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A Riverdale Rant

Ok. Some things need to be said, even though some people are so close minded while they’re so sure they know everything.

Things got to the point where people called Riverdale “homophobic”. I just want to ask you: where? You want representation? You have. Or maybe Kevin isn’t good enough for you, and he isn’t the only one there.

But the truth is that some people want all the characters to be gay. Like, all the main characters and also the secondaries. Let’s face the truth: it won’t happen. First, because, unfortunately for people that hate straights (lol) there are people like that on earth, so it would be pretty unrealistic to tell a story with only homosexual people. Second, because Riverdale ISN’T A NEW THING. 

It isn’t a TV show made for demanding Tumblr teenagers. It is about teens, but their target audience is so much wider than that. This show is based on comics created in the 30s. So, you can count on the fact that there are many grandparents, moms and dads very happy to know they can watch a live action of a very cool narrative they enjoyed when they were younger, and they want to see on the screen the story they know.

Bughead? Isn’t a new thing either. I don’t get why they’re getting so much hate, if their storyline is just a rereading of something already presented on the comics. Judgead always expressed his interest in Betty, they have pretty sweet interactions and he is only asexual in the new comics, released in 2016. The Archie Comics have MANY versions, in one of them he is even married. Plus, when CW came up with the idea of the show, those new comics didn’t even exist. 

They already had an idea, a plot in their hands. Even the actors when they went for the auditions and got the roles, so it’s very unfair to call them names because your ship isn’t happening, when there are so many people WORKING HARD to make a nice thing, new and fresh but maintaning the core of the classic Archie Comics.

Like a friend of mine said, it’s very sad to reduce characters’ value to their relationships, and also looking at a show as if it was the only thing that mattered.

But still, honestly, and speaking for myself, when some of my ships didn’t happen, I’ve abandoned shows before and moved on with my life. So if it’s still a big deal and you think Riverdale isn’t for you, no one is making you watch it.

That being said, I’m going to watch it with my mom now. 

Broke My Dream

Characters: Sam x Reader

Word count: 4442 - sorry not sorry blame @a-sea-of-fandoms

Warnings: fluffy fluff, smutty smut, a bit of angst if you squint

A/N: Anon Requested: “Can you write one about Sam x reader. Reader is shy quiet bookworm who is in love with Sam. She knows he would never feel the same way. So she fantasizes about him seducing her. Then it really happens. Thank you” Hope this is OK!

You couldn’t focus on the book in front of you. The bunker was quiet enough, the light warm enough, your legs comfortably resting over the arm of the armchair you were laid in, but you just couldn’t stop thinking about him. It was an uncharacteristically quiet day, and it was supposed to be the day you finished this book you’d been trying to finish for weeks. But every time the main character was mentioned, your mind wandered and you thought back to the tall, long haired, broad shouldered man you knew in real life. You weren’t even halfway through this thing, but you wouldn’t give up on it. You’d never given up halfway through a book and you didn’t plan on starting now.

Clearing your throat, you tried to refocus.

You felt your eyes growing heavy and before you knew it you were drifting off to sleep, your head resting on the other arm of the chair, the book still open and perched against your thighs. You felt yourself smile as you saw Sam move towards you, his hand coming up to hold your face before he crashed his lips to yours. You were suddenly against a wall, his hands on your waist holding you in place as he deepened the kiss. You gripped the fabric of his shirt as he let his hands wander down, his lips moving to suck a mark under your ear.

A moan rumbled past your lips as you felt his fingers slip under the top of your jeans and you suddenly started awake.

You jumped up, sitting up in the chair, realising you’d fallen asleep and were having one of your not-so-infrequent fantasies about the younger Winchester. It had been a long couple of weeks and sleep had been severely lacking for all of you as you worked the case.

“Dude you were out,” you heard Dean’s voice and laughed. “And making some serious happy noises,” he winked, and you instantly cringed, your cheeks flushing pink.

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anonymous asked:

Jen this is a trend I've noticed with you so. Please stop saying you want black women to 'crush you'. Especially a character like princess allura who is? V dainty and thin. The hyper-muscular and hyper-aggressive black woman trope is very harmful and I hope you'll address this and apologize?

Oh I’m sorry, that wasn’t my intention at all! I tend to just say ‘crush me’ to literally any woman I see tbh but it will NEVER me my intention to use such a harmful trope and i deeply apologize if some people take it that way! I’ll try to be more mindful in the future

 I said for Allura to ‘crush me’ because in the show, it is canon that she can ram a metal door down and hold it together against robot drones as well as being able to throw Shiro, who must be at least 200 lbs, across the room. She also took on and won against two Galra druids with her staff and took on a direct hit of Haggars Quintessance. It’s actually a thing within the show to show Allura as not a ‘princess in a castle’ type but one who is willing to fight alongside her Paladins and that is just so much cooler and wayyy stronger then me and I am just in awe of her and I just tend to say ‘crush me’ because I find that attractive without seeing the bad repercussions it could have if someone took it the wrong way. I will be more mindful of the fact in the future, I’m sorry if you believed that I was alluding to something harmful :(

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Hello! ^_^ i was wondering if you wouldn't mind doing more Outertale headcanons for everyone? (by that i mean Sans, Pap, Metta, Undyne, Toriel, Asgore, Alphys and Grillby) If you don't mind? Of course it doesn't have to be all at once! Take your time! It's one of my favorite AUs for UT and guess what? Outertale has an Underfell version! It's called Outerfell check it out with the title, it's neat, lots of red stars course it isn't fleshed out but the art is goregous! Thank you for your time! ^_^

I’m just going to do very brief headcanons for this post since there are so many characters. - M.M.


Sans has visited every single planet in the Outersystem at least once. Everyone knows his name & face. Everyone.


Papyrus attends every meeting the Outersystem Guards hold, despite not being part of the Guards himself.


Mettaton has his own private, custom-made rocket that he travels from planet to planet in for his shows. It has his face on the side.


Undyne does target practice with nearby meteor showers. She can benchpress asteroids.


Alphys figured out how to siphon off channels from the Other/Surfacesystem, which allows her to watch the newest anime whenever she wants.


Toriel never strays far from her home on the Ruined Planet very often, but there are a series of much smaller “dwarf” planets circling it that she goes out to in order to get groceries/etc. when she needs them.


The inside of Asgore’s cloak is patterned with a magically-induced moving pattern of the galaxy itself. It was meant to be worn with the pattern on the outside, but looking at the movement for too long always gave him a headache.


Grillby likes to use zero-gravity in his establishment to add a bit of charm & flair. It’s very subtle, but there’ll be a few floating bottles or decorations hanging suspended around the back of the bar.

tbh i don’t mind the concept that you have to have evidence a character is trans? please stop making me feel like a transphobe for wanting that.
like every time someone tells me this in comparison to “in REAL LIFE you wouldnt ask a trans person to prove themselves” yeah but this is obviously different, this is a fictional character?
and the reason i like having all this proof is because it makes it feel more real than just a headcanon, because obviously there are characters who you would be easily disproven in thinking were trans men or trans women. but when there’s a character who this is like consistently untrue for, thats when it becomes real, and becomes a serious subject to me, and thats why i’m so annoyed people don’t take it as seriously.
this is not just a headcanon with flimsy examples this is like something you can actually make a case for- and especially cannot make a case against- and even though there likely will never be an explicit confirmation of that in this adaptation (even though, again, there’s a very clear case for it) i really really want more people to think about the reality that holmes can so easily be trans (and that theres a case for it in the canon too!) or any character for that matter, and help be the change we wanna see in the world

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How would Caveira's voice sound? Do you have a voice actor or character in mind she would sound like?

Oh my… I don’t have really thought about it so I’m kinda sticking to a default voice (a.k.a my voice but with a more deeper tone XD)
But Michelle Rodriguez’s voice would be a great option too :)

Also, she’s got that helmet on her head most of the time so you have to imagine some extra fx sound. If you’re familiar with StarCraft II, her voice would sound like a Terran Marine unit and when she’s on fire, she’d sound like a Firebat or Marauder :D

Things in Newsies you don't appreciate just by listening to the cast album:

I saw the Newsies movie in the UK today and it blew my mind just how much I’d missed only ever having listened to the cast album! (I should note this will be spoilery)

1. The brilliant writing of the scenes! The characters are engaging, the lines are witty, and some of the speeches are so incredible (the one in Seize the Day springs to mind)
2. The depth of the friendships! Don’t get me wrong! Even from the cast album you can tell Jack and Crutchie love each other like brothers but it is even more beautiful when you see the show! And Jack and Davey, oh boy, these two are adorable with each other! I live for Davey supporting Jack when he doubts himself!
3. The depth of Jack and Katherine’s relationship! I was never convinced by it just from the songs but Jeremy and Kara act these characters so wonderfully and the scenes they have together make the attraction utterly convincing but not overwhelming! Also their playful teasing in the first Act was brilliant!
4. Les… the cutest baby brother in the world! I didn’t realise how big the role is! And he’s so wonderful I just can’t express it!
5. Jack’s art! It goes completely unmentioned in the songs (perhaps except the line ‘not some painting in my head’ in Santa Fe but I only picked up on that after seeing it) It seemed a bit out of character to me at first but it wasn’t long before I was convinced; it adds just a little more complexity.

There are obviously more things! But these are the ones that struck me most! All in all I was blown away by everything and I have a new appreciation for the show and the story now that I’ve seen it from start to finish!

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Im wondering if this situation sounds logical: Naruto stepping down from the Hokage post after a long time of service, offers it to Konohamaru naturally, but he declinec and would rather mentor another genin team instead, as he feels content where he's standing. Because I'd like to show that one could be happy without fulfilling their greatest wish and goal and Konohamaru was after all just a kid when he made that statement. Does that sound logical? Any tips or something i should keep in mind?

That’s completely logical and very plausible and I’d like to offer you major kudos for making Konohamaru so human.

Dreams change. People change. As writers and creators of characters, we strive for one thing, to bring these characters to life. To bring a character to life implies that we make them human.

Throughout the story of Naruto, we are thrown into zany adventure left and right with little ticks every now and then that gives the characters depth.

And you, with this scenario and reasoning behind the scenario, have done what a lot of writers attempt to do so many times over and over again.

You made him human.

kudos and you made me feel feelings so brb gonna go punch a baby to feel manly again.


Ceni’s Shipping Opinions - an ask collection

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my v3 ship opinions lately! To keep my art blog a bit cleaner, I’m just gonna dump all of the questions (+answers) I have in my inbox right now here.

If you have any more ship questions for me, could you please send them to my main blog (cenisan)? Thank you so much, I don’t want to flood my art blog with too many of these!

Questions and answers under the read more!

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I Guess You Deserve It

Kingsman: The Secret Service One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Eggsy Unwin

Warnings: alcohol consumption, swearing

Request: “Being in a nyc bar, when taron notices you just moved in, and since he finds you really attractive he buys you a drink and flirts with you, but you play hard to get, so he only wants you more, and you make him wait 2 months until finally sleeping together, and after that he just ends up being in love with you PLEASE? And thanks, love your blog btw❤️” - Anon

Word Count: 1,117

A/N: Please, please, please read the rules before requesting !!! I DO NOT WRITE IMAGINES ABOUT CELEBRITIES, ONLY THE CHARACTERS THEY PLAY !! I know it seems trivial, but please keep that in mind ! But I felt very guilty turning down this request, so I just changed the request for Eggsy, and I also don’t write nsfw stuff. Otherwise, I hope you like it (and thank you!!)

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rowennnnn  asked:

If you don't mind me asking, what does troujlh stand for/mean? I love everything but I'm a little confused 😂 luci is amazing my the way!

Troujlh stands for: The Rest Of Us Just Live Here

It is a thread series I’m doing composed of original characters. It basic chronicles the life of students who weren’t Harry Potter in Harry’s year.

Any and all threads from it will be under that tag

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Ahhh your art is so amazing I'm ;^; literally my friends know the name "cookiecreation" because I talk about your art so much OTL I hope to buy something from you soon, too~ I've been waiting for you to open up a store :) also, if you don't mind, would you maybe give some tips on how to go about drawing characters from novels? Thank you so much for all your beautiful art (/^.^)/~☆

aaaaa im flattered!!! and for drawing characters..idk i guess drawing the first design that comes up to my mind while reading works for me. No filter or modification just put it straight into the paper. If there’s any feature i missed, that’s usually the time i give little tweaks :) also try exaggerating features and stuff!

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Why do you think eldarya takes a few steps back I'm curious to know if you don't mind :0?

I’ll just list a few things because I don’t want this to turn into a rant. My biggest gripe is making the player’s energy (Manna) also the game’s main currency. The money and payment system in general ticks me off. I’m also upset that you can’t customize the in-game character, only your avatar. I don’t care for the competing teams, especially with the Absynthe Guard being seemingly unbeatable. The story itself is kinda boring, but I also have to take into consideration that I’m only at Episode 6, though MCL had my interest by Episode 4. I feel like I’m playing two separate games; a fantasy otome game and an exploring game with your pet.

Now, to counter that, there are a lot of things I do love about the game. I think it’s well established that I LOVE the outfits in Eldarya. I like that the mini games are playable more than once a day, and I really like Purro'Swap. I like raising the Companions and sending them off to find things (it’s the only real reason I play – for my lovely Ciralak). The Market is great even if I can’t afford a lot of stuff, or things I want aren’t available. I like how most of the characters look, but I swear Nevra looks like his neck is permanently stuck in that position.

I guess with all the hype it was getting and considering that the same people who made MCL also made Eldarya, my expectations were too high. It really is its own game in the end, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its flaws that need to be pointed out, like the currency and the stacked teams.

About Rip Hunter negativity --

I understand that every fan is entitled to think and feel however they want about a character. I don’t agree with the negative tear-downs of Rip, but I won’t try to stop you.. I just request, would you mind tagging your anti-Rip posts as being anti-Rip so that I can blacklist them? Someone I care about a great deal, no matter what’s between us, loves him very much, and it makes me sad as hell to see Rip hate being posted. 

carl,    in my mind is an  EARLY BLOOMER.     i mean,    if you just  look  at him in recent comics he looks like he could easily pass for  sixteen or seventeen.     while he still has a very youthful look to him,      he looks older than his true age.      along with this i feel like he has a very  DEEP  voice.      he has a voice that is bold     &     demands to be heard.     his voice,      is one of a  LEADER:     passionate     &    unafraid.     he speaks with full confidence     &     purpose,     his words are smooth     &     often drawn out.      even while speaking privately with someone,      when his tone is much more  hushed,      his voice is still  incredibly  deep. 

llorstel  asked:

pls the thing you just posted about Coran being a surrogate and meeting the red dyed fur clan idea. u got my hella attention👀👀 would like to know more info about it or something if you got anything in mind~

Just for you, loser, a typical example of Clan Red and their “tattoos”

- Males and Females are next to impossible to tell apart because they all have similar builds and horns
- Run anywhere between 6-7 feet
- Physically weak, but telekinetic, fast as hell, and agile. Don’t try and catch these unless you have some serious stealth skills.
- Some clan members will also dye their manes variants of their clan color, but the “birth color” is usually black.

(uuuuuuugh, resizing.)

i definitely don’t mind people who say they love pearl (i mean, for the most part, its easier to make friends with people who love the same characters i do.) i just??? tend to get jealous easily when people say they love my comfort characters more than i do, and it’s never against those people!!! 

if you’re somebody who shares my comfort characters i still love you lots! i’m probably just being silly & i apologize…

「 RULES: 」 - post a song that reminds you of your muse and then tag 6 people whose songs you want to see.

ha ha ha just one, fuck that bullshit i’m gonna do a lot ‘cause i 110% spend way too much time relating music to characters

murderers, the hope of women - momus
the criminal - momus
scary monsters and super creeps - david bowie
quicksand - david bowie (i just love this version of it more than the album version tbh)
then i’d be satisfied with life - tiny tim
you are the blood - castanets 
alexis - light club
do it like six - light club
inner animal - scattle
hard wired - perturbator ft. isabella goloversic 

i’m gonna stop myself now elsewise this’ll get ludicrously long

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that you're one of the most prolific and quality contributors to the desus fandom? that you're kind and lovely to speak to and an actual Quality Person?

never mind me im just gonna………………… print this out……………………… frame it……………………….. tattoo it on my forehead………………………………… look at it when im sad @ night and need to remind myself why i cry over fictional characters

What’s my reputation? What do you think when you see my URL?