not just cuz i dont know them


I do love Shadamy…but the fanfic are just…..

  • Anime commenters: Man! Hak and Yona are taking forever to get together!! I've been waiting 24 episodes for them to kiss and nothing!!!!
  • Me, 136 chapters in: lol

Not a popular ship but a beautiful ship nonetheless

fun story so in class today we were exchanging vday cards and a classmate I don’t even know/never talk to wrote on her card to me “happy vday! hope tyler and josh make your year full of surprises” and that made my heart warm

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First of all, WHO is WHO


So now, both of them are stuck in the void where they interact with you.

Why did all that happen? 💧🏱⚐✋☹☜☼💧!!

But yeah, thats basically whats going on here, is this an AU? idk man, its just an askblog with a lazy mun. Dont question it, enjoy it.

so uh hey everyone just wanna a have a lil memo for yall

some ships in overwatch that are not pedophiliac

D.Va/anyone (cuz she is 19 aka an adult)

mcreyes (people age ya know)


to be blunt not a single ship in overwatch is pedophiliac all of them are adults and if someone says your ship is theyre wrong and you are allowed to ship whatever you want its not gonna kill anyone

oh and only tracer is confirmed to be a lesbian so shipping mercy with a guy is not erasure. I dont even get people saying that 

ok honestly i don’t tell nobody im a witch

i mean my momma and brother know cuz i have a huge altar and because i do weird shit around the house lol

i’ve told only my closest friends, and some bitches i used to trust and they spread the word but seeing as almost nobody believes in magick today nobody believed them 

but everyday somebody comes asking if im a witch and if i can help them with something

is it that obvious? lol i dont wear any clothes that scream ‘witch’ 

do i just give off that vibe? does this happen to you guys ?

Will i complain about camila collaborating with pitbull and jbalvin? YES.

Will i ever stop complaining about it? NO.

I just hate how camila collabs with those kind of guys. First Machine GK, now those others. Like….. idk, she can do so much better. I get that she has to build up a career, i get that they are really famous (not MGK tho lol), and those collabs will BLOW her career up, but im not happy about it whatsoever.

Ok so you might want to know the reason i dont like her collaborating with them, well its simple, they’re misogynists and they sexualize women in most of their music. And i just dont understand why camila likes them, cuz i know she does.

And im so upset bc I’ll have to listen to them and I’ll probably give them my money, all bc i wanna support camila and i wanna hear her music too. So theres that.


Eyy another comic :D (and more flustered adrien)

does anyone know their school mascot? Or their school colors? I couldn’t really find anything. For right now im just sticking to red, black, and white cuz well marinette is ladybug :)

(also I didnt mean for them to look like they dont know proper table etiquette, with their elbows on the table. And marinette might look like she’s talking with her mouth full, but she isnt.) 

edit: So I was told that there’s no such thing as mascots, school competitions, or cheerleaders in France. My bad guys 

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I agree that victims should not have to disclose n no hate to u at all like I mean this in the nicest possible way but I feel like authors should at least try to include that in their writing so readers dont think its forgotten or something to be brushed off, etc. im thinking something like "we didnt talk about it because laurent clearly didnt want to" or "'do u wanna talk about?' 'No'" just any little thing from author 2 let us know that it wasnt mentioned cuz Laurent didnt wanna talk bout it

Here’s the thing, I DO think that it’s brought up between them - though only briefly. I think it would be HIGHLY uncharacteristic of them to ignore that. They’ve proven many times over that they are both perfectly aware of their respective pasts they acknowledge them, AND THEN THEY DO EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO MOVE PAST THEM.

I don’t think that a) Laurent needs to say anymore than “it happened I’m sorry you found out that way”, b) it’s a bad thing we didn’t see it, c) it’s unhealthy that we didn’t see it, d) they have to think about it every time they’re together/having sex, when THEY SO BADLY WANT TO MOVE ON

Again, headcanoning them to have the conversation is FINE. I headcanon a brief conversation too.

But claiming it’s unhealthy for Laurent to not divulge the details of his trauma is NOT fine. Claiming it’s a moral failure of the book for Laurent to not divulge intimately personal information is NOT fine.

Plus. Like. In TSP Laurent was more comfortable with his sexuality than we had ever seen him, so HONESTLY what would an “in text” conversation have added to their relationship other than readers’ catharsis?? If you think Pacat is just writing off sexual abuse victims because she didn’t include that talk, then you don’t know her very well tbh.

Damen and Laurent have aaaaalways been an action > words kind of couple, so HONESTLY what purpose would a detailed conversation serve for THEIR relationship? Damen always checks for consent, he keeps his hands to himself, he respects Laurent’s “no’s” and that’s clearly what Laurent needs! It was made VERY clear in TSP that Laurent was healing well. Why does he need to suffer through an uncomfortable conversation that I doubt he wants to have for that healing to be valid when Damen is already providing him the treatment he needs?

Also, what if she DID include that detailed talk? As a CSA victim, I personally would have HATED that. I’ve seen more than enough of the idea that victims need to word-vomit about their experience in order to heal. Some people are uncomfortable with them not talking about it, just as some would be if they HAD talked about it. It’s a lose/lose situation and I’m sure Pacat knew that. It would be nice to know for sure whether they talk about it, but was The Discussion necessary to the narrative? No. Readers’ desire for it is entirely personal opinion and longing for catharsis which is FINE, but it has no basis in healthy/unhealthy healing and certainly not in good or bad writing.

Plus. If people just don’t assume that he wants to talk about it - which is a good thing to always assume unless a victim says they DO want to talk about it - then people don’t have to worry about a CONFIRMATION that he doesn’t want to talk about it.

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Hey sweet Milly! Did you see this new person again? 💘

Hey lovely ! No not yet. We were possibly going to meet yesterday but he was busy, we might meet on Wednesday (cant meet today cuz I am in london again). I am feeling so relaxed about it even though I really like this person a lot a lot and really want to see them again (badly) - even just to confirm they are real and it wasn’t/isn’t all a beautiful dream I had. I always anticipate the worst & i am worried slightly it wont happen or he doesn’t want to or if it does happen he will think I am uglier than on the night or maybe he just stops messaging me. I dont know. But at the same time I feel so ! just ! Not caught up on things negatively. I can handle it healthily. I am excited with things, I have a full heart. I love i love i love

“Writers always put down words deliberately, knowing exactly what they want the readers to feel”
That’s what my English professor said when we were discussing a story in class. And I just… Like I just remembered my mermaid au fic “Why Him?”, realizing that the title was a question and the ending of the last chapter was the answer to it days after I updated it. I answered my own damn question without even knowing it.

If you want to vent that way, I’ll try to understand. But I fear for you ‘cuz you’re sick and I dont want to lose you. You made me cry when you hit me, but I know you were just so high…
Everything will be just a nightmare the next day, if I want to. I’ll not leave you, I wouldnt. I know you love your drugs and I’m not who to tell you to leave them. But we are much more than all this. Cause bad days dont exist by your side.

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oh god same i even saw a post on tumblr about how bts is homophobic just because they put kissing a guy as a punishment i mean i understand that some people can see it that way but i also think it's not that deep?? like they know they are being filmed so they're getting kinda embarrassed. they're not actors, they're not kissing someone for a movie or drama, it's them friends who they have to kiss in front of staff and other people who will see it later +

+ i think bts don’t really have problem with kissing each other off cameras lol i rmr taekook kissing, it was on one of these music shows, jk was back hugging tae and kissing his neck because he thought the cameras are off already but some fan filmed it or that bon voyage ep. when theres was a hidden camera and jk was sleeping with tae and tae kissed his arm so i think they are rlly ok with that

hi there :)) i just read your tags on that “cringe” gifset of the boys kissing/getting kissed, and i totally agree they’re prob exaggerating for the camera. there was so much Discourse about this the other day, but if u rly think abt it, they grope each other’s butts constantly, and are generally all over each other (and didn’t tae kiss jk’s ear on a vlive once, like it was no big deal?). there’s no way they’d be fine w/all that but not a cheek kiss, come on.

yeah its all just really extra and overacting and i definitely dont think theyre homophobic or were intentionally trying to be gross about it. (that being said lgbt people who feel upset seeing it are entirely justified in feeling that way just as a blanket statement cuz i dont want anyone who felt bad about it to feel bad seeing these asks)

YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAH~ Holt Hyde in the house!

You know it, guys and ghouls! It’s the Hyde man back on the squeals of steel and we’re cranking this party into OVERDRIVE! but it aint just me this go around! Clawd, Deuce, Gil, even Jackie and my Cuz are here! and we’re all here to answer your asks! so dont be shy, shoot us a request, crew the fat, and get ready for some full-on Monster High hyjinks! Yeeeeeah~

This is my new account on Twitter for Tumblr 😁😁😁

I’m still thinking what language to use cuz well.. I could use both of them but writing both would be hard to me cuz of my laziness😅😅😅

If u come over to this account, I will definately welcome you☺☺☺ 

oh and theres another account for do my Otaku stuff, this account will only for cartoon stuffs ( I just need an account for my OC things ya know?😆😄😄

and dont worry Im still using tumblr as well! heh.

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His family are racist, he told his Mother he Will marry me and tears rolled from her eyes. After seeing that he decided to leave me. I feel alone again, alone cuz i really have no one else. Its me and God. I feel not good enough again. Thats What i have been always told since i was child. I dont get the Reason for living if After 22 years i still get pain in return. Dont say im hurting just cuz of him it Will pass.This a routine in my life. Im sorry if i sound weird.

You don’t have to be sorry. I know very well how bad times affect us in a negative painful way. There are still blessings God granted you and we shouldn’t ignore them. Are you healthy? If yes, be grateful. Do you have a roof over your head? If yes, be grateful. Do you have food and drinks at home? If yes, be grateful. Being grateful will always be a choice. And you’re not alone, you have Allah. You have the one that created you and that will always listen to you. Whatever happens belongs to our fate and who created our fate? Allah did. That should be enough reason to trust Him. Making sincere Duaas can change the whole situation and can even change your fate. Every human soul has to endure difficult, painful tests and at the end the way you handle it will count. My dear, the world was designed to break your heart only to make you ask your Lord for help and comfort. Even if it doesn’t seem like it will get better, someday it won’t bother you anymore, someday you will smile and thank Allah for everything that happened and your heart will feel content