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Headcanons: Dany meets the Starks (esp. Sansa and Arya)

So I have this for a prompt fill which is kind of like this in a fic format but I just wanted to write a quick set of headcanons before I start on today’s fic :) I’ll tag @toaquiprashippar who also asked for this

  • at first Dany isn’t sure what to make of the North, especially the snow. Jon’s spent almost the entire boat ride north telling her about the North and his siblings but she’s still a bit nervous to meet them and she’s not sure what to expect. Jon isn’t sure how his siblings will react to Dany, or the fact that he’s declared himself for her-at this point he’s not even sure what the North will be like, since he’s been away so long
  • Dany is always secretly jealous of the stories that Jon tells and the happy family he came from-she wishes that she had siblings like his; he can’t think of them without smiling and whenever he tells one of his stories about when he and Robb stole books from the library or how he was planning on teaching Arya to swordfight, his face always lights up
  • she mentions Viserys once, almost cursorily, and he seems to take the hint; he never asks about him again. And of course, they don’t talk about Rhaegar
  • Sansa is run ragged getting the castle ready; she’s not sure what to expect from the Dragon Queen and she knows the last thing they need is another enemy. She doesn’t trust a Targaryen, even one that Jon is so obviously smitten with (did he write fiancee in his last letter? When did that happen?)
  • of course, Bran knows exactly when boatbang happens but he decides not to say anything
  • Arya decides to make sure that Dany is good enough for Jon; she’s ecstatic to see her brother after all of this time but she’s afraid that they’ve changed too much. What if they’re not as close as they once were? 
  • the Starks are waiting outside when Jon and Dany arrive, like in Season One when Robert arrived. There’s an undefined tension in the air; no one’s quite sure what’s going to happen, but everyone is looking to avoid conflict
  • Ghost won’t stop pacing; Arya eventually has to try and calm him down because he’s putting everyone on edge
  • Sansa and Arya both hug Jon immediately-it’s the closest thing to a Stark family reunion they’ve had since season 1. Then Jon introduces Dany 
  • Sansa has heard rumors about the Dragon Queen from the South but that doesn’t quite prepare her for actually seeing Dany; she’s still suspicious of the Queen’s motives, but she looks ethereal in her white and gold dress (she says they’re the colors of the dragon she lost; she’s mourning him). She doesn’t want to be reminded of Lady, but in a way she is
  • Dany and Arya hit it off almost immediately. They bond over their love of Jon; they end up sitting next to each other at the evening meal and pretty soon they’re making each other laugh and Arya’s telling her funny stories of Jon as a baby. Arya is actually the first one to accept the Targaryen queen and she appoints herself as Dany’s official guide around Winterfell 
  • when Dany realizes that Arya and Gendry have a history, she plays hardcore matchmaker until one night when they’re sparring (Needle versus Gendry’s warhammer; Arya more than holds her own) they end the night kissing passionately under the stars 
  • Sansa is a little harder to convince; she talks long and hard with Jon about his fiancee, but ultimately what convinces her is the bits of Dany that she sees when she’s not being queenlike. One night she accidentally walks in on Dany crying over Viserion and they end up talking for hours over rapidly cooling cups of tea. They’ve both been mistreated and grown stronger because of it and they’re both impressed by how much the other has accomplished
  • Sansa realizes that Dany doesn’t seem much like a tyrant. Plus she sees how well she and Arya get along and how much Jon loves her. Like, seriously. She’s never seen him even look at another woman the way he looks at Dany-the way she once hoped that a prince would look at her
  • but what really gets her is when Jon tells her about how Dany flew to his rescue beyond the Wall even though she didn’t have to and even though she lost so much
  • Jon only tells Arya that he and Dany had sex on the boat; Arya is not surprised because she knew it from the beginning
  • and of course Bran tries his best to be social but he usually ends up creeping everyone out 
  • Dany loves both of the Stark girls, especially when they realize that she doesn’t really have a family of her own and (more or less) decide that they’ll be hers. They both look up to her as an older sister, even though she still learns plenty from them 
  • Arya and Sansa tend to get along better when they’re around her-and they’re slowly getting used to each other too, because they’re stronger as a pack than they are alone (no Starkbowls here)
  • Jon and Dany are married in Winterfell’s godswood in a small ceremony; the Stark sisters are both in attendance. Sansa makes Dany’s wedding dress practically from scratch and Arya gives Jon away
  • Basically, I headcanon Dany and the Stark sisters being the best of friends. I’m not a fan of pitting them against one another for Jon’s affections because he loves all of them in different ways and they’re the most important women in his life (along with his daughters)
  • Daenerys, Sansa, and Arya are all strong and powerful women who have gone through a lot and deserve love and happiness

stopping for gas (1306 words)

based on the snippets of footage from 13x03 we’ve already seen, here come the angsty scenes between dean and jody you never wanted (but they were in my head nevertheless so now you can suffer, too!!)

having jody sit next to him in the impala has to be one of the strangest experience dean has ever had to live through. she doesn’t fit naturally like sam who spent most of his life in this car; she doesn’t have the same terrifying yet calming presence that cas has.

used to have. he chokes back tears. no use thinking about that now.

they’ve been silent almost the whole drive – what started as a forced conversation about the case soon became an uncomfortable silence. thankfully jody doesn’t ask, doesn’t press, just accepts dean’s unwillingness to talk and scribbles down some notes for the case.

still, it’s different. her presence reminds him of everything that went wrong in the last few weeks: sam taking off with jack, jack being there, having no leads on his mom, and cas –

well, cas.

at this point, he’s too tired to even think about it. it’s like running the same laps for years before finally collapsing and giving up; he won’t reach the finish line anyway. not that there ever was a finish line, because a happy end has never been an option for them.

he taps on the steering wheel and sighs. jody looks up and frowns at the fuel gauge. “we should probably stop soon,” she says. “we’re almost out of gas. i thought you’d take better care of your lady.”

it’s a joke, it’s a joke, it’s a joke, he knows this when he grips the wheel tighter. “i know,” he answers curtly. i haven’t taken care of anything the last few weeks would be the better answer; i couldn’t.

the truth is, as pathetic as it is, stopping for gas used to be easier when not everything reminded you of your dead – whatever. he knows it’s bullshit, he knows that all these gas’n’sips aren’t out there to hunt him down, to mock him, to remind him of one of the worst mistakes he’s ever made, but somehow his brain and his heart don’t connect all that well these days.

sam has taken care of filling up baby the last few weeks and every single time dean had sat in the front seat, hands curled so tight around the wheel that they started to hurt by the time sam went to pay.

thinking about the time he let cas go when he was his most vulnerable, without – almost – without a second thought, he wonders how different it would have been if cas had just been able to stay. how different they would have been.

maybe cas would still be human. hunting with them. being with dean (in every sense of the word). at the very least, he probably wouldn’t be dead, stabbed in the back because he thought that he isn’t worth anything to anyone.

because dean never told him. anything.

he almost misses the next gas station because he’s too lost in thought – if not for jody’s disapproved humming, he probably would have.

then, he just sits there, frozen in place.

asking sam – or rather, commanding him – to fill up the tank had been easy. sam knows that asking questions is futile. jody? not so much. the most terrifying thing is, he probably would answer if jody asked the right questions.

when he feels jody’s gaze on him he knows he’s been silent too long for it to not be weird. he’s pathetic.

“you okay, friend?”

and there it is, the million dollar question.

no would be the easiest and the hardest answer.

“could you, um,” he says instead. “would you mind filling up the tank?” please don’t ask, please don’t ask, please don’t ask. “i got cash,” he continues and pulls out his wallet. jody puts a hand on his arm.

“i got this,” she says. “but would you mind telling me why you want me to do this?” of course she would ask.

dean takes a deep breath. “never mind,” he panics and is out of the car in one swift motion. jody sighs and gets out of the car, too.

“dean,” she says forcefully when he fumbles with the gas pump. she sounds so scarily like a mom – not his mom per se, which makes it even worse – that he can’t help but stop and listen to her. he’s terrified.

“i don’t… want to say that i know what you’re going through. because i don’t. but i want to say that i’m there for you. for whatever you want to tell me. trust me, i’ve got two teenage girls at home, whatever it is that’s eating you up it can’t be worse than this.”

i bet it could, he thinks and for a moment he contemplates just breaking down and emptying his heart out right here, right then, in this dingy gas’n’sip, but he can’t. if he breaks down, he’s done for good and that’s not an option.

he tries the next best thing. “cas used to work here,” he says. “i mean, not here specifically, but – you know.”

jody’s face softens and he wants to cry. “oh, dean,” she says, slowly approaching him and taking the fuel hose out of his hands. when she pats him on the back, his entire body tenses and relaxes at the same time. “i’m sorry.”

they fill up the tank, dean just standing next to her, helplessly – he doesn’t know what to say and he isn’t entirely sure what she may already know.

“i wish i could have met him,” she says after a few moments, cautiously. “you should have brought him over to dinner sometime.”

it’s not an accusation, far from it; it’s more an acknowledgment of everything dean can’t say. he swallows. the thing is, he would have loved to bring him over to dinner. his mom is gone right now and the truth is that she was gone long before that – jody is the closest thing he ever had to a mother.

although it wouldn’t have meant anything, he would have loved to bring him over. fake it for one night. just one. “yeah,” he agrees hoarsely. it’s getting harder and harder to choke back his tears.

“well, maybe you can make good for that when he comes back.” she smiles. he wants to object, wants to say he won’t come back, but she doesn’t let him, already knowing what he’s about to say. “aww, come on, don’t be like that. you know i saw my own son come back from the dead. and you two brother have died more times than i can count. nothing’s final. you just have to have confidence.”

she doesn’t say hope nor faith, and he’s eternally grateful for that. she also doesn’t expect an answer which makes his heart swell up even more.

“alright, i’m gonna go pay,” she says. “you want any snacks?”

he shakes his head and watches her shrug and make her way to the building before surprising himself and saying: “wait!”

she stops in her tracks and turns around. “you’re worse than alex,” she says. “what do you want?”

he can’t say anything; if he says something, he’ll cry, and that’s not an option. instead, he takes the few steps and pulls her into a hug. she needs a moment before leaning into the hug, putting his arms around him and embracing him firmly.

“it’s going to be okay,” she says softly. “you can tell me anything when we get out of here, okay?”

he nods. his face is probably a grimace by now, strained from the efforts not to cry, but the prospect of maybe – just maybe – telling jody everything is making it harder to bear all the shit that’s currently going on in his life.

after a few seconds, she pulls out of the hug and nods towards him. “i’m gonna bring some ice cream,” she says. “the monsters can wait.”

When your parents doesn’t approve them

Anonymous : Reaction where y/n’s parents don’t approve of them?


Namjoon is sad. Family is really important to him. When things got really serious between you two, he wanted you to meet his mother and father almost immediately. It’s essential for him to respect and do whatever his family wants, so he expects the same from your family. Well, if his family accepts you, it’s not the same with yours. Your mother is really reluctant. It doesn’t matter how kind, polite and mature he acts when you’re all skyping together, your mama doesn’t like him. She thinks he’s cold, arrogant and just want to have fun with a foreigner. To top it all, he’s a rapper ! You had to send her his lyrics so she can actually see how poetic he is. It helped a bit, but she still doesn’t want you to date an idol. One day, Namjoon calls her and asks for a real conversation with both of your parents. He wants them to know him better, and learn to trust him. « I don’t care about fame, I don’t act like a thug and I try to do something important with my music. Y/N is my other half so she knows me. And if you know your daughter, you know how smart and intuitive she is. What we got is the most important thing in my life, and I’ll always fight for it. I just hope one day you’ll see me as family… »


The fact that your parents doesn’t approve your relationship upsets him. He understood them at first, knowing how difficult it can be to see beyond the idol, but it’s been months now and they still doesn’t like him. Taehyung feels really sad and does everything he can to be liked by your family. You know it’s important for him so you keep telling them how mature, kind, unique and honest he is. Taehyung can’t stand the fact that they think he just wants to have fun. He’s young but he loves you and can easily imagine you in a wedding dress. He always thinks about a way to convince your parents and sometimes, he’s way too dramatic… « Let’s all go to a trip to my childhood town ! I’ll show them my old house, where my grandma lived… We could walk along the fields, go fishing and spend the nights around the fire… They’ll see how I grew up, they’ll see how humble I am… » You pass your arms around his neck and smile, your voice kinda shaky « I wish they could see you the way I see you… And I’m sure this day will come soon. »


Jin sighs as he sits on the couch. You sit next to him and pass your hand on his shoulders, overwhelmed by his genuine sadness. You just had dinner with your parents who came to Seoul but it didn’t went like you wanted. Of course, your mom was amazed by his good manners and the way he took care of you during dinner, and she couldn’t stop telling him how beautiful he was (And that was embarrassing…). But your father was not really easy going. He kept asking about his career and projects when « all of this will be over in a few years ». If looks could kill, your eyes would’ve be the last thing your dad would’ve see. Now that you’re home, Jin can whine about everything he wants, and you let him unwind everything ‘till he’s tired enough. You stroke his cheek and smile « You’ve worked so hard baby, and tonight you worked even harder to impress my parents. I love you so much Jin, I’m so thankful to you. Let’s just forget them, okay ? I’m sure one day everything will be alright. Let’s enjoy each other first… »


Hobi is really sad since he has done everything to please them but your parents still doesn’t like him. They’re sure he’s gonna break your heart because of his busy schedule. Not to mention that he’s an idol so he must be full of lies just to please his fans. Tonight, Hoseok invited them to see BTS live for the first time and you’re praying all the Gods for your parents to open their eyes. During the show, you keep looking at them from the corner of your eye. As much as they want to hide it, they’re enjoying it. Your heart is filled with hope (hue hue, see what I did there?) as you guide them to the backstages. You jump to hug him, giving him kisses all over his tired face. You turn around to see what your parents are gonna say to him but they just thank Hoseok and wish you both good night. Hobi is simply discouraged, his jaw clenched hard as sadness invades him. As they begin to walk away, you shout « I can’t believe you ! Do you guys really have nothing to say about him ? Did you see him or did you even avoided him on stage ? » Your mother turn around, her finger on your father’s wrist. They share a look before they both look at hobi « You’re a talented young man… Please, give us some time. » They walk away but this time you don’t want to stop them. You feel Hobi’s arm around your neck and smile as he whispers « I love you Y/N… »


Yoongi knows this feeling too well. How could he blame your parents when his own family didn’t believe in him at first ? This situation brings back some dark memories. Even if you never give up on trying to convince them he’s honest and genuine, Yoongi doesn’t want you to insist. Maybe someday they’ll accept him ? Or maybe they’re right… Maybe he doesn’t deserves you. Yoongi tries to hide the fact that it breaks his heart but it’s getting harder when he sees how much you struggle. One day, as he’s searching for your earphones in your bedroom, he finds a letter with your handwriting on it. He sits on the bed and begins to read. Quickly, he finds it hard to read due to his teary eyes. It’s a letter for your parents. You tell them about him, how you fell in love with him, how he changed your life. You talk about his past, his struggles and the way he went from the darkest place to where he’s now. Your words are perfectly chosen and you don’t tell too much. Just enough to make him feel loved, understood and respected.


Jimin gets out the bathroom, shaking a towel on his wet hair. He knows you’re on the phone with your mother but something feels different. He gets closer to your bedroom and his heart stops when he hears your voice. You’re crying. Jimin wants to come in but it seems that you have a really important conversation with your mother. He hates when you’re upset but he doesn’t want to interrupt you. Without a sound, he leans on the wall and waits ‘till you’re done. Unfortunately, he hears everything. « How could you know if he’s able to protect me ? You don’t want to know him ! You avoid him every time he wants to say hi ! » You’re sobbing, your anger boiling in your veins. Jimin clenches his fists, feeling even more angry than you. He hates it when you’re in pain. « Well, thank you for worrying for nothing but I’m perfectly happy, mom. I’m in love, and I’m lucky enough to be loved back by this amazing man. If you don’t want to see the effect he has on your daughter, that’s fine. » You hang up and begin to cry even louder, head on your folded arms. Jimin gets on the bed and puts his arms around you, kissing your head. You look at him and cry even more when you see the tears in his eyes.


« I don’t understand… Did I do something wrong, babe ? » Jungkook is really shocked when you tell him about your parents’ disapproval. He has the right to be. Your parents have no real reasons to act the way they do. They keep warning you about his fame, his young age and all those girls around him. Actually, they don’t even know him, judging him just because is an idol. Jungkook wants to talk to them but he’s too nervous. He wants to tell them so many things but he’s afraid of getting too shy and ending not saying what he wants. « I want to tell them my story… Maybe if they know how much I’ve worked to be there… I want them to know I’m not a player. I fought for what I’ve got and I’ve fought for you. You’re my girl, I’m here to protect you, not to hurt you. If I tell them that maybe they’ll see I’m a good man… »

I don’t see anyone talking about how Mal tried to, for lack of a better term, talk Uma off the ledge before the fight scene.
She tells her to stop, that she’s so much more than a villain, and that she should believe her because she’s been there too. And Mal truly wanted her to believe it, and for a second, Uma almost looked like she might change her mind.

I haven’t seen anyone mention it and I just think it’s a really important part of Mal’s character. Please don’t over look it. Mal is very compassionate, sometimes she just might take a little longer to realize she does care and act on it. She’s still figuring it out.

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RFA reactions to MC who always slide her cold hands under their shirt

me: *desperately tries to make up for lost time by cranking out requests* 


✮ you do it mostly when he’s playing LOLOL
✮ he’ll be talking really intensely through his head-set and you can just tell they’re planning an important raid or something 
✮ and just as you can hear the countdown 
✮ you crawl over, as stealthily as you can (which isn’t hard, seeing as his attention is elsewhere), and just shove your hands up his shirt and onto his stomach and chest 
✮ he screams 
✮ is trying to jolt away from your icy hands 
✮ is yelling to his teammates that ‘the ice queen has him in her clutches’ 
✮ playfully of course
✮ they’re confused (’surprise boss?!’ yes
✮ but he’s laughing because you’re laughing 
✮ almost falls off his chair 
✮ you also do it in bed a lot or when you’re watching a movie 
✮ he squeals like, everytime (and is embarrassed, everytime)


✎ pfft good luck 
✎ she also has cold hands so she’ll just get you right back 
✎ it’s why she likes holding her hot coffee cup
✎ but if you can surprise attack her 
✎ and don’t get a coffee thrown at you, or judo slammed to the damn ground
✎ she would squeak 
✎ and very harshly turn around, ready to yell someone into the nether realm
✎ and she sees you looking sheepishly at her with your dalm cold hands held up in ‘surrender’ 
✎ is just flustered, her whole spiel has gone down the drain
✎ ‘M-MC you, ca-n’t do that!’ 
✎ in the summer she enjoys it though
✎ and when she grows her hair out, sometimes she’ll ask you to put your icepacks- I mean, your hands, on the back of her neck to cool it off 


✿ the first time you got him was when he was walking down the street 
✿ you saw him and decided to surprise him by putting your hands on the sides of his neck 
✿ except,, when you did it
✿ he immediately screams ‘ASSAULT’ at the top of his lungs
✿ if you aren’t tackled in .37 seconds then you quickly assure him it’s just you 
✿ is happy to see you ‘but wtf MC’ 
✿ ‘you can’t just do that to a man walking down the street’ 
✿ you just wave him off like ‘lol ye whatever’ 
✿ whenever you do it he’s like ‘gAH’ 
✿ tries to stay manly 
✿ you do it a lot in bed to his waist and sides 
✿ he tries to jolt away but he’s holding you so tightly that he just ends up throwing the both of you off the bed and onto the ground
✿ you’re laughing your ass off and he’s grumbling 
✿ likes it when he gets back from practice/working out and you cup his cheeks like ‘hello’
✿ he’ll hold your hands there and you’re thinking ‘aw sweet, how romantic’ 
✿ until he mutters ‘so cold’ 
✿ you just turn around and walk off 


₩ he doesn’t have a lot of skin to try and attack 
₩ his collar is always done up tightly and his shirt is tucked in so you could go for, like, is forehead or his ankles??? 
₩ so you maybe decide to prank him 
₩ you hide under the bed and when he starts looking for you and walks past you just 
₩ ‘bam’ grab his ankle like a damn demon
₩ he is not proud of the scream that left his mouth 
₩ once you’re out from under the bed he’s like ‘yo wtf’ and grabs your hands 
₩ he is,, worried 
₩ ‘MC why are your hands so cold? is this a symptom of something else?’ 
₩ doesn’t even listent to your reply, he’s already on fuckin WebMD or some shit 
₩ comes back like an hour later
₩ ‘MC I am fairly positive this is a symptom of Raynaud’s disease’
₩ and you’re just ‘jumin… no’ 
₩ it takes a while to convince him that you’re not actually sick it’s just… your hands are cold okay?


✞ this boy probably has cold hands as well
✞ so the only way you can get him is by complete surprise 
✞ but instead of being surprised like ‘ah!’
✞ he,,, kinda likes it 
✞ ‘mm nice and cool’ 
✞ likes to get you back when you’re cuddling
✞ you’re just enjoying your time 
✞ and then all of a sudden ‘whAM’ 
✞ an icy tundra has attached itself to the skin of your back 
✞ he’s laughing and holding you in place while you try to squirm away 
✞ you’re whining because you just wanna sleep goddamn 
✞ it’s probably like, your version of tickling each other 
✞ saeyoung: *straddles you to hold you down and wiggles his fingers* 
✞ mc: *scream of fear* 
✞ saeyoung: *just places his cold hands on you* 

Life With the Schuylers -Chapter One (Angelica)

a/n: and here we go here’s the first chapter! I wanna quickly give a shoutout to @serkewen12 @secretschuylersister @parksxo @anthonyramosobc and @god-damn-it-miranda for proofreading and giving me the confidence in this series to continue! Please don’t forget to let me know what you think!! Enjoy! 

warnings: alcohol mentions, I think that’s it? 

word count: 3153

tagged: @tailored-shirt-tails @legendaryapplesauce @turtlenecks-coffee 

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Standing in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom, Angelica Schuyler looks over her outfit for the night.

It was almost 3 weeks ago when she bought the dress for tonight, truth be told she almost forgot about the dress after she slipped it into her closet and went about her life.

She wishes she could forget about the party, or even get out of going and spend New Year’s Eve with her parents instead. But Eliza and Peggy want to go tonight, just like they do every year and so she takes a breath and smooths her hands over her dress.

She can’t deny she looks good, the cut of the dress is classy but still cute at the same time. The high neckline of the dress doesn’t make her feel like she’s got everything on show, the knee length skirt twirls when she spins around and the light pink color feels cute and a little girly.

She might not want to go to this particular party tonight, but she’s for sure not going to show up looking anything less than incredible.

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L A  B E L L E  E T  L E  B A R M A N O U [ co-created with faeriviera ]
      A Found Sisters Tale 
      based on the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast 

“I already told you, I can’t!” 

In a fit of desperation, she seized her damaged sleeve and swiftly tore it off, shocked gasps echoing through the chamber. There, just above her wrist were angry red marks that looked like… Aamir’s blood ran cold upon realization. He could barely register Karima’s grip on his shoulder tightening almost painfully or the strangled sound that escaped his older sister, sharp and shocked. 

Looking back on it, Isabelle could barely believe that she had the audacity to do such a thing when facing a fearsome looking stranger, but she steeled herself, staring unblinking into eyes too big for its beastly face.

“With all due respect,” her strained voice broke through the silence, “I doubt you’re the one I need to be afraid of.”

The painful stillness of the room was broken as the youngest beastanother sister, it had to be with curled, black fur and too big eyes like thatsuddenly appeared at her side. She couldn’t have been more than fourteen, Isabelle thought and again she wondered how the three beasts ended up alone in the old mirrored palace. 

"Akka, annah, please, can’t she stay?” She turned pleading eyes to Karima and Aamir, plopping down next to Isabelle on the love seat. “At least until we figure out what to do about that horrible

Aamir just barely pulled his gaze away from Isabelle in an effort to focus on an answer he still didn’t have, but before he could speak

“Munira,” Karima interjected, her tone full of exasperation and fondness that could only be found with siblings, “We’re not going after the man.”

He supposed he was grateful for that, he thought with a frown, his older sister was usually right. Whoever did this to Isabelle deserved to be torn to shreds for making her think the likes of him was her only option, but the siblings couldn’t risk going out into the world… not when they looked like this. 

“Alright, alright,” Munira conceded with a pout, “But then can’t she stay for a bit? We can’t just throw her out to the wolves!”

Through gnashed teeth, Aamir slouched back and grumbled, “Ironic choice of words. Am I going to be allowed to get a word in, petite soeur?”

A giggle escaped from Isabelle, amused at the sight of him acting more like a petulant young man than a fearsome beast. Then she remembered… he was still a creature that might not take kindly to being laughed at, least of all when he might let her stay. 

gugu mbatha-raw as beauty | riz ahmed as the beast 

Isabelle Toussaint doesn’t fit. A bookish black woman surrounded by people who can’t even fathom that she should even exist, let alone live among them. Her only real comfort is reading her stepmother’s old books, tales of dashing musketeers and secret princesses, and daydreaming about sharing her own stories with the world. During an errand to pick up new parts for her father, she unfortunately catches the attention of an entitled man who believes he deserves a most rare and exotic flower. With the village rallying behind him, there seems to be no way out… until she and her stepmother come across a glorious old palace while searching the woods for her missing father.

His rejection of a spiteful fairy’s advances left Prince Aamir and his sisters in isolation for years, racing against a deadline to free themselves from their beastly forms. The Bhatia family never thought that taking in a man lost in the woods would  lead to his daughter seeking refuge, but at Isabelle’s insistence, she becomes a welcome guest. If Aamir can bring himself to lower the defenses built up after all these years, the curse may finally be broken.

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Headcanon: Trini tries to act tough but she gets scared shitless by horror movies

okay here’s the dish 

Trini insists that she likes horror movies, and she’ll put them on almost every time her and the other rangers have a movie night. Billy always finds them too predictable, Zack usually falls asleep within the first twenty minutes and Jason is constantly shouting things at the tv. 

Kim doesn’t like horror movies. They never scare her, but she ends up watching them with the group anyways. She just loves having Trini curl up against her and Trini can never sleep after the movie so Kim stays up with her (she tries to, at least) but eventually the nights Trini pick a scary movie are Kim’s favorite night 

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I hate the whole "respect your teachers no matter what" thing. I had a teacher once who was so mean and would verbally bully her students to the point where they'd break down in class crying. I felt so uncomfortable and anxious in that class every day. She would sit at her desk everyday and glare at all of us. Also, she was a white woman that taught a class composed of almost all POC kids and she was racist. She didn't even try to hide it. I will respect a teacher if they deserve my respect.

Yeah, I really don’t buy the whole “always respect people in authority” thing. Like, respect isn’t just something given. You have to earn it. 


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She didn't disappear tho. All her accounts are still there, her website is still there, she even created a whole NEW fb page. Binch is working on something for sure. If she wanted to disappear, it's so easy to just deactivate all that noise. She has deals with at&t that she signed, her app is rumored to launch before the end of this year. She put ed in the witness protection program after his slip about her working on an album. She been planning this

the facebook page is what’s killing me tbh but im still trying to wrap my head around having the heart to just delete almost a decade worth of……….career shit………from the public eye? 

this is like boss level reinvention. what if she’s about to drop her own label and never stop making music at all? what if she’s trying to prove that she can sell records without a social media presence. what if she found the in-between of being kNOWN BY EVERYONE AND NO ONE FUCK FUCFUCKF

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For friends turned into lovers, how can you show when the one friend starts liking the other without actually saying "he realized he liked her". Sorry if this sounds confusing btw

This here might help!!

And, when you fall for someone in a way that’s romantic rather than platonic, the way you look at them shifts just a little bit. You notice that their nose is crooked. You can tell when they’re upset, happy, excited, or mad even when it’s not too obvious. You pick up on the little things about them. The more intense your feelings become, the more attention you pay. Show that progression of attention. (And, not in a creepy way. He’s not intentionally watching her, but when he’s with her, the little things stick out more because he’s subconsciously more interested in her) ((I’m speaking from the standpoint of someone who’s engaged so I don’t know how it is for everyone. I’m talking from my personal experience.))

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Hi I love love love your writing!!! Cam it's a scenario with todoroki and with an so or crush that's abused at home all the time ? Before she leaves class he stops her and asks why she's smiling and happy all the time,since from his observations she's just as sad and lonely as him. She denies it tho and runs for the exit, he catches up and holds her back eventaully hugging her in the process, she just sits there and sobs into his shoulder.

Thank you, I’m really glad to hear you like my writing.💜💜💜 I decided to go with the crush, rather than the s/o. It might not have gone exactly as the request, but pretty much. Sorry it for the lack of content, stuff has been kinda crazy.

The school day was almost over, just twenty more minutes. Then you could get away from the prying eyes of your classmates. One in particular, Todoroki had been glancing at you for weeks now. You glanced at him pretty often too, but he always turned his head quickly, like trying to cover up the fact he had been staring at you. You sighted, just a little more and you could leave.

Todoroki catched himself staring at you again. He did it often nowadays, he liked you. He found you to be similar with him. That was kind of unfortunate, he didn’t like the fact you were abused at home too. Or atleast that’s what he thought. He couldn’t be hundred percent sure, but he couldn’t figure out any other explanation for all your bruises and other injuries. Today he would talk to you, he wanted to confirm his doupts, and maybe tell you how he felt.

The second the bell rang, your bag was packed and you were leaving in a hurry. You plastered a smile on your face as you said good bye to everyone else. It was easier to smile. People didn’t ask questions, if you smiled nothing could be wron, right? You hurried to the school doors, but someone stopped you before you could even run down the stairs. It was Todoroki.

“Do you want something?”, you asked graciously.

“I just wanted to ask you… This is not a good place to talk. Come with me.”

You complied with his somewhat weird request, and followed him to an empty corridor. He leaned against the window sill, and looked at you. It felt like he was scanning you. You squirmed under his gaze.

“I’m in a bit of a hurry, so I’d appreciate if you just said what you wanted to.”, you encouraged him.

“Do you mind if I’ll just get straight to the point? I might be a bit blunt and I don’t want to offend you or anything.”

“Yeah, just tell me what’s on your mind.”

“I know your parents abuse you. So how can you always look so happy and just smile to everyone?”

“What-what are you talking about? My parents don’t abuse me, I’m just really clumsy.”, you laughed nervously. “I really have to go now. If I’m late…”, your voice faded.

You turned away from him and ran down the stairs. You just wanted to leave and be alond. You could feel the tears burning in your eyes. How could he know? How did he figure it out? You were almost at the school doors, when someone grabbed your hand. It was Todoroki.

“I-I need to leave, I really do.”, you sniffled.

Todoroki just squeezed your hand. He didn’t say anything.

“Can I just asks something before I go?”, you muttered.

“Of course.”

“Why would you think my parents abuse me?”

“I saw the bruises and all, and I know you try to hide the sadness behind a smile, but you’re like me.”

“Do your parents hurt you?”

“My dad did, yes, and my mom… She is a bit more complicated, but believe me I know what it’s like. To be alone and feel hurt.”

Something about his words touched you. The tears escaped your eyes, and before you knew it, you had buried your face to his chest. You were sobbing quietly, but he just wrapped his arms around you and held you. He didn’t move away, or tell you to stop. He just held you gently.

“It’s-It-s ho-horrible you know. To be-be scared all the ti-time.”, you stuttered between your sobs. “To be sca-scared that someone will notice. To-To be hurt and so a-alone all the time.”

“I know.”, he said quietly.

He listened to your explanation, holding you in his arms the whole time. He knew how you felt, and he was glad you talked to him. If you were like him, you probably had never talked to anyone about it.

When you had calmed down, you pulled away from him and looked at his shirt. It was clearly damp from the spot you had buried your face.

“Oh god, I’m sorry.”, you exclaimed.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m just glad you talked to me.”, he smiled a bit.

“So… You don’t mind?”

“No, not at all.”

He took your hands to his and looked at you in the eyes. He would tell you, he had to.

“[Name], I like you. I really do.”

You were dumbfounded. Even after all you had just told him, he liked you. He actually liked you. You didn’t find the words, so you just hugged him tightly.

“How should I understand this?”, he asked.

“I like you too, that’s how.”

I just asked my mum how much she knows about Kags and she told me she didn’t know a lot about him and asked me if there was a class she could follow😅. I also asked her if she knew how old he is and she answered really doubtful ??17? When i told her she was close and that he’s 16 she was like “almost 17? We’re gonna have another party?”.

Anyways if you wanna ask her something be sure to tell me!! My sister told me you can also ask her questions!! They’re both such sweethearts i’m so happy they’re my fam. Anyways time to stop being sappy about my fam and be sappy about Tobes!!

Tell me the way they said “I love you” (pick a number from this list)!

Short and sweet! (Someone send #32 next!)

This fic’s also on AO3!

[20] [30]


She smiled jovially at him, her eyes glittering with mirth. “Someone loves you, LeFou.”

He almost gasped. “Are you sure?”

“Read it yourself,” she told him. “Just spell it out.”

“Oh.” LeFou paused, then took the letter from Belle’s outstretched hands and cleared his throat. “I,” he recited, and when he looked at her again, he was so inspired by her lighthearted expression that he kept going.

L-O… that looks like - V… E…”

“Go on,” Belle encouraged him.

“Um… Y-O… V?”

She chuckled and said, “Close.”

“Oh! Y-O-U,” he finished. “I love you, and then there’s my name. But who’s it from?”

Belle pointed at the signature at the bottom of the page, and he swore when he saw it.

“Watch it, LeFou.”

“I can’t read calligraphy!” he protested, squinting at the parchment and holding it up to his eyes. “Especially not in such a small hand…”

“Perhaps you need spectacles?” his companion suggested, which coerced a laugh out of him.

“No, I don’t think so.” LeFou folded the letter back up and put it back in its envelope (which he had unfortunately shredded in his excitement). “Thank you for your help, even if I still don’t know who sent me this.”

Belle simply smiled and said, “You know who.”

And of course he did.


Why are you interested in me? You know how easily I could slice your throat without feeling any guilt. ” she said with her eyes locked onto his neck, almost making it appears as she was mentally tracing a dotted line to follow. 
Gema wasn’t really impressed by it, even know how terrifying Takeo could be when she was acting like the yakuza boss she was. He witnessed it and, oh boy, he somehow wish that he could forget what he saw. The only good point was how immunised he became to murders and corpses…. even if he wasn’t sure that it was really a good thing.
You’re a bloody bitch who’s the leader of hundred of criminals and you’re an impressive manipulator.” Gema shrugged “Hanging out with you is way more interesting than being with any other moron.

It probably wasn’t the best answer to give, but at least, he was honest.

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Okay so my dad loves Rey. Like he thinks she's so interesting a a bad ass and it's the sweetest thing to watch him watch TFA because I almost feel that he relates to her or cares for her in some way. He gets excited to see her in the next movie and I'm so happy to talk to him about it because there are few things he really likes and Rey I feel he cares about. He talks about her like I talk about Finn which is I talk about Finn a lot. Idk I just had to share my dads fav

(Dad)to add on I was so surprised when we came out of the movie and that he said that. Like I thought he was gonna like the hot shot Poe( no offence to Poe I love him so much) idk his love for reys character reminded me that my dad is actually a good dude, like he’s so much A better person then most of my friends dads and very accepting of people.

aww this is sweet :,)

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This is an au I’ve thought about writing. It’s longer than a usual drabble.

You too can have a drabble like this. Just drop a word in my inbox.

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The outdoor café was somewhat quaint, just like the French village that it was located in. Oliver kept his eyes on the newspaper in his hand as he sipped at his coffee. It wasn’t until saw someone stumble out of the corner of his eye and he heard their frustrated voice he looked up.


A woman was staring down at her fallen pastry with a mournful look as she kept a latte carefully balanced in her hand. Her blonde hair was pulled out of her face in a sleek ponytail and her glasses were balanced precariously on the tip of her nose. Oliver almost felt sorry for her as she pouted and picked up the ruined pastry.

“That’s bad luck.”

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Shiro has a nightmare, Allura comes to comfort him

this is so bad and I apologize


Allura heard screaming coming from down the hall. She had never run faster. The screaming was almost inhuman, a loud sound ripped from someone’s throat. She recognized the voice, but she had never heard him scream like this before. 

She unlocked the door with ease, rushing in to find Shiro in a horrible nightmare. He was twisting and screaming, his arms wrapped tightly around himself. He looked so small and lost, Allura almost broke. 

Gently, she shook his arm. He only thrashed more. 

“Shiro!” Allura yelled, pulling him out of whatever dream hell he was trapped in. He looked wild for a moment, before recognizing Allura and relaxing. Slowly, Allura approached his bed and drew him into her arms. She hugged him tight, running a hand gently through his hair. 

“You don’t have to talk about it, Shiro. Just please never scream like that again.”

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Could you do headcanons on how the home works gems would react to finding out that the reader likes them?

I’ll give them my best shot!

Jasper :

- She disregards it, not really understanding your romantic intentions or how hard it was for you to tell the truth, brushing it off as unimportant.

- When she sees that she’s hurt your feelings though, she gives you a strong pat on the back, it almost sends you over

- She gets to your level and looks you right in the eyes and sincerely tells you that her work, her mission is way too important, but you are a friend and ally thats just as important to her

Lapis : 

- Her body turns tense, as you expected it to, you completely understand why, after all the time you both spent together

- She gets quiet, processing the information, giving you a small and soft “Oh..” as she stares at her feet, unable to look your eyes, blushing a little.

- You give her a kind smile, and you get up to give her some space but before you walk away she quickly calls for your attention and gives you a very nervous thank you, but a bright smile.

Peridot : 

- She gives you the brightest smile, prattling along as usual about how much she likes you too

- When you realize she may not fully understand what you meant you take her hand quickly and tell her that you kind of meant it in a “Percy and Pierre” kind of way. 

- She lets out a quick yelp and pulls back her hand blushing and after a particular tense moment she thanks you for your feelings for her, her knees shaking a little

hc that the occultist and plague doctor have been friends since The School Years
that the occultist has almost as much confidence in her as she has in her own work
And that every friday they beat the shit out of each other in the athenaeum to test different concotions shes come up with, while the antiquarian tries to record the results