not just for cases but also in his everyday life

A little bit of love for Monsieur Hercule Poirot

He is a very good cook AND HE HATES ENGLISH FOOD.
He is a good matchmaker.
He has a strong sense of justice.
People are always making fun of him because of his accent, and he’s just like “who cares, I’m smarter than you anyway”.
He uses the xenophobic opinion people have on him (“weird little belgian/french/european”) against them, to trick them.
He’s super sassy.
He’s a lot clothes-conscious, a real fashion victim omg.
He is judging you so hard, when you deserve it, but he will help you, if you need to.
He has a sweet tooth, how relatable.
He doesn’t like to fly, run, to do anything physical.
He makes “BISE” TO HIS ENGLISH FRIENDS AND AS A FRENCH PERSON IT’S SO RELATABLE (I know he’s belgian, don’t worry, it’s so european of him).
He has no time for your shit.
He has OCD (let’s be honest) and he uses it to solve his cases.
He talks shit about England and English people 110% of the time and AGAIN AS AN FRENCH/BELGIAN/EUROPEAN, IT’S SO RELATABLE.
He is an immigrant, he came to England because of World War one, he still misses his home, but he still solves cases everyday, I love him, he is so brave.
Also, his family was very poor, according to him, he’s not just like your usual “bourgeois detective”, he had to work a LOT, when he was in the belgium police.
He doesn’t care if you’re noble or not, if you’re a murderer, you’re a murderer, period.
This quote : “I’m not concerned with nations, Monsieur. I am concerned with the lives of private individuals who have the right not to have their lifes taken from them.”

List of David Headcanons

A surprising amount of people (or maybe just one person and one very enthusiastic anon who could have been the same person?) have asked me to write up a list of headcanons for David Jacobs, the way I have been doing for other Newsies characters. It’s worth noting that this blog already contains well over 1000 David Jacobs headcanons. In fact, this is my 2001st post here. Anyway, it seems like a good time to give David a headcanon list. A lot of this is going to repeat things I’ve already posted in this blog. Consider it a summary of key points.

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Things the Author of "Dirty Laundry" Does Well #42

They portray accurate emotions.

Many authors might have had the Sanchez family surround Sophia with a group hug when she came home. But honestly, what family would actually do that. They have all this pent up emotions towards Sophia, and they can finally release it.
Which is exactly what happens when Lance starts telling off his sister. You can easily see how hurt he was that his older sister, someone he confides in and feels safe around, would up and leave him and his family and never make contact for six years. He was hurt, coming out was one of the biggest and scariest moments of his life, and she missed it. He probably wanted to share that with her, and have his sister support, but for all he knew, she hated him.
They also show case how forgiveness truly works. Its not a snap of a finger, its not something that can be fixed immediately. Forgive is something that is worked towards.
When Benji says, “I’m still mad at you, okay? But I can’t be a dick 24/7. Just rap it like when we were kids and maybe I’ll talk to you again.” It shows how real people forgive.
Its a process and everyday you get closer towards it. This also displays how its perfectly okay for a person to accept an apology, but not forgive a person. Benji is open to bonding with his sister again, but not yet. What Sophia did scarred the family.
Jamie is still in disbelief that shes with them again. He holds onto her hand as if if he let go she’d leave again.