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hey friends!
you’ll probably remember when I made this post last year about my mom’s pride beanies… but now, she’s making pride scarves as well!! you can buy them in a set or individually!! 

in the photos are pictured gay/lesbian, asexual, bisexual, pansexual, genderqueer, and transgender, but my mom will do flags for ANY SEXUALITY OR GENDER! If you’d like a certain flag that isn’t listed here or on her shop, just send her a message! 

during this month (May), SHIPPING IS FREE so that you can get your pride wear before June, which is pride month!!

here is the link to her etsy shop!!

*NOTE: if you are in a place where you aren’t safe because of the way you identify your sexuality or gender, my mom will make sure to take precautions with your package. just make sure to let her know when you place the order!

(also a special thank you to my cute friends sarah, jasper, quill, lynx, and nick for modelling)

To lynx ♡

If you like my Glitchtale series. You’re gona LOVE “Dogs of tue Future Past” by Lynxgriffin. Their comic series just finished and is a GREAT read. Extremely creative and it sticks to the canon amazingly well!

Here’s the link to the first page:

Please read it.


To @lynxgriffin

I have no idea if you know me at all or what I do. But I just wanted to say that I’ve been following DOFP since it started.

You are a really talented and creative artist. One of the few that decided to choose the hard way to make a story which is sticking to the canon and make a story that would actually make sense by changing or switching a small thing here and there.

I actually got inspired to actually do research and take time to make my plots for animations to make a story that’d make sense. Without jumping away from the original undertale like 98% of the “AU"s have done so far.

If you ever make more comics about undertale, I’ll be more than glad to follow it to the end, cus I know I’m in for a great, original, creative, story that would jist increase my love for a game that even after a year has a LOT to offer.

(It was actually funny to see some similarities in our interpretation of a few things. For example a save file getting corrupted for bringing a character that’s not supossed to be tere back and such. Sometimes I’d search through your comics and other of my inspirations to look for the correct reaction of a character to a situation that wasn’t in the game, since it’s really hard to have an accurate interpretation of an undertale character’s personality without knowing much about him/her.


Thank you for this amazing comic, and I hope you get to read my fangirl paragraphs sometime lmao ♡♡♡.)


The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes.

Dreamt that my mom had my parents move out of St. Louis into a “more convenient” hospice care…. in the middle of the woods, on an island, where they accidentally adopted a wild lynx.

Also dreamt that I was in a school play, but Mike Pence came and they shut it down early, forgetting that I was tied upside-down in a harness behind an extra set of curtains. I had to get free before I passed out.

Another dream: thousands of dead bison left to rot on a plain. Nothing had even been taken from them. Some were still alive, just barely - I knelt down and looked one in the eye and was taken aback by its size and power, and then just stroked it’s muzzle and cried silently until it stopped breathing.


a bunch of updated Redesigns ..

i just modified some of the ones i did long ago… ^_^ hope u like it

Soooo what if Peridot demands that she get her own room in the temple so that she doesn’t have to stay in Steven’s bathroom anymore

But of course they can’t change the star on the door so

They just install an alternative

 requested: More baby Damian??? He’s adorable!!!!

-Damian has a lifelong ban from the zoo for stealing not just one penguin, but a whole flock of them, a lynx and several birds

-Damian steals Dick’s cereal and blames it on Tim because “do you think I would befoul my body with that sugar loaded garbage?” He has yet to be discovered (or so he thinks)

-Damian was once subjected to a “family bonding night” in which Dick had them all watch every. single. Disney movie. Damian wouldn’t admit it but his favorite was Lion King

-Sometimes if Jason annoys Damian, Damian will take Jason’s helmet and draw on the back. It’s usually silly faces, things like “kick me” or occasionally “shoot me”

-Damian is a super heavy sleeper and has the tendency to gather all of the sheets around him like a little egg roll and will sleep through all of his alarms (all six of them) until he is awoken by Alfred or Dick. He can be awake pretty fast though.

-After Dick came back from Spyral Damian would insist that Dick took him to the arcade and for ice cream afterwards for “repentance” but Dick wasn’t fooled (not that he minded) 

-Damian will mock Bruce from behind when he gives him lectures after patrol

-If Damian ever goes to the Watchtower he lurks in the control room and will watch the earth spin and the stars. Sometimes he’ll sketch, but he never lets anyone see it.

-Damian will take anyone’s clothes to “borrow” and they will only be seen a year or two later. Even if it’s Cass or Steph’s, he’ll take it. Bruce has lost many a comfortable sweater to Damian.

-Dick got Damian into the habit of settling minor disputes with rock paper scissors, leading to many ‘battles’ over the last of Alfred’s fresh baked cookies, the controller for the tv, first rights to the best bathroom in the house.

-If Damian is feeling particularly nice, he’ll write little notes and stick them in spots people will find them. Like on the chandelier and the roof. They usually read something like “You don’t entirely suck” or “You’re tolerable, even if you are weak”. That’s how they know Damian cares.

I hope that was good enough for you! Please keep sending in requests!!!


Well, this is a sort of tutorial.. (??)

well.. DISCLAIMER: its ok if you draw Sally with the first muzzle form.. it doesn’t look bad on her.. remember Ben Bates pre-reboot Sally Acorn?, it looked very nice like that. anyways…

so its just thing of likes and learning.. in my case, i learned that to make a character look more SEGA Sonic like, you don’t nesesary have to go for the Tails or Rouge face design…  or the typical Sonic body type.. and concerving some stuff from her original design makes her look ore recognizable as herself… dunno if i explain myself very well  ^_^U hehe…

also.. her eyes.. to make a character look more SEGA, you don’t necesary have to make their eyes really wide big just like Sonic’s..

so that’ would be… hope this results useful somehow..

Livestream tomorrow!

Hey all! It’s gonna be livestream time again tomorrow! Will be starting in on the next part for the Chara comic if you want to join in!

I’ll be starting at 1:00 PM PST Sunday and going the rest of the day, with a meal break or two in there!

And I’m actually undecided on what I want to do for the donation run this time…I am open for suggestions!

Wild Cats for the Signs 🐆

Aries - Cheetah
Taurus - Jaguar
Gemini - Serval
Cancer - Jungle Cat
Leo - Tiger
Virgo - Sand Cat
Libra - Ocelot
Scorpio - Snow Leopard
Sagittarius - Puma
Capricorn - Lion
Aquarius - Leopard
Pisces - Clouded Leopard
Also don’t hate me for choosing Tiger for Leo because Capricorns are just more family oriented like a Pride. I didn’t use Bobcats or Lynx only because they’re less unique in behavior which is what i based what i chose off of.