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Listen, don’t get me wrong. The Wonder Woman film is pretty cool. Having female main characters in the latest Star Wars films is pretty cool. Having Disney princesses that don’t-need-no-man is pretty cool. But can we please, PLEASE stop pretending that every fucking one of these is the first of their kind?

I feel like every other day I’m seeing “this character is the first good strong female role model for little girls” and it’s getting boring at this point.

To claim it is rare is understandable, but not necessarily that true anymore. To claim it has literally never happened before up to this point, every time it bloody happens, is just ludicrous.

me: okay you can do this, you can watch a show/play a game without shipping two girls, you can NOT make it gay, because you KNOW there’s the 90% chance the creators will just shove one of them with a dude and you will be broken, you can be strong, you can-
show/game: *two girls show mutual care and trust for each other and would probably die and/or murder for each other and maybe a moment where they look at each other like the moon and stars/hug each other like they’re the only thing anchoring them to the world*

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I'm out in public with my phobic parents and I have to dress like a girl. But I'm a guy and i feel some slight panic and I feel like crying and everything is terrible

Hey, you’re valid! Even if everything feels wrong right now, it’ll get better with time, and eventually you won’t have to wear a mask of someone you’re not anymore. If you’d like a pronoun validation, send your name in, and if there’s anything else we can do to help just let us know. Stay strong, friend <3

- peach 

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the Not Like Other Girls Syndrome as a "feminist" writing trope is fundamentally flawed in that it forces girls to put down their peers who should be lifted up and I'm just really sick of YA bull shit

absolutely absolutely absolutely

it might seem feminist at first because it breaks the “classic” antifeminist structure – it makes a female character interesting/strong/intelligent/what have you. the idea that it’s possible for a woman to be a man’s equal is, on face, not inherently misogynist. but the message is the wrong one: it requires the female lead to justify her equal treatment by separating herself from the rest of her gender, who are considered implicitly inferior. 

YA falls into this trope i think sometimes by accident, because it favors the “Chosen One” plot device so heavily. (if some ancient prophecy or twist of fate throws your protagonist into the action, you don’t have to think about setting up the story conflict or character arc yourself!) the Female Chosen One gets the love interest often for the same reason that the Male Chosen One gets his love interest – they’re The Chosen One, and their reward for saving the day is heteronormative romantic conquest. when the guy is the Chosen One, it’s an issue because usually, his love interest isn’t that well developed, so the resolution comes across as objectifying the woman. the “reward” for his efforts, so to speak. if the Chosen One is a girl, but isn’t characterized all that well – as is disappointingly common – her male love interest often has little reason for liking her except “you’re special” and “you’re the most [nondescript adjective] i’ve ever met.” he likes her because she is Not Like Other Girls – because, by virtue of being The Special, she is unique, and therefore desirable, but implicitly unlike the other, unworthy normie ladies.

i’m sick of the Chosen One trope generally – i think it removes the burden to set up the story using character decisions by drawing on vague concepts of “destiny” and “prophecy” – but especially the Special Girl trope. if a guy likes a girl because she’s Special, he doesn’t actually like her, he just disdains other girls to the extent that she’s lovable by comparison.

on the other hand, Katniss Everdeen exemplifies a well-done female YA protagonist: she’s special, not because of a universal force choosing her, but because of her character and the choices she makes. her love interests like her for who she is (at least, I think so? ostensibly, anyway; they don’t like her because she’s a Special, anyway, which is what matters), and most importantly, there are other female characters in the series who demonstrate equal, if not superior qualities. i have mixed feelings about The Hunger Games, but its characterization of women – from Katniss’ frank self-interest to Prim’s naïve selflessness to President Coin’s moral ambiguity to Johanna’s ruthless intelligence – exemplifies the best of its genre, and a model for other books to aspire to. 

name/alias: alyx
age/age at heart: old as heck tbh
define your essence: gryffindor with strong hufflepuff tendencies + girl who gets Paid to hang with animals all day…is that even an essence idk
pick an ocean to vacation in: honestly i just want to go dive the great barrier reef or dive with whale sharks so i guess that’s pacific or indian
faces you usually like to use: honestly there are a handful that i use a Lot but ive been branching out lately and its a Cool Thing so!!! whoever really!!!
what type of events/challenges do you like most?: thread roulettes!!!! also things that get everyone involved
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Hi, I just wanted to ask a question: up until now I've only been attracted to men (I'm a girl), but recently I've developed strong feelings for my friend (another girl) but I feel nothing for any other girls. I'm not very comfortable with calling myself bi- but I would want to date this girl if the feeling is mutual. Is it okay to not use the bI label?

Hello :3
You can identify (or not identify) however you want to! There’s no wrong way to do it as long as you’re comfortable with it and you’re happy ^^
With love,


Just being able to play Iris West is putting me in a position to impact change. She is such an iconic character and so many people will know her and remember her as a black woman. Playing this role, I sometimes get blatant racism and the even more painful and complicated non-blatant racism. But I gladly put on my armour each day and take it. I have to be strong and continue to deliver, because this is bigger than me. It’s not just about this role, it’s about the landscape of film and TV. It’s about the young girls coming after me. I need to make sure I was strong enough to keep that door open for them. To show up at work and do my best, and change and impact as many minds as I can. I am deeply humbled every time someone reaches out to me to say, “I grew up reading The Flash, I cannot imagine anyone else playing Iris West after seeing you do it.”

Happy 29th birthday, Candice Kristina Patton! (born June 24, 1988)

how sad to be a gay girl in this the year of our lord 2017. i’ve never been to pride before. i tell my mother i’m thinking of going and she says; please be smart and stay home. most of me thinks she’s right about this, even though i live in a city where gay pride flags fly on every other building.

they’ve done a good job scaring us into the corners we came out of. i tremble at the idea of crowds full of other people, my body in rainbow paint. i will be meeting friends from high school and none of them know i’m gay. it terrifies me. i have no idea what they’d say. what if they ignore it. what if they make a big deal about it. what if they ask me how long i’ve been this way.

straight people tell me all the time that maybe it used to be dangerous to be in love with a girl, but i should stop complaining because marriage is legal. i think of how i still hear “gay” used as a slur, how every word i have for myself has been used as a curse word against me, how i have no identity that comes unsullied. i think of how every time i hold her hand in public i find my ears become satellite dishes, waiting to pick up on any incoming danger, always mid-flinch. i think about how their opinion of me changes when i tell them. i think about the cans thrown and the threats made and the fights that bloodied my teeth. i think about the arguments with my parents and the silence in churches and the shuffling of embarrassed feet. 

i’m telling myself i’ll go to pride and i’ll smile and i’ll have a good time. i’m telling myself i’ll be strong for those who can’t be. i’m telling myself thank god it’s 2017 and i live in the united states in a commonwealth that protects me. but the fact i have to rally just to walk in the streets says something. i feel sick when i think about where i’m going but proud about what i’m doing.

the closet was the worst place, i whisper to myself. darkness and spiders. but the closet is the safer place. and sometimes that matters.

“can we, like, chill with the gay pride?” i hear a girl on the bus say to her friend, “like… every june this happens and i’m tired of it.”

i’m gay every day of the week, even when i’m not proud of it. 

i sit lower in my seat. i text the people i’m going to pride with. “i might come,” i write, “still working on it.”

why aren’t there any female characters in anime/manga who are just absurdly strong…. like why is it only dudes in shounen/action series who get insane strength and then girls (even girls who are the main character of their own series!!!) are always stuck with some auxiliary role of stealth or intel or support….. give me one punch woman

I’m sure someone has already said this more eloquently than me but can we just talk about how diana bucks the Strong Female Character stereotype? too many people seem to think that Strong Female Characters = tough as nails, smartass, feisty, would never dream of crying, rejects all things feminine, not like other girls. diana IS tough but she’s also warm and kind and compassionate. she gets excited over a baby, she’s upset by the treatment of the horses, she doesn’t reject her feelings for steve, she’s visibly unsettled by the sight of wounded soldiers and crying children… and none of this is demeaned or treated as weakness or girlish naivety. I just thought that was so important and refreshing and beautiful 


1x01 // 6x05

#listen up kids #this scene in 6x05 is so fucking important #and not just bc sansa made a cute cloak for jon #but because this is sansa stark reclaiming her identity #not just as a stark, but as a woman #as a person #ramsay thought he’d taken everything from her #and he was wrong #sansa has always loved sewing and embroidery #and she’s GOOD at it #it’s something that she LOVES #and something that she never got to do when she was with ramsay #a part of herself she thought she might never get back #so here is sansa fucking stark #taking back a little piece of herself that she thought she’d lost #and then sharing that piece of herself with her family #this is sansa beginning her journey to recovery #and that is not something that should not be minimized or ignored #sansa stark is strong af and i love her

its interesting watching Wonder Woman reviews on youtube 

every male reviewer I’ve watched has been like “yeah its a solid film. didn’t do anything spectacular.”

whereas every girl has been raving about it. it’s just interesting cause like…one dude was talking about how he didn’t really feel anything during the No Man’s Land scene and it just struck me bc like…obviously he didn’t feel shit because he’s seen something like it done a thousand times with male superheroes. 

like its bizarre cause i was nearly in tears during that scene, watching the soldiers get a burst of courage and follow a powerful, strong WOMAN into battle. she inspired them. that shit has pretty much NEVER been done in film before and as a woman, I thought it was breathtaking and refreshing 2 see.

so yeah. idk if that made any sense i just thought it was interesting.

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Please please share your thoughts on Wonder Woman? Thank you! :)


Some thoughts:

  • So we all knew it was going to be emotional to FINALLY have a female superhero movie, but the movie exceeded those expectations. The fight scenes were incredible and so focused on Diana and what she was capable of – the men basically weren’t even there. The fuckin no man’s land scene SAVED MY LIFE. Superhero movies are known for being heavy handed and this one didn’t escape that for sure (the love speech at the end was….a lot), but that scene was so well done…they didn’t have to stoop to some Éowyn knock off line of “I am no man,” we were allowed to just see her do what real women do - step up and do it. Even though that wasn’t the first time we’ve seen her in full Wonder Woman costume on screen, it felt like it was, like it was the first time I’d EVER seen ANY hero before and it took my breath away. By far the best Superhero Reveal Moment I’ve ever seen. My girl taking out bullets right and left, drawing fire from the entire German army!! Fuck me up!!!
  • You can’t talk about this film without talking about gender role reversals. Chris Pine was So Perfect and I think they really couldn’t have pulled the movie off if they’d cast any other white boy in the role. He was funny but genuine, capable but never arrogant, charming but not entitled about it. He learned quickly what Diana was capable of and respected her for it, always moving to the sideline during the fight scenes (the shield moment with the bell tower comes to mind - who needs a sniper when you can fuckin launch a god at the shooter??), knowing that these were her fights and never trying to mansplain her out of them. He wanted to protect her, but didn’t underestimate her - all the things that a typical female romantic interest does in these kind of movies. It was amazingly well balanced, so much so that I didn’t even mind the romantic sub plot. Plus he was almost entirely naked there, way to play to the audience my dudes!!!!
  • The historical context did the movie such a great service. The outward displays of sexism became so ridiculous when faced with Diana, who genuinely had never had to deal with the patriarchy’s bullshit before. It didn’t just make the men in London look pathetic and mean, it cast a large shadow over the way that women are treated today. 
  • The Dark DC Gradient™ on all the shots isn’t my favorite but it did Chris Pine’s fuckin bright blue eyes a huge favor
  • Gal Gadot was so fuckin good??? Not only was she beautiful, like really really distractingly beautiful, like I kept having to force myself to pay attention to the dialogue cause I, like Steve Trevor, could not stop looking at her (and she’s standing next to Genuine Stud Chris Pine and still?? SHE’S SO BEAUTIFUL). But she was way more then that, her performance was spot on. Diana was naive, commanding, strong, compassionate - while never being reduced down to just a one note version of these things. She felt so real to me, in a genre that spends very little time on character development. Even in the sappiest parts of the script, she sold it. She absolutely sparkled. 
  • Some of the best dialogue was the back and forth between Diana and Steve when she’s asking questions about mankind/London - it was cute and funny without being too overdone or obvious, which it easily could have been
  • The villains weren’t much to write home about, but they didn’t need to be. The movie was so laser focused on Diana and Steve that they really didn’t matter, you could self insert whatever you wanted to there
  • Themyscira is the ideal for I too want to hang out on the beach and never see a man again
  • Also that lesbian line, and how stupid male reviewers blindly did not understand it!!! Fuckin drag em
  • But also the fight scenes on Themyscira were INCREDIBLE. I wish that first section had been a bit longer just because I was enjoying it so much, but it was so refreshing to see all women on screen - women who fought and loved and supported each other. Incredible. 

I haven’t enjoyed, really enjoyed, to the point of not having to think about the message or the structure or how much fuckin time I’ve wasted listening to some male superhero talk about honor or some equally boring garbage, since The Avengers came out in 2012. Even then, Wonder Woman felt like something else entirely. It leaned on many of the same tropes and sequences, but there was enough reinvention in between (particularly the characters, who I felt were much more fleshed out then any superhero movie I’ve seen before) to make it feel fresh and exciting. This so easily could have been a throw away movie, a chance for movie execs to point and say, hey we tried with women that one time!! But Patty Jenkins, and Gal Gadot, and all the other women who worked on this incredible production, knew what was at stake, and weren’t going to let that happen. Every time I see a little girl dressed up as Diana Prince, on her way to the theater, my heart fills more and more. During the film, I found myself on the verge of tears five or six times - sometimes because it was so beautiful, to see a woman who felt so real being strong and vulnerable and saving the damn world, but other times because the plot itself genuinely moved me. Wonder Woman is revolutionary for the industry, sure, but more importantly, it’s just a damn good movie. 

So it’s amazing that, as much as we talk about the effect that Wonder Woman will have on little girls; being able to see Wonder Woman and realize that women can be strong and can be the hero….I am 24 years old and I feel like I’m just as affected.

I have never seen a movie like that. Never. I’ve never seen a battle scene where a woman gets to be a badass and not be sexualized. I’ve never seen a movie where the women get to do all the amazing fight choreography, or storm in with a cavalry that doesn’t include any men. I’ve never seen a movie where a woman is so full of grief and rage that she screams her heart out but still chooses to show compassion to even the worst of her enemies.

I’ve never seen a movie where a woman can be so strong but so kind. So full of hope and love and care for others.

Wonder Woman is such a life-changing movie, for little girls and grown women alike. I hope everyone can go see it.

Things that we just really really didn’t need in PLL


Ezra’s random non-son Malcolm


Making aria cheat and hookup with everyone 


Spencer & Caleb hookup 


Completely changing Alison just because Sasha put on a bit of weight (she still could’ve worn ‘Ali’ clothes)


The 150000 irrelevant characters that were made to look suspicious


Killing every second person for no fraking reason except ‘shock’ factor


Telling us stuff in interviews instead of the ACTUAL SHOW


Predictable & clearly just made for shock factor or to ‘please’ the fans storylines


The existence of Ravenswood & a ‘supernatural’ element


The police not being able to correctly identify an effing body


Making all of the girls hookup with people randomly, like why can’t they be strong independent women? THEY WERE STRONG ENOUGH TO ENDURE -A THEY CAN HANDLE BEING SINGLE.




ALLLLLLL of the red herrings, just useless


Red herrings AGAIN because they used them so much