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The existence of Jorge Joestar, a JJBA novel ,is not known to many. I think everyone deserves to know about it.

Despite being an official release, it can easily be described with “700 pages and more of pure madness.”The plot is so twisted it’s almost impossible to fully understand what’s even going on, or what logic hides behind it.

The big premise is that Pucci resetted the Dimension not two times, but 36 ,which brings us an incredible quantity of altered character and absurd events.

Such as:

( From the wikia itself)

Now other than destroying SC’s plot and serving us enough Kars to start an army, this novels also comes with some beautiful remake of already existing characters and new ones.( sometimes showing little interest for the time-line or logic itself. )

Little example:

Now,after the adorable image of FV flying around singing a certain song and having a funny happy family, we can  expect things to remain on this level of weirdness,right?



By this point,You’re probably wondering how far can this novel go. I’ll leave you with a true masterpiece.


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teen wolf is back at it again with the “let’s neglect arden cho exists” thing
it’s worldwide puppy day or whatever and they post this picture without even featuring her with chewy and the fact that she was a part of the show