not just because she is asian

Rogue One Party Headcanon

-Jyn has pretty high tolerance

-Chirrut is such a lightweight two drinks and he’s gone

-Baze and Cassian both have pretty moderate average tolerances

-Bodhi can PUT IT DOWN and everyone gets so surprised

- It’s hard to tell when Jyn’s drunk because she’ll pretend she’s not              “Jyn, you good?”                                                                                                  “yes” *hiccups*

-She’s honestly just so zoned out 

- Baze and Chirrut have the iconic asian glow

- Cassian is so flirty when he’s drunk. He’ll wink and even give weird finger guns.

- Jyn will usually get clingy when she drinks. She’ll be zoned out on Cassians face                                                                                                                       *Cassian stands up*                                                                                              “Don’t leave me”

- Bodhi gets so emotional

- He will walk by a mirror and stop                                                                         “you are a good person and deserve love”, you are cool, and *starts to cry* brave and and- *suddenly angry* NO your’e a bad ass godammit!”

-Cassian flirts with himself                                                                                     *sees reflection* “hey good lookin”

-Baze is Santa and a teddy bear with the loudest laugh ever

-Chirrut turns into a noodle drunk. like, he has no bones he’s falling down

-The two of them laugh so much at everything. EVERYTHING

- “What’s a hangover”- quote by Jyn Erso

- K-2SO is the DD

To all the people commenting that is 19 and an adult in regards to

Where the hell were you when there was bunnyribbit discourse? I’ve gotten 5 page dissertations on why Lucio is too old for That to ship and Lucio romantically is skeezy and problematic. That Lucio would be preying on her (also this is Lucio we’re talking about too, the only preying he’s be doing is if someone asked him to do an impression of a preying mantis). But now Sombra’s out and’s magically an adult? Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you. can make her own choices and if you want her to be with Sombra go ahead. I’m just a little suspicious on why “ is an adult and can choose who she wants”  idea is suddenly coming in droves.

I mean, I try to not think about the fact that Black men are often banned from being paired White/Asian women in the media because Black men are often portrayed as thugs, savages, and “players” and they couldn’t possibly be paired with the Pure White Woman™ and the Meek and Shy Asian Woman.™ And even worse all those stereotypes I just listed are terrible for all parties above. Also my family is in show businesses. My mother has come  home after overhearing an outrageous comment about how this black male character would be “too intense” to be a white female character’s love interest (ain’t that a trip?). So in comes and Lucio who talk to each other like they’re equals and enjoy each other’s talents. And it’s a biracial pairing with both as POC? I instantly called up FedEx for next day shipping, bruh.

“But is a PoC biracial ship and lgbtqa!” You’ll probably message in my inbox. Again, that’s friggin awesome. But that fact the you pick and choose battles and ignore people getting shamed for liking Bunnyribbit and then turning around and defending Som.Va makes me give you the side eye. And yes, its a female/male ship. I say f/m because it is not a hetro-ship because I headcanon Lucio as bisexual and as demisexual. *holds your face close to mine* But even if they were both straight, a biracial PoC couple is underrepresented in the media and needs representation. *lets go of your face*

So we know it ain’t age when you guys weren’t speaking up because Sombra is whopping 11 years older than, while Lucio is 7 years older. So then what was it?

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Why you should watch Rupaul’s Drag Race

1. The winners: 

The show didn’t have a white winner till season 4. S E A S O N 4. It has the most diversity. 

first season winner: Bebe Zahara Benet -Black, won because fierce af

Second Season Winner: Tyra Sanchez -Black, she won because well, honestly she deserved it in the end..

Third Season Winner: Raja Gemini -Asian, won because honestly, it was either her or Manila, and either one deserved it as much as the other. Raja stood out with her fashion sense, and just how she does drag, fierce af. Raja is amazing and will be one of the best drag queens you ever see.

Fourth Season Winner: Sharon Needles -White, won because she stood out, and was different then most type of drag. She deserved it. Plus fierce af, her style is spooky, and creepy, she isn’t all glamour, but she is her own type of glamour.

Fifth Season Winner: Jinkx Monsoon -White, had narcolepsy and didn’t let it stop her. She improved throughout the season and deserved to win 100% Sweet af person and fierce af.  

Sixth Season Winner: Bianca Del Rio -Hispanic, also a different kind of drag, not all fishy, but comedy. She is a comedy queen. and an insult queen, again won because she stood out, and is the funniest winner so far. Underneath all that heavy makeup and insults, she’s the nicest person ever. Fierce af

Seventh Season Winner: Violet Chachki -White, she deserved it 100% The youngest winner yet, and the fiercest. Her fashion level is beyond high, probably up there with Raja tbh. She was a bitch till episode 5 then you saw her change and you just loved her. Fierce af, bdsm goddess. Smallest waist in rupaul drag race herstory. 

2. Each season is fucking hilarious, and as the seasons go along, each one gets funnier.

season 2:

Season 3: which we had the heathers vs the boogers drama, which WAS HILARIOUS. all the big drama started in this season. Plus we get the best queens ever. The top 5, not one was white. 

Season 4: Oh god this is one of the best seasons honey.

Then we had all stars: where the best of the best and fan favorites come back from past seasons (1-4) where they come back to compete for the crown again, unless you already won.

Season 5; ah, the season of back rolls

Season 6. The 2nd best season. 

Season 7:

3. It literally brings families together. 

4. The lip-syncs: every challenge, their is always a bottom 2, and one goes home I’m going to post the best lip-syncs 

season 3: Manila vs Delta. 

Girl sign me the fuck up this right here makes me emotional

also Carmen vs Raja, it was like soft fucking porn LIKE WTF

Season 4: Jiggily vs Alisa 

Season 5: Roxxy vs Alyssa


All stars: Jujubee vs Raven,

 most emotional lip sync ever, I wouldn’t want to lipsync against my best fucking friend when we didn’t deserve to be there. like pls no 

There was tons more. Just, those are some examples.

5. They don’t call it rupaul’s best friend race for nothing. It’s amazing how everyone is friends after filming or when the show airs, because there is alot of drama, and sometimes that can pull friends apart. they are basically oNE BIG FAMILY.

This might’ve been said before but I’m saying it again: if Percy Jackson ever becomes a tv show or they remake the movies I want Aphrodite to be played by multiple women like each time she comes on screen it’s a different woman and not just women of the same race or body shape because beauty isn’t just white women or black women or Asian women or Latina women etc. beauty isn’t just being thin and skinny either there’s beautiful curvy women, petite women, lanky women, chubby women etc. so Aphrodite should represent all women of all shapes and color because they’re all beautiful

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Hey! What are your thoughts on the new Great Wall movie starring Matt Damon?

I find it a bit of an interesting case because I’m all for supporting an International film, Asian director, and a film with a large Asian cast BUT at the end of the day it’s just another movie that perpetuates the WHITE SAVIOR trope which we all know, hate, and are tired of.

Matt Damon seems oblivious to why his role in the film is controversial but at least he stated that he is willing to listen and is open to understanding why it’s being perceived that way. He’s not denying it like Scarlett Johansson who claims that she would never take a role from a PoC yet does it for ~feminism~

This film is director Zhang Yimou (who stands by his film), this is his first American/English speaking film. I believe that in order to appeal to the Western and Asian market, it was believed that if they cast 3 Western actors in the film (Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, and Willem Defoe), it would appeal to the Western audience. His interview with Entertainment Weekly makes it clear that he knew that if he was gonna make a Hollywood movie… he was gonna have to make a Hollywood movie… 

“First and foremost, this is an English-language film, and a Hollywood blockbuster. It was already very clear in the script phase. This is a Hollywood monster movie and needs to be made in that style. I don’t want to change that approach, and there’s no need to do that. What I really want is to bring Chinese color and cultural background to the worldwide audience through a film language that they are familiar with.”

So I get it. I get why Matt Damon stars in this film. I don’t understand why he has to play the lead though. Wouldn’t it make sense if he played a secondary character? The other two Western actors in the film play secondary roles in the film. I don’t think Matt Damon’s role should be the lead. Why does the white man have to save China? He’s only the lead because… you know it… I know it… Hollywood is racist. Even though the cast is predominately Asian, do you really think it would’ve gotten made without Matt Damon starring in it? No. 

But it is dope that Zhang Yimou wanted to make a film he believed was authentic to Chinese culture and he gave Asian actors an opportunity to work in the Western market but the problem is that ultimately, he sold out in doing so. 

Also while I’m at it, I’m just gonna rant about how racist the American marketing of this film is! This is the US poster for the film!!! How embarrassing??? Who thought this was a good idea??? Just Matt Damon??? And then it spits a few facts about The Great Wall of China… smh…

It’s like The Sapphires movie poster controversy but they don’t even show a single PoC on the American promo art I’ve seen for this film!!!!

Now look at the Chinese marketing for this film! Even the Western actors got their own individual character posters (not pictured but they did!!!). The American market does not value the Asian actors in the film because they’re “unknown” in America. It’s insulting because these are International stars too! Just because they’re not white or on Game of Thrones doesn’t mean they don’t have name recognition. I mean the film stars Lu Han, a C-Pop/K-Pop star who was apart of one of the biggest boy bands in the world! Andy Lau has made a name for himself in the Chinese film industry and where is his top billing on the American poster?! The American market FAILED to showcase these actors in their promo art and reduce them to unimportant characters regardless of how big or small their roles are in their OWN trailer which is absolutely disappointing. 



When you (GF) give more attention for a puppy

When he discovers that you cut yourself

When he sees you fainting

First kiss

When you leave them and they discover it’s because his manager said you to broke up with him

When their girlfriend dumb them

When you say “I love you” for the first time

When it’s a cold summer night and his girlfriend turns on the fan just to make it colder so she can cuddle with them/the blankets

To buying a cat together

When they have an american gf that’s learning korean

To you suggesting you two study together

When they are sick

To you being scared to fall in love with them because of your past

To you being scared of dating them because you’re not asian and younger [ver.1] [ver.2]

To meeting a long-time internet friend for the first time

To you being scared of needles and having to get a shot [ver.1] [ver.2]

To finding another member cutting

Where the members react Woozi dating a girl that’s a few inches taller than him

To them finding their girlfriend talking to the phone in her native language (they don’t understand a word) [ver.1] [ver.2]

When they realise you have their picture as background picture

To them hearing their girlfriend singing for the first time in front of them

If you are married, but you really scared to have kids and they wanna have babys with you

When they kind of like hearing you speak on the phone in another language but you their gf is excited and talking to them in english but she’s from the south an her southern accent comes out an she startes using alot of southern slang and sounds really strange and it’s really fast [ver.1] [ver.2] [ver.3]

To you asking them to help you choose a girly outfit and get your face done (makeup) when you’re a tomboy - PT 1

Where they ask why and you reply to impress someone, but that person is them - PT 2

When you’re a foreigner from Europe and you can’t speak Korean or Chinese

Where they hear you speaking fluent English to a friend, or on accident to them

When you are fangirling another member in front of them

Where they do have a crush on you, but you’re all biased for another member

To finding out the person they have a crush on is non binary

Confessing to you

When you fan girl over another member of their own group/other group

Walking into their gf’s apartment and finding their gf doing housework to adore u and like singing really really loundly

To you suddenly walking in on them while they’re In the shower/naked

To them finding a picture of themselves as your laptop desktop but you two are not dating yet

When their gf suddenly gets into a heated fight with another girl who keeps on checking on them

To meeting you and liking you but then find out you don’t know who seventeen is

To finding out that you (new friend or gf) are a very popular youtuber that does a lot of dance covers/videos and is also a good singer [ver.1] [ver.2]

To you addicted to take photos of them without they noticing

To you being too short to kiss them

How would plan/do to surprise their gf on their first birthday together

To thinking you were the opposite gender

Where you take it to yourself to initiate sexy time by sitting on their lap and while pretending to be innocent you start moving your hips against them

To you their gf sending them a text saying “I see you” or “tie your shoe lace” when you aren’t with them, in a funny way. Being mischievous

When you drunkly/slightly tipsy confess that you like them? You have been friends for a long time and you never hinted your attraction before

When your mother wouldn’t shut up about how much you like them while both of you are present

To you dancing to jyp’s who’s your mama

To you wanting to take them to Trinidad to go to Bacchanal

To pepero game with crush

If you, their crush, say that he is your ideal type

To you being an idol but having drama with their female idol friends therefore you almost end up fighting the other idol

Rant on representation

I see so little representation of Asian women that i don’t even know what it even feels like to feel represented. sometimes I feel something that feels like it, but idk.

I liked that Asian doctor Chi Park on House, but nobody liked her and they kicked the character. The Asians in orange is the new black are stereotypes (forever foreigner and model minority). Fresh off the boat…let’s not go there. Sometimes I watch it anyways though because there’s just nothing else.. 3% had an minor char Asian and she died. The show Humans had a significant Asian char and she spent the whole time being a robotic (literally) servant to a white family (and she still fared better than the 2 black guys in that show). Asians in Strange Empire and the Knick were total stereotypes. There’s just no Asians, even in things where ppl say they’re diverse. I heard that the Asian guy in the Walking Dead got killed off. In the first few eps of How To Get Away With Murder the filipino guy was just being used by the white guy for his computer tech skills (stereotypical). The only Asian “companion” in Doctor Who was a villain and a (wannabe?) gangaster in San Francisco. The Asians in Pitch Perfect are stereotypes.

Star Trek announced Michelle Yeoh, but then it turns out she’s a minor character on a different ship than the main ship. There were 3 Asian men in Star Wars Rogue One but (SPOILERS don’t read any further if you haven’t seen it yet. Just skip to next paragraph.) they all were killed off by the end because that’s just how things go.

Selfie starred John Cho and I loved that show to death and they killed it after one season. I miss Abed from Community. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel has lots of Asians but those movies are also a total orientalist fantasy.

Shows that call themselves diverse never have Asians in them, or its piecemeal rep. All the white people are playing Asians in movies today. All the stories set in Asia star white people. Mako Mori is like…the only thing going for us. I’m sure that’s also majorly frustrating for non-east Asian Asians. There’s also Lucy Liu in Elementary but I heard the latest season was garbage. I never got into it. I wish it was like… Lucy Liu and another WoC, rather than that guy playing Sherlock (not that he’s not good).

I saw the Allegiance musical and it was just ok. I was mad it wasn’t as good as Hamilton. I didn’t like it nearly as much. Which is silly, because you can’t expect everything to be that sensational, and Allegiance being not-amazing isn’t Hamilton’s fault.

Everything just sucks is all. You know I look in the mirror and it never looks like me. I don’t see me, I just see an Asian person, or a woman, or an Asian woman. I can’t be “just me”. I’m always a demographic at the same time, at best. I can never embody the aesthetics I enjoy because they’re always embodied by white men. Being a white man is built into the aesthetic. Like what’s the point in even trying to buy the kinds of clothes that give me the aesthetic I want, when my face will always be wrong for it. That’s the same reason there’s no point in cosplaying any of my favorite chars. Racism just fucking ruins everything down to the littlest things.

ok even though nobody asked I’m still gonna say why I think Jyn is Asian because it’s important to me. When I first heard of the character, before I knew anything about the film, I was so excited because Jyn sounds just like a traditional Chinese surname, Jin, which is also one of my names. I hoped I could relate to her more than Leia, a morally clear princess as in actual space royalty, destined to be a hero. Jyn was supposed to be a person raised from the ground up whose path was divided between submission and a tough fight against oppression.

After I saw the film, this became even more important to me. I loved all the diverse male leads, but it really let me down as a woman. I couldn’t relate to a white actress from Britain, a country that colonized and oppressed half the world, telling us a story about parents sacrificing themselves to a corrupt organisation in hopes of a better future for their child. Not to go too into it, but china sucked while my parents were growing up, and it still sucks pretty badly. It’s even worse in other Asian colonized nations, which is why Jyn could be from any of them as well. Jyn’s story is not a white story. Her story could have been so much richer if played by an actress of Asian descent.

ive centred my whole life trying to compensate for the trauma my mom went through with getting married and having me. and it was the side effect of the abuse that she went through and the cultural mentality south asians have with children being their parents pride & support, where I felt guilted with the burden of redeeming her life by being successful and have her think that ‘yes everything I went through was worth it, my daughter proved that to me’.  the truth is no matter what I do or don’t do, nothing will ever make up for what she lived with because nothing can be equated to that. horrible experiences can’t just be negated with some happy outcome like I wish she could understand this that no matter what I do it won’t erase the pain she had to deal with 


Taka just revealed yesterday on their live at Shizuoka that Ryota were married last January with his non-Asian Girlfriend hahahha 😂 Taka!!! Secrets are secrets hahha 😂

The youngest membet of ONE OK ROCK were officially married last January 😁 It was a private marriage ceremony that’s why up until now only those who attended the ceremony knows 😁

Ryota!!! Congartulations🎉 You’re wife must be the luckiest girl ever because she have you, you are the kindest, you love dogs, your laugh is a virus, etc. She’s lucky because the Ryota that thousands of fangirls dream of were married to her 💕 Please always take care of your wife and always give her all your love 😊 We love you Ryota 💕

*while typing this, my kokoro really hurts hehehe 😂but im really happy for Papa Ryota 💘 byebye ToYota hahaha 😂

Okay but the best thing about Sabine’s Once And Future Mandalore arc

Fenn Rau is, or was, a bitter, grizzled grimdark warrior that That Kind of Mando fanboys adore. Leader of a once-proud clan, forced to serve the Empire, no longer really believing in honor or pride, jaded into a might-makes-right mentality. The sole survivor of his people, filled with hatred for the Empire.

Fenn Rau is the type of frankly boring archetype That Kind of fanboy would come up with if asked to create the character who would reclaim the Darksaber, rally the scattered Mandalorian people, and wage war against the Empire.

And he’s not.

What Fenn Rau actually is is Sabine Wren’s greatest supporter–at least, that’s what it’s looking like, and I genuinely don’t think Rebels is gonna pull an #edgy bait-and-switch and have him suddenly turn, or just be using her. 

He believes in her. He’s half in awe of this queercoded space-asian teenage girl. He knows she can get people to follow her because she convinced him.

He wants to make her Mandalore-in-exile. He sees the future of his people in her, because he genuinely believes that she embodies everything worthwhile about Mandalore. Sabine Wren is basically Mandalore’s Chosen One, and he wants to follow her. The Mandalorian restoration isn’t in the hands of grim archaic warriors; it’s in the heart and soul of a young woman who remembers things that are worth fighting for, and Fenn Rau knows that and takes hope and pride in it, and that’s the way it should be.

You know what’s amazing!

Because we have only been told that the majority of the characters are Latinos, we have so much liberty to cast the roles as people of ANY descent! 

Have you always imagined Dani as a Hijabi?
A)There are many Latinxs of Arabic backgrounds.
B) Islam is the 2nd religion in the world, if you don’t think there are Muslims in Puerto Rico, think again!
C) Just Imagine how fashionable her outfits would be!
Picture Sonny with a billion freckles?
I’ve seen Freckle on people with so many skin tones! Even darker ones!
Maybe when you thought of Camila, you’d imagined her with light features and colored eyes. 
This is highly possible too! Many Latinxs are of European ancestry. Don’t rule out someone as Latinx just because of colorful eyes or hair.
Maybe you’ve always pictured Carla looking like she is of East Asian descent?
That is not as unlikely as one may think. There are many Asian Latinxs. No matter what, She’ll always say she’s from Queens!
When they mentioned Nina had Curly hair, did you imagined her as Black?
Hey! There are Afro latinxs! That is entirely possible!
Maybe you imagined Vanessa of South Asian Descent?
Even though it is not common represent doesn’t mean they don’t exist! Hell yeah!
Ever Imagined Abuela with Vitiligo?
I’ve met many Latinxs with Vitiligo. That’s so cool!
Usnavi sure knows tons of Yiddish, What if he is Jewish?
There are lots of people not only of Jewish descent in the Latinxs countries, but also those who practice Judaism.
Always pictured The Piragüero as Mestizo with dark skin and dark features?
He’s supposed to represent the spirit of the islands, I don’t think it’d be a far stretch to imagine him looking like the indigenous people of the islands. The connection with out indigenous roots, makes Latin culture different from the rest of the world.

Like even with Benny! I know Benny is usually black in the Broadway Production, but really all Benny’s requirements is: to not be Latinx. So just imagine school productions and Benny is Korean. Benny being Pakistani. Benny being Maori. 

Look I’m not shitting on the original performers we are used to seeing in fan art or anything. They are freaking fantastic! I’m just saying let’s appreciate how inclusive Lin made these characters!

C: My Chinese slipped and said the n word in front of me one afternoon and when she saw the look on my face she knew I was upset, so she started talking really fast to change the subject. It’s so funny to me because we were JUST talking about Asian erasure in the media and I was agreeing with her while our white friends was telling her it wasn’t a big deal. I always try to support other poc because I feel like we need to express solidarity, yet it always seems to blow up in my face lmao


Queens ½
Top to bottom, Left to right:

Mastani is known for being the “other woman” in the immensely popular film Bajirao Mastani but was also skilled in Warfare and accompanied her husband on his military campaigns

Rani Rudruma Devi: Succeeded her father to the Kakatiya throne at just 14 and faced much opposition because she was a woman. However, she refused to step down and took up arms against the nobles who opposed her ascension

Rani Velu Nachiyar: Became queen after her husband’s death and lead armies against colonial powers in 18th Century Tamil Nadu. She also formed women’s army called Udaiyaan after her deceased daughter

Rani Abbakka Chowta
One of the first freedom fighters in India, she defended her kingdom against the Portuguese for four decades in various armed struggles

Rani Laxmi Bai
Rani Laxmi Bai popularly known as Jhansi Ki Rani (queen of Jhansi) is possible the most popular Indian woman fighter in history. She became a symbol of resistance with her battles against the forces of the East India Company and legend says she fought many of these battles with her baby son on her back

Kittur Rani Chennamma
One of the earliest female leaders to lead battles against the British, Rani Chennamma lead many successful military campaigns against the Colonial power in the early 19th century

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I would like to take this time to pass on the wise words that my aunt had told me after my second, unhealthy and toxic, relationship. I didn’t tell her the full extent of what had happened, but she could tell that I was distraught because I was convinced that I’m stuck in this trend where I either have super bad luck or that assholes were just my type to date. So this is what she told me-

“This is an example, but think of things like this- you are a chair and everyone else is a butt, and every single chair has a butt that goes together. It doesn’t matter what kind of chair you are because there will inevitably be at least one butt that will sit down. Some butts will say that the chair, which is you don’t forget, is too small, too big, too weird- so on and so forth. Being told that you’re too anything isn’t always a nice thing to hear, but you know what? You have to understand that you, as a chair, shouldn’t have to change for that butt. You might be oddly shaped, a weird color, or even broken but that does not mean that there isn’t a butt out in the world that would sit down and love and appreciate it- you- it’s the same thing in this case. There’s someone out there that is willing to fix the cracks and busted fabric, I promise. It just takes time and sometimes you have to deal with those.. Those asses (excuse my language) in order to move on and find someone else. Or maybe someone else will find you. There’s no way you’ll find that one butt instantly, but that butt is out there somewhere because every chair has a butt.”

incomplete list of things this hellsite has done:

calling japanese characters ‘weeaboos’

lucio opening his mouth and it’s just butchered aave

‘it’s a cop-out if zarya’s confirmed to be gay because we already knew she was’

‘widowmaker can’t be black because she’s french’

‘i’m an artist brown skin under very bright light can become white’

hanzo shimada the world’s most unfeeling and abusive man

gabriel reyes the terrible abusive second-in-command monster


(my personal favourite) ‘for the purposes of being culturally and racially insensitive i will now make hanzo a Dumb Asian just for a stupid headcanon’


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I do fave photos because majority of my posts in 2016 was about cc.


What I achieved in 2016

  • Started to make my own mesh
  • Improved my editing skills
  • Made sims from my ethnicity(Asian) successfully because honestly I really bad at creating Asian sims.
  • Started to play Sims 4

Okay, lets talk about my fave photos

  1. I changed Joanna’s skin and make up and she looked prettier then ever! She was born to be a bridal wear model didn’t she??!!
  2. Joanna & Taylor. I love them with this outfits.♥o♥
  3. Yang Yang, my first Asian sims!
  4. Joanna!(again hahaha!) I was tend to make outdoor shoot but I ended up screenshot the flower bushes and Joanna separately, then photoshop the shadows and color to make into polaroid style
  5. Sims 4. I love that my Sims 4 sims looked more realistic than Sims 3. I purposely not to recreate my S3 sims in Sims 4 because I just thought that my Sims 3 children are meant to be in S3 only.
  6. My fave photos from my S4 Dec collection.♥
  7. Emma. She is my S4 signature sims. I was tend to make her totally Asian but she looked ordinary so I changed her contact lenses into grey. She became Eurasian. :D 
  8. Lucas. I like how realistic he was in this photo.

In year 2017, I might be more active on Sims 4 because S4 is new for me and I love to explore more from this game. I will create cc for you guys too!



OK? So when Scarlett Johansson plays an asian character, its just Hollywood being hollywood, its because there aren’t enough asian ladies, and the asians are all overreacting?

But when Zendaya lands a Spiderman role as Mary Jane everyone loses their shit because god forbid a black person be cast in a role originally white?

And because she has no red hair? You can dye that shit and be guilt free if you find it humanly acceptable to use CGI as a method in making someone look more “asian”.