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Japanese Match Box Labels

I think this is just about the most beautiful collection of label designs, all featured on Japanese match boxes  from the 1920s -1940s. I love the colour palettes and how unique each and every one is. Also, the textures are just incredible. 
You can view the entire collection here: Jane McDevitt on Flickr. 

not to sound shallow or greedy but if you gift me a luxury clothing piece I will literally love you forever

The Dangerous Kind (HTGAWM AU)

Summary: In which you and Lin have your first day of law school at Middleton and encounter some strange, but intriguing, people. 

Author’s Note: yay, day ONE of the @hamwriters write-a-thon! I got this idea last night at approximately 5 pm and finished it by 7:30 pm. I type super quickly and I adore this idea. I’ve been a huge fan of HTGAWM since day one of the show, so this was just a joy for me to write. 

Special thanks to my babes:
@linslovelylocks for helping me choose this idea
@hamilbye for just existing and being in my life (love you) and also being a HTGAWM fan and also, for reading this for me when I finished it (who would read my fics if I didn’t have you?). 

Words: 2,761 

Warnings: None?? Mentions of murder, but you know that if you’ve seen the show. 

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“Look at this, (Y/N)! We’re going to be lawyers!” You eyed Lin, watching him bounce on the balls of his feet as you waited to enter the classroom for the most prestigious law class in your state. You glanced back at the clock, still at its place on the wall, before replying to Lin.

“How much coffee did you have today?” You said, the weariness in your voice seeping through as you fought back a yawn. You glanced around you at the new faces that would be in the class with you for the rest of the year. You noticed none of them seemed to have anything in common except for the designer labels on just about everything they owned. You sighed, remembering how many strings you’d had to pull to get yourself a seat in this class and a spot at this university. Your parents swore this was the best path for you to become what they’d always dreamed of. You didn’t exactly come from money and neither did Lin, your best friend since your diaper days.

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anonymous asked:

how can you consider yourself into fashion when you shop at stores like target, old navy and forever21...

Just because I can’t afford designer labels doesn’t mean I’m not interested in Fashion. 

I’m going to school for Fashion Design, I’ve been reading Fashion magazines since I was 8 years old. I’ve watched Fashion Week for ages. I’ve been sewing and constructing costumes since I was a little kid. 

For you to assume that I’m not “into fashion” just because I choose to save my money to PAY FOR FASHION SCHOOL instead of wearing designer jeans is disgusting and HIGHLY offensive. I’ve literally had MULTIPLE garments featured in fashion shows, designed costumes for MULTIPLE theatrical productions, and and WON two sewing competitions, and may have garments in New York Fashion week. 

 By associating “being into fashion” with the wealthy who are able to afford the newest designer items, you are marginalizing those who aren’t wealthy, or people (like myself) who live in a rural area and cannot just pop over to LA or New York to pick up the latest thing. For my friends and I we were excited to finally get a Forever 21 in our mall last year. 

I also care a whole lot about my environment, so I tend to buy my clothes on thrift. This means I tend to find Pop Fashion brands, and I’m happy with that because I would much rather spend money on textbooks, and car payments than take out another student loan that my grandchildren will be paying off. 

So essentially Fuck You. Fuck your ignorance and your opinion. 

-Batty (Future Fashion Designer with a 3.8 GPA.)

Love Scrabble: A Tutorial

*queues Shang Tsung* It has begun! >:D *plays Mortal Kombat Movie Soundtrack*

Okay, so I may need a little sleep or something after all this, but it’s for a worthy cause!  ( ̄︶ ̄) And so I do. I’m going to break things up into parts because there’s a hella lot so I will be using #dorilovescrabbletutorial in the tags for easy retrieval. Let us begin.

Please know that I’m trying to cover all the things and am finding more along the way. Just give me time and if there’s something missing or you don’t understand, ask away and I shall answer :3

*inserts Disclaimer * All screenshots were taken by me, labeled by me, a single Voltage fan who wants nothing more than to help other non-Japanese speaking gamers play this thing we all hustled to love. I do not, in any way claim the game or characters or design as my own. Just the stupid labels and explanation that come with them |3

The Basics

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'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' cast, re-imagined for 2015
They're just as fresh as ever in 2015.
By Hayley Wilbur

“To fit Will’s in-your-face, unapologetic personality, we dressed him in a bold outfit in keeping with his passion for print and vibrant colors. We imagined that modern-day Will would shop at Opening Ceremony or UK based designer platform Not Just A Label. The goal was to find an outfit that epitomized a 2015 take on his hip-hop aesthetic, with all the positivity and charm that he brought to his recognizable looks.”

“I wanted to start from an older, season 5 or 6 Ashley – when her style was more developed. Ashley was never quite as fashion-forward as Hilary, and she would have been inspired by her cousin Will’s rebellious edge. We dressed her in a mix of high and low fashion, pairing some boyfriend denim with a Kenzo sweater, classic Phillip Lim satchel (a Sweet 16th present maybe?) and dual gold Eddie Borgo cuffs.”

“Carlton always had this misguided sense of cool, which explains the abundance of gadgets he’s wearing, which he’s desperate to show off. His Robinson and Dapper bowtie is just a tad too much against his yellow Burberry shirt.”

“Hilary was the most fun to imagine. Fashion was Hilary’s life and her wardrobe was always fresh off the runway but still tailored and chic. We figured this Moschino skirt suit was just sassy enough for Hilary, and she could wear it to work, being a journalist. A Chloe Faye bag, Chanel pearl choker, and Beyonce-inspired braids complete the look.”


Design concept that I just came up with today for a custom SNES Reproduction cart of Sailor Moon: Another Story. A fan-translated version of an RPG based on the classic manga and anime series. 

The first is a concept for something that looks like some kind of special, limited edition-style painted cart.

The second is a concept for a more traditional kind of Reproduction style with a non-painted cart.

And the third concept is for the people who would appreciate a more subdued, and subtle color for the label. Admittedly it is easier on the eyes, but not as attention grabbing. The style and the arrangement of the label is also by me.

Also, I should stress that I am not a retro game reproducer or anything. Nor are these available for sale or anything (though if a reproducer would like to use the design, I’m cool with it) I have a much larger, full source label version saved as a psd. I just like designing things and these were created in Photoshop.

the-last-alicorn  asked:

Am I the only one that would like a series with the Neziranger suits? Not with any connection to Megaranger tho. Just, a Sentai with heroes that were built to be villians, who look like villians, but are heroes. Like Kamen Rider 1. What do you think?

You have NO idea how much I love those suits! 

In 1997, I was watching Denji Sentai Megaranger on imported VHS tapes from a local Japanese grocery store as it was airing in Japan and seeing an actual EVIL Sentai team kind of blew my mind. The fact that they were so powerful and, at least at first, outmatched the heroes was amazing.  I actually still have the two tapes of those episodes somewhere labelled “The Nejiranger Saga parts 1 & 2″. Just look at the design elements on these things:

Now, I’m not sure I would want to see those exact suits used again because they were so special and so unique to that series but a similar design used for a team of heroes who were intended to be villains would rock!  That would actually be a pretty unique concept for a Super Sentai team one that was intended to be a tool of villainy but rebelled and became heroes.  

The public might distrust them at first or fear them and they would have to earn the place other Super Sentai teams are just given for being part of the legacy.  Heck, it would make an interesting idea for an Anniversary series with past Sentai heroes appearing as either mentors and coaches or opponents believing her new team to be evil or soiling the name of Super Sentai.

Still, I can’t get over how great the Nejiranger suits are!

Thank you for reminding me of them, put a HUGE smile on my face!  I might have to go home and watch those episodes again (this time subbed) while I pack for my trip!

Blackwood Academy

A/N: Sorry it’s a bit late! This one took longer than I thought… so for half of the world, this is technically a Boxing Day Special. >< Anyway, I hope you like this! Merry Christmas <3


Summary: Dan has been thrown into a completely new environment as he joins a popular boarding school, Blackwood Academy, as a new student. After meeting Phil, a ringleader of the most infamous group of students in the school, Dan realises there’s a lot more to him than the man-made definition formed by other people’s opinions.

Chapter Ten

“Merry Christmas!” Alex’s enthusiastic voice breaks through Dan’s deep unconsciousness, instantly transporting him from his dream back into the dim light of their bedroom, the dark blueness of the morning struggling through our curtains.
Dan chuckles sleepily, rubbing his eyes. “What time is it?" 
He peers at the alarm clock. "Like, seven?”
“Alex…” Dan moans jokingly, burying his head back into the pillow. “Do we really have to get up now? I didn’t even wake up this early when I was back at home." 
"Oh, lighten up, you Grinch! This is the tradition here,” Alex says. “So, are you getting up or what?”

“What time do we have to be down there by?” Dan mumbles.

“Well, we all go down to the Common room at 7:30 and exchange gifts, Then at 8, we all go to the dining hall for a crapload of breakfast, and then watch movies all day until Christmas Dinner. Sound good to you?” Adam chuckled.

“Yep,” Dan sighs in relief – the day seems to be pretty laid-back, in contrary to the idea he’d had of Christmas at school, fearing stupid lessons all day. He reluctantly wriggles out of the warmth of his duvet, sits up, and stretches, feeling the tension of the night’s sleep in his muscles unknot satisfyingly. He know there isn’t any time, or point, in straightening his hair so he shakes the brown waves out, letting them flop messily over his forehead.

As he notices Alex isn’t changing clothes either, he follows him out of the door, shuffling in his slippers and tying his dressing gown up.

The Common room is gloriously decorated, tinsel glittering up against the high walls and fairy lights prettily peppered around the room, giving off a warm light filling the room which adds nicely to the excitable atmosphere and chattering voices spreading to every inch of the room.

“Hey!” the others beckon enthusiastically, calling them over to their usual corner, which looks distinctly festive as opposed to the textbooks and plain sofas that would lay there on any other day – they had now been replaced with an enormous pile of presents.

To Dan’s relief, his Amazon deliveries had arrived on time, so he wouldn’t be empty-handed

“Merry Christmas guys!” Dan grins, rotating around the group and hugging them all individually. It’s almost unbelievable to him that he’d actually known these people for less than 3 months, yet he’d already made the closest friendships with them than he’d ever had before at his previous school. Sure, he had friends – as far as classmate acquaintances go, but he isn’t nearly as close to them as he is to these guys.

“Merry Christmas, Dan. Open your presents!” Zoe points to the pile eagerly after their hug.

Dan chuckles, sitting down into the sofa and putting his presents on the table along with the others.

As the presents are being sorted into their individual piles, Dan lets his eyes wander over to the other far corner of the room, his eyes scanning through the distinctive group of dark t-shirts and facial piercings until he notices Phil.

He’d distanced himself slightly away from the others, in a separate conversation with Charlie, although it looked as if he’s zoned out of that too, his thoughts in a different place. His dark, unbrushed hair hangs messily over his fringe, partially covering his bright blue eyes until he flicked it away every so often. He’s wearing a loose, plain black t shirt and checked pyjama pants, although he seems to be able to look effortlessly good in them, almost as if he’s modelling some sort of designer label as opposed to just rolling out of bed at 7 in the morning. Unlike how Dan looks right now – as if he were ready to roll back into bed, let alone be seen modelling his fluffy dressing gown and bear pyjama pants down any catwallk.

Charlie chatters away to him, his hands fiddling with the fur on his wolf hat whenever he looked at Phil in a very teenage-girly manner. Dan can’t hear what they’re actually talking about, but by the amount of engagement Phil’s expressing, it doesn’t look like a very interesting conversation topic.

He doesn’t look bored , as such, he just looks… sad, almost. Like he’s in another world entirely, and probably not a very happy one. He hadn’t once smiled, or said anything to anyone else other than Charlie; and even then he hadn’t said much to him.

Dan’s heart suddenly jumps as Phil’s eyes avert to his, noticing him. Dan struggles to look away, despite knowing that in any other situation, staring is usually considered rude.

Being too caught up with his own inner turmoil, Dan hadn’t yet noticed that Phil’s actually smiling for the first time.

At him.


“Dan? Hello?” Alex waves a hand in front of Dan’s face as he snaps back into reality. He manages to give Phil a secret grin back, before turning to his own group of friends. Luckily, they hadn’t picked up on exactly who he’d been smiling, or even looking at, which is a huge relief. Dan doubts he’d have these friendships for much longer if they find out he’d been making eyes at their absolute arch-rival.

“Oh, right. Sorry,” Dan mumbles, reaching out to his pile of presents.

After he’d unwrapped most of the gifts and said his fair share of ‘thank you’s’, Zoe thrust her present to him, a flustered grin on her face.

Dan unwraps her present, feeling like a bit of a twat with everyone watching him. After a few seconds of silence, he’d exposed a heart-shaped box of chocolates and Zoe stares at him expectantly, giggling slightly.

"Are they okay? I was going to get the deluxe box but-”

“They’re fine,” Dan grins. "Thank you, Zoe,” he glances up at her, “that’s really sweet of you,” he pulls her in for another hug, and as he pulls away, he realizes her cheeks had flushed

“Are you blushing?” Louise asks, giggling as Zoe’s cheeks turn a deeper shade.

“No!” she denies bashfully, shielding her face with her hands.

Dan laughs along with them. They all part their separate ways to get dressed, before meeting back in the Common room for the movies.

Dan decides on a red checked shirt and black skinny jeans, and straightens out the hobbit-like mess that lay on his head. Looking self-consciously at himself in the mirror, he turns to Alex.

“What do you think?” he asks him anxiously.

Alex eyes him up and down, nodding. “Nice.”

“Thanks…” Dan turns back to himself, continuing to tug down on the shirt and smooth his hair out accordingly.

“Dude… it’s school. Not a Chanel fashion show,” Alex smirks, rolling his eyes at the way Dan stares at his reflection. “Come along, pretty boy.”

Dan gives himself one last nervous check-over before heading out of the door, being suddenly joined in the corridor by a crowd of others as they all made their way back into the Common room.

Several DVDs later, they begin filing up for Christmas Dinner in the dining hall. Dan couldn’t help but notice Phil’s disappearance after the second Harry Potter movie, and he hadn’t yet returned. Dan’s mind begins to wander, wondering where he’d got to, but he tries not to think about it too much – he’s probably just gone to his room, or something.

For five hours.

He tries to forget about him. He tries to join in with all the pulling of Christmas crackers, laughing, eating, and wearing paper hats, but he can’t stop himself from tentatively glancing over at the empty seat, or corner of the table where he should be sitting.

His other friends don’t seem at all fazed by his departure, not even Charlie. It’s as if they haven’t even realised he’d disappeared.

“Where’s Phil?” Dan thoughtlessly blurts out, and immediately regrets it.

“Who?” Carrie looks up blankly, as if she too had forgotten about him. She glances over at their table for half a second, not even taking in the fact he’d gone. “I don’t know. I don’t care.”

“Why’d you care?” Alex frowns suspiciously, and Dan’s face flushes red. He quickly glances down at his lap.

“Oh, no reason, I just-…” he shrugs awkwardly, silently scolding himself for being so stupid as to sound as if he cares about his whereabouts. He settles for a subject change. “So, what did you guys think about-…”

The rest of the afternoon followed pretty smoothly – no-one questioned Dan’s aloud thoughts any further, but the nagging thought wouldn’t vanish. Not even after the food, which he’d eaten unusually quickly to try and distract himself.

It’s useless. He discreetly excuses himself from the table, power-walks along the huge corridors, and disappears out of the main double-doors into the freezing cold December air before anyone can question him. It’s then he realises it probably would’ve been an idea to bring some kind of jacket, but obviously, being cold isn’t exactly his main priority right now.

He walks along the snow-dusted paths, completely deserted considering the entire population of Blackwood were either at home, or in their separate dining halls for the Christmas Dinner.

After a cold walk, he finally arrives outside the music hut, his heart thudding. He swallows his fears, shivering outside the door before he grips the door handle and twists it. As he pushes the door open, surely enough, he finds Phil sitting alone on the sofa, a look of concern on his face which vanished after seeing that it was Dan behind the door, and not Charlie.

Shutting the door quietly, Dan walks over to him without saying anything, setting his bag down beside the sofa and sitting next to him.

Phil stares into space, and it’s the first time Dan’s seen him actually shiver.

"Why are you here?” he asked coldly after a short silence.

“You want me to go?” Dan raises his eyebrows.

“Never said that,” Phil responds, the iciness still in his voice although he shaking his head silently, so Dan stays put.

“Why are you here, more importantly?” Dan asks after another thick silence.

Phil shuts his eyes, sighing. “Because I don’t want to be there.”

“It’s Christmas, Phil,” Dan sighs. “Surely you’re not going to shut yourself away in here all day?” he shivers. “Besides, it’s freezing,” he scans the shabby hut they’re sat in.

“Yeah. Tells you something, doesn’t it? I’d rather be here than there.”

Dan feels a pang in his chest. “D’you want to tell me why?” he mumbles after an uncomfortable silence.

Phil shrugs, trying to look nonchalant. “Can’t see what difference it would make either way;

“I-…” he sighs, shutting his eyes. “Christmas was always shit. I can’t remember a single good one I’d ever had – my mum was a bitch, my dad was-… well, he was a bitch too,” he shrugs. “It just-… it just never worked. We didn’t work with Christmas; we weren’t enough of a picture-perfect family, y’know?” Dan nods slowly, gesturing for him to continue.

“I can barely remember half the Christmases we had together, until-… well, until the divorce, but-… I do remember one Christmas round my mum’s, with her stepdad and-…” he gulps. “he hated me, he really did. He’d never sa- no, he did say it,” he contradicts himself. “he said it all the fucking time, and I could see it in his eyes,” his own eyes glitter. “he wanted rid of me. He wanted to shove me off to a boarding school so he could live in peace, and-…” he shrugs. “He hated me.”

Dan gulps, his heart thudding. Phil’s eyes flicker to him for half a second, before he continues. “I don’t think I need to go into detail-… it doesn’t take a genius to piece together the evidence; a violent alcoholic stepfather plus an annoying brat of a kid-“

“You don’t need to go into detail,” Dan cuts him off. “Not if you don’t want to.”

“Thanks,” Phil throws him a grateful glance. “So-… I just can’t stand being in that hall,” he shakes his head. “I can’t stand that vibe of happiness,” he shuts his eyes. “It sickens me.”

“Phil-…” Dan sighs, awkwardly putting his arm around the black-haired boy’s shoulders.

Phil sighs, relaxing into his embrace. He rests his head on Dan’s chest. “Why did I just tell you all that?” Dan gulps, unable to answer. “You’re the only other person who knows about that, y’know.”

Dan pulls away. “Really?”

Phil nods. “Haven’t even told Charlie about it.”

“Why me, then?” Dan frowns.

“You’re not Charlie.” Phil shrugs. “I trust you.”

Dan gulps. “Oh,” he nibbles his lip.

Phil glances down at his lap, and if Dan’s not mistaken, he thinks he can make out an almost inaudible mumble of ‘you care more than he does’, but he doesn’t pry – Phil had obviously muttered it under his breath for a reason.

“Oh, I-…” Dan reaches over for his bag. “I nearly forgot.”

“Forgot what?”

Dan digs around through the mess of discarded wrapping paper and books until he finds the small wrapped box, pulling it out. He’d been intending to give this to Phil during another one of their ‘homework sessions’, but now will suffice; it is Christmas, after all.

“Here,” he hands him the small present, noticing the way his eyes had lit up. Dan can’t help but notice this is the only present he’d been given throughout the entire day.

“Oh, Dan…” he whispers hoarsely. “You didn’t have to-”

“Open it,” Dan urges.

He unwraps it with shaky hands, and once he opens the box, he’s speechless. Embedded in a velvet pillow, glitters a black quartz bracelet with gold plating between every jewel.

"Oh Dan-…” his voice cracks, his eyes glittering with tears.

“Do you like it?” Dan asks anxiously.

“I love it,” he whispers, holding up the bracelet with both hands, beholding its beauty.

Dan finds Phil’s genuine appreciation for such a small gesture touching, and he smiles softly at him.

Phil takes a deep breath, hooking the bracelet around his slim wrist.

“It fits perfectly,” he says, gazing up at Dan. His eyes shine brightly with emotion.

Before Dan can add to anything else, Phil pulls him in for an unexpected hug.

“Phil?” Dan tries to ignore the way his heart had leapt once they’d embraced.  

He feels Phil’s chest rise in a shaky sigh. “This-… this is the first present I’ve been given in three years.”

Dan sighs, tightening the hug and stroking Phil’s mess of soft, black hair. He smells of his familiar, slightly spicy cologne, and Dan breathes it in again as it lingers on his collar.

“You were the first person I bought a gift for, you know,” Dan mumbles. Phil doesn’t reply outright,, but he nestles into Dan’s chest.

Dan frowns. Everything feels… weird. In a strangely nice way. He’s overwhelmed with an unidentified feeling – not the same feeling that came over him when hugging Zoe, or Louise, or any of his other friends. It’s a feeling he’d never experienced before.

"Merry Christmas, Phil,” he whispers through a sudden smile.


So one of my favorite things about Undertale fanart is the many ways people have of interpreting Frisk. So, here’s mine and a few others I really like. c:

(Most are named after something I found interesting or noticeable about the design. Mine I just labeled with my headcanon for their last name bc I can’t really judge what if anything is interesting or noticeable about mine 8O)

  1. me.
  2. @pitviperofdoom (referenced: this one)
  3. @meammy84124 (referenced: this one)
  4. @theslowesthnery (referenced: this one)
  5. @quicksilver26 (referenced: this one)
  6. @qtarts (referenced: this one)


QUICK someone tell Debbie Gallagher that virginity is just a social construct designed to allow boys to force a label onto her and losing it won’t change her as a person because no one seems concerned that a 13 year old child is being this obsessive about a thing that should be no never mind to her at this point in time

CrissColfer Fic-a-Day Advent 2014: Day Eighteen

Pairing: Chris/Darren 
Word Count: 
Prompt:  Chris and Darren meet while shopping for gifts for significant others that they don’t want to be with.

Read the fic on AO3.

“It’s the mall on December 20th,” Becca says, looping her arm through Chris’s. “Did you really expect to find something amazing?”

Chris shrugs. “I don’t know. I just… don’t know what to get. Nothing’s standing out.”

Becca gives him a look that’s half bitchy and half sympathetic, a duality that Chris admires. “How about a suitcase for him to pack his shit in and go?”

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