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Thinking about Amazon’s coming pre-LotR series has got me thinking again about the Silmarillion being adapted and all the whys I really don’t want it to happen. We don’t know what exactly Amazon’s planning to do, what stories, and I know this isn’t going to be the Silm, thank goodness, but even thinking about this door being opened just drove home the points again. 

Like, you know whatever gutting of the canon they’re going to do is going to bleed into the fandom. But that aside, one of the biggest things for me is the casting. Know that I’m talking about Elves here more than anything. Martin Freeman is my Bilbo, I see Sean Astin’s face when I think of Sam, John’s with Gimli’s, you get the picture. But Elves are so incredibly hard to cast. That’s not to dispute all casting choices (some are excellent, as my praise of Lee Pace goes to show), but it’s like I can already feel the preemptive disappointment at having to say goodbye to the huge amount of originality when it comes to designing these characters, in art and fic. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to see one specific human face for Maedhros, for Feanor, for the Valar, for Aredhel, (especially) for Glorfindel, or Celebrimbor or Annatar or Cirdan now plastered to every fanart. Like now, more often that not, to give an example, it’s always Liv Tyler as Arwen, Cate Blanchett as Galadriel…there’s a reason you rarely see anything of them compared to others from me, because most of the edits/fanart coming across my dash are of those women as them and just…no.

This isn’t a censoring post. Please don’t take it as that. As a creator myself, I don’t do that, I don’t believe in that, and I don’t condone it. But it just saddens me that the level of originality decreases so dramatically when someone is officially cast. As much as I absolutely love and approve of Lee Pace as Thranduil, you don’t see nearly as many original concepts compared to before the Hobbit. Same with Legolas. 

Can you imagine that happening to someone like Maedhros? It’s so fun seeing the various fanart of him, the different ways the scars are placed, just how tall he is, does he have long or short hair after Angband, the type of look in his eyes…Or how about Melkor or the rest of the Valar? Can you imagine these gods being officially cast? How about Mairon? How about Luthien or Glorfindel, both so beautiful and both whose hair would cost a movie budget of their own? Maglor and his voice? So many of these characters are the recipients of the most broadly creative interpretations, their designs and concepts driven by a thought-provoking narrative where you can tell the artist is thinking so much about their story. And to see that decrease just because we would “officially” have a face to the name….

Don’t get me wrong, there would definitely be some perks to seeing the Silm on screen. The scenery, the Two Trees, the epic battles, the music…though if Ancalagon in all his glory isn’t depicted as so great that he could flick Smaug away while taking a nap, I’ll burn down the house.

I’m talking as if the Silm is in its pre-production stage, but I’m just still glad that it’s not, just because of casting alone. 

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Rip ask Craig and those guys

Hey anon, I know that you probably don’t really mean anything negative by this, just a comment, but how about don’t do this???? Trust me, you’re not the only one to.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m working on Craig and Those Guys and getting it to the schedule that I’m comfortable with. I’m working on a LOT of stuff. Because multi-tasking exists and I’m excited to get all kinds of content out for you! But it’s time consuming and hard work and hell, I’m sorry, but I’m going to take all the time I need in order to put out the highest quality stuff I can muster.

So I’ll say it one more time: please be patient.

jesus christ all my bois are either gonna turn evil, is turning evil or was close on becoming evil—like cOME ONE DISNEY LEAVE MY BBYS ALONE???

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Aha! Asche gender has been expose! Kekekeke >:D!

Oh, but I don’t think so, mate! >:D

See, they look rather confused about being called a “he” ;0

You can consider them whatever you want tho, their gender is ambiguous, you can call him a “he” or you can call her a “she”, whichever you prefer :D

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Hey! I really love your fics and your one shots!😍😍 Do you happen to have like a master post or something with them? Cause I would like to read ones that you wrote like a year ago but it's kinda hard to scroll that much😂😂

Thank you so much for saying that! :D

I do have a bookshelf page on my tumblr (the link is in the sidebar) There are Tumblr and Ao3 links for each ficlet. 

I’ve also tagged the recent requested fics with ‘cc-prompt’  and the general tag for fics is here (if for some reason they aren’t in the bookshelf) 

Thank you so much for taking the time to message me and happy reading :)

Deleted Scene from Tombstone

DIsclaimer: This is just for humor, no hate for any character is intended

Scene: At the bunker, Sam and Dean bring Cas to introduce him to Jack. Jack hugs Cas warmly

Jack: I missed you so much! I begged that you would come back!
Cas: Sam and Dean tell me you’re doing well
Jack: I am!! Look!!! 
(Jack holds a hand over the pencil and makes it float)
Jack: I can move a pencil!! 
Dean: Wow that’s great!! Imma go get my cowboy hat so we can go to Dodge City because its awesome and Im in a great mood YEEHAWWW
Cas: (glares with constipated look)

Sam comes out of back ground where he was silently blending into the wall

Sam: No no no no no… HOLD UP!!!!. 
(Everyone staring at Sam)
Sam: Really guys?? Are you serious?
Dean: Sammy? You alright? You haven’t said a thing since last night
Sam: You know what Dean? FUCK YOU!! I’ve dealt with your anger and hate for weeks and busted MY ass trying to make you feel better, trying to give you hope that you wouldnt take… and for what?? For you to be all laughing and happy because your buddy came back?? Huh? Wheres MY smile Dean? And Cas? FUCK YOU!! I spent all last season defending your stupid ass to my brother while you kept running off doing more stupid shit and end up getting yourself killed and leaving ME with your responsibility!! Where’s my Thank You Cas?? And Jack… ya know… fuck you too! Ive been protecting you, teaching you and caring for you like a parent since the day you were born and what do I get huh?? Where’s my hug??
(All stare at Sam with mouths agape )
Sam: This is bullshit… fuck you all 
(Sam storms through the room and up the bunker stairs and pauses)
Sam: And also? That’s MY goddamn pencil and THAT’S NOT CAS!!!
(Sam makes pencil fly through the room and into his hand with his mind) 
Sam: Peace out bitches!!! 
(Slams bunker door)
Dean: (looking at Cas)
Jack: (looking at Cas)
Cas: That just got awkward

I am getting so tired of the constant shitting on the astrals on my edits. Like get your facts straight on their actual roles instead of biased headcanons. As far as it is the only one whom to fuck and thank to the misery of our main characters is Ardyn and Ifrit. I don’t hate Ardyn, he is a good villain and character, but the whitewashing and believing he is some kind of Oracle clone is cringy af. 

But I don’t give a shite about it all. What it is is, that I am a creator, I make edits, and constantly seeing such shitty tags (yes, we read tags) whenever I make something about the astrals is pissing me off. You don’t see me going into someone’s fanfiction or fan art and post how I hate a fictional character or deity (then the world would be too small, oh yes) but like on gifs it is totally fine?

just-a-mod replied to your post: the quest to get the flower-crown helmet in DA:I…

There is a mod that let’s you buy it at the orlais market for free o/

ya i will probably get that for my PC game but i’m talking abt PS4 and on PS4 we dont have the luxury of mods, we suffer, we suffer a lot 

Yknow sometimes i really wish i just had regular nightmares instead of “i accidentally leave my bag on the bus, it gets stolen and i try everything to get it back but it’s hopeless and it hurts and i cry a lot, then i somehow end up chilling with the guy who stole it at some community event and we bond over being trans” and “my brain somehow forgets that both me and my cousin are uni students and i end up wanting to transfer to her secondary school for my very last semester in secondary school, but i dissociate during class and mess up and run away. in the meantime i discover that the school is actually horrible and a teacher who looks a lot like the bad cop from fantastic beasts does everything in his power to keep me from leaving”