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Love Scrabble: A Tutorial

*queues Shang Tsung* It has begun! >:D *plays Mortal Kombat Movie Soundtrack*

Okay, so I may need a little sleep or something after all this, but it’s for a worthy cause!  ( ̄︶ ̄) And so I do. I’m going to break things up into parts because there’s a hella lot so I will be using #dorilovescrabbletutorial in the tags for easy retrieval. Let us begin.

Please know that I’m trying to cover all the things and am finding more along the way. Just give me time and if there’s something missing or you don’t understand, ask away and I shall answer :3

*inserts Disclaimer * All screenshots were taken by me, labeled by me, a single Voltage fan who wants nothing more than to help other non-Japanese speaking gamers play this thing we all hustled to love. I do not, in any way claim the game or characters or design as my own. Just the stupid labels and explanation that come with them |3

The Basics

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tbh i dont think there will be any fx and miss a combacks anymore
I just really want them to disband, none of them seem happy anymore, amber is literally min, min got forgotten and is probably leaving jyp soon, amber should do the same
Maybe victoria will have a success like fei and suzy and she will start as solo singer
tbh idk abt krystal, i have the feeling she will step into her sisters footsteps and maybe become her model or they both start designing for jessicas label
Im just so sad abt those two groups, they had sich a nice high and now both of their entertainments forgot them or just focus on one member anymore
'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' cast, re-imagined for 2015
They're just as fresh as ever in 2015.
By Hayley Wilbur

“To fit Will’s in-your-face, unapologetic personality, we dressed him in a bold outfit in keeping with his passion for print and vibrant colors. We imagined that modern-day Will would shop at Opening Ceremony or UK based designer platform Not Just A Label. The goal was to find an outfit that epitomized a 2015 take on his hip-hop aesthetic, with all the positivity and charm that he brought to his recognizable looks.”

“I wanted to start from an older, season 5 or 6 Ashley – when her style was more developed. Ashley was never quite as fashion-forward as Hilary, and she would have been inspired by her cousin Will’s rebellious edge. We dressed her in a mix of high and low fashion, pairing some boyfriend denim with a Kenzo sweater, classic Phillip Lim satchel (a Sweet 16th present maybe?) and dual gold Eddie Borgo cuffs.”

“Carlton always had this misguided sense of cool, which explains the abundance of gadgets he’s wearing, which he’s desperate to show off. His Robinson and Dapper bowtie is just a tad too much against his yellow Burberry shirt.”

“Hilary was the most fun to imagine. Fashion was Hilary’s life and her wardrobe was always fresh off the runway but still tailored and chic. We figured this Moschino skirt suit was just sassy enough for Hilary, and she could wear it to work, being a journalist. A Chloe Faye bag, Chanel pearl choker, and Beyonce-inspired braids complete the look.”

So one of my favorite things about Undertale fanart is the many ways people have of interpreting Frisk. So, here’s mine and a few others I really like. c:

(Most are named after something I found interesting or noticeable about the design. Mine I just labeled with my headcanon for their last name bc I can’t really judge what if anything is interesting or noticeable about mine 8O)

  1. me.
  2. @pitviperofdoom (referenced: this one)
  3. @meammy84124 (referenced: this one)
  4. @theslowesthnery (referenced: this one)
  5. @quicksilver26 (referenced: this one)
  6. @qtarts (referenced: this one)