not just for them but also for him

in other exciting gods this is such a fucking monday news

I offered to chaperone for my kid’s field trip Thursday because honestly it was last minute and they NEVER still want me to chaperone but this time they did

but I found out afterwards that they don’t provide transportation?

(as in I have to drive myself and meet them there instead of riding the bus but it’s in the middle of baltimore and I’m not sure my current mental state is up for driving, which I know is weird since I drove like three states over a week or so ago, BUT WHAT CAN I SAY, BRAINS ARE WEIRD?)

so I emailed the teacher going UM and we shall see if they actually need me or if I can bow out awkwardly

but also there was the credit card fraud phone call

and several missed calls from lenders because once you start researching mortgages they NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE AGAIN

and my phone is still sometimes just … not ringing? so trying to look up different phone options

and I forgot to give the IEP form back to the school

and the dog is extra squeaky

and I forgot breakfast?

and Thing 2 is anti-bus?

and there were like three other things but I’ve forgotten already while trying to type this out?



/and not even emotionally bad just. what do, how put in order, huh?



Saturday Thing 2 was having trouble and I said I was sorry he didn’t feel well and he explained it as he wasn’t SICK just his feelings weren’t working right

and just


and we went to his baseball thing anyways and it rained on him and he just /cried/ and everything was sad

and then Sunday we went to Chuck E Cheese to help him and Thing 1 recuperate but THEN we had to go hang out in a mall for an hour because


/and I saw an old Wallace & Gromit game I lost years ago and also an Andromeda sweatshirt and was good and didn’t buy anything but AREAGJLKVHAWELKVHAKLBGARHKBAWGH

my brain is just like … not braining at all anymore

I don’t want to prattle on about that Larrie post on the HuffPo blog too much, but as I said earlier it is particularly hilarious for a Larrie to get so high and mighty about the fact that they don’t prioritise Harry’s relationships over his music, when Harry would be nothing to them without Larry..

…but also, in the context of the RS feature, it is just so damn disrespectful to go off about Rolling Stone “pushing” Harry to talk about his relationships when Harry is literally talking about his relationships in the context of songwriting and the inspiration for his writing.

Rolling Stone does an abysmal job at respecting the same mysteriousness they hail Harry for trying to uphold by filling in the blanks and pushing him to talk about relationships he’s chosen not to address in the past. … It is a common misconception that fans want to hear him say that he’s single, or want to know the ins and outs of who he beds. Rather, fans want to hear what makes Harry happy. They don’t want to marry him, they want to know if he’s hydrated and well loved by his family and friends – if he’s taken enough holidays and if there’s anything in particular he still wants to achieve or cross of his bucket list; that is if he has one. They want to hear him honour the fundamental friendships that underpin the appreciation and adoration fans carry for all One Direction members. They want to know what inspires him – not who. Does he order a cheeseburger at McDonald’s, or does he enjoy a Big Mac on cheat days?

NO. I want to hear about his lyrics and his songwriting, thanks -  not his fucking fast-food orders - and that includes who inspires him!! Harry literally told Cameron Crowe that the album started off as a cycle of songs about women and relationships. He talked about how the subject that hits hardest in his songwriting is love. He talked about how some of the songs ‘tip the cap’ to his relationships, and others ‘give the whole cap’. He talked about how one woman in particular is a huge part of the album; about how a handful of love affairs deeply affected him and influence the album.

I’ve already said this in response to a lot of anon asks I’ve received, but if you truly want to know what inspires Harry’s songwriting then put on your Big Girl Pants and listen to what he tells you. And if you don’t, because you don’t like thinking of him in relationships and you want to interpret the songs in whatever way is meaningful to you, that’s fine too. But don’t go saying that “fans” don’t want to hear Harry talk about his relationships on the one hand and then bleat about how you want to hear Harry be honest and real on the other. 

Especially when you’re a Larrie and you would cream yourself if, in an alternative universe, Harry announced he was in a relationship with Louis and an entire issue of Rolling Stone was dedicated to discussing that relationship!!!  

key in college
  • double major in architecture and classical studies
  • only writes in drafting lead pencils 
  • they’re heavy and now if he writes with anything else (like pens) it’s WEIRD that they’re so light and his handwriting gets a bit wonky so he’s like nah and switches back 
  • oscillates wildly between super crazy outfits and comfy sweats 
  • but honestly his sweats are still fashion af with like leather pocket detailing or paisley patterns up the leg 
  • it’s v hard to miss him on campus and when he walks next to onew the fashion discrepancy is so. real.
  • also people stare but he looks good and he’s going to wear what he wants~~
  • motto: it’ll take the same amount of time to get ready if he dresses trendy or not so he might as well???  
  • always willing to let friends borrow clothes and takes great pride that their wardrobes have gotten better just by associating with him 
  • he’s been featured in the uni catalog multiple times and he and his mom both save them and he looks really good in them: either candidly laughing with ot4 or just walking around with glasses looking scholarly af
  • packs his lunch from home every day even if he has to run around the kitchen with his toothbrush in his mouth while he fries eggs and preps salad
  • on every monday literally does not understand where the weekend went
  • stops at the cafe every morning to “buy” americanos (make jong’s life miserable) so that he could actually wake up  
  • he actually did work at the cafe with onew and jong for a little bit but quit bc he hated it 
  • will sometimes walk behind the counter and get himself coffee when it’s their shifts (jong: *advances threateningly with a broom*) and walks away triumphantly, coffee in hand 
  • they found it much easier to just hand him coffee before he starts an incident (onew: you’re srsly going to go to uni jail or something / key: *takes a sip* no such thing) 
  • also literally the only reason why he started drinking black coffee was bc people take forever around the creamers/milk and kim kibum does not have enough time to wait around for them to stop moving at sloth’s pace 
  • always carries around a tube for his sketches that he slings around his shoulder 
  • it’s also good for smacking people with (mostly used on minho when he gives him that slow up down like water you wearing / key: you have NO right to judge choi) 
  • but otherwise he takes care of that thing like it’s his own child and he calls all of his sketches his babies 
  • and as much coffee he drinks he makes sure that there are never any coffee rings on the draft paper 
  • taemin’s not allowed to sit at the same table as him when he’s sketching bc of that one time he spilled some of his hot chocolate and key almost died 
  • it’s super cool to watch him draw bc he gets really focused with his ruler and he just clearly has such a vision that just comes to life on the paper 
  • also takes the time to draw trees and little people around the structure (taemin: is that us / key: yeah i draw all of us in all my sketches) 
  • as much as he loves the creative parts of architecture he’s also really interested in the mechanics behind what it takes to BUILD a building and have it be structurally sound
  • tbh he thought he would absolutely hate physics but it just kinda makes sense?? it’s the order of the world and he appreciates that there are certain absolutes 
  • when he goes out with his friends he’s always pointing out what influences each building has and basically geeks out about the buttresses and sidings and stuff!!!! which his classical studies major definitely gave him a deeper appreciation for 
  • when it’s too cold for too long he gets restless af bc he’s more of a spring/summer person
  • so as soon as it hits ~22°C he’s out on the quad with his huge reflective sunglasses spread out on a blanket 
  • jong brings his speaker out and plays music and they attempt to do homework but they’re honestly just rolling around playing games on their phones 
  • RIDICULOUSLY good at candy crush 
  • srsly he plays so often he finishes all the levels and has to wait until the next update for the next level like is there some elite scoreboard for that bc he would definitely be on it???

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Larry was created by Louis, Harry & their team for many reasons.  And it’s the best PR relationship ever to be made.  No confirmation if anything ever happened between them privately however most of their habits noticed by fans were purposely influenced & created by Louis, Harry & their team. Coming up with Larry was such a well planned business move for them both.  I also think Harry Styles likes men, but prefers girls. I think Harry just says what he thinks people will praise him for.

Originally posted by ohbabyyeah

What a super smart anon. I promised @droppingtheveilofmaya to publish this ask so she could have a go. Ta. <3

Hightened Anxiety

So this came about because I read a couple fics about Thomas going on medication and it kinda hurting Anxiety…..and they were amazing fics.. And I loved them….but….  Something  wasn’t sitting well with me ….so here’s this….sorry. Because like Thomas said, everyone has anxiety, his is just heightened.

Warnings: Panic attack; negative self talk; hurt/comfort

@lekawaiimelon because Under the Door killed me so this is my respone

also @the-prince-and-the-emo @obviouslyelementary @dan-yuna

Logic, Morality and Prince were gathered in Thomas’ living room, the four of them whispering in hushed tones, working together to come up with a new video idea. Anxiety felt it like a cold hand around his heart. They were whispering in hopes that he wouldn’t hear, that this time he wouldn’t come. But how could he not? When they were all so afraid that he would, it practically summoned him.

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One last thing, I don't know if it's just my brain not understanding things, but I seem unsure if the last panel Sans means 'Stand back' or 'come here' so they can teleport. I imagine he means to come closer so he can warp all 3 of them (Because I wouldn't leave an kid old alone either). Being a 12 year old mom is hard... I like that you show him being out of his depth and forced to be an adult despite his age. whoops now these asks are 3/3. Oh well. Also I love how you do skele expressions. <3

Thank you <3 expressions are fun, but also the most difficult on Aster and Papyrus! XD I‘m also glad that it comes across that Sans has no idea what he’s doing when it comes to raising his 8 year old brothers just yet. I was afraid I didn’t portray it well enough PX

As for the last panel:

I realize i didn’t make it all that clear, but when Papyrus offers to look for flu meds  

He’s offering to go look back at the house. So, Sans is stopping him from taking off towards the house by telling him to ‘come back’. And, yeah it’s so Sans can teleport with both Aster and Papyrus. Leaving Papyrus behind would be terrible XD Sans has enough sense to bring him along n_n <3

I live for Dan Howell wearing cozy sweaters in soft colors and painting his nails how he likes them and drinking hot coco and playing piano but also wearing sparkly dress jackets and take risky selfies in ripped jeans all while embracing his curly hobbit hair.
Just. Dan. Being. Comfortable. In . His. Own. Skin.

the ball’s in gavin’s court now and i 100% expect him to backtrack and say he was just joking and not actually do it and i have no illusions as to actual real matching michael/gavin tattoos happening but also:

i think i remember gavin talking about tattoos and his issue with them being how they’re permanent and how he’d probably hate them in a few years so like… him being okay with getting a tattoo to match michael because he knows michael’s gonna be a permanent part of his life……

plus meg said if they got married gavin would tattoo his wedding band instead of wearing a ring so….. gavin with just two tattoos…… one for michael and one for meg…………

alphys and sans probably watch Sharknado and throw popcorn on the screen and neither of them want to admit that they think the movie’s kinda good because if you like Sharknado that says a lot about you as a person, and they’re already like 98% garbage 

 they also text each other outdated memes and badly drawn pictures of each other they made in MS Paint 

 sometimes they talk about inviting burgerpants over, but neither of them know him, they just think he’s pathethic enough to join their Sad Nerds Club™ 

alphys tells sans about her weird ships and shows him fanfics she’s written about her and asgore and he’s like What The Fuck Is Wrong With You 

 they also get drunk and prank call mettaton during one of his shows and then they get so embarressed neither of them leave their houses for at least 3 weeks

goshdarnit, this is such an adorable relationship and I am SO HAPPY we got a scene between them

like David listens so intently and carefully

and Henry trusts him enough and is comfortable enough to tell him exactly what’s bothering him





Being the toughest and harshest person in the group would include:


Originally posted by omgkcjade

• Rick seeing you as important part of the group, not just through your toughness, also as a close friend. He’d know that he can always count on you, especially when the crunch comes and some rough things need to be handled 

• Glenn knowing that a lot of things you do that intimate him are for the group and the protection of everyone.
Through that he’d see that this was your way of handling things and being protective, even though he’d be shocked by some things just as Maggie would be. But next to that she would also know that you know what you’re doing and would do everything save them 

• Carol being impressed by how though you are and what youre willing to do to keep everyone safe, even though she wouldn’t know if you, just like her, have some issues with yourself that come up after some time of doing things the hard way 

• Abraham being mostly pretty impressed by you and would enjoy watching you killing off a bunch of walkers at once only to make some comment about you being the sickest motherdick ever

• Father Gabirel being at the beginning, especially after what he saw the others and you do with Gareth and the rest of the terminus people he’d be shy around you and act pretty prudent to not ever get into a conflict with you.
After a while then, after he has grown more trust, he’d see your softer sides as well and would see why you’re doing these things the way you do

• Daryl knowing that besides your though and often harsh shell, you’re also having a soft side and you grew that tough to protect yourself and them.
Mostly you’d end up being a great team together with him on runs and earning more and more of his respect when he can fight off enemies, dead or alive, with you to keep the ones home safe 

• Rosita at the beginning being warily towards you, not really knowing how to estimate you through only seeing your though side at first, even if it would impress her somehow.
After some time she would grow more trust in you, seeing what you are all willing and able to do for them all 

• Carl being mostly impressed by your though and badass nature and even secretly taking you a bit as a role model, knowing that you’re tough, but a good person as well 

•  Even though Tara would also do a lot in order to protect the group, it would intimidate her what you are capable of doing especially when she’d be on runs on you, even though it would impress her seeing you fighting that rough and hard. 

• Michonne always knowing that she can count on you, not only when it comes to the tough and hard things, but also when it comes to just being a friend. And even when it would sometimes seem like you are cold when you’re fighting, she’d be relieved to know better and know that you’re next to tough also so much else

• Eugene being mostly pretty imitated by you and nervous when talking to you, even though that would change after a while through seeing that you also care about them. Still, he would highly respect you and would also feel safe when you’re around knowing that you’d knock off anything and anyone that comes too close 

• Morgan would be warily about you. Being the tough person you are would also include being there when it comes to the really rough things, even if it means killing. Through that he’d keep on watching you but would eventually begin trusting you through, even when it’s hard for him, accepting that you handle things your though and often harsh way in order to protect them 

• Aaron knowing from the beginning, as he recruites the group, that you would be a great gain for Alexandria even though he would be a bit shocked seeing the way you can handle things.
But he’d somehow knew that you also got other sides beside the though one and would appreciate them showing up once he gets to know you better.


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Uf, Us sans reaction to babysitting their trouble making newborn kids that cry when they dont get what they want, while s/o is shopping.

I love the Bros with their kids. Kids didn’t really turn out as complete newborns though as I have no experience with that, they’re probably closer to like 3 months. Also is it just me, or does it not count as babysitting if it’s your own kid??

UF!Sans: He was nervous enough already. It might be his kid, but he does not feel like he can take care of them himself while they’re this young. So he’s begging his you to either let him do the shopping or take the baby with you. But he knows that you’re tired, and you deserve a break from constant parent duty. So he accepts and decides to just try and get through it painlessly. That of course, is not what happens. And as soon as the kid starts crying he’s freaking out. He tries everything, feeding them, rocking them gently, and he even tries to pull some funny faces to make them laugh. But nothing is working and now he’s sure that he’s fucked up and hurt the kid somehow. He calls your cell, and begs you to come home. His distressed voice and the sound of your baby crying in the distance isn’t very reassuring. When you do come home though, you find them both passed out on the couch. Red is laying on his back, his kid on his chest and both arms around them protectively. It’s so adorable, it’d be a crime not to snap a picture or thirty of them.

US!Sans: He is confident that his parent techniques are just as good as yours, and he’s sure that he can take care of his own child for a few hours. He’s their father, after all. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to be any problem, the baby is happy to be carried around by him and they wave you off together. It’s when you’ve been gone for half an hour that the crying starts. And then it just. wont. stop. No matter what he does, they just wont stop crying. And he doesn’t know what to do. He feels like he’s failed at something he never even considered that he could be bad at, being a dad. He’s determined to find something that will work though. And after much trial and error (and some googling) he finds a trick that might actually work. He holds them in a certain way and then gently rocks them while cooing and talking to them. They cease the crying almost immediately and after a few minutes they’re as calm as when you left. When you come home you find them both on the floor, kid in their play area and Blue singing and handing them toys. 

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I wont let anything hurt you ever again. Logince, preferably Logic saying it.

I tried to make this angst but in the end it just became an epic quest through dreamland, I am sorry.

Also, I live for bard!Logic i mean  ugh

Warnings: blood mention, burning


“I won’t let anything hurt you ever again”


The funny thing about being a trait was that all of them were connected in some way.

Whenever one of them felt something really deeply – as in a heartbreak, a panic attack, joy or pain – the others would feel it too. And while Logic was the one least sensitive to emotions, he still felt them sometimes, like when Morality’s wife left him to take care of their children alone, or when Prince kissed his first princess, or when Anxiety had his first panic attack after one of Thomas’ worst presentations ever. Logic himself had never made any of the others feel anything, but he didn’t mind. He wasn’t a very sensitive trait, only having that connection four or five times all his life, while the other three were in a constant link of emotions.

That day, however, everything was different.

Logic had been bothered all day, not being able to focus on anything like he usually did. He was also alone in the house, with Anxiety having left with Thomas and Morality for a little family meeting, and Prince off to one of his many quests. Aside from that, Logic and Prince had just recently admitted their feelings for each other, and while nothing had come from it yet, they were slowly developing what could end in a very good relationship that Logic was more than eager to try out. And with all that had happened the last couple of days, obviously that he and Prince were more connected than ever, so it would be just understandable if he could feel something coming from the royal.

And since he was the only other trait in the mindspace, he would be the only one to actually feel if something went wrong, because once outside with their host, they couldn’t have that link to someone that was inside the dreamspace.

In the end, all of lead to a few facts: their link was strong because of their recent confessions, Logic would be the only one to actually feel the link if something was ever to happen, and he had been bothered during the entire day for some weird reason.

So when he fell on the ground, his breathing stopping as he felt a deep, sharp pain on his stomach that felt very much like a sword going through his organs, he knew something was very, very wrong, and he needed to run.

He stood up as he could with the deep pain in his stomach slowly going away, and ran to Prince’s room, knocking on the door.

“Roman?! Roman!”


Logic opened the door quickly and rushed inside, finding a white door on the other side of the room. Usually when they were in their dreamspaces, they would leave something behind so the others could access it as well. He ran to the door, and opened it to see himself in the middle of a dark forest.

He hated, hated imagination land.

After a few seconds of deep thoughts, a black horse appeared next to him, and he climbed it, ignoring the fear he had and riding it far away from the house.

Why not cars? Why medieval times? Why?

Luckily, there was a path for him to follow, so he wouldn’t have to guess the way like many other times. While he approached wherever he was going, he felt his shoulder burning and groaned, almost falling from the horse, which did not stop running. He held his shoulder firmly, blinking away the tears of pain that rose in his eyes. There was only one thing he was worried about at the moment, and that was to find Prince.

“Roman!” he yelled, again, as he and the horse approached a big gate. “Open up!”

Logic hated magic. He really did. But in this case, it was useful.

The gate opened and he made the horse run again, looking around desperately. Several miles away, he could see a castle with a gigantic monster on top of it. He wasn’t sure if it was a dragon or what not, but it was spitting green fire and it was destroying everything around it.

And Prince was in the middle of that destruction.

Logic narrowed his eyes and held tighter on the horse’s rein, hitting its side so it would run faster, and the horse did, neighing loudly as they made their way through the destroyed castle town.


Where are you, prince Roman? Are you too weak to fight me? HAHAHAHAH” Prince heard the monster laugh, and he just groaned, hiding behind a broken wall, holding the big wound on his stomach, doing his best to stop the bleeding while trying to ignore the deep pain in his shoulder.

After a moment of deep thoughts, he sighed, letting his head fall back on the rock, body slowly becoming numb to the pain because of the blood loss.

“I guess this is it then…” he mumbled, shakily, looking up at the dark skies over him. Prince smiled weakly, closing his eyes right after. “Defeated… at last… You thought you were better than this… You were so wrong” he mumbled, a soft chuckle leaving his mouth, followed by a chuckle thick with blood. “So soon… And I didn’t… I didn’t have the chance… Logan…”

I’m sorry.


I’m sorry.

Logic frowned, finally arriving to the castle. The thought was weak, which meant one thing only: Prince was weak and he needed help.

He looked forward, frowning at the wreckage. He left his horse, petting its head.

“You are of no help now. Return to the castle, Night” he said, and the horse neighed again before it ran away. Logic looked towards the castle and ran inside, getting past the rocks and making his way to the tower.

He had to get there before it was too late.



Prince opened his eyes slowly, frowning as he saw a black figure approaching. When the shadow kneeled next to him, pulling him closer, he frowned. That touch was so familiar, so gentle.

“Who…” he mumbled, but suddenly there was a finger over his mouth.

“Don’t speak. Just stay awake. I will heal you in a minute”

Prince knew that voice.

“Logan…” he breathed out, before he was shushed again. Logan pulled him to his lap before the ground shook and the monster’s head appeared next to them.

There you are. You and your knight” the monster growled, smirking, and Logic pulled Prince closer, while the royal stared at the creature that had defeated him at last. “Too weak to fight on your own, you called aid, prince Roman. Unfair, but worry not. I will make both of you ashes” the creature said, before it charged a fire blast.

Before it could release it, however, the ground shook again and the monster lost its footing, having to fly to steady itself again. Prince looked up, adrenaline filling him up as he saw the walls around them trembling.

“Logan… Logan the castle…” he gasped out, trying to move. “It is crumbling… save yourself… Logan! Logan…” he said, but then as he stared at Logic’s eyes, he realized that it wasn’t a simple earthquake that was destroying the castle.

The thing was, while in dreamspace, especially in Prince’s dreamland, each one of them had different abilities and different tittles. And while in the others it was something silly and unimportant, in Roman’s, they had their elemental powers, and also an RPG king of ability set.

And when Prince looked in Logic’s eyes, he realized that he was the one making the ground shake.

What is happening?!” the monster growled, but Logic simply continued staring at it. Slowly, all the pieces of the fallen castle started to float in the air, surrounding the monster and together, at the same time, they came together, squeezing the monster between them, digging into its skin and destroying every part of its being until it fell all the way down, lifeless.

Then, the shaking of the ground stopped and Logic looked back down at Prince, who was staring at nothing while the adrenaline went away again and he was left with the dizziness of the loss of blood.

“Relax. I shall heal you” Logic mumbled, pulling Prince closer and closing his eyes, a soft humming leaving his mouth.

Prince closed his eyes, leaning against his warm body, breathing slowly as he felt his body going back to normal, as if nothing had ever happened. He let himself rest against the older trait, knowing he would be safe.

“Thank you…”

“I will never let anything hurt you again” Logic mumbled, holding Prince closer as he watched the wound on his stomach heal and the burning on his shoulder disappear.

He hated his powers, he hated magic, he hated things that weren’t real. But at that moment, he was glad he had them.

Maybe being a bard wasn’t so bad after all.

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Yep, just like I was right about where he was going. Indiana does not show inmate photos...only their location. So, my friends, there will be no more pics of him. And it's possible they might restrict his mail to a short list of approved people. He will also have to decide if he is cool with them reading his outgoing and incoming mail. Layman's terms,he'll have have to sign a waiver allowing transparency if he wants mail. Yes, he fucked himself big time.

I read the same thing on a website, people need to be approved by him. 

Live Blog - The White Princess Episode 2

Here’s my live blog of TWP Episode 2, it’s just over four pages.  I’ve given it a once-over rough edit, but this is what I wrote up while watching the episode.  Hope you find some humor here!

“drawn from the novel by Philippa gregory” righhhhht.

Wait, why is she smiling like that when she’s entering his apartments?  I can see a fake or strained smile, but she looks shy and happy?  Wtf?  Last I left them she was like “i don’t like this guy”, unless this is supposed to be her tricking him?

What is the hell is this scene?? She’s like… being seductive??  Also, neither of their costumes are working.  Her sleeves are ridiculous.  And he looks like he’s wearing an emo bathrobe.  Jacob is too good for this show.

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Can you make headcanons about the reader dating Bruce Wayne but being shy? I am a very shy and non social person to strangers but if I know you well then I will talk about lot.

😊 If you’re a shy person dating Bruce Wayne be ready for at least some minimal coddling 

😊 He probably will attend even less events than he already does if you’re not comfortable with things like that, opting instead to spend his time with you doing whatever you like and lots of kissing of course

😊 Alfred probably has to remind him as much as he loves you and as much as the family loves you he still has an image as CEO to uphold and can’t skip out on all his events

😊 So Bruce decides to bring you to them but also the kids so it’s more bearable and you have someone just in case he gets dragged off to talk about business 

😊 Tim and Dick are there to keep you company and introduce you to people if you feel like it but also will stick around and drink if you just want to wallflower it that night

😊 Jason and Damian are there to keep you entertained and cause a little mischief, Duke is with them to take part but also make sure they don’t cause too much trouble

😊 Cass probably doesn’t like these kinds of events either and is more likely to sneak you out then hang around like Tim and Dick, maybe you’ll ride around the city or go get something to eat

😊 Stephanie is most likely with you and Cass but can also be found with Jason and Damian having fun 

😊 If you’re ever out with Bruce and are suddenly found by paparazzi he seems like the kind to shield you from pictures with his body, his large stature keeping you out of the cameras eye as he shuffles you out 

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EYYYY Reverse!AU Again! AllMight trying to get along with (eventual) s/o by taking them on a date. Wherever, idc. Teacher s/o has known him for a few months now, so maybe get into a small heated kissing session?

Eeey welcome back lovely! And sure thing, I hope I could write this well enough! =) (also please ignore the fact that I literally have no idea what I’m doing and I hope it’s going to be okay anyway)

It took All Might a while to get the teacher to agree to go out with him. He’s been sporadically dropping by their working place just when they left and while he never held back on charming, toothy grins and a couple of ambiguous, flirty remarks, he kept his hands to himself and started conversations about all sorts of topics.

When they finally agree to go out with him, he can’t help the widening of his grin.

“Oh, you won’t regret that.” He says and offers his arm. “Let’s go, I just know the place.”

They smile half wryly and half amused, before they give him a slight nudge and ignore the offered elbow to just straight out take his hand. “I very much hope I won’t regret it.”

All Might chuckles, just a tad darkly the way he always does and leads them away. The restaurant he takes them to is small and doesn’t have many costumers despite the fact that the food is rather good. That is mostly the case because the restaurant is open even after the dark and that’s when the true clientele arrives.

Not that All Might is going to tell them that, as they sit together, talking and joking, with his knee pressing against theirs and he can’t help but tease them and reaches out to brush his fingers across the back of their hand.

When they leave, he accompanies them, their hands entwined and their shoulders touching. Once they stop before his date’s home, they turn to him and give him a warm smile.

“You were right, I had fun tonight.” They say and he grins.

“I didn’t promise fun, though that is satisfying to hear.” He steps closer, his hands lightly slipping around their waist. “And I just know the perfect goodbye for tonight.”

The teacher tilts their head up, leaning gently against him and he sees their smile widening a little in the bit of illumination the streetlight provides.

“Yeah?” They ask and he leans down, the hand on the small of their back pushing them flush against him.

All Might kisses them deeply and hotly, not holding back and his hands fan along their hips. He slips his tongue into their mouth once they open up to him and he swallows the sound they’re making. When they break apart, his date sucks in air and he grins, before he leans down again, kissing them again, their body pressing against his.

He feels their hands coming to grab a hold of his suit, pulling him down even further and the kiss turns searing, as their tongues meet and the kiss turns a little sloppy and even deeper.

With one last, deep kiss, All Might slows down again and leans back to slowly shifts his hands to a more appropriate hold, grinning down at them.

“I’ll see you again soon.” He murmurs.

“I very much hope so.” They answer with a grin and kiss swollen lips.

just-french-me-up  asked:

Something positive: Montparnasse gets all whiny and cuddly when he's exhausted. Well, not USUALLY cause he doesn't let himself go with Patron Minette, he has to preserve his reputation and shit. But when he's at Jehan's place, he'll curl around them like a needy kitten and ask for cuddles and attention

elise your posts and headcanons always cheer me up! also i totally agree with this because i think parnasse is like a cat. like one moment he’s going to be walking around like he owns the place and then the next he just wants love and cuddles. like some people will say to jehan “why are you dating him? he’s so self centered?” and jehan is like “no he’s so loving and sweet!” making the other person very confused

plutoandpolaris  asked:

I'm just going to put this out here: For Chase as a character, are we counting the part where he shoots himself as part of his canon story or? Did he survive, did Scheeplstien save him, is he secretly a ghost, WHATS HAPPENING?! Also, it is kinda low key stated in the video that Stacy got the kids, by the line "At least let me see them on the weekends." Did Chase win the legal battle or is this explained any other way? This isn't meant to be mean, I'm just curious how you see these plot points.

i think it was just part of the joke, tbh! they were just nerf guns after all, and i feel like chase was just being a dramatic little bean. i see it that it was staged! the scenes where he was on the phone though, i definitely think those were real to him and he’s actually having martial problems. poor guy. 💚

i think for that quote it’s that he’s trying to fight to be able to see his kids on the weekend. like it’s almost as if he’s admitting defeat, like if stacy and him are really going to get a divorce, he still wants to be able to see his kids because he loves them dearly. 

I just hate rich people man. Honestly I don’t mean any disrespect but like ugh they make me so mad. There are good rich people who give back and are understanding and wonderful people. Not talking about those. I’m talking about privileged bitches who’ve had everything given to them their entire life, never worked hard and just are horrible people. We have an exchange student living in my house (cause my mom has a lot of money but she’d never help me out lmao are you kidding) and this guy is hella rich. His parents sent him here all the way from China, paid for his flight, paid for his rent for FOUR YEARS and sent him to university which is what like $50,000+??? They gave him a whole bunch of extra spending money. The dude bought a $1200 JACKET ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS. ALSO $600 BOOTS. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THAT EXISTED. HE BOUGHT A $1100 INSTRUMENT. WHAT. THE. FUCK. He has one at home, too. He just decided to get a new one. Y'know when u just casually spend $1100 arbitrarily out of the blue because like why not because CAN’T RELATE. Dude it would take me at least like 9 months to be able to save up $1100. And it’s even worse for a lot of people out there like I’m privileged compared to some people. At least I have a place to stay (mind you an abusive place) but at least I have a home and food and a car.

This dude came home the other day with a new car. A $40,000 CAR. LIKE JUST ALL NONCHALANTLY TOO. Like it was just a regular fuckin day to him. This kid had a job and stuff before I think but like his parents buy him everything. His parents bought him: a $40,000 vehicle, $50,000+ worth of schooling, paid his entire rent for 4 years and gave him enough extra spending money to be able to afford $1200 jackets. My mom won’t even let me live with her without paying rent. We pay $300 because we can’t afford much more than that at the moment and we still get bitched at every day and treated badly because we’re not paying $1000.

I just really needed to vent I’m not trying to be like “oh feel bad for me” because I know that I’m privileged compared to some people. I can afford my basic needs and that’s more than what some people can. I am in no way trying to invalidate people with less than me or be like “omg I’m so poor”. I have to put this disclaimer on stuff because if I don’t, people think I’m trying to disregard every poor person and come in my inbox with death threats so like idk