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Nightcrawler Headcanon

Okay so we know in X-Men: Apocalypse that they confirmed Magneto was Quicksilver’s dad, right?

And then we had that scene with Raven and Peter.

So why not when Kurt finds out that Raven is his mom, he goes confront Magneto about it?

Ohmygod I can imagine it now.

Kurt: Magneto, you’ve known Raven for a very long time, ja?

Magneto: (totally nonchalant) Yes.

Kurt: Er, well….what’s she like to you?

Magneto: (raises eyebrow) What’s wrong with you?

Kurt: Ahhh….well, she’s my mother.

Magneto: What?!?

Kurt: Well, you know, she and my da like-

Magneto: I get it, I get it. Are you sure? Absolutely sure?

Kurt: Well, zidn’t ze blue skin give it away?

Klaine Advent 2017

Day 12 - Limited

Summary: Blaine is new at McKinley. Kurt finds him interesting. Nerd!Blaine/Skank!Kurt

Word Count: 938

I will be putting this up on AO3 after the advent is over and I can fix up some spelling and syntax errors


“Oh my god what are you doing here? How do you even know where I live?” If someone could shout and whisper at the same time Kurt was doing it.

“I thought -” Blaine paused and Kurt shut the bedroom door.

What he actually thought wasn’t even that complicated. He wanted to see Kurt.  Even though Kurt had risked further expulsion by hanging around school to see Blaine at lunch, the idea that Blaine might go another two full days plus some extra without seeing him again made his stomach hurt. Blaine didn’t think it was just because Kurt was gay too, although that certainly was part of it. He couldn’t help it, he was drawn to Kurt and wanted to be around him.

But he couldn’t say that.

“When I was packing up my homework I remembered that we had a few classes together, so I snuck into the attendance office and used the copier and made copies of the handouts for you.”

Blaine knew he was blushing. Kurt seemed upset that he was there and he was beginning to think that he had made a mistake. That maybe Kurt didn’t like him like Blaine thought he did. Might. Blaine tugged awkwardly at the strap of his book bag.

Kurt stopped pacing and sat on the edge of his bed, tapping his fingers on the textbook Blaine had brought over.

“I don’t think this is mine.”

Blaine bit his lip. “Um, It’s not. I slipped into Mr. K’s room and took one of the spares. I didn’t know if you had your own.”

Kurt didn’t say anything, just looked at Blaine like he couldn’t figure him out. Then he smiled.

“Do you mean to tell me that not only did you make unauthorized copies on the office copy machine, but you also broke into a classroom and lifted a school book?”

Blaine opened and closed his mouth like a fish. “That’s not exactly what - I’m a student helper, I have limited access to the office resources and -”

Kurt giggled. Curved cheeks and dimples and Blaine nearly sputtered.

“You’ll be a regular law breaking hoodlum before too long Blaine. I must be rubbing off on you already.”

Blaine choked, blushing so hard that his ears were numb. They had to be practically purple and for once he cursed his choice of slicked back hair because there was nothing to hide them under. You could rub off on me any time you wanted.

“I doubt that,” he managed to mumble. Kurt must have realized that he was still grinning at Blaine, and he looked at his feet. “And It’s okay if you want me to go. I did kind of surprise you.”

Kurt half-shrugged. “Nah that’s okay. It’s probably good for my dad to think I’m still capable of making friends. He won’t think I’m such a lost cause.”

Blaine frowned. “You’re not a lost cause, why would he think that?”

Kurt waved his hand at himself in a flourish. “And the fighting and the cutting class and the getting suspended. Although that hasn’t happened in over a year.”

Blaine remembered that he wanted to ask Kurt about the disciplinary files, but maybe now wasn’t the best time.

“How’d you know where I live anyway?” Kurt asked.

“Oh. Um.” Blaine laughed softly. “I peeked in your file?”

“Blaine! I’m almost proud of you.”

“Yeah well, maybe if you’d give me your phone number I could check in advance to see if you wanted your homework, rather than do all this work and be so unappreciated.” Blaine’s voice cracked and he was shaking. Blaine was being forward and worried Kurt might not want to share that much of himself.

But Kurt just laughed. “Yeah okay” and reached his hand out for Blaine’s phone.

When they finally sat down for dinner - which Blaine was surprised to find was a healthy meal of grilled chicken, steamed vegetables and brown rice - Kurt was nervous.

“This looks great Mr. Hummel. Thanks for inviting me.” Blaine said.

“I’m always happy to have Kurt’s friends around for dinner,” Burt said. “After Kurt’s mom passed we both had to figure our way around the kitchen.” Blaine looked quickly at Kurt, but Kurt was staring at the chicken on his plate, purposefully cutting it into pieces. He didn’t know Kurt’s mom had died. “Kurt picked it up pretty quickly, but I’m finally figuring out how to make stuff he likes.”  

“Well this is very good,” Blaine complimented.

“Thank you, Blaine.”  They made small talk about the food and football - which Blaine knew just enough about to talk to Kurt’s dad, and Kurt listened and relaxed a little. “So have you been at McKinley since freshman year?” Burt asked. “I don’t remember Kurt mentioning you before.”

“No sir. My parents moved here in September. I missed the first two weeks so I’ve been playing a little catch up. But it hasn’t been too bad.”

“So you’re new then?” Burt looked at Kurt, who pointedly avoided his father’s eyes. “What are you doing for fun?”

“Well, I’m in the Glee Club. They have some talented singers, but they aren’t very disciplined,” Blaine said. Kurt snorted a laugh.

“Glee Club, eh?” Burt said, and Blaine saw the expression on Kurt’s face drop as he mouthed ‘no’ to his dad. “Kurt used to be in Glee Club, when he started high school.”

“Oh I meant to ask you!” Blaine said. He had almost forgotten. “Tina said you had been in Glee Club -” Blaine halted at the murderous look on Kurt’s face. “I was just going to say I didn’t realize you could sing.”

Klaine Summer Challenge 2017 Day 1: Here Come The Sun 

Word Count: 1,100

Blaine, age nine, moves to Lima and meets his next door neighbor. (AO3)

“Blaine honey, I wish you’d look on the bright side of things,” Pam says, unlocking the front door of their new house.

“But all my friends are at home!” Her son cries, lugging a suitcase behind him.

This is our new home Honeybee,” she replies with a smile.

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“I’m thankful for the Shield”

Kurt saying he’s thankful for the Shield just gave me 10 years of life. KURT IS THE OFFICIAL SHIELD DAD, PASS IT ON!!!!!

Klaine Advent 2017.- Day 9


Blaine can admit that he dozed off while Kurt was on the phone with his father for their weekly report.

But that doesn’t explain who Kurt is talking to while giggling about something “I’m telling you, eleven inches!”

Blaine has no issue with his height, his length or his masculinity, but eleven inches he is not.

“Hmhm, exactly, and always hard enough.”

What the hell.

“Honestly, I couldn’t have dreamed better, and Blaine will love it too … haha, yeah, in time I suppose.”

What. The. Hell.


“Just one moment, Dad.”


“Yes, darling?”

“What are you talking about with your father that I will love in time?”

“The padded board I plan on putting under our mattress.”


Kurt smirks. “Dad, I’ll send you the references alright? Bye.” The phone is off, but Kurt keeps it in his hand, lightly tapping it against his lips.

Blaine deliciously feels like prey.

“Want me to convince you of its merits?”

“Of eleven inches of just right hardness?” Blaine retorts with a smirk of his own. “Always.”

Kurt’s laugh echoes through the apartment until Blaine silences him with his lips.

Klaine one-shot - “Organized Chaos” (Rated PG13)

Kurt comes home one night to find his husband in desperate need of his help … but will Blaine let Kurt help him? (2292 words)

So, I re-wrote this, playing off the idea that Blaine may also have suffered from OCD, kind of the way Kurt did, but as an extension of PTSD (seeing as the meta exists that Dalton!Blaine was actually the facade, and the Blaine we see at McKinley was the person he actually was). I based this off of my own personal experiences with OCD and PTSD. The cleaning, the disposable pens, the paper towels, and the obsession with vents, those are personal to me, as is the way Blaine’s grandmother passes away.

Read on AO3.

“Sorry I’m late, sweetie,” Kurt calls, juggling his messenger bag on his shoulder, a narrow paper bag with a bottle of Riesling in the crook of his arm, and two way-too-thin plastic bags, both trying, with little success, to contain the multiple cardboard containers of Thai food inside, “but when I went to get our food, they messed up our order … again!” Kurt shuffles in, the door refusing to open more than a few inches because of something lodged on the opposite side. “I mean, I know you love Pok Pok, and I know it’s our Thursday night tradition, but I really think that … whoa …”

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Author Spotlight: notthetoothfairy day 4

Day 4: Recs!

Please recommend 3 - 5 fics written by someone else.

IS IT WEIRD (@a-simple-rainbow)

Quote one of your favourite parts.

Saturday, 24th December, 2014 – 00:12

From: Tina Cohen-Chang (

To: Kurt Hummel (, Rachel Berry (

Subject: RE: I think Blaine just flirted with me

He was flirting.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,



Saturday, 24th December, 2014 – 00:14

From: Kurt Hummel (

To: Tina Cohen-Chang (, Rachel Berry (

Subject: TINNAAA

What does it mean?!!?!?


Saturday, 24th December, 2014 – 00:17

From: Tina Cohen-Chang (

To: Kurt Hummel (, Rachel Berry (

Subject: KUUUURT

The same way I didn’t tell him about your crush, I’m not going to betray his confidence either. He was flirting, and maybe you should just flirt back.

You should also go to sleep, it’s ridiculously late for you, Kurt.

(Rachel, I urge you to do the same as me.)



Tell us what else you love about the fic.

Look, if that little bit up there didn’t already convince you that you should read this, maybe the fact that I just wanted to skim it for my favourite part and then literally stayed up half the night to finish a re-read of the whole thing will. It literally gave me butterflies and goosebumps (all over again), the emails after the part I just quoted especially because once Kurt implies even in the slightest that he’s okay with the flirting, Blaine takes it up not only a notch but like to 150% and really goes for it, and it makes not only Kurt but also me blush, haha.

But then don’t read it just for the flirting (even though it is absolutely fantastic). The story starts out with an accidental email sent to the “wrong” person who quickly turns out to be the absolutely right person and as they start emailing back and forth, you will wonder how this is actually not real. It reads like real email exchanges between real people; there’s so many nuances to their writing style and their overall characters, and they talk about fun stuff and really incredibly sad stuff and their friendship/relationship becomes so wonderful and heartbreakingly close that you physically will almost not be able to wait for them to finally meet in person. And then, as if that’s not enough, there’s a whole verse attached to this story! Sequels, threequels, other installments… you’ll love all of it because it’s so carefully crafted and it will make you fall in love with Tina and Mike in addition to Kurt and Blaine, because they room with Blaine and they’re just so amazingly cute.

So, yeah, just do me a favour and read it. I think this is a fandom classic, or should at least be considered one. Rainbow is a fantastic writer and though this list is not in any particular order, I cannot help but mention that this story is by far my favourite Klaine story out there.

HEARING VERSE (@adiwriting)

Quote one of your favourite parts.

YOU WANT STAY DINNER? Mr. Hummel signs and it’s incredibly rough to watch, but he understands the point well enough. He has to stop and grab onto the bannister to keep from falling the rest of the way down the stairs, he’s so shocked. An hour ago, Mr. Hummel didn’t know any sign language.

Blaine looks over at Kurt for an explanation, but Kurt looks just as confused.

“Dad, you’re signing.”

“That’s all I know,” he says, careful to annunciate each word without speaking too slow. He’s looking right at Blaine when he does it, making it possible for him to read his lips. It’s a complete turn around from earlier today. “I looked it up online. I figured if you two are going to be dating, I should probably learn some sign language.”

Blaine doesn’t know what to say. He’s barely spent more than five minutes with this man and he’s already trying to learn how to better communicate with him, meanwhile, Blaine’s own father still refuses to learn how to sign. Blaine knows that his dad thinks it’s for his own benefit, that Blaine will only learn how to work in the real world if he can read lips and vocalize, but still. It’s hard to know that a virtual stranger to him would learn sign if his own father never has.

“Blaine and I aren’t… we’re… Um,” Kurt starts to explain and he’s so nervous that his hands are shaking as he signs, but his dad cuts him off.

“Oh stop, I know you well enough by now to know when you’re lying,” Mr. Hummel says to Kurt, but he doesn’t look upset like Blaine’s parents always are whenever he’s caught in a lie.

Tell us what else you love about the fic.

This story is incredibly beautiful, watching Blaine slowly let his guard down around Kurt, learning about deaf culture alongside Kurt (honesty, this fic is not only lovely to read but also quite educational regarding deaf communities, hearing communities and ableism). I just love the characterizations in this verse – from Kurt’s shy advances to Blaine’s just as shy responses to being flirted with to their insecurities and strengths and their willingness to make their relationship work no matter what. It’s a complicated yet simple love story (and that is very much a compliment to how real and personal it feels because I think love is supposed to be pretty complicated and simple at the same time). I am so happy this verse exists.


Quote one of your favourite parts.

“You made out with a boy on the dancefloor and you were drunk. Did I miss anything?”

Dead silence.

“Um,” Blaine begins. “No, I really don’t think so.”

They both fall silent again, a quiet curtain of uncertainty falling between them, and Kurt fervently hopes Blaine doesn’t feel it like he does, choking him and cutting into his heart with the strength of a lion.

“Was he nice?” Kurt finally queries, holding his breath for the answer. It feels like time is moving so slowly, thawing sap in winter trees, until finally Blaine speaks.

“I don’t know.”

Tell us what else you love about the fic.

This fic is so cute, especially the parts where Kurt and Blaine are still children and have a dozen typos in their letters (actual visual letters, by the way, and later texts, pretty cool ♥)! Great attention to detail, and I love how they start out as pen pals (notice a pattern in my choice of fics? haha), become best friends growing up and then slowly shift into crushing on each other but being so far away that they cannot really act on it. It’s ridiculously sweet and will definitely tug at your heartstrings, I swear. Also, since this starts out as a childhood story and follows them growing up, there are very, very heartbreaking moments in there that actually made me cry. On a more uplifting note, I love their recurrent “language!” joke and the “I’m smiling but you can’t see it” line. IT. IS. SO! CUTE!!!

CUFFED VERSE (@skivvysupreme)

Quote one of your favourite parts.

They wrap Kurt’s hands, which Blaine explains is for protection and support of his knuckles and fingers. He helps Kurt get the boxing gloves on, then doubles over laughing when Kurt bounces around on his toes and makes a few light swings in midair, complete with pow, pow! noises. “You are so much more adorable than anyone at school knows.”

“I am not adorable! I’m fierce, I’ll fuck you up.”

“You are fierce, but you’re also adorable, and I promise I won’t tell anybody.”

Tell us what else you love about the fic.

Skivvy’s writing just makes me go from giggling to cooing to sniffing along with whatever’s happening in a matter of seconds, and that’s pretty amazing. Kurt and Blaine’s backstories in this one are so well written, and their conversations read so private, so open and trusting and them, that it makes me almost want to close the tab and let them have their moment alone (though obviously I don’t ever actually close the tab because I’m weak). Also, Burt in this verse, man – he’s amazing and so hilarious! I had troubles choosing my favourite part because there’s at least three involving Burt and they all make my top5 for sure. They get honorable mentions: Burt asking Kurt who that cheerleader eating Kurt’s face was, Burt teasing Kurt about the dopey look he is sporting since he’s met Blaine, Burt being highkey in awe when Kurt and Blaine have a silent conversation with each other in front of him.

PRIDE & PREJUDICE & SUPERHEROES (@a-simple-rainbow)

Quote one of your favourite parts.

Fuck Colin Firth. This is the best first kiss in the universe.

Tell us what else you love about the fic.

Well, for one, I got to beta it and read it before everyone else, hehe. But honestly, it’s a Pride & Prejudice AU in the sense that it has Kurt and Blaine disliking/sort-of-not-really liking each other for a good portion of the fic before things develop and they have to reevaluate. I am a sucker for these kind of stories!!! Also, Blaine’s a superhero. Like, helloooo?! Best combination ever! Also, they sing banter-y duets at Callbacks, there’s soooo many hilarious popculture references, Sam, Tina, Rachel and Santana are heavily involved, and everything is just so very brilliant.

Story of My Life 2/24?

Kurt reflects on the past twelve years of his life, coming to realize that one man in particular has affected him far more than he ever thought he would.

Welcome back to my @klaineadvent fic :D The flashbacks officially start! I forgot to mention in the first part, but I will be including warnings as the fic goes along (there will be a few in the future, though nothing too serious), as I don’t want to spoil anything (and also don’t want to commit too much to something, since fics like this sometimes get away from me). I will say, though, that this fic will hopefully include twenty-two snapshots of moments in Kurt’s life from age eighteen to age thirty. He is not always single during these snapshots, and neither is Blaine, so if reading about Kurt and Blaine being in relationships with and having sex with people other than each other bothers you, then this is your warning! Both of those things will definitely be happening in this story.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and please excuse the terrible attempt to include today’s prompt in this chapter!

Attachment |

Read on AO3


September 3rd, 2012

“Honestly, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be,” Kurt says to Mercedes, phone tucked between his shoulder and ear, two boxes balanced in his arms. “I mean, it’s no Manhattan loft, but…”

“Stop,” she says, laughing. “You know Sam and I aren’t exactly living the high life, right? Our apartment is a shoe box, and we can barely even afford it.”

Kurt sighs, eyes on the numbers on the doors, keeping his eye out for 514. “I’d still take it over a shared dorm room any day,” he says. “It looks cleaner than I expected, but I’m still pretty sure it’s going to be hell to live here.”

“At least you and your roommate get along, right? Like, he seemed nice during your Facebook chats?”

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they gave talia wagner a retractable tail because they didn’t wanna decrease talia’s sex appeal with a tail. little did the fools know that everybody who’s attracted to kurt wagner isn’t like, put off by his tail. in fact, it’s a bonus

also retractable tails are physically repulsive

Klaine fic - “Need for Speed” (Rated NC17)

Kurt Hummel moves from California to Lima after his dad’s heart attack causes them to lose their repair shop. Kurt leaves his prestigious performing arts school and any chance of moving to New York and getting into NYADA. His only other joy in life is custom tuning cars, but his father doesn’t approve. Things seem to get back on track when he joins the Dalton Crew as their mechanic, behind his father’s back. He’ll make the money he needs as long as he can put up with the unwanted attention of Sebastian Smythe. But, how will his dreams change after he meets the head of the McKinley Crew, Blaine Anderson, who decides that winning Kurt Hummel will be his next big challenge?

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Chapter 5 (3205 words)

Kurt did the oil change on the Corolla alone, demanding that his dad sit down behind the counter and rest. It was a good enough excuse to get time to himself to contemplate Blaine’s motives. Kurt couldn’t stop thinking about Blaine kissing his hand. He had never been properly kissed by another boy in his life, and now he began to imagine what those soft, full lips might feel like pressed against his own, or possibly on other places over his body. Kurt hustled to finish, concentrating on his work to settle his body and keep it from responding to the thought of Blaine’s kisses. He vacuumed the carpets, cleaned the windows, and checked the air pressure on the tires. Burt looked quizzically at his son, lured by the flurry of activity after Kurt’s sluggish morning and examined Kurt’s work.

Kurt looked up at the smirk on his father’s face and grimaced. He hated being so transparent.

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suishoo  asked:

Imma just... drop off lark with Kurt. Everyone else she interacts with has made her cry tonight. Maybe he can make her smile? :s

    “Hmmmmm… I remember a joke. Three men are at the gates to heaven. The first man goes to the angel at the gate and the angel asks questions. 

‘Were you faithful in life to your partner?’
‘Yes! We never had any problems, they were the one for me, it was perfect.’
Wonderful! You can have this lovely sports car to ride around Heaven.’
The first man goes in.
The second man comes to the angel, and is asked the same question.
‘We had a rough patch near the middle.. Went through hard times, but we ended up still together and we were happy.’
‘Hmmm.. Okay,’ said the angel. ‘I suppose you can have this minivan!
The second man goes into heaven.
The third man come ups and chuckles at the question. I like to see the third man as Remy LeBeau.
‘I was incredibly non-monogamous. I was with anyone who would have me and I enjoyed every minute of it!’
“O..Kay…?’ The angel flips some papers. ‘I guess… You can have this bike???’

So the third man bikes into heaven, but stops when he sees the first man at the side of the road, crying his eyes out.

‘Woah why are you sad?? You’ve got the best ride in heaven!’
The first man sniffles and responds.
‘Yeah… But I just saw my partner go by on a scooter.’“


Rare photographs from Nirvana’s first concert in 1987 have surfaced after being uncovered by a Seattle teenager

“I didn’t realize it was such a historical thing,” 19-year-old Maggie Poukkula says. “I thought they were just cool pictures of my dad and Kurt jamming together”

Rare photographs from Nirvana’s first concert in March 1987 have been unearthed and shared by an unlikely source: Maggie Poukkula, the 19-year-old daughter of Tony Poukkula, a member of Seattle band Laytem who grew up with Kurt Cobain and hosted the fledging outfit’s first show in his basement.

Last week, Poukkula tweeted a photo strip featuring three snapshots from the 1987 gig in Raymond, Washington, along with the caption, “Pictures of my dad and Kurt Cobain playing together back in the day.” At the time, Nirvana’s lineup consisted of Cobain, bassist Krist Novoselic and drummer Aaron Burckhard, though that night, Poukkula reportedly joined the outfit on guitar for, at least, two Led Zeppelin covers.

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Klaine Valentines Challenge - “When the Image Seems Very Similar” (Rated T)

Kurt and Blaine don’t meet at Dalton. They meet earlier, in the hospital, after Kurt gets slammed into a locker and Blaine gets beaten up at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. The two of them come from different parts of Ohio, but their experiences are very similar. Even though hate put them in the room they’re in now, it also makes them friends.

Written for the Klaine Valentines Challenge Day Six prompt “Mirrors”

Warning for talk of injuries, bruises, bullying, homophobia, and hospitalization.

Burt looks at the boy lying in the bed across the room from his son - face bloodied, eye blackened, holding a cold pack pressed to the bridge of his nose. He’s wearing what looks like a tuxedo – probably some dude-bro who got into a fight at a high school dance. Some of the other public high schools in town were having beginning-of-the-school-year things going on, dances and stuff that Kurt usually didn’t go to. Burt shakes his head at the boy moaning into his cold pack, slurring underneath his breath about Tylenol. The last thing his son needs is to spend the next however many hours in the same room as some drunk, babbling idiot.

“Can’t my son have a private room?” Burt asks the nurse as she starts taking his son’s vitals. The gash over Kurt’s right eye, which he said he got when he smacked his head into the corner of his gym locker, and being held closed by butterfly bandages, will probably need stitches; the eye itself has mostly swollen shut. This is the third time Kurt’s father has had to bring him to the emergency room to get various injuries looked at, and the second time he’s getting stitches. After this, Burt’s seriously going to consider discussing with Kurt whether or not he should really stay on the team.

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Slip of the Tongue

Summary: Blaine’s fever leads to a very, very awkward conversation.

If you’re still taking prompts: Blaine is sick at home (living with pam still) and sort of fever-confesses he calls Kurt daddy. Bonus if Kurt is over and Blaine refuses to call him anything else, and Kurt is trying to explain it while also caring for his boy. Pam is confused. (No actual age difference please!!)

Warnings: Daddy!kink but not graphic

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"I Do." (Kurt's POV)

Kurt doesn’t just decide to stop talking. Nor does he just decide to start talking again.

Burt’s POV

‘Good morning, Dad.’

Kurt didn’t dare to look at his dad after showing him the sign. He focused on making himself breakfast as the silence stretched on. Then, finally, Burt coughed and murmured: “Morning, bud,” and Kurt’s heart broke at how defeated he sounded and yet no word came out of his mouth. 

He had never wanted it to come to this point. He never thought it would. Not in his worst nightmares had he imagined there’d be a time when he wouldn’t be able to talk to Burt. 

And yet he couldn’t. A strong, cold hold clutched his throat whenever he tried. So after a while, he stopped trying. And even longer while later, he stopped wanting to talk. Wanting to talk was so exhausting when he knew he couldn’t so he accepted his fate, pushed through it and played away his feelings with the piano. Then he started to learn a new way to communicate. 

Years went by like that. 

Then he met Blaine. 

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ficlet: 2 am taco talk

Ficlet. Klaine. Some spoilers for Friday’s episode, though. This started as a silly banter with Kurt and Blaine talking in the middle of the night, and then it started going into Blaine’s family history because I have a one track mind. I might make this a series if I feel inspired.

“So, will you still love me if I get fat?”

Kurt stopped shoveling his taco in his mouth for a second. “…Yes?Why? Are you planning to get fat?” he put the taco down suddenly. “Is this your way of saying I’m getting fat?”

“No, you’re perfect,” Blaine assured him, dipping his chip into more salsa. “I was just curious. I mean, we’re married now. I might slack off on exercising, and I really love food. Like, a lot. It’s kind of inevitable.”

“We’ll go jogging together, it’ll be fine.”

“Also, we’re eating tacos at 2 am. I’m pretty sure this goes against every nutritional advice on the planet.”

“Okay, first off,” Kurt dipped his chip into the cheese dip. “We’re having tacos at 2 am because neither of us could sleep, and post-sex tacos sounded amazing. We also wanted to celebrate being in New York again and being able to get food at literally any hour of the day. And second,” He winked at Blaine a little. “I think we already burned all these calories when we did that thing against the wall.”

“Oh yeah,” Blaine agreed, a dreamy look on his face. “We should do that again.”

“Third,” Kurt pointed his chip at him. “What is this really about?”

“What do you mean?”

Kurt stared at him. “I know you, husband dear. Fess up. What are you really worried about?”

“I dunno,” Blaine shrugged, setting his taco down.


“I guess I was just thinking about my dad and why he left.”

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Just a Little Bit Closer

6x05 reaction fic. (Has some brief mentions of Karofsky and Walter, just a head’s up.)

The car raises slowly on the lift; a metallic groaning and screeching with the drone of power tools surrounding them. The garage is cold and hot in alternating blasts; freezing wind whipping through the open bay doors, space heaters doing their best with buzzing red coils warming pockets of air and dusty corners. Blaine is a solid, constant warmth at his shoulder, chattering happily as Kurt examines the tires.

“These are actually in pretty good shape,” Kurt tells him, spinning the tires with his hands and examining the treads and the wear on the seams. “I mean, I’ll sell you a full set of tires that you don’t actually need, but full disclosure here: They’ve got plenty of life on them.”

“Oh,” Blaine’s face falls a bit, he ducks his head, shuffles his feet against the oil-stained concrete.

“But they could probably stand to be rotated. I mean, for safety. Just to be sure. Can’t be too careful,” Kurt blurts out, then snaps his mouth closed to stop the flow of unnecessary words.

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Fic: Klaine Advent Day 10: “Jumble”

Summary: Blaine doesn’t know a lot about NYADA, except that his roommate insists it’s a school for magic.

A/N: Part of a continuous story in 24 chapters I’ll be writing this month. We are now entering the plot part of the story and stuff’s gonna happen. It’s going to get a bit darker (I mean, it is a story about magic), they still have a journey ahead of them. Any questions, please feel free to ask. And thanks for reading. <3

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It’s the first week of November, the weather cold and windy, and Friday night they’re having a movie night at Blaine’s place; a double date, actually, with Sam and Mercedes.

The couch is too small for all of them so they switch after the first half of the movie – Sam and Mercedes cuddle up on the floor for the first half of The Princess Bride while Kurt and Blaine take the couch, and then Blaine and Kurt move to the floor for the second half.

The floor is almost more comfortable than the lumpy old couch, Blaine thinks. It’s actually quite nice. They have a pile of blankets and pillows and Kurt cuddles up close to him, warm and lazy and adorable like a sleepy kitten.

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