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Hey y’all! i hope your all doing well! for a while I thought it would be a hella rad idea to do a metalocalypse fanzine! because apparently, it’s something the likes of which have never been seen before! It’d be Something fun and wholesome that this wonderful and creative fandom can collaborate on and come together as a family!  Whatever your trade is art or literature feel free to come in and join the fun! Think of it as “Fanklok” but in book form!

If you’re interested here’s a survey for just general ideas or suggestions and just a blog for it just in case where you can ask questions ect and where a full info post will be made later on! 

if you know anyone else who may be interested please pass the word! 

Four years ago I went to the Doctor Who celebration event in London. I met an array of people from those who were in the fandom since the very beginning 50 years ago to ones who were just now finding their love for the show.

I saw whole families cosplaying characters and a copious amount of fezzes and multicoloured scarves as well as the occasional stick of celery.

I was chased by a peg doll from the Night Terrors episode and I stared down a Silent (at least I think I did, that bit’s a little hazy). I was taught how to walk like a monster and I got to stand inside the 11th Doctor’s TARDIS

I bought a tonne of merch I probably didn’t need but the one of the best things I did walk away with was this:

Still one of the best days of my life!

Happy Friendsgiving, my sweet dudes! I come bearing gifts… of literary erotica! I’m hoping to clean this up a little and post it to AO3, maybe sometime over the weekend when I’m not surrounded by family and leftover turkey. This might be very similar to everything I’ve posted in this fandom thus far, but as long as I’m just fulfilling my own dark desires (and also maybe giving @joycecarolnotes a nice holiday treat), I’ll try not to worry about that too much. So, with that said…

Doctor’s Orders
(Jared/Richard, Rated E, Anal Fingering and also Feelings)

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Since this fandom is mostly a mess and the tags are hell, can you suggest some good Naruto-related blogs like yours to follow? :) I love that you're always calm and collected and always back up your claims with facts without being rude or obnoxious, this place needs more people like you!

I’ll refrain from just spamming people who are part of my Tumblr family, and just name some blogs off the top of my head. In which case, you can’t go wrong with - @raineya, @bibi-loves-books, @mrm64, @thatismyninjawaytoo, @hipsterlacie, @kuriquinn, @theeternallyfangirlingauthor, @otp-oasis-heavenxearth, @warlordess, and @team7fangirl.

Some other really good ones which are on the other side of the fandom include @mrs-gossipgirl, @someone-who-is-there and @blue-analytic (although he’s not as active as he used to be ^_^).
It's Only One Night . . . - InkspillsNotebook - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
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Series: Part 4 of Drabble Expansion Pack

A mission away from home leads established pro heroes, The Wonder Duo, to spend a night alone out in a small town … what could happen?

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A friend of mine studies medicine in London and when I asked her about Megan and the relationship there was such an indifference to it. Do people outside the fandom really care so little? She doesn’t have any care wether they are engaged or not the only thing she said was that it would be Better if meg would adjust to the uk and culture before any engagement. So are people really this ignorant?? I was so surprised:o is it just the fandom that is a bit crazy about this?

I don’t think ignorant is the right word. That has a negative connotation. I would say apathetic. Truthfully, nobody cares about the royals. We get excited about weddings because we get a day off work. We get excited about babies because they’re cute. We come out now and then to watch big events but generally we don’t really care what they’re doing. They’re just kind of there.


This episode was so freakin chaotic! It was funny at some points and it made me so mad at other points! It just makes me miss Crowley because tbh he was better at being the king of hell. He was less of an ass and he even liked the Winchesters a little bit. Ugh! But that Lucifer/Cas scene was everything! Also i kind of feel bad for Lucifer 😂 All i know is, Dean and Sam better save Cas!!! And quickly because i will not stand to see him locked up like that! 😡😂

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We all know Thanksgiving is a crap holiday that we use as an excuse to eat way too much food BUT I’m just putting it out there that I am incredibly thankful for…

@steveharingtons @chancellor-bell @bobmorlee @stilinskikissme @planetaryleia @ravenclaw-helena (I love you all so much, you’re all wonderful and kind and talented and I’m lucky to call you friends.)

and so many more of you and our little fandom family ❤️❤️❤️

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Pass the happy! 💛 When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last 10 people in your notifications 😊

Five things that make me happy:

1: My family

2: My friends

3: Fandoms

4: Sunsets

5: Pizza

I know it probably means for me to put this in people’s asks, but I’m just gonna tag you guys

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Also rewatching series again, I realized that I honestly forgot how Wholesome Pines family is at the end of each episode, with both sides accepting the blame if there was any. I always was stuck on that Stanford "eh it is alright we both have been going without a friend for a long time so I am to blame too" Pines but honestly? That's a Pines Family Thing. It just stuck with me bc fandom mostly accused HIM for being selfish and egoistical but his episodes play just the same with rest of family.

R I G H T ?!

Ok guys, so here’s the deal. You don’t have to like this pairing, you don’t have to like the characters and you don’t have to like the show. But can we all please take a moment to acknowledge how important this scene is to Star Trek. Star Trek is over 50 years old. It’s always prided itself on championing great causes and the rights of everyone regardless of gender or race. It was the fandom that launched a thousand ships. It was the fandom that made it ok to ship. It is the fandom that has battled for this moment for years.

This fandom had multiple episodes scrapped because of networks being scared off by LGBTI story lines. Those networks, when it once did have a lesbian kiss, played it off as an ‘It’s ok because she used to be a man’.

This fandom where the writers and two of the actors were actually banned from having too many scenes together because their portrayals of their characters were not ‘family friendly’ according to the network heads.

And now, Star Trek has given us this. A strong relationship which is not being used as a punchline.

So please, whatever your feelings are for the characters themselves and Discovery as a series, lets just acknowledge how important this is for Star Trek.

We have hit the Final Frontier.

  • finn: i’m cold
  • poe: here, take my jacket *winks*
  • rey: kylo, i’m cold too
  • kylo: what? *taking off cape* i told you to bring more layers but of course you didn’t listen and now *piling scarves on her* now look, i’ve got to make sure you don’t FREEZE to death and *taking somebody else’s hat* how long have you been cold you should’ve said something sooner

Ah, yes, and if we look to the left, we see Castiel pinned up against a wall by Dean Winchester but #nohomo of course. No, Dean’s eyes do not dip to Cas’ lips just before he pulls away. Why do you ask?


Okay SING fandom I raise you Buster getting to perform at his own theater