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Nightcrawler Headcanon

Okay so we know in X-Men: Apocalypse that they confirmed Magneto was Quicksilver’s dad, right?

And then we had that scene with Raven and Peter.

So why not when Kurt finds out that Raven is his mom, he goes confront Magneto about it?

Ohmygod I can imagine it now.

Kurt: Magneto, you’ve known Raven for a very long time, ja?

Magneto: (totally nonchalant) Yes.

Kurt: Er, well….what’s she like to you?

Magneto: (raises eyebrow) What’s wrong with you?

Kurt: Ahhh….well, she’s my mother.

Magneto: What?!?

Kurt: Well, you know, she and my da like-

Magneto: I get it, I get it. Are you sure? Absolutely sure?

Kurt: Well, zidn’t ze blue skin give it away?


Rare photographs from Nirvana’s first concert in 1987 have surfaced after being uncovered by a Seattle teenager

“I didn’t realize it was such a historical thing,” 19-year-old Maggie Poukkula says. “I thought they were just cool pictures of my dad and Kurt jamming together”

Rare photographs from Nirvana’s first concert in March 1987 have been unearthed and shared by an unlikely source: Maggie Poukkula, the 19-year-old daughter of Tony Poukkula, a member of Seattle band Laytem who grew up with Kurt Cobain and hosted the fledging outfit’s first show in his basement.

Last week, Poukkula tweeted a photo strip featuring three snapshots from the 1987 gig in Raymond, Washington, along with the caption, “Pictures of my dad and Kurt Cobain playing together back in the day.” At the time, Nirvana’s lineup consisted of Cobain, bassist Krist Novoselic and drummer Aaron Burckhard, though that night, Poukkula reportedly joined the outfit on guitar for, at least, two Led Zeppelin covers.

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Klaine Advent 2015: 9

Klaine Advent 9: Indecent (Season 6 Klaine; Mr. Anderson discovers just how married his son is)

1300 words of mostly silly, with a tiny bit of angst. I can’t help myself.

So maybe it wasn’t the smartest thing Blaine had ever done in the long, complicated history of Tom Anderson coming to terms with his younger son’s sexuality. In his defense, he didn’t think his dad would be around.

But leave it to the old drama queen to have left Mom over the wedding weekend just so he could get out of going. Okay, well he was gone for longer, but still, from what his mom said, the whole thing amounted to dad going off in a huff as some sort of protest over crossing a state line for gay marriage in general (or maybe it was about Blaine’s date being Kurt; Dad was not thrilled they got back together). And then to show up unexpectedly at the house on the same afternoon that Blaine and Kurt unexpectedly came back from their unexpected honeymoon… Blaine would laugh, except Kurt was shut up in the downstairs powder room and Dad was pacing the hallways upstairs, and Mom would be home from her Mary Kay demonstration any minute now, and WHERE ARE HIS CLOTHES?

Dad’s probably upstairs calling an ophthalmologist to have his retinas burned off. And really, Blaine wasn’t sure that he’d blame him. It’s not every day that you walk into your house to see your progeny being well and truly fucked across the poker table in the game room.

In their defense, Kurt and Blaine hadn’t meant their afternoon to turn into an occasion for defiling furniture not their own. Really. Blaine had just been so upset about the fire at Dalton, and the scene that met them there, and Kurt, dismayed, a little helpless as always in the face of Blaine’s grief, was just trying to comfort him. He drove them to the big Anderson house because it was closer to Dalton, and after all, Mama had told them she’d be out of the house until 3, and she had been feeling lonely about Dad abandoning her—last they checked anyway. So really, it was Dad’s fault in a way.

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