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Cheater? (Reggie x Reader)

Request: could you maybe do a reggie and reader imagine where they have been dating for years but he cheats on her and they break up he tries to win her back but she keeps shooting him down but she has a bad fight with her mom and she doesn’t know where else to go to so she goes to reggie’s and he comforts her and they talk and get back together

 You couldn’t get the image out of your head. The thought of Reggie kissing someone that wasn’t you made you sick to your stomach. It was a painful reminder why you didn’t go to party in the first place. Nothing good ever happens when teens have alcohol.  It what ended your relationship with him, you couldn’t trust him anymore.

“Babe I’m sorry I didn’t mean it, I was drunk. I didn’t know what I was doing”  Reggie begged you and tears were forming in his eyes. He didn’t want all of the years that you guys been together to end over some stupid drunken mistake that he had made.

“Please stop Reggie, it’s too late we’re over” You said as tears were falling down your cheeks, you loved him but you couldn’t have him anymore. You felt like all of your air was getting pulled out of you as you try to breath through the tears.

“We can fix it Y/N, don’t give up on us, not yet” Reggie pleaded he was losing you, something that he never thought was possible and it was his own fault.

“You already did Reggie” You let out while your voice was cracking “You broke us”

You sat down at you lunch table, facing away from the football team so you didn’t have to look at Reggie. Betty looked at you as you sat down on side of her, you never sat there. But it came to her mind when she heard the football team laughing from behind her. Reggie, was why you were sitting there.

“You okay?” Betty asked as you finally settle down in your place. You phoned her the night you guys broke up so she knew what had happened.

“Peachy” You said as you took a bite of your sandwich, listening to Veronica and Kevin conversion.

“So Y/N” Veronica started to say as she turned her head to face you “What’s with Reggie and you?” You looked at her figuring Betty already told her but you guessed not.

“Nothing” Veronica leaned over the table and teased

“Come on now Y/N, you don’t just break up with someone like Reggie for no reason. So what is it? Did you start a new high school affair? You lost your breath at Veronica’s last few words. It was hitting to close to home for you. Pushing your tray forward, you quickly got up grabbing your things. Not wanting to let anyone see your tears fell, you ran away to go hide somewhere in the school.

“I told you not to say anything Veronica” Betty shouted just enough so them at the table could heard it.

“I didn’t think much of it, what happened.”

“Reggie cheated on her V” Betty told her as she rolled her eyes, leaving to go find you in the school. When you ran out you didn’t see Reggie watching you. He knew you were gone to cry about what he assumed to be him. He knew you better than anyone, one little look at you he could tell that you were broken. He was the one that caused it and now he wanted to be the one to fix it.

“Hey can we talk?” You heard a voice said as you put your books away. You looked up and came face to face with the last person you wanted to see, Reggie.

“There’s nothing to talk about” You told him as you shut your locker. You looked down the hallway looking for Betty, so you could leave. You didn’t think you could look at Reggie yet, it hasn’t been that long. Plus you were sacred that if you did, you would fall into his arms since you miss him so much.

“Us. That’s what we need to do, not just ignore each other” Reggie said as he ran his fingers through his hair. He was frustrated with himself mostly, knowing that he wouldn’t be in this mess if it wasn’t for himself.

“There isn’t an us anymore Reggie, get over it because I have” You left Reggie standing there as you saw Betty so you could go home. You knew he knew you were lying after all no one knew you better than Reggie did.

“THEY NEED TO BE BETTER” Your mother shouted as you guys and your father stood in the living room.

“Mom their fine, one B isn’t going to hurt” You said. Your parent or more like your mom have been yelling at you over the past hour for the B that you got biology. It wasn’t hard to bring it back up and you knew that but your mother wouldn’t listen.

“DON’T TALK BACK TO ME YOUNG LADY” Your mother said as she made her way closer to you. “You live under my house and as long as you do there will be no talking back. B’s aren’t for this family, if you want to be something in life honey you have to get A’s. Your pretty face can only take you so far in life. Men aren’t going to stick around once it disappears for a women who get’s B’s.”

“Honey I thin-” Your dad try to cut in but your mother kept talking not wanting to hear his opinions. It was normal thing for your family, your dad was just to sacred too stand up to your mother.

“You heard me, you will be nothing in life if you keep acting like this. Leave, go on I can’t bare to look at you anymore. You’re a sorry excuse for a daughter.” When you heard your mother’s words you ran out of the house. Tears were flowing but it was nothing new to you lately that’s all you ever seem to be at. You needed somewhere to stay for the night but most importantly you needed someone to talk to you. You never really told your friends about how strict your mother was, only Reggie knew. At this point you didn’t care what had happened to just wanted to see him

Standing on his front porch you knocked, hoping that he was going to be the one to open it. You didn’t want his parents to see you looking like a mess. They would wonder what happened and would start asking questions.

“Y/N” Reggie said as he opened the door taking in your appearance. Your hair was out a place and you had been crying. He could tell from your bloodshot eyes and your wet cheeks. Not saying anything he opened his arms letting you fall into him. You cried into his chest as he carried you up to his room. He knew it was something with your mom, you wouldn’t just come to fix what he broke. He held you for what felt like hours, comforting you making sure you were alright. Not asking questions since he knew you would talk when ready. It take didn’t much longer for your tears to stop falling. You finally lifted your head up from Reggie chest and looks into his brown eyes.

“It’s my mom” Reggie nodded he knew it was but he let you keep talking “I was having trouble with biology and ended up getting a B. Mom wasn’t happy when she saw the mark and started to yell at me. Saying things like I’m just a pretty face and will never make it in life.” You rolled you eyes at your mom stupidly. “It’s one mark that she can’t see pass, she told me to leave so I did so we could both cool off.” Knowing that was the best option, you and your mother were too much alike to be together when mad.

“Not that I mine having you here or anything but why me? I thought you hated me” Reggie let out nervously, not knowing if he wanted your true answer. You smiled

“I could never hate you Reggie, I love you but it’s just so hard” You said leaning on his side. “Love is hard and I didn’t really know how to react. You kiss her and I..I know you didn’t mean it I was there, you were so drunk. I think when it happened I was lost, I felt so many emotions. I hated you for a moment but I couldn’t stay mad when I saw the regret and guilt in you eyes even as drunk as you were. I love you Reggie that’s not going to change, I just needed time to think and get through it all”

“I love you too, I’m sorry again for the pain I caused. It really broke my heart knowing I was the one who did that.”

“I know so ummm would you try again with me?” Reggie looked at you shocked not expecting that from you.

“Yeah I would love too I promise nothing is going to happen again”

“The only thing is we’re going to start from beginning I got to gain your trust back.”

“Yes anything babe” Reggie had a grin across his face, he’s never felt happier to have a second chance before in his life. You smiled once again at him before you leaned back onto his bed.

“Lay with me for awhile?”

“Of course love” So there you two stayed cuddle into each other’s arms. Both of you guys were happy to be back with one another. You both drifted off from the comfortable silence in the room. It was the first full night sleep you guys had since the break up. You guys were finally back where you belonged. And you couldn’t wait to stay there forever.

21. Staying cool during a heatwave (from this list)

It was well past thirty degrees out before Ladybug and Chat Noir finally stopped for a break in their weekly patrol.

“So, can we get an akuma that, like, turns off the sun or something next?” Chat groaned where he was sprawled out on the shady, lukewarm concrete under the rooftop overhang they’d discovered together. “Just for a day. One day.”

“But then we’d have to fight in the dark,” Ladybug mumbled back, trying not to whine as she leaned (melted) against the wall by his feet. “I hate fighting in the dark.”

Her eyes felt dry when she blinked and her tongue felt cool when she licked her lips and it was really much too hot out to be doing anything that didn’t involve copious amounts of cold water, but she and Chat had a duty to the city, so patrol they would, regardless of the danger of heatstroke.

Chat sighed gustily and flopped a hand in her general direction. “Imagine I just said something really great about holding your hand. It’s too hot to think up lines.”

Ladybug laughed through her groan despite herself. “It’s too hot for holding hands, too.”

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Harry Styles is a model and the currently most in-demand face in the fashion industry who might be just a little bit too full of himself and Janey Darling is the photographer that knocks him off his high horse… and subsequently off his feet.

this is the rewrite of my 2016 autumn exchange fic with added scenes. about 8.5k words. slightly nsfw towards the end and if you read this far you might as well…

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Small considerations between partners - 7 ‘Swaying isn’t dancing’

Previous chapters -  Season one   Season two   Season three   Season four

                                   Season five    Fight The Future





Season six – post ‘The Rain King’


As I carefully negotiate the car back to the motel I am aware that Scully is unusually quiet beside me; in fact she has barely said a word since we left the auditorium and while I’m more than accustomed to the companionable silences that often stretch between us, this seems different somehow because the vibe she is giving me, while not annoyed exactly is certainly more than a little off.

If it weren’t for the residual floodwater that occasionally laps almost to the bottom of the door seals when we hit a dip in the road I would probably find some way to question her on it but right now I am more concerned with us getting back in one piece.   The problem being of course is that the longer I don’t speak, the less inclined she will be to tell me what is bothering her.  She has always been the same way  and I’ve discovered through years of trial and error that if I can catch her early enough, before she starts to rationalise, I have a slim chance of her opening up; but leave it too long and the book is closed for good.

So I risk a glance in her direction, surprised to discover that she isn’t looking straight ahead as her profile suggested, but that her head is actually angled slightly toward mine, watching me as I drive us through the deserted streets.  The minute my eyes meet hers though she swallows and looks away, a curious expression on her face that seems like a mixture of embarrassment and something else I’ve never seen before and which I can’t quite put my finger on.

“You okay Scully?”

I fully expect to hear the usual verbal fallback from her in response to my question and I’m totally unprepared when she simply shakes her head slightly and presses her lips together in a tight thin line – in fact if I didn’t know her better I would swear she is trying not to cry.  And I’m mystified because as far as I can see, our night has been pretty successful at least inasmuch as we actually managed to close a case with some kind of positive resolution for all concerned.  The rain stopped, order was restored, the good guy finally got his gal and no one died; all in all I that’s a pretty damn fine result for us.

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Rules of recognition

Sebastian Stan x reader

Notes: tiny bit angsty, fluff, smut, alcohol, swearing.

Summary: an exceptional rough day brings you to the hotel bar you frequent when you really need a drink. A handsome stranger helps you lift your spirits; though you find out he’s not that much a stranger to you at all. 

Originally posted by taylorannshazamm

There will be a part two! (again!) I can’t help myself. I’m too wordy for my own good. 

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Glitz and Glam

Hi i really hope you’re gonna do this request because I asked to other people but they don’t make it. So can you do one where you’re 3 years or something together with Shawn and you’re going to an award show and you’re a belieber and you see there justin Bieber and you’re freaking out and go talk to him and laugh a lot and Shawn is jealous and stuff butt you make it up to him. I would really appreciate if you make this one.

Hey! Here you go anon, I hope I did it justice! Remember to keep on requesting! ❤


‘Y/N, hurry up!’

'I’m putting on my heels woman! I have to look somewhat normal height due to my abnormally small figure! I can’t help it I’m short!’

I know what you’re thinking; how the hell have I put up with Shawn for the past three years? Truth is, I honestly have no idea. But, they have truly been the best three years I’ve experienced.

But tonight for the first time I’d be attending the Billboard Music Awards with him. I was honestly ecstatic. Seeing all of the celebrities and singers, I could only imagine how overwhelming it was going to be.

One person in particular that I was happy about seeing (hopefully) was Justin Bieber. I had been a hardcore belieber since he first began and he’s been my idol ever since.

I walked out, trying not to fall over whilst Shawn chuckled, shaking his head at me. 'C'mon, Andrew’s waiting.’

'Well, I’m sorry that I wanted to look half presentable for the rest of the world to see me. You know I’m a perfectionist.’

'And that’s why you’re my girlfriend.’ He winked, giving me a cheeky peck on the lips. I sighed smiling, grabbing onto his hand.

'Well, c'mon. We’re going to be fashionably late!’ I mocked, pulling him out the door.


To say I was shitting myself and excited at the same time was an understatement. The flashing cameras and blinding lights were overpowering, but feeling Shawn’s hand gripping mine reassured me that I was in somewhat safe hands whilst walking the red carpet. The crowd was incredible, celebrities around every direction. I was starstuck.

When you’re not used to the glitz and glam of Hollywood, it can be very intimidating and slight terrifying. I could only imagine how Shawn felt when he first started out.

'Honestly, how the hell did you not fan girl when you came to your first award show?’ I asked, watching Selena Gomez walk past us.

Okay, this was too much.

'I honestly have no idea, but trust me when I say that there was a moment when I met John Mayer; cool and calm on the outside, freaking out internally.’

'I can second that.’ Andrew chirped. I chuckled, my heart stopping when I caught sight of the person I was looking forward to seeing the whole night.

Justin mother freaking Bieber.

I gripped Shawn’s arm, making sure I wasn’t going to fall over. He was making his way over here.

Holy shit.

'Shawn! My man!’ Justin greeted my boyfriend, pulling him into a bro hug. I was too in shock to even breathe a word to him.

Justin turned and looked at me, giving me his signature smirk. 'And who might this be?’ I let out a nervous chuckle.

'This is Y/N Y/L/N, my girlfriend.’ Shawn introduced me.

'Let me guess, you’re a fan?’

'How’d you know?’ I asked. He chuckled, pulling me in for a warm hug. Now my internal insides were screaming.

I mouthed “oh my god” to Shawn, causing him to chuckle. Justin pulled away, leaving a hand on my back.

'Don’t let this one go Shawn, she’s a keeper and a looker.’ He winked in my direction, almost making me weak at the knees.

Shawn chuckled, but it seemed more forced than genuine. I gave him a look, trying to see if he’ll say something but he just shook his head.

Justin drew my attention back to him, the two of us getting caught up in conversation. He’d made me laugh a few times with a few of his stories of when he first started out in the industry and asked me about my life. I admitted being a fan from a long time ago and he appreciated it.

I looked at the corner of my eye seeing Shawn’s facial expression, annoyance very clear on his face. It made me feel a little guilty that I’d hardly spoken to him all night.

'Sorry, but I think Shawn and I should go sit down now. I’m glad to have gotten the chance to talk to you though.’

'No problem at all Y/N, I hope to see you soon.’ He winked, walking away with his people as I sighed turning to Shawn. He didn’t look happy in the slightest.

'I’m sorry.’ I apologised, causing him sigh and his features to soften. 'I just got really excited and caught up in meeting someone I never thought I would.’ He stepped closer to me, wrapping his arms around my shoulders pulling me in for a hug.’

'No, I just got stupidly jealous. He’s not an ugly person and you’re perfect, don’t I have a right to be scared and jealous?’ I looked up at him, placing my hand on his cheek.

'Yeah, but the thing is though even if he’s Justin Bieber, he’s not my Shawn. And, my Shawn? He’s pretty great, amazing in fact.’ I placed my hand on the back of his neck, pulling him down to kiss me.

I smiled into it, feeling move his hands to my own face, cupping my cheeks. We both pulled away, resting our foreheads together.

'You’ll never lose me, Shawn. I’ll make sure of it.’ I whispered.

Lifted - pt 2.

Summary: Maybe standing outside of Jeon Jungkook’s apartment to buy weed wasn’t a good idea.

Genre: Romance. Smut. (more like a drabble tbh)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Rating: Mature (stoned!jungkook)

Length: 2.0k

Part 1 - Part 2

A/N: this is short garbage. its almost disgusting how short and mediocre this is so i sincerely apologize but i said i would write a part two AND a part three so im thinking the last part has to be like monumental and filled with smut and a fluffly stoner jungkook so wait for that. i tend to go through phases where i write a lot and then i stop completely lol don’t know for how long im going to be inspired but lets enjoy it while it lasts ok??? 

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Sigma Chi Boy - Part 2 (fratboy!Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Part 2 of Sigma Chi Boy. You wake up the day after and find out that your drink had been spiked the night before. Grayson is more than upset.
Word Count: 2,276
Warnings: Mentions of drugs, but nothing serious.
A/N: You all loved part 1 so much, so I decided to keep going with a part 2! Your feedback means the world to me. Hope you like it :) ♡


Someone was whispering my name gently, the syllables rolling off their tongue smoothly. I felt my head pounding before I even opened my eyes and I furrowed my eyebrows, rolling over in the bed.

I heard a snort coming from whoever was rude enough to wake me and sighed tiredly, deciding that peeking one eye open wasn’t gonna hurt me too bad. But boy was I wrong; the lamp on my nightstand hurt my eyes but I refused to close them before I got a good look at the rude person.

Of course it was Grayson, who else would it be?

“What the hell is wrong with you, Dolan?” I murmured, voice awfully hoarse.

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School Play Part 2

Part One Here

By popular demand we have these two lovebirds reactions to their very heated make out.

Feel free to message me or send me an ask– I am taking requests.

Adrien was freaking out for two reasons: 1. He liked Marinette and 2. He had more than made out with Marinette in her room. He was more than a little embarrassed in fact he was practically mortified! He was always so good about keeping his emotions in check. He hardly ever let them run away from him like this and if he did it was only when he was Chat Noir. Something had just come over him and that something was Marinette because like it or not Adrien had to admit that the mere thought of her made his heart race. Adrien was so focused on his feelings for Ladybug that he hadn’t even noticed when Marinette weaseled her way into his heart. He sighed into his pillow. How was he going to face Marinette tomorrow? His cheeks burned as he thought about seeing her. Maybe he should fake sick. Marinette must hate me now, I mean I practically attacked her! What is wrong with me? Adrien’s thoughts were not encouraging. Adrien groaned into his pillow.

“Geez kid what’s got you so wound up?” Plagg complained from the corner of Adrien’s bed. Adrien looked up from the pillow at the annoying little god.

“Are you kidding? I totally lost control today with Marinette! What is wrong with me Plagg?” Adrien groaned into his pillow once more.

“Oh that? That’s just animal instinct- comes with being the Black Cat,” Plagg said easily. Adrien sprang up onto his knees looking at Plagg with wide eyes.

“It’s what!?” Adrien balked.

“Animal instinct. You liked the pretty girl kissing you and so you didn’t think you just acted and took it a little too far. It’s a cat thing it happens,” Plagg snickered.

“So you’re telling me on top of being a hormonal teenage boy I now have animal instinct to worry about as well?” Adrien squawked.

“They’re pretty much the same thing.” Plagg shrugged. Adrien ran a nervous hand through his hair.

“This isn’t any time for jokes Plagg- I wouldn’t have hurt her would I- I mean this instinct it’s not dangerous is it?” Adrien worried.

“What? No of course not! You still have some self control! Geez kid get your mind out of the gutter! You’re not going to hurt anyone!” Plagg said disgusted.

“But today with Marinette- I took it way too far.” Adrien slumped down in self loathing.

“To be fair she seemed to be really into it. When she  put her hands in your hair- behind your ears, well Chat Noir’s ears- that’s the spot where most Chat’s let their instinct take over. It’s perfectly natural kid,” Plagg assured.

“How am I going to face Marinette tomorrow after that?” Adrien moaned.

“If it helps she seemed to be as into it as you were.” Plagg shrugged. Adrien quirked his eyebrow up at the kwami.

“How would you know?” Adrien asked suspicious.

“I took a look when you guys were quiet for too long. It was disgusting just so you know but you both looked pretty happy about being disgusting together,” Plagg complained. Adrien’s cheeks turned pink. “Look’s like you’ve got a new crush lover boy,” Plagg snickered.

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Hired by BigHit: Bittersweet- Part 1

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Summary: You’ve always had respect for Min Yoongi’s musical talent. As one of BigHit’s new producers, you now get to experience both the bitter and sweet sides of him.

Parts: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 [END]

Hired by BigHit Series: Taehyung // Hoseok // Yoongi // Seokjin // Namjoon // Jungkook // Jimin

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anonymous asked:

restaurant sterek?

Sometimes his babka calls it a restaurant, which kind of makes him want to laugh a little because he’s reasonably sure in a restaurant the napkins aren’t made of paper. It’s not much, the kind of place where neon puts sharp edges on the shadows come closing, but it’s his, and there’s no way he’s losing it because some asshole is violating health codes by bleeding out on the diner floor.

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Ship Meme: Luke Skywalker

Gives nose/forehead kisses

Both of you do! It’s kinda your thing. Sometimes when you’re saying goodbye you just keep giving tiny little face kisses and giggling until Han or Leia walk by and call you both disgusting (but who are they to talk lmao)

Gets jealous the most

Luke will try to deny it but let’s be real, he can get a bit sulky if someone hits on you. He tries really hard not to be - and he really does trust you - but you’ve gotten pretty good at noticing when this happens and showering him with affection when he seems to need it most.

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive

You. Definitely you. Luke is a stellar pilot (get it??) but he should not drink becuase he does not know his limits. He’s kinda childlike when he’s drunk and its’ really cute, though, so unless he’s really hammered you don’t give him shit for it until he’s sober.

Takes care of on sick days

He does. He’s not exactly an expert but he’s empathetic and compassionate, and he just so intensely wants you to be better. Plus if you give him even the slightest inclination, Luke will be totally 100% down to cuddle you all day.

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

Luke grew up in a desert so he gets Stupidly Excited about so?? much? WATER?! and it’s free and people can just float around in it and he’s just so in awe of the concept. So yeah. He’s definitely dragging you to go swimming with him.

Gives unprompted massages

You do! Lightsaber practice can be pretty damn tough on his back and if you notice him wincing, it’s the best thing in the world to just walk up behind him and start working out the knots in his shoulders. The little gasp he makes and his face are absolutely worth the effort.

Drives/rides shotgun

Luke loves showing off his pilot skills (which, to be fair, are significant.) You don’t really mind, although it does flip your stomach when he does the spinny thing he loves so much.

Brings the other lunch at work

That’d be you! He always forgets his lunch, but you don’t complain - because that means you get an excuse to come see him in the middle of the day when you otherwise wouldn’t.

Has the better parental relationship

….Yeah, I’m gonna say you. You might have shitty parents (or you might not) but at least your dad doesn’t Force-choke people to death. (Ani noooo)

Embarrassingly drunk dancer

Something tells me Luke doesn’t handle alcohol very well and I can see him being absolutely terrible dancer when he’s smashed, but he’s just so smilely and delighted and joyful it’s the most adorable thing ever

Still cries watching Titanic

Both of you are a pair of absolute saps and you’re just weeping and holding each other and yeah, a lot of tissues get used on your movie nights. One time it got so bad that Leia made an executive decision and stole Luke’s copy of the movie. She still hasn’t returned it.

Firmly believes in couples costumes

You do! Which is why going on undercover missions for the Rebel Alliance is just about the coolest thing in the universe to you and Luke always laughs at your childlike excitement when he lets you know that’s what you’ll be doing.

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

If there’s even the slightest possibility of having the credits or the opportunity to buy you a nice gift, Luke doesn’t even hesitate for a second. He loves giving you things.

Makes the other eat breakfast

You. Nearly every day. Not that he doesn’t get hungry - he’s just so busy usually, and his mind is always wandering so far away that sometimes you gotta tug him back by his shirt, make him sit down and sternly tell him to eat before he leaves.

Remembers anniversaries

He does! For nearly ever little thing you do - and he does his best to find a way to mark such trivially romantic things as the first time you kissed or held hands. 

Brings up having kids

I don’t know if you so much bring it up officially as just start talking about it one time, and neither is sure who said it first. The general consensus was “we’ll see what happens.”

don’t have the heart (3)

carry on countdown day three ! (though i haven’t done days 1 or 2 i hate myself) opposite day fic- in which simon is a vampire, baz is curious and has glasses and MOLES and A BUN

Simon tries his very hardest not to groan as he pulls the covers off of his body but it’s so difficult because, Merlin, it is fucking freezing. He still hasn’t gotten used to this. Whoever told him that vampires were immune to hot and cold ought to be punished, because Simon definitely isn’t.

Or maybe it’s just him. He can’t really know as he knows no other vampires, and even if he did, they probably wouldn’t talk to him about this kind of stuff, or talk to him at all for that matter.

Baz is sleeping just a couple meters away, breathing stupidly and Simon, with his heightened senses can hear it like his head is on Baz’s pillow. It’s annoying. He can’t even see his roommate, whose face of perfect princely features is tucked into a cocoon of blankets.

He’s always slept like this. Simon supposes he should be grateful that Baz doesn’t snore, all in all he’s been pretty lucky in the roommate department. Baz keeps all of his things so very neat and besides the insults and petty arguments, they don’t talk much. This is never minding the fact that Baz wants to kill him, of course.

Simon can’t forget about that bit.

Besides hearing Baz’s breath, Simon can also distinctly hear his heartbeat, another talent/side-effect, though it might just be because of the hunger.

Just thinking about it, makes it immediately worse. Simon can feel his whole body lurch with withdrawal and he allows himself a small sigh before he tries to stand up silently and grab his jacket. It’s dark, but his eyes are already very adjusted, so adjusted he can make out each of the moles on Baz’s arms that hang out of the blanket cocoon.

Hopefully he doesn’t wake up.

Especially this week, Simon has been getting this feeling that someone has been following him when he makes his nightly rounds across the lawn and down in the catacombs. Even weirder, he’s started to find rats, already dead but freshly killed in various spots in the tunnels, with no explanation.

He hasn’t really bothered to question it, which he must mention, is probably bad instincts, but he’s not dead yet.

Well he is.

But that’s not what he meant.

He sighs at himself again, and decidedly starts moving again to grab his wand from under his pillow and head out the door. He turns back once more, to make sure that Baz is still asleep, before he turns again, a bit to fast and rams his face into the side of the dresser.

Yeah, the bit about being extremely graceful hasn’t really worked out much either.

The night air drifting across Watford smells like the forest and is icy enough to send Simon shivering. He takes the longer way around, reaching the catacombs as the moon is still sitting high in the sky, huge and glowing, the light of it making his bloodless skin look even grosser.

He’s definitely not found being a vampire to improve much either.

It’s possible that he’s gotten a little stronger, maybe that he’s got better vision, he hasn’t had to wear his glasses ever since he was turned.

But it hasn’t really been all it’s cracked up to be.

He’s not suave and cock sure of himself, and honestly, what is a vampire if they aren’t confident and mysterious and good-looking. Simon has to pause for a second to think about how good a vampire Baz would make. While he’s got all the right components for it, he also just has the personally.

Oh, and that’s another thing.

No one can know that Simon is dead.

What a joke he would be, the chosen one, now with fangs! Simon is pretty sure that it would ruin him, that everyone who has ever been kind to him would surely turn away and Baz would just stand there smirking and laughing like he’d just expected this kind of thing to happen.

He’d quirk one of those sharp eyebrows and curve his lips up smugly, and even though a lock of his hair would be hanging over his watercolor eyes that had fallen out of his messy bun, he’d make it look menacing.

Simon was pretty sure that he’d never quite managed to ever look menacing in his life. Even when his fangs, white and long and terribly pointed were out, Simon doubted that anyone would ever think he actually had the confidence to go along with his facade.

Not that it matters.

Not that it matters, because here he is, and nothing is going to change just because he’s a shitty vampire who struggles with killing rats and who doesn’t have the courage to tell his best friend what he is.

He’s only a couple steps into the catacombs when he sees it, the first rat, laying motionless a couple paces more ahead of him.

It’s almost like someone has just placed it there and Simon’s really starting to consider that maybe someone has? Maybe the school has gotten a new strict rat extinction project and is poisoning them?

He walks a bit deeper, hands back in his pockets because his hands are turning blue and then stops. There, in the corner is yet another rat.

This one seems fresher because Simon-


he doesn’t know exactly how he knows, but he just does.

He knows it in the way that Baz seems to know the answer to every question in political science, in basically every subject it seems like, just automatically.

He feels his fangs popping at that and considers stopping right then, to just have one of the rats before he goes out for the next few. That’s when he hears something shuffling.

He looks up, and he thinks that maybe someone is there, which doesn’t seem very likely so he disregards it before a shape is dashing across the tunnel in front of him dropping something that looks like it is another rat.

“Hey!” Simon is yelling.

Simon’s shocked but it only lasts a second before he’s giving chase. He feels how weak he is, still faster than average but it takes him longer than it shoulder to corner the person.

The catacombs are so dark, so it takes even Simon a couple seconds to register the figure that’s in front of him. He tries to look strong, even though he knows that if he opens his mouth too wide, he’s exposed.

Why did he think chasing this person was a good idea again?

The figure is all in black, almost as tall as Simon, and he can’t tell who it is since they are hooded, but they’ve got a wand in their slender fingers and Simon, all at once knows that it is Baz.

They’re inches apart, and the figure is breathing heavy, like Simon, who reaches up and flips back the hoop to reveal silken black locks caught up in their bun and eyes that pierce him, all while still looking terribly unimpressed.

“What?” Simon’s saying, quietly, rasping. “Why- Baz-”

Baz just looks like he wants to roll his eyes.

“What are you doing down here?”

Simon feels how wide his eyes are but he can’t help it. He’s so very confused.

Has Baz-

“I’m surprised you didn’t pick up on it earlier.” he says, and he starts to rub at a speck of dirt on the edge of his wand. “Though I suppose I’ve always managed to underestimate your obliviousness.”

“You’ve been..” Simon trails off, looking to the rats he’s holding in his hand.

Baz looks away, fixing the sleeve of his jumper.

“Obviously. I couldn’t have you looking at my neck everyday in class just waiting until you decided I was your next snack.”


“Oh let’s face it, Snow. You’re shit at taking care of yourself. You were practically starving yourself.” He leans against the side of the catacomb, kicking at a pebble with the toe of his boot.

“Is there another stage that comes after dead? Like, even more dead?”

Simon really can’t say anything.

He just looks again at the rats in his hand, then stares at the tip of Baz’s wand that he’s pressing into his sharply cut jaw looking bored.

“Whatever.” Baz says, and he stands up straight again. “I’ll see you in class, idiot.”

Simon can’t move.

He just watches Baz walk away, in long strides carrying himself perfectly and he can’t decide whether he should just stand there dumbfounded or burst out laughing.

Despite it all, he feels the side of his mouth quirk and he tells himself to stop it , but it continues to take over his face.

What is this?

He shouldn’t be smiling? Baz has just found out that he’s a vampire and his whole life is about to be ruined?

But no, a part of him says, Baz already knew. He already knew, and he hunted rats and left them for you because he knew, and he wanted to help.

But Baz doesn’t help?

His mind drifts to think of the multiple times that Baz has attempted to take his life, but somehow his thoughts can’t stray very far from this moment because Baz knew?

And he helped?

What is this?

It takes him another few minutes to think about this before he can move his legs again and make his way back up to their room again. By the time he’s closing the door, he’s shivering.

He looks over at Baz, and is surprised to see that his head is out from underneath the covers and his mouth is hanging open when he breathes. His hair has fallen all around his face and the moonlight is hitting his forehead and eyelids and lips making them bright and Simon just has to stop for another second to think about how different he looks here.

How he looks vulnerable, with his glasses sitting on their nightstand and pretty- a part of Simon chimes in.

What is this?

He has a hard time falling asleep because his ears are back to listening to Baz breathing and he doesn’t know why.

Because he helped you, his mind says.

Because you like him.

Louis Fondlinson/Jealous Louis
  • Louis: I'm so angry at him. Look at him, just charming that interviewer with his stupid goofy smile.
  • Niall: Louis, you're smiling at him.
  • Louis: I am not! I hate him. Little bastard. Thinks he's so pretty with his luscious locks and his tits out on display like that.
  • Niall: You're still smiling. And now drooling. Classy.
  • Louis: Just listen to him. Telling his stupid stories in his stupidly deep voice waving his bloody huge hands around like some kind of big oaf. Poor girl, probably can't wait to get away from him.
  • Niall: Is that why she's leaning forward to expose her cleavage?
  • Louis: She is NOT! Is she? That whore. I mean--she can have him. Look at him, he's a mess today. Looks like someone smeared blush all over his face. Why is he so FOOKIN pink?
  • Niall: Because you're fonding at him. He can feel it. He has a Louis fond detector built right in.
  • Louis: Fonding at him! He wishes. Fookin flirty bastard.
  • Niall: You're the only one he 'FOOKIN' flirts with and you know it. Hence the goo goo eyes, dribble and return of Louis Fondlinson.
  • Louis: I have no idea what you're talking about. Look at that mouth though. It's so large, who would want to kiss that?
  • Niall: You, you stupid git.
  • Louis: It would be a public service. Gotta protect the rest of the world from those huge lips.
  • Niall: And his tongue?
  • Louis: If I must.
  • Niall: You need help.
  • Louis: I need that girl to get her FOOKIN HANDS OFF MY BOY'S THIGH.
  • Niall: And here comes damage control...
Remember You (Pt. 1)

Originally posted by bwiseoks

…..All I have to say is that I apparently love torturing myself. :’) As if the Namjoon and Hoseok fic wasn’t enough, I just had to go and make fuckboy!Jin….ahaha…OTL. To make it worse, this was never meant to be more than one part, but y’know…I’m a masochist. I also want to thank @chokemejimin  or specifically the lovely @the95liner for her excitement over this since it gave me motivation to FINALLY finish this after having it in my drafts since October. (Thank you for following my main blog too <3)

EDIT: ASDFGJL; Tumblr has been stupid this whole day and I couldn’t edit this in the morning like I wanted, but I’m a shitty person and forgot to mention @hadskye (aka Admin RD) and give credit where it is due. Forgive me for being a horrible friend, but yes, this amazing woman helped me a lot with the hashing out of this story and provided me with part of the dialogue. 💜💜💜

 Genre: asdfgghjkkl;; SMUT…eventually, fluff, angst, Fuckboy!Jin au

 Word Count: 6,048

  A bitter scowl decorates your face as your cheeks turn an annoying red, having to witness Seokjin lip-locked with one of your female coworkers in the back storage closet. Did he have no shame? Even when they both knew you were watching them, they shamelessly continued and it only caused your brow to develop a twitch.

 “You’re at work! Get out of there and get back to work before I tell manager Seoyoon-nim to fire you guys!”

 The two finally separate, with Seokjin letting out a dramatic sigh of annoyance while the girl had the decency to look scared and quickly scurry out the door that lead to the front of the café. Your stare pierces through Seokjin’s as he finally glances at you, letting that infuriating smirk adorn his stupid, handsome face.

 “Ah, y/n, I see that you’re living up to being a killjoy like always,” his smirk turns into a condescending smile as he fixes his – stupidly perfect – hair.

 Your heart clenches slightly as you turn away from him and walk toward the door leading to the front. “Just get back to work,” you mumble out and walk outside, letting your gaze pass the store as the sound of the grinder continues in the background.

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okay, hell, @screamingshark and i got talking abt what the most bara hq ship would be and uh,, im so in love with iwabo now

here is mal’s beautiful art bye

They’re a little odd, and maybe a tad untraditional.

Still, they’re perfect in ways Iwaizumi doesn’t bother explaining.

He’s grown incredibly fond of him- him – his lover, who wakes up at the asscrack of dawn, and constantly spills ketchup on his white pants, and always forgets to put his dishes in the dishwasher.

Still, Bokuto is incredibly precious, and Iwaizumi is willing to throw a punch or two, just for him.

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Your Name

cop!au I fell in love with you while I was undercover and I know you’re mad at me for lying but I have to go back to my old life (and I want you to be in it).

Kaneki Ken went undercover as Sasaki Haise to discover the culprit of the serial murders in the 20th ward (where :Re is). The main clue that connects all of these murders was that all of the victims had gone to :Re frequently. As Sasaki Haise, he wanted to be more undercover to see if it was the work of one of the staff members at :Re. Cue applying for the open position at :Re, with manager Touka teaching him how to properly brew coffee, among other things.

 And when the next murder hits, he realizes that he hasn’t been doing his job (he’s just been going on kind of ‘dates’ with Touka and getting to know the rest of the staff better and realizing that they can’t be the murderers) He does find real culprit after watching the actions of the customers. Then when the culprit is finally arrested…. Let’s just say Touka isn’t happy that her sorta ‘boyfriend’ was a cop. 

(That seemed like a pretty long background note but everything just came out when I saw this idea, so I hope you guys still enjoy!)



Her eye twitched as she saw the man who walked in. His hair wasn’t that strange black to gray gradation anymore but she could still recognize his face, that stupidly handsome- What the hell does he want now?

“You want to go on break?” Yomo-san asked as he held a steady glare at the man walked towards the counter.

“I’ve got this,” she insisted. It’s one customer, one order. It shouldn’t cause her this much… emotion. It’s just a customer who also happens to be a goddamn liar, who just wanted to get close to them, to her, because of his job, who never even trusted her  

“What would you like sir?”

“I’m sorry Touka-”

No, not this, not now.

“If you look at the left board you can see our specials for the day,” she interrupted casually, trying to not care that he looked like he was heartbroken, trying not to really hear the regret in his voice.   

“Can I just explain myself?”

Oh, she knows all about how he was investigating the cafe because of some ridiculous inference that they were connected to the recent murders! So with the most professional smile she could muster, “I’m sorry sir, but unless you’re planning on ordering something, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

He sighed in defeat. “Can I get an Americano? For here.”

“Right away.” Touka went over to grab some beans but Yomo-san took the can of beans away from her.

“Go pick some stuff up,” Yomo-san said while handing her a list. “I’ll take care of the rest of the customers.”  

“Thanks,” she breathed out while snatching the paper. For every step she took towards the door, she could feel a set of eyes on her, but she refused to look at them.   


When she noticed that the cafe had already been closed for sometime, she decided to go back. But what should she do about this? It’s not like he can be there everyday but still…It’s not like she can forget everything.

His stupid puns when he tried to make her smile.

The way his eyes lit up when he started to talk about books.

His warm touch that made her feel like there was someone who was willing to stay.

His seemingly genuine smile that was directed only towards her.

Even if it was just a persona for his investigating, was it really all fake? Were all his actions and expressions fake?

The lights were still on in the cafe…Were Yomo-san and shitty Nishiki still cleaning up? Or was Yomo-san waiting for her to come back since it’s gotten so late? Right when she walked in, she almost dropped the coffee beans.   

“Why the hell are you still here?” she spat out.

He sat at one of the stools at the bar, looking directly at her. “Nishiki-san said that if I helped clean up, he would convince Yomo-san to let me stay until you came back.”

Tch! That shitty Nishiki! She dumped the coffee on one of the tables and tried to run up to her room. “I have nothing to say to you and I don’t want to listen to anything that you say!”

“Touka!” He rushed towards her and grabbed her wrist before she could get too far. “Please listen to me!”

“Let go of me, you liar!” she shouted as she flailed her arm.

“I’ll leave!” She stopped, suddenly remembering the promise that he had made, wondering if that was a true promise of a sweet nothing. “Just listen. Then I’ll go if you want me to.”

She wanted to snatched her hand back and run, they both knew that she was more than capable of doing so, but somehow she still wanted to know if he would keep that promise that he made to her that day. She wanted to know if he’d stay.  How fucking trusting of her to stay and listen.   

“I’m going back to the 1st ward.” Of course, it would be something like this. Of course, he would be just like everyone else. Of course he would leave. “I’m going back to the 1st ward,” he repeated slowly, “But I want… to keep visiting you like this. I want to come here and have coffee with you and take walks with you and do things with you.”

“I don’t… What do you mean?”

“Even though I’m done with this job and I’m going back to being myself, I still want you to be apart of my life and I want to be apart of your life.” His grip on her wrist loosened. She could leave him in this instant if she wanted to. “Will you let me be in your life still?”

Both of his hands were still in front of her. He’s not touching his chin.

She looked up into his eyes, realizing that he looked like he was hoping for something. He didn’t seem like he was lying and she knows that he’s a shitty liar. There were so many reasons why she should’ve just told him to never show his face again.  


More than anything, she wanted to trust him, she wanted to trust that what they had was real.  

Touka just mumbled out, “Name.”


“What’s your real name?”

“Kaneki Ken.”  His smile widened. “My name is Kaneki Ken.”

“Shitty Kaneki,” she whispered out tenderly. Still, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. “You better keep your damn promise.”  

“I will.”


Title: X

Features: asexual!phil. some sort of sexuality crisis. friends to lovers.

Word count: 1700~

Summary: Phil never really planned to fall in love with Dan. He never really planned to fall in love with anyone; for a long time he wasn’t even sure that he could. Until Dan. It’s different with Dan.

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Imagine Sam helping you through a tough time

You jumped when a soft pile of clothes hit your body as you were curled up in a ball of self pity on your bed.

“What the fuck, Sam?” you grumbled, opening your eyes to see him standing above you in his workout clothes.

You rubbed your eyes as you looked at the clothes that had hit you.

“Why did you throw a sports bra at me?” you asked, grumpily.

Because,” he rolled his eyes, “I’m not going to let you mope about all day. We’re going to exercise.”

“I don’t wanna- ”

“Yes you do,” he interrupted, “When you feel like you do, you need a boost of good endorphins. I’m like it to. So I’m going to workout with you like a good boyfriend, and you’re going to get changed and meet me in the kitchen in five.”

You made to protest, but he was pulling that stupidly adorable face. That ‘Yes I did just say that, challenge me at your own risk’ face.

“Damn you and your pretty face,” you mumbled under your breath, climbing out of bed and unceremoniously beginning the changing process.