may … he’ll do anything to keep them all safe
- iain, as an actor, doesn’t even enjoy the whole fame thing, he just loves his job and his character
- he’s a science nerd and totally embraces it and you can see how happy he is when he’s sciencing
- he doesn’t feel like he’s enough (especially for Jemma) when he is, but he’s selfless
- will put everyone else’s needs before his
- is the most perfect boyfriend anyone could ever ask for
- hot damn!
- him and jemma have gone through the worst possible things yet are going to pull through like they always do
- such a cutie!

I dont get it...

Why does anyone talks to me too often?
Is it because you think im busy everytime?
Is it because I sometimes answer you late?
Or is it because I act like insane?
If so I can stop doing that….

Why does anyone wants me to draw something for them?
Is my art is ugly?
Is it because I dont have digital art?
Or is it because I put them up after few days or sometimes forget about them?
If so I can try to be faster by putting less effort into it…

Why does no one draw things for me without I told them so?
Am I worthless?
Does my characters look ugly?
Or I just never come into your guys minds?
Im not saying that you have to draw stuff for me.. but it would be nice to actually get some…

Why does everyone always forget about my suggestions or the things that I wanted them to do?
Do you always forget what I say?
Do you just delete what I say?
Are you that busy to do nothing that I want?
Or you just dont care?
Im gonna stop for asking people do things for me… I feel like they always forget what I say…

Why does everyone comes to this blog only when Im sick/sad/angry?
Would you not want to celebrate something nice that happens in my life?
Or you just want to use mercy on me or buly me?
If so….. I quit

I have total 161 followers now but I cant even be happy about it….

Sorry for wasting your precious time…
Ill go back to dieying now…..

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I've never understood why Emmett and Rosalie don't just..leave the Cullens. It sounds exhausting dealing with the drama and always being the butt of the joke, you know? Maybe even if they wanted to be around people they could go just to Alaska. The Denali clan seems much more chill and Tanya must be understanding of how ..ridiculous Edward can be.

I wonder about this as well. I suspect SM’s answer would be “familial bonds” or “it’s easier to be a vegetarian when living in a group of like-minded people”, but that doesn’t preclude the possibility of moving in with or near to the Denali. 

Personally, I actually agree with the “familial bonds” argument when it comes to Emmett. He seems to really like the Cullens, and I’m sure he’d miss them if he officially moved away and only visited during the holidays. Also, his sense of humour is a counterpoint to the Cullens’ seriousness, so he’s probably pretty content to have them as an audience/source of jokes. 

Meanwhile, I’d hazard that Rosalie likes doing stuff: fixing cars, going to college, going to prom, shopping trips, and so on. Hanging out with the Cullens forces her into social engagement, in a way that life in Denali wouldn’t. Oh sure, she resents being forced to go to high school, but having an actual public identity and rituals to look forward to really work for her. Short of starting her own career and coven, she’s stuck with the Cullens. 

It’s also worth mentioning that canonically, Rosalie and Emmett do live on their own sometimes. They always come back though, which points to the draw of big-coven life.

doublearabianpunchfrontlayout  asked:

So.. I have the most amazing character idea in mind and I'm spending time learning exactly who she is, but I have no story ideas for how I could use her :( Do you have any tips?

In my experience, the more you get to know the character, the easier the story comes. 

Once you know your character inside and out, the story kind of just happens organically, because you know exactly what kind of situations your character would be in and what kind of situations they would never be caught dead in. 

I’d say spend a bit more time fleshing out your character. Once you know them like the back of your hand, try to think of some places or conflicts your character would potentially end up in, or places in the current story they might appear (like a pub, a school, a mountain, etc). 

Hope that helps!  

Ask TheHonestAuthor a question.

magpiefngrl  asked:

Hey! I was wondering, if an artist were to draw fan art of your work, which fic or scene would you like them to draw? Just being curious :))

Sorry in advance for the rather gloomy answer, this has been on my mind for a while.

I like this question a lot but my experience of it hasn’t really been that great. When I finished Dear Enemy I actually had 4-5 people ask me about creating fanart for it and tbh the conversations always make me a bit sad.

When I reply (with loads of !!! and thank yous) I always point out that a lot of the characters in that fic are people of colour and ask the artists to keep that in mind when drawing them.

E.g. Harry is mixed race with North Indian heritage. Hermione is black. Emma (Draco’s second wife) is black so their son Martin is mixed race. Brian (the OC that most people seem to love and connect with) has Somalian heritage.

All of this is explicitly referenced in the fic but I guess maybe people don’t pick up on it because I only ever get two answers when I point this out: silence or being told that the artist doesn’t imagine the character “looking like that” and would rather draw them white.

They especially seem to get tripped up on Brian and insist that he should look like a young Draco Malfoy, maybe because the two of them have very similar personalities.

When this happens I say that there are lots of really amazing, absorbing fics out there featuring white versions of Harry and Hermione, and that I don’t want my OC whitewashed. This never goes down well, no matter how politely I phrase it.

SO. Short answer is that even though I would LOVE artists to create work inspired by Dear Enemy (the Wizengamot hearing, Harry wearing a flower crown at Goyle farm, Harry and Draco gazing lovingly at each other during the worm funerals) I think it’s safer to ask for a fic where Harry’s race isn’t specified (even though in my head I always picture desi/brown Harry).

Which pretty much only leaves Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, 75 Years of the Golden Couple - I would love love love someone to create the photograph of Harry and Draco sitting in the Burrow garden, smiling at each other. It’s a fairly important part of the fic and I imagine actually seeing it would have me melting into my keyboard <3

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Shit.. the new update hit really close to home... don't mind me just crying into a pillow because aaaAAA MY POOR SON BAKUGOU WHY MY HEARTTT. But on a happier note your comics are so amazing, and not only your art but also your story-telling and the way you convey the characters always keep me checking this blog at one hour intervals. Your drawings have made me so much happier, so thank you!!

aaa! thank you!!! i’m glad they make you happy :D

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Any advice on writing the beginning of a story? I always get caught on how to expose the world in a succinct way.

Hey there!

I find the best way to start a story is to get all your main ideas down first. You can just dot point or mind map them out. Then once you’ve got a sound idea of what you’re going to write, just write and write and write. To begin with, it might seem too wordy but as you get into your world you’ll find what you can explain in later chapters/sections and you’ll be able to edit the beginning to make it more succinct. 

Typically, the beginning of the story has to introduce the main character, the setting and set the rest of the story up. You don’t have to include all the details straight away. You can keep your readers interested by exposing other parts of your world later. It doesn’t necessarily have to happen in the beginning. 

Hope this helps! x

I never really got around to making any Vocaltale art in the past, so while it was on my mind I decided to finally make a fanart! I noticed that out of all the characters, Lily seems to be one of my favorite characters. I don’t know why, but I just can’t help but love her! Not only that, but she hasn’t gotten much fanart from what I’ve seen. So, I drew a thing for you! I was unsure of the outfit, seeing there’s not many Lily MMD models to base her outfit off of, but I tried. I hope you like it!! < 3 

Next up will be that fanfic whenever I get around to it! 








One neat thing I noticed while rewatching is that some of the paladins’ introductions in episode 1 coincide with their elements! Like:

The Yellow Lion’s element is Earth, and the first thing Hunk ever does onscreen is complain about being in the air and then work with metal. The fear of heights / motion sickness makes sense considering his affinity is with the ground, as does his talent for mechanics.

The first time we see Pidge, she’s working a communications unit. The Green Lion’s thing is Forests, and a big aspect of that is the idea of roots and connection with other living things (”we are all made up of the same cosmic dust”) and the first thing she does on screen is literally connect with others.

Red’s element is fire, and Keith’s introduction is literally him blowing something up and then punching some guys. Which. Speaks for itself honestly.

Weirdly, Shiro and Lance don’t seem to follow this trend. The first thing we see Shiro do is help Matt extract ice from Kerberos, and the first thing we see Lance do is fly the simulator, and neither introduction seems to be related to their given elements of air and water/ice respectively– in fact I’d say they seem swapped. I dunno if that means something, and maybe this observation is meaningless lmao, but it seems to hold up with the other three, which is interesting.

Morally Grey But Still Likable?

Writing morally grey characters readers will love.

@coinsanddeadlypoisons asked:

Do you have any tips about writing from the point of view of a manipulative character? I don’t want him to be an asshole but i am afraid the readers would see him as such. 

The large majority of the characters in The Warlord’s Contract are morally grey in one way or another, with one in particular being rather manipulative, and I’ve found that the same basic principles and tricks apply to them all, no matter which negative “asshole” attributes they exhibit.  

1. Why do they do what they do?

Readers will forgive most morally gray actions if they feel the character has a good reason for it. This reason can be anything number of things, often compounded. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The character’s goal is worth the sins they commit in the process.
  • Their past has conditioned them to do what they do.
  • They believe that they (or someone else) will suffer if they don’t.
  • They believe everyone else is already doing the same and they’re evening the playing field.
  • They believe their actions will benefit others in the long run.
  • They’re convinced they’ll be hurt if they don’t do it.

The reason(s) you character has do doing what they do should also make sense within the context of the story itself. Thematically, it should match or mirror other cause and effect situations you’re presenting, and it should fit (and often intertwine) with the character’s backstory and personality.

Keep reading

satanslesbianmother  asked:

I am creating a black female character for a story that takes place in an area where...well, she's surrounded by white people who are almost obsessively politically correct, to the point of enforcing "colorblindness." I feel it's important to her character and to authenticity for her to react to her white friends being intimidated around the subject of race, but I don't want to end up writing the white person's "ideal black response" unintentionally. Any pointers?

Black Girl Living in a “Colorblind” Environment

Hey there,

Wooow, that’s like my entire life over here. Yes, I do have some pointers, but they’ll mostly just be my thoughts and experiences. Not everyone will have the same reactions as I do, but I hope this will help.

Internalized Racism

So I’ll just start by saying this is the perfect breeding ground for internalized racism. It is an everyday thing so subtle, so normalized absolutely every time, that the racism is hardly ever recognized for what it is. If your character is somewhat like me or people I know, they will struggle with the urge to not stand out, try to assimilate into the dominant culture or distance themselves from their culture(s) at the expense of their own identity, feeling the need to compensate and deflect stereotypes. They’ll be gaslit left and right, and replying with anything other than silence or agreement will most of the time start discussions or fights. They might at times feel like they’re living a lie, feel out of place and start questioning themselves. There’s more but you get the gist of it.

Reactions to Environment

Now most reactions will come down to: 

1) completely rejecting the white people and their culture,

2) trying to become like the white people and take on their views, 

3) or social withdrawal. 

What they all have in common is A LOT of unease surrounding your roots, your race and expressing your true self. 

Daily Struggles

There will be a lot of tension and anxiety when matters of race surface, even when they don’t end up mentioned or discussed. Feeling like you don’t belong, that you’ll only be accepted as long as you keep your mouth shut about racism.

Feeling unsafe comes to mind. I imagine your character desperately searching for people who might be different, looking for friends of color online, trying to make sense of their experiences by searching online, that sort of thing. If they do try to express themselves it’s because that person gives them the feeling that they just might be a bit more understanding than others and might get into discussions desperately trying for them to understand them. I imagine them not wanting to be seen as a stereotype while not wanting their race/roots/ethnicity pushed aside. High chances they will be passive aggressive about it because they lack any other meaningful way to express themselves. 

Of course there will be Black and brown people who’re content with assimilating into a culture like this. Good for them. But plenty of people also force themselves to believe that in order to survive. 

That’s what most of it comes down to. Surviving an environment that’s hostile towards you while it masquerades as your dear friend. 

~ Mod Alice

Daily Struggles - Racism & Racial Tension

In middle school, I had this friend. I was telling her a story involving someone else when she asked a strangely-worded question. 

“Did she look like you or me?” 

I was all “huh” until she pointed to my arm, my skin.

“Like you…” She said, then pointed to her own arm. “Or like me?”

I instantly fed off of the race-is-scary vibe and just muttered “Oh, like you…”

I grew up in a slightly less intense version of Alice’s environment, and my experience was passive-aggressive racism (micro-aggressions) with both the micro-aggressions and aggressive racism brushed over and kept low key. (That lady moved her purse when you walked by because she thinks you’ll steal it? Nah, she just needed it to warm her lap!)

I rarely felt the heat of racism. It wasn’t as blatant. Still, it happened in pockets.

Daily “racial tension” would be stares in public because seeing a Black person in the supermarket was a marvel. At school and other frequented places, well, they get used to you, so unless you’re the very new kid, it’s not likely she’d be made awkward on the day-to-day for existing (At least not until slavery is discussed and everyone is turning their heads to stare at her..).

Colorblind Environment and Balancing Culture

Alice hit the main points. Some reject the dominant culture, some embrace it (and may even allow and make race jokes at their own expense to cope) and some withdraw completely. I don’t think anyone fits into any neat category. 

Consider that your character may fall on a scale of embracing her situation, and rejecting some aspects. No one person is the same. 

I think background and home life will affect how she copes in this environment. I moved into my super-white town at a pretty young age, prior to that growing up in a culturally-diverse city and had sisters who did as well. We were able to embrace our culture at home among each other and other family even if that openness could not be experienced with most people in the neighborhood. If I’d been older before I moved, I probably wouldn’t have given a damn a bit more, or rejected more of the environment’s culture, but hey. 

Either way, it’s very possible for her to blend and embrace more than one culture. But how one embraces or how much, depends on the person.

Now, embracing different culture depending on the environment and code-switching doesn’t mean you’re at a cultural crisis or both sides cannot co-exist. For example, while I was made awkward about race in one experience, around that same age and time, I brought a bigger celebration of Black History Month to that same school by approaching administration on the severe lack of it. With permission and the help of friends, we made posters and announcements celebrating prominent Black leaders and inventors. That would not have happened if I didn’t have cultural pride being nourished elsewhere.

In Short

With maturity, self-realization, getting away from that environment and/or connecting with a knowledgeable and accepting group of people comes accepting what living in the dominant culture has made you, and hopefully embracing and not losing the culture you might’ve experienced without its influence.

As always, we’d also recommend having appropriate beta-readers take a look at your story for sensitivity and accuracy.

~Mod Colette

P.S. Based on some responses defending colorblindness as a good thing, which it’s not and is in fact racist (!) I would urge you to research the harms of the colorblind approach and learn of the huge disservice it is to People of Color to ignore the beauty that is diversity and in recognizing cultural differences.

PSA: “Seeing color” isn’t the same as “judging color.” 

Won’t dwell on it here. I do want to quote mod Brei from a different ask

Colorblindness is an act of racism by denying to acknowledge differences. I mean, no one ever says “I don’t see gender” so why apply such ignorance to race?

anonymous asked:

so how do you feel about the claim that your art is racist?

hm, I…don’t know really? I guess I am not competent enough to decide.

You see, I don’t know what to think of this, because such a thing is very…strong, yet very vague. What exactly makes it racist? Did I draw someone not dark enough? If so, whom and why? I need to know these things so I can reflect back and see my drawings from a different perspective.

Because I always try to follow the descriptions and do my best on not…whitewashing? I’ve made a mistake of drawing a biracial (Angelina is black, George is white) character as white because in my mind 6 years ago it made perfect sense. I feel like I’ve grown enough to understand just how important media representation is for black people and why you shouldn’t take one potentially black character and make them white, since. everyone else is white already.

So in that sense, I try to do my best and draw people of colour as they are. The idea of whitewashing is not something I am fond of, nor I understand why people do that on the first place. especially if it’s full damn intentionally.

I guess there is someone who might consider me racist because I don’t headcanon characters with no mentioned skin colour as black? If so, personally, I do what’s closer to me and how my surroundings work. To get the idea, everyone around me were white (sometimes asian) up to very recently? I’m 23, and it’s the first time I had a chance to interract properly with a black guy who is my gym coach. Like, everyone here is primarily white, so it’s probably a bit different here. All the common problems that are talked about in US might be problems here, but people don’t talk about it. I have to find out everything on my own, so if I’m doing it slowly, please forgive me.

I’m all up for people to do/draw/write/percieve things (especially when it comes to fictional characters) the way that is the closest and the most relatable to them. If it would be black Hermione, or indian Harry, or as much PoC headcanons as people need - I can only appreciate and respect that. If I’m considered racist for doing the same but through my eyes, I am not sure what to do and what to think of it.

So…let me know your thoughts on this subject and I’ll read through it to get a better idea.

I know there have been posts on this before but it simply boggles my mind, as someone who has been involved in fandom for over a decade, this new trend of needing your ships to be canon and then just…….giving up on them when they’re not?

Like that’s never been the point of shipping. It was never about “I ship these two because I think they’ll be canon” it was just a dynamic, or a desire, or whatever. You didn’t need it to be approved by the creator(s) to be validated. And this new trend of “canon blew holes in my ship so I can’t ship them anymore” or three pages of bullet points analysing this One Look the characters had and how that Proves they’re Canon is mind boggling to me.

Like, do you think my 13 year old ass ever thought Draco and Ginny were gonna be a thing? No! Why would I? But that never stopped me!

I see this mostly in the Voltron fandom, like ppl crying out that Shatt is dead or Klance is dead or Sheith is dead and like, y'all…..they were never alive. That’s what fandom IS. You don’t need a thesis on why you ship two (or three or whatever) people. You don’t need justification or validation. And you can multiship!! Where did multishipping go??

The whole point of fandom is that it’s not canon. Don’t let canon influence who you ship. It never used to.