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I am loving the top 10 lists!! Can you please do one that is like "top 10 vacation/travel stories"

Top 10 Vacation/Travel Stories:

10) The first time they go to Thailand to visit Phichit, they both try and speak as much Thai as they can to practice the language and be polite. The only problem is is that Viktor speaks about three words of actual Thai and the rest of his technique is just have a go and learn along the way and Yuuri has a really, really strong accent when he speaks Thai so Phichit spends the whole trip just laughing at both of them

9) Once when they were sunbathing on the beach Viktor fell asleep by accident and got sunglass tan lines burned onto his face and refused to come out of the house for days until they faded

8) Once during the NHK Trophy, Chris and Phichit were skating in it and Viktor and Yuuri had come to cheer them on and before the competition they went out to get food together. Since they were in Japan they all made sure to go to a café that was absolutely filled with posters of Yuuri just to watch him slowly die of embarrassment

7) On Viktor’s first visit to Japan he stayed in the onsen so long that Yuuri was concerned he had drowned because he decided that hot springs were the best things on earth and he never wanted to leave

6) During Yuuri’s first trip to Russia he met some of Viktor’s neighbours and they were all really nice but whenever he saw them gossiping in the halls of the building when he walked past he noticed they kept using the same phrase all the time before looking over at him and smiling and laughing. He got kind of self-conscious and worried that they were laughing at him or saying he wasn’t worthy of Viktor or something. When he repeated the phrase to Viktor it turned out that all of Viktor’s neighbours in his apartment block had taken to calling Yuuri ‘Viktor’s attractive foreign boyfriend’ and were usually gossiping about how lucky Viktor was whenever Yuuri walked by

5) The one I mentioned in a previous top ten about them both being on a long haul flight and Yuuri slept for the entire 15 hours and felt great and Viktor couldn’t sleep at all and got bored out of his mind because his boyfriend was asleep and not paying him any attention

4) Once Viktor and Yuuri both went back to Detroit for a Skate Club reunion for Yuuri and all the skaters there spent the entire time gawking at Viktor because A) Yuuri somehow managed to bag himself the Living Legend and they were all very jealous/impressed and B ) They all remembered how Yuuri used to be hell bent on beating Viktor and then the next time they see him he has a ring and they spend the entire time calling each other pet names and holding hands and generally being the cutest couple ever

3) The first time they visit Chris in Switzerland, Yuuri secretly practices French because it’s what he always hears Viktor and Chris talking in and he doesn’t want to sound ignorant or feel left out even though Viktor had already promised to translate if need be. But then they arrived and everyone was talking in German and Yuuri was like ‘what?’. And then they travelled somewhere else and everyone was talking in Italian and Yuuri was like ‘what???’ And then they finally went to the French speaking part of Switzerland but Chris offhandedly mentioned that there was also Romansh as another official language and Yuuri was like ‘help, I’m not multilingual enough for this’.

2) On Yuuri’s first trip to Russia he finally got to experience the dubious joy of Viktor’s driving which mainly consisted of him hanging on for dear life in the passenger seat like ‘we’re going to die, we’re going to die, Viktor I DON’T WANT TO DIE IN A PINK CONVERTIBLE’

1) Once Viktor and Yuuri were walking around Tokyo on a trip and lots of people were looking at them and Yuuri was just like ‘oh Viktor, look how many people are looking at you! There must be a lot of skating fans here.’ And Viktor was just sort of side-eyeing him like, ‘Yuuri do you think they’re looking at me, the Russian tourist, or you, Japan’s Ace who has won multiple gold medals for this country and whose face is on a billboard literally right across the street from us?’

Fuck entitled old people

I used to work at the Why MCA at the front desk, it was pretty fun and I loved my boss and coworkers. However, there was this one old bitch who came in about three times a week and I was always sent to deal with her because everyone else hated her, and I was the only one who hadn’t completely flipped out at her. First of all, she always wanted us to provide her a towel when she went swimming- legally we’re not even supposed to hand them out! But I always just gave her one and she’d accuse me of giving her a crappy one and demand a better one (even though I wasn’t supposed to be giving her a towel in the first place!). One day she came in and kept on scanning her card and it wasn’t working, so I asked her what her card number was. She handed me the card, and it was a Wal-Store card! I told her it was the wrong card, and she told me I should be able to sign her in anyways. She then threatened to go to my boss for “trying to keep her from signing in”. I finally just signed her in using her name. Fuck her.

Emergency Brake

Spencer Reid x Reader

You’d seen him almost every morning for the past twelve weeks on the way to and from work. You assumed he lived in the same direction as you as he was always on bus into the city in the morning when you got on, and stayed on it after you got off.

Occasionally he wasn’t on the bus and you always wondered why. Was he ill or on vacation, did he work away?

Maybe one day you’d ask him.

More than likely not. You’d just settle for admiring him from afar.

You looked forward to seeing him, even if you didn’t ever speak to him. He was pretty. Dark brown hair that was perpetually messy, hazel eyes, and a jaw bone you were fairly certain you could cut glass on. He was by far one of the most attractive men you’d seen in real life.

He almost always had a book with him, a different one every time, and you wondered how the hell he got through them so quickly. You bought books with you too but it took you three to four days to finish one. Whereas it seemed to take him less than a day, the book he was reading on the way home often different to the one he had in the morning. He was either a super quick speed reader, or he had a super short attention span and got bored with the story line easily.

Today was cold and the bus was packed. You’d spotted him at the front of the bus, one empty seat across the aisle from him. You took it, seeing him glance up at you and smile shyly. You smiled back and sat down, tugging your ear buds out and shoving them into your bag. You didn’t mind listening to music on the train but you always turned it off when you got on the bus for some reason.

Four stops away from yours, a heavily pregnant woman boarded and looked around for a seat. No one moved to offer their’s up, everyone avoiding eye contact.

You sighed and went to stand up, catching her eye and motioning to your chair. She smile gratefully and made her way towards you.

The man opposite you looked up from the book his nose was buried in and frowned, seeing you exchanging your seat with the woman. He went to stand.

“Here, have mine instead,” he offered.

“No no no. It’s fine. She can take mine. I’m up now.”

You moved out of the way, the woman thanking you and sitting down. The bus began to move again.

“Well at least have my seat then. I’ll stand.” He rose from his seat and you saw that he was almost a foot taller than you.

“Seriously it’s fine. I get off in three stops anyway and you’re always on here after me. Sit back down. It’s okay.” You smiled at him in assurance and after a moment or two, he reseated himself.

You gripped the pole next to where he was sat, holding on tight. You hated standing up on public transport but you weren’t about to make a pregnant woman stand and you didn’t want to take his seat, even though he’d offered.

You watched him push a lock of his hair back behind his ear, closing his book and putting it back in his messenger bag.

The bus stopped suddenly, jerking you and making you stumble, knocking his head with your bag as you clung onto the pole trying to keep your balance. You were too short to easily reach the overhead strap.

“Shit. I’m so sorry!”

“It’s fine. I’m okay. I have a hard head.”

Two more passengers got on the already crowed bus and it set off again. At the next stop, the bus jerked again. This time, you lost your balance completely and wound up on the attractive man’s lap.

Your eyes widened and you scrambled to get off, his own face shocked at the stranger he now had sitting on his knee.

“Fuckity fuck. Shit. Fuck!” you pulled yourself upright again, bright red with embarrassment, his own cheeks flushed.

“I didn’t mean to… I’m sorry!”

He started to chuckle, amused rather than angry.

“Are you sure you don’t want my seat? You seem pretty desperate to get in it.”

You laughed back at him, your embarrsment subsiding slightly.

“I’m sure. I’m just clumsy. One more stop anyway.”

The next stop came and you were seriously considering complaining to the transport agency about this drivers breaking. Again you were sent stumbling into the man’s lap, frantically grabbing at the pole to pull yourself up so you could get off the bus and get home, ready to research a new way of getting to work so you would never have to see this man again. So far today you’d hit him with your bag, and landed in his lap twice.

He was trying to help you but your bag had landed awkwardly and had somehow tangled with the straps of his. By the time you were upright and able to start moving, the bus had pulled off.

“Balls,” you sighed.

“That was your stop wasn’t it?” he asked you.

You nodded in response, moving to pull yourself off his knee where you still were.

He put his arm out, stopping you.

“Listen, just stay put. It’s probably safer that way. The next stop is mine anyway so we can get off together. I don’t want you falling into me again and making me miss mine too,” he grinned at you, and you couldn’t help but smile back.

He had such a nice smile, wide and happy with straight white teeth. His eyes sparkled when he grinned, making his handsome face even more beautiful.

“I’m Spencer,” he introduced himself.

“Y/N. I’d offer you my hand, but I figure we’re kinda beyond that now right?”

“Well you are sitting on my knee. I guess we are. Right, the stop’s coming up. Think you can handle walking down the aisle without falling over?”

“Who knows. I’ll probably still manage to fall into you or something. You might just wanna wait for a few moments and walk a few paces behind me.”

“You might be right there,” he replied, teasing you.

The bus stopped again and you hauled yourself up, rushing down the aisle and shooting the driving a filthy look as you got off. He wasn’t the usual driver and you blamed him for your embarrassment.

“Y/N… Wait.”

Spencer called after you and you haulted in your tracks, turning towards him.

“Erm… Do you have far to walk?” he asked, looking down at his feet nervously.

“Nah, I’m only five blocks out. The exercise will probably do me good. I’m really sorry by the way.”

“It really is okay… Listen… Erm….. You like coffee right? I see you with a Starbucks cup most mornings,” he was still shuffling his feet, not really making eye contact.

“I live on coffee. I swear I probably pay the manager’s wages single handedly with the amount I spend in there.”

“Would you…. Erm… Would you like to get a coffee with me sometime, maybe?”

He was asking you out?

He was asking you out!

“Really? You wanna get coffee with me?” You were totally surprised. This guy was way out of your league. Yet here he was, stuttering slightly and stumbling over his words.

“Only if you w-want to… It’s okay if you don’t… I understand,” he finally met your gaze, rejection already set in his face.

“Do you wanna go now? I kinda owe you one.”


“Sure. You can tell me how you manage to get through so many books…. ”

“You notice that I read?” he seemed totally surprised.

“Yes. It’s hard not to notice you. You’re kinda the best thing about my journey.”

He blushed before replying, “You’re kinda the best thing about mine too.”

You both smiled shyly at each other, before you decided to take the intitate and reach for his hand.

“Coffee shop’s this way.”

Battleground Bruises

Request: Hey! I was wondering if you could a Newt x reader where she is injured really badly after a some battle and tries to hide it from the squad because doesn’t want them to worry but later on passes out in front of Newt because of the blood loss? In other words a lot of angst but fluffy and cuddly happy ending!:) 

Word Count: 3,462

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Everyone quiets when you enter Tina’s kitchen, trundling in with a giant bag.

“What’s this about a lead?”

Newt jumps to answer. “Nothing that should concern you, love.”

You drop the bag full of groceries you’d bought onto the counter and spin around, leaning back and crossing your arms. “And yet, it does.”

He shifts from foot to foot before he sighs. “There are rumors that Grindelwald was spotted in Kentucky. We aren’t sure, so there’s no need to come along.”

“I want to.”

An awkward silence stretches one minute, then two as everyone looks at everyone else. Only you and Newt maintain any sort of eye contact. You are not going to let him leave you behind.

He rubs the back of his neck, aware of your stubborn side. “Could we speak in another room?” Without waiting for an answer, he steps forward and links his fingers with yours. You follow him down the hall and into his room. He shuts the door and faces you, taking in your slight frown.

“I know you want to come along-”

You don’t let Newt finish his excuse. “Did they find signs of Grindelwald?”

He takes a deep breath. “Yes.”

“Then I’m coming.”

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How special and amazing is Layne Morgan?

Last night we were out at dinner sitting at table in the window and just outside these four older folks were taking photos together three at a time (with an IPAD you guys) and just generally being sort of cute and sweet and old. And Layne goes “I wonder if they want someone to take a photo of all of them. I’m gonna do it” and she hops up and goes outside and takes a photo of all them. 

She doesn’t know it probably but the way she laughs when she comes back inside relieved and awkward and satisfied and LOVELY…it’s my favorite laugh of hers. The one when her good heart and lack of impulse control tosses her right into doing something small and beautiful for other people. 

Dumb maybe, but that’s the most recent example of a hundred thousand examples of why I adore that woman. She’s stubborn and oblivious a lot of the time, she’s also thoughtful and loves to take care of people. She gives really good hugs, but really bad massages. She dislikes hurting people, but she can destroy you in a fight if she has to. 

She’s my favorite person to adventure with, whether that’s random days driving around LA to run errands or two nights of exhausting clothing shopping to get her at least moderately well-dressed for an event or buying popcorn at a movie theatre just to bring it back to her place and watch a movie on her couch or scotch and index cards and a beautiful new story we’re working on. 

When I gave her her birthday present, I told her “There’s no one else I’d rather be lost with”. And it’s true. I don’t know if she’s special or amazing in general…but she’s special and amazing to me. 

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How many kids do you think Yukimura, Saizo, and Shingen would have?

this is an interesting ask omg

  • Yukimura: I think historically he had at least twelve, but in the context of the game… I’d say he’d have maybe three or four. Most of them are boys and he has one daughter who he spoils the shit out of. He and his sons are always full of so much energy and his wife is grateful that he can wear them out so easily all by himself–they train just as much as he does.
  • Saizo: Mm… Like, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say I really have a hard time seeing Saizo with children of his own? I think, if anything, he’s much more comfortable being a guardian-like figure (like with Sasuke, for example). His family life is very estranged, and I think he’s got it so ingrained in himself that he’d hate to see a child grow up in the same world he lives in–I just don’t think he’d ever get around to feeling safe with the idea.
  • Shingen: I believe this fucker also had around twelve (though I think he also had a lot of bastards? I don’t know how many he may or may not have claimed LMAO) in history… I’d say he’d have quite a few in SLBP–at least six, maybe–and they’re all on the older side. Shingen’s been doing this for a while, and I have a hard time thinking he hasn’t had any kids after all this time (though that’s my wishful thinking lol). Actually a fairly good father, and he’s surprisingly rather good at spreading out his time with them–he tries to be as involved as he can, anyway. Spoils his daughters with the finest silks and jewels and for some reason is always getting challenged by his sons (which he finds hilarious).

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Can I ask for your headcanons re Flint and Silver from the cowboy AU? Also you would definitely have at least one super enthusiastic reader if you wrote the smallpox verse story where Silver rides Thomas ...i think Flint himself might also be a very enthusiastic fan of that scenario, just a hunch :P

sure!! and listen, i got a lot on my plate right now, so it may not be for a few weeks, but more smallpox is absolutely one of the things on my plate :)

so since i gave you pretty much the full backstory for both of them in the cowboy au (70k like what the fuck DIDN’T i give y’all), here’s what i headcanon for likely happening afterwards. spoiler alert it’s all PLEASANT:

cowboy silverflint:

– They travel for three days straight before Silver lets them stop in a town to treat his wounds. The others had trickled away – Jack and Anne had left with their share of the money after the first day, Billy and Vane after the second, so it’s just the two of them checking into a hotel south of the Canadian border territory. It’s already snowing this far north, even in September, but it’s a light flurry and the chill in the air soothes Silver’s aches some. Flint calls on a doctor, pays him double to keep quiet, and then leaves the room while the doctor cares for all the burns, the breaks, the bruises. He forgets his hat and his coat in his hurry to leave, not sure what he’d wind up doing if he saw the full scope of the damage. He stands outside the hotel, snow flakes landing in his eyelashes, the heat of his immeasurable fury keeping him warm.

– They stay on the Canadian side of the border, buying a cabin on some mountain over a day’s ride from civilization. They only have one horse, but she’s sturdy as hell. Some goats too, and chickens. Every breath tastes clean and cold and bright on their tongues. On the coldest nights, they strip down before the fire and hold each other until they’re both covered in sweat and panting like they’re fucking on the sun’s surface.

– While unpacking their few belongings, Silver finds in Flint’s bag The Poster – the one of Long Joe Silverado in all his glory, that Jack had given him a lifetime ago. Flint had just shoved it into his bag and forgotten about it. Silver tries to burn it, rid the world of any evidence of long blonde curls and red boots, but Flint saves it. It hangs over the mantlepiece now, the only thing adorning their walls.

– Silver tries to teach Flint some of his show tricks: how to fire a gun while holding it upside down, how to use a mirror to aim, how to hit a target while standing on your head. Flint is terrible at most of them, but he’s not frustrated by it. Watching Silver perform  – walking on his hands, doing a little jig on their trotting horse, hitting seven cans with a single bullet – is far more pleasing than doing the tricks himself.

– Flint sends a postcard to Eleanor every few months when they go into town for some supplies. He never leaves the return address, and he never says more than a “Hope you’re well.” But he likes to think she’d enjoy getting them, now the respected business owner in a thriving, prosperous town, with tiny mementos of her exciting criminal past.

– Silver gets Flint a ridiculous amount of poetry books when they go to town, too. Like a ridiculous amount, for a town so small, but then it turns out that he just bought all the poetry books the library had their first trip out. The next trip he gets all the plays, and then the histories, and then the nature books, and then the science texts, until they have quite an impressive collection. They take turns reading them aloud. Silver reads the dramas because he can do different voices. Flint reads all the driest tomes, because Silver claims the way Flint speaks can make anything sound exciting.

– They hunt rabbit, squirrel, and deer to eat, drying what they don’t finish for the winter in a shed they built together out back. Their chickens lay good eggs, and their goats produce decent milk. A freshwater stream runs behind their cabin, and in the summer they fish. Flint mends their torn clothes and boot holes. Silver loves to sweep the cabin floor. They rise at dawn, they go to sleep a few hours after night fall. The only other person they see for often months at a time are each other. They are never bored. 

Things I learned / was reminded of / don't want to forget about last night

·         My friends are amazing and always there for me

·         I mean always it was like two or three a.m.,,, shit man

·         I can talk to them about whatever, whenever, and I don’t have to feel bad about dumping my shit on them (sorry PJ, still tryin’ to get myself to believe that one)

·         Silence on calls is just as therapeutic as talking

·         Somewhere, there is an alternate universe where PJ and I are the Fluff King and Queen and @fluffbird is instead the Angst Nonbinary Royalty™. Everything is right with that world, also h a r r y  p o t t e r

·         My friends make me extremely happy and calm even when I think both of those things are unattainable

·         Beep beep beep b e e p

·         Darkness and Fluff are adorable and I love them. And PJ. I love them all

·         PJ is an actual makeup god, also, dAT EYELINER THO—

·         S q u i r t l e

·         Flipping people off is a sign of l o v e

·         Both Dark and PJ have the literal bests singing voices I cri

·         There is no getting on Dark’s level when it comes to Harry Potter trivia

·         Being sung to sleep is the actual best feeling and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it

·         ‘I think rev is asleep’ ‘wAIT NOPE THEIR EYE OPENED I SAW IT’

·         Anyways I just really love my friends a lot

·         A lot

·         I appreciate them so much

·         Thank you for being in my life @just-my-happy-things, @fluffbird, @darkness-anon

Magical Nerves // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: family fuff, parent!phan

Words: 1.6k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none

Summary: The Lester family is at Disney World, and the children get to meet Cinderella. It doesn’t exactly go to plan, however.  

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Sakura Kiss // Cha Eunwoo


the prompt: could you possibly write a Greek Mythology/Demigod AU with Eunwoo of Astro? Where like you’ve been cursed to live as a nature spirit (like a naiad or a nymph or something) and the only way to break it and become human again is to have a demigod kiss you~ In comes Cha Eunwoo, child of Athena (or you can pick a different god if you’d like!) who’s on a quest, part one of which is to receive a kiss from a nature spirit, which will supposedly grant him the power necessary to face some monster (which is part 2 of his quest)~ so he meets you, and thinks ah, perfect opportunity, and you see him and think ah, perfect opportunity~ And the two of you basically spend the next three days trying to be as seductive and flirtatious with each other as possible TRYING to get the other one to just kiss them already so they can move on with their lives??? Romantic tension, mostly comedy and fluff please~!!

words: 2768

category: percy jackson au + fluff

author note: i tweaked it a lil bit i hope you don’t mind bc i like how this turned out. also yes the title is the title song from ouran high school host club kiss kiss fall in love my friends

- destinee

Originally posted by silver-starboy

my lovely bby wow i love him so much


“Okay, so making Mom mad will resort in getting turned into a nymph. Noted,” you mumbled.

Being the daughter of Demeter was no fun. Why couldn’t you have been the daughter of Apollo? He seemed chill. All his children ever do is run around camp reciting haikus and shooting arrows at the Ares cabin.

It was rotting luck, the mother you had. All your siblings ever wanted to do was garden, or talk about gardening. Gardening was boring to you. Especially since you seemed to be the only child of Demeter without a green thumb.

And apparently, bringing it up to the Goddess of Agriculture that you didn’t like flowers, or anything to do with flowers, is a no-no.

So as a joke or a punishment (you weren’t sure), your mother turned you into a nymph. A tree person, basically. Except you were also a flower person, since you were a nymph of the Sakura tree. The only way you would turn back into a human would be to kiss a fellow demigod.

Now you were sure it was a joke, for the only thing you disliked more than gardening was boys. In fact, boys annoyed you so much you planned to join Artemis’ hunt as soon as you could.

Your mother just loved to humor you. So, to humor her back, you didn’t try. You stayed in whatever random sakura forest your mother put you in, rather content at the silence given to you.

If a demigod came, they came. If not, it was all the same.


Eunwoo sighed as he remembered the quest he was on. His two companions, Rocky from the Ares cabin and Moonbin from the Hephaestus cabin, walked beside him. There were currently in Japan, thanks to Apollo, who said the prettiest nymphs lived here. He even gave them a ride on his sun chariot.

“So how are you gonna get passed this one?” Rocky asked, testing the sorting of his bow out of boredom. “Nymphs don’t like demigods, do they?”

“I suppose that’s why it’s part of the quest,” Eunwoo said. “Mom said this quest was all about how well I could do on my own. I need to kiss a nymph to get the strength to defeat the monster. She’ll want me to use my wit, I just don’t know how yet.”

Moonbin frowned. “How do you kiss a tree spirit anyway? Do they have lips?”

“Of course they do,” Eunwoo replied. “You’ve seen nymphs at the camp, remember? They look the same as us except they’re green.”

“Which is weird,” Rocky supplied.

Eunwoo was just about to comment on how he wished he had brought two different companions, when he spotted a forest up ahead. “There’s the forest! I’m sure there’s a spirit nearby.”

“Let’s go then,” Moonbin gave him a little push and the three set off for the pink forest.

Eunwoo was alone within the hour.

Apparently, Rocky and Moonbin thought outright asking for a kiss from a nymph wasn’t a bad idea. They soon found out it was, however, when they were kicked out of the forest, leaving Eunwoo to his lonesome.

The handsome boy walked around aimlessly, desperate to find any nymph that wasn’t already mad at him. He needed to complete this quest and prove to his mother that he could be just as wise as she was.

“Oh!” Eunwoo was now caught up in his thoughts and a Sakura tree, one he hadn’t seen before. Pink petals fell as he hit the tree. They landed on him, creating a natural crown of petals on his head and a rather itchy tie for his neck. The tie was metaphorical, of course. The crown, however, was not.

He sneezed, the abundance of flowers causing his allergies to flare up. Unfortunately, he would have to keep going.

A voice suddenly cut through the silence. It sounded familiar, although the words frightened him, “Boys. Flowers. Mom would know to bring my two least favorite things together. That would really punish me.”

Eunwoo frowned and darted behind a tree. He was a boy, and he was literally wearing flowers on top of his head. Unlucky for him, you seemed to be the only nymph who hadn’t been hit on by his friends.

You would have to do. This would put his wisdom and quick thinking to the real test, since you seemed to hate boys even more than the average nymph.

So he moved out from behind the tree. “Hello.”


You were hungry. Not in the physical sense, since nymphs don’t really get hungry. Rather, in the mental sense, where all you could picture was a large pepperoni pizza and a bottle of cola waiting back at the camp. Would you ever return to civilization, where the pizza delivers?

Nymphs could eat some stuff, technically. Maybe a flower or something. Since you were on a strike against those wretched plants, that was out of the picture.

You kicked the stump of a nearby tree, only to groan in pain when pain reached your toes. “Boys,” you muttered. “Flowers. Mom would know to bring my two least favorite things together. That would really punish me.”

While you were grumbling to yourself, the rustling of leaves became your background music. You turned at the new noise, ready to yell at nature for once again annoying you.

“Hello.” It wasn’t nature. Well, he actually could’ve been nature, due to the tons of flower petals that crowned his head.

He was a pretty boy. He was Eunwoo from the Athena cabin. You weren’t sure just how handsome a person could be, but it frustrates you that his skin seemed to be clearer than yours. He was the perfect combination of beauty and brains. You wondered what he was doing in Japan, where your mother had dumped you.

However, you were reminded as you stared at him, he was a demigod. He could be your trip out of this forest. He could turn you human again.

The only problem was that you’d have to kiss him.

You had never had your first kiss. You had never even had a boyfriend. How does one go about getting a child of Athena to kiss them? They were known for being hard to trick, since they were usually smart and on top of things.

Maybe you would get lucky and a son of Hermes would walk by. They’re always cute. Maybe that Myungjun guy would come to Japan for some odd reason.

You could only stare at Eunwoo and his stupid, perfect face. There was no way you could ever get him to kiss you.

But you could try. So you sported the best smirk you could, “Hey, there.”


Okay, so she definitely isn’t happy to see me, Eunwoo thought as he saw the grimace on your emerald lips. At least it looked like a grimace.

What was he supposed to do now? He needed the strength the kids would give him.

Eunwoo didn’t even know where to start, especially since he found you cute. There was something familiar and lovely about you.

Honestly, were nymphs even supposed to be cute to humans? Tree spirits were green, with unruly auburn colored hair. Aphrodite would call the color combination a disaster, but Eunwoo thought it worked on you.

“Can I sit?” he began awkwardly. “It was a long journey.”

“Sure!” you replied. “There’s a log over here by the creek. Are you on a quest?”

“I am.” Eunwoo followed you to the log and you both sat. He discarded his sneakers and socks to join you in sticking your feet in the murky water.

“So you’re one of those campers from America?” You tried to pretend you didn’t know him.

“Yeah. I’ve got the camp beads to prove it, see?” He leaned closer to you, holding up the beaded necklace around his neck.

Perfect, he thought, watching you as you examined the beads. All you have to do is look up. Please look up.

As if you could hear his inner conversation, you glanced up.


Your hazel eyes widened to see that Eunwoo’s lips were quite literally right in front of you.

This is perfect. One kiss, Y/n. Just kiss him. Do it. Now before he moves away. Go!

You couldn’t, frozen in doubt. What if you weren’t a good kisser? Or what if it didn’t work for some reason. Wouldn’t that be awkward?

You cleared your throat and moved back. “Um, you’ve got Sakura petals in your hair.”

Eunwoo chuckled, “This is a peculiar forest. I didn’t know there were nymphs for every type of tree.”

“There are many different types of nymphs,” you reminded him. “You’re just in the Sakura section. A few miles down is the Maple section. Heads up, though, I wouldn’t go befriend those nymphs. They’re kind of rude.”

“Noted,” Eunwoo said.

You watched him. He looked distracted to you.

Could he see your blush? Of course he could, you told yourself, because your skin is now green. Which meant your blush would be a dark emerald.

It probably freaked him out.


Eunwoo bit his lip. Why is she blushing? Did it work? Did I almost seduce her? Did we almost kiss?

His lips pulled into a smile. Maybe this would be easier than he thought. The sun was going down, though, and Eunwoo still had a lot of tasks to do for his request. He also needed to go see Moonbin and Rocky and make sure they were okay.

“Hey, is it okay if I come back tomorrow?”

You smiled at him, and the emerald on your cheeks deepened. “Of course.”


You should’ve asked Eunwoo to bring you a pizza. That was all you could really think about. You missed human food.

You lay back on the log and sighed at the sky, “Can nymphs even digest pizza?”

“I don’t think so.” You turned your head to see Eunwoo walking towards you.

He sat on the grass beside your log-bed comfortably, his eyebrows furrowed cutely.

You turned your head to meet his gaze. The demigod had abnormal visuals. As you kept staring at him, you realized your mother must be watching the two of you.

She must be the reason flowers kept falling onto the boy, creating some kind of floral halo. It wasn’t autumn. There was no other way he would have a ton of petals all over his shoulders and head.

You gestured to the flowers on his shoulders. “Why are there always flower petals on you?”

“Oh,” Eunwoo blushed and looked down at his shoulders, smiling bashfully. “I keep running into trees.”

You let out a bark of laughter, “You’re joking!”

“No,” Eunwoo said sadly. “There are too many of them. And they sometimes mess with my allergies.”

He brushed the petals off of his shoulders and out of his hair.

“Is that why your eyes are sort of red?” You pointed at his eyes. “You should take some medicine for that.”

Eunwoo rubbed his eyes and sniffed, nodding. “Yeah, they’re irritated.”

“Don’t do that.” You turned onto your side and grabbed both his wrists, pulling them away from his face. “You’ll hurt yourself.”

Eunwoo blinked a few times and looked at you as you held his wrist. Then, he suddenly let out a small sneeze.

“Ew!” You let go of his wrists and backed away. “Warn a girl next time!”

“Sorry,” Eunwoo laughed.

“You should be,” you said. “I mean, how can I kiss you now?”

“What?” Eunwoo’s head snapped towards you.

“What?” You asked. “Nothing!”

“You said something but I sniffed when you said it,” Eunwoo explained.

“Oh.” You had never felt so thankful for allergies. “I just said that you should cover your mouth with your hand.”

“You were holding my wrists.” Eunwoo protested. “How could I?”

“You’re right,” you turned onto your back again and sighed. “Anyway, did you get your quest done?”

“Everything but two tasks,” he answered. “I don’t know if I have the courage to do one of them.”


He knew he didn’t have the courage to do it. And he want talking about defeating a monster.

For one thing, he had heard you properly when you said you wanted to kiss him. The whole sniffle thing was a complete trope, and the only reason you believed it was because you wanted to.

So now Eunwoo knew you wouldn’t be opposed to it, and yet he still couldn’t find the courage to do it.

He liked talking to you, though. You offered playful banter and helpful advice, and in return he listened to you rant about how much you wanted pizza.

So maybe he didn’t get to kiss you, but he did have a wonderful time with you.


The next day, you paced back and forth in the forest, occasionally brushing a flower petal off of your shoulder.

“Mom, please don’t make me kiss him.”

You wondered if she was even listening to you. Probably not.

You scoffed. She was probably laughing up in Olympus at the past two days, when you had managed to awkwardly avoid perfect kissing opportunities.

Perhaps just to spite you, more Sakura petals fell down, onto your head.

“What is this, an anime?” you shouted at the sky, earnestly hoping your mother was enjoying your angry shouts.

“Is now not a good time?”

You turned around, still angry, to see Eunwoo standing there. You gestured to the flower petal on his head. “Did you run into a tree again?”

Eunwoo opened his mouth to protest, but changed his mind and only nodded. “I thought I got all the petals off, though.”

You laughed and walked up to him. “You did, but there’s a petal on top of your head. Here.” You got on your tiptoes and braced one hand on his shoulder. With the other, you picked the flower off of his head. “There. All done.”

Eunwoo’s eyes were really beautiful up close. In fact, you found that the more you stared into them, the easier it would be to just lean in and kiss him.

So you did. On the cheek, but a kiss nonetheless.

It was chaste and quick. You were sure your cheeks were the darkest shade of green when you turned away from him, hands still on his shoulders.

“What was that?” Eunwoo asked, looking lost for words.

“A kiss?” you squeaked.

Flowers began to fall around the two of you, and you knew it was your mother’s way of telling you that a cheek kiss wasn’t a real kiss.

Luckily, you didn’t have to embarrass yourself any further, because Eunwoo reached out and grabbed your waist. He pulled you against him gently. “Can I kiss you properly?”

“I guess.” Your heart was beating quickly as he leaned in and placed his lips on top of yours.

Still timid, having not kissed anyone before, you let him lead you. Perhaps Athena children were just good strategists, because Eunwoo somehow made the kids feel perfect. It was sweet and gentle, which was fitting for being surrounded by so many pretty flowers.

When it ended, your eyes opened before Eunwoo’s did. His eventually fluttered open, and then widened to see that your skin was back to its original color.

He stepped back. “You were just a nymph, were you not?”

You smiled bashfully. “My mother cursed me because I said I hated gardening.”

A look of recognition came across Eunwoo’s face. “Wait, aren’t you Y/n? From the Demeter cabin? I can’t believe I didn’t notice sooner. Your eyes are the same.”

“You know my eyes?”

Now it was Eunwoo’s turn to blush. “I mean, yeah. I kind of like you.”

“I kind of like you too,” you said happily. “Although, you should know that the curse only came undone because I kissed a demigod.”

Eunwoo breathed a sigh of relief. “Well that makes me feel better, since I had to kiss a nymph as part of my quest.”

You laughed. “I guess neither of us are that good at seducing, are we?”

“No,” Eunwoo agreed. “However, of you want, I can take you out for pizza and I’ll try to be as seductive as possible.”

“Yes to the pizza, no to the seducing.”

When he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, you explained, “I like you for you, sakura allergies and all, not for any fake seducing.”

Eunwoo smiled softly. Then, “Wait, does that mean we can get out of this forest? Because I don’t think I can breathe.”

You laughed and followed him out of the forest, your hand in his.

~the end~

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Umm can I request a 3 sentence fic?? Jaebum is a tattoo artist and Jinyoung is the cute baker boy who works across the street. They both have a huge crush on each other until Jinyoung is the one to ask Jaebum out lol

“Morning Jaebum!” Jinyoung said softly with a smile on his face as he picked up a box of fresh ingredients that had just been dropped off this morning and nodded at the tattooist across the street from him; Jaebum glanced over at the bakery and spotted Jinyoung, looking like something from heaven in the orange-ish pink hue of the morning sky.

“Jinyoung…” Jaebum said, nodding in the baker’s direction as he opened the doors of his shop and began to head to the back to start the accounting for the day - he usually never came this early, but once he found out that this was when Jinyoung would usually pick up his ingredients and open shop, he figured it wouldn’t be bad to get up a bit earlier himself; a small knock on the door pulled Jaebum from his thoughts.

Jinyoung stood in front of the door with a basket of bread in his hands and a nervous expression on his face which Jaebum thought made him look cuter than anything he had ever seen; “Hey…uh…there was some extra bread from yesterday and I was just gonna take it home, but I was wondering if you wanted to…maybe…come over and eat it with me?” Jinyoung stuttered, his face turning a light shade of pink; Jaebum’s eyes widened as well but after a few moments, the shock wore off and his lips curled into a smile as he nodded and said, “Of course. I’d love to go on a date with you,” and winking at the now pink-faced baker.

Give me a pairing, an AU, and I will write an three-sentence fic~

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like the sneaky little smiles and glances they both do when they think no one is watching, the little journeys together sprousehart go on, her starting to hang out with his friends, both of them on social media towards each other and how neither one of them know what personal space is. like thats just some of the things that kinda remind me of the three months that david and liza kept things private. honestly im stupid but like i just wanted to tell you bc i love your tumblr

Just reading this makes my heart warm, Sprousehart are honestly so adorable I could pass out. Love that this thing has happened before, thanks for sharing boo! And thank you so so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


as requested by @noorcn and anonymous







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This is an appreciation post ! Here are the rules : ☁ tag at least 3 small not-so-famous simblrs and tell us why you think they're underrated ☁ tag at least 3 of your most active followers and tell us why you love them ☁ tag at least 3 blogs you're not mutual with but would like to ☁ Pass it on to at least 3 of your tumblr friends !

( this is so late omg )

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Considering the fact that three people went looking for him, I cant imagine that they hadnt been in the same place as him at one point or another, just completely missing him.

Pretty much a game of catch the gnome, as scanlan either hurls himself out of line of sight, turns invisible, mansion hides, or really just walk away as far as he can until he and kaylie cant see them.

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OMG what happens with teenage baby!trinity? Do they have to deal with bfs/gfs? School? BULLYING? do they join the TT or create their own team? So many cool possibilities

I’m trying to keep this au as open as possible because I don’t wanna exclude anyone so here’s some super vague headcanons for teen!mini trinity

  • Everyone around them kind of assumes that as they get older, at least one of them will develop a crush on one of the others (tbh, everyone fully expects some kind of love triangle nonsense) but it just… doesn’t happen? They are Best Friends™ and have been for so long that none of them would even think about each other in a romantic way.
  • Jon and Baby Wonder totally gush to each other about their crushes, though. Damian is less willing to talk about his emotions (especially romantic ones), but he’ll listen to his friends’ Teenaged Romance Drama and will try to offer genuine advice even though he has the least dating experience out of the three.
  • Somewhere in late middle school/early high school, Jon suddenly starts having a much harder time in school. Maybe it’s the increased workload + lots of late night superhero antics, maybe it’s the more complex subject material, but whatever it is, he’s forced to get serious about studying. Luckily, his best friends are both really good tutors. Damian received a very intense education from the League of Assassins, and he learned all of it when he was very young, so he’s a master of the “explain it to me like I’m five” approach; Baby Wonder received her education on Themyscira, so she’s usually able to offer an interesting new perspective on whatever Jon’s class is studying right then. (Just don’t get her started on civil rights… she is Diana’s daughter and she has a speech about The Injustice of Men ready to go at all times.)
  • Damian and Baby Wonder also occasionally like the rub it in Jon’s face that they’re both pretty much done with school and get to do fun stuff while Jon is trapped in a high school algebra classroom.
  • I don’t see any of them dealing with bullying tbh??? Like I said, Jon is the only one who goes to school, and he’s such a friendly, sweet, outgoing kid that no one can really bring themselves to dislike him?? Damian fights with his brothers sometimes but that’s as close as any of them really get to being bullied.
  • I definitely see the three of them joining the Teen Titans, at least for a while (they may or may not branch off as their own team when they’re a little older). They all join on the same day. When they walk into the tower, Baby Wonder and Damian are having one of their “debates” while Jon desperately tries to keep the peace and Kori or Dick or whoever is the current leader just kinda does the emotional version of looking into the camera like they’re on The Office.
  • Damian and Jon are roommates obviously, and Baby Wonder spends so much of her free time in their room that the entire team just kind of assumes that the three of them are dating??? And that keeps up for months until someone makes a passing comment about it to Baby Wonder and she’s like “No???? Ew???? They’re like my brothers??”
  • They still train together and prefer to do missions together, but joining the Titans is really good for all three of them because it kind of forces them to branch out and make new friends and be a little less dependent on each other. 
Something to Talk About

One Shot

Sebastian StanxReader

You were ready to punch him. Not a playful giggling arm punch, an ‘I think you just bruised my rib’ punch. He had been in a mood all day and you were 90,000% done.

This was “date night” if you could call it a date. You and Sebastian had been seeing each other, been an item, so to speak, for three months, and no one knew. You wanted to tell everyone, but had just sensed early on, when there was a blip of press about Seb and his Mystery Woman, that he had wanted to keep your private life just that, private. So when you went out you were careful. Now the gossip mill called you besties and you let them just go right on thinking that. By extension, you had basically started always denying that you were together, even to close friends.

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A couple Grand Canyon pictures before I pass out and die!! This was honestly no joke one of the most physically demanding things I’ve ever done but it was just breathtakingly beautiful. We went down Bright Angel Trail to the three mile rest house and then back out.