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s3e08 - wizard battle

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I have a question about a thing! Basically, if i caught it correctly, Orion is trans? I'm just asking, because the thought of this wild, super violent, borderline eldritch horror monster being like "I was gonna eat you anyways, but you misgendered me so I'm gonna eat you x100" is genuinely really interesting. Also, have you ever drawn Orion's human form?

yeah orion is trans!! id only drawn him once in human form and it was very outdated so i scribbled this for u c: i hope its fine lmao

orion doesnt like to be in human form at all, he feels more comfortable in beast form and he’ll only change back forcefully or revert mutation changes beyond what hes able to control (aka once he starts going batshit crazy from overworking his body his bro ethan will force him back into human form so no catastrophies happen and as soon as hes rested a bit he can go back to being a murderous trainwreck)

170624 SWCV at BKK

The standing area cleared about the first 100 queue numbers when the rain started. I don’t understand Thai but the shawol in front of me told her friend “… … SHINee” in a matter of fact tone and I laughed. She looked at me and said “You know what I mean, right?” and I agreed.

It’s an international language now: SHINee brings the rain where ever they go.

Somewhere, in the carefully cultivated mess of Ranpo’s life, there’s some clues to the life he had before, when he was really small. 

If you knew this guy for a while, and he had given you a hug, you would know the dude’s really strong. But did you know he got it from his mom? Somewhere in the deep recesses of his closet, there’s a picture of his mother lifting both baby Ranpo and his dad. 

They’re smiling, as it was a good time. 

Ereri/Riren moments ☆ part XIV ♡

Eren’s favourite animals are birds ever since he was little child.

Now for his birthday Levi got him two budgies, a blue and a yellow one and like the 7yo he is in his head he named them Ocean and Sunflower.

He loves them with all his heart and Levi’s heart melted again when he saw those tears of happiness coming out of the most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen.

so i’m watching disney’s hercules and there’s that one scene where hercules bursts into hell riding cerberus and pulling him by the ears to lead him and the persephone pyrrha inside of me is like: oh no he did not yOU GET THE FRICK OFF OF THERE

I tried to tell Quincy that we were standing in front of natural treasure and that we should appreciate it. He continued to pose with this vaguely indifferent expression, effectively rendering all of my photos useless.  

okay but like one day in the dog park the dog owners walking their dogs hear a voice yelling “GERTRUDE”. and everyone is like who the fuck would name their dog like that, and then this gigantic fucking german shepherd runs past and when they watch where the dog goes they see the big ass dog running towards this badass looking lesbian couple with a fuken squeaky toy in her mouth