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PLL preferences - Your parents finding out you’re dating.

Your parents won’t like you dating Jason. He as seen as the bad boy and since he’s a DiLaurentis, almost everything is negative. But that isn’t changing anything for you and him. You promise your parents they’ll see the good side of him and they’ll love him in the end.
When you tell your parents you’re dating Ezra, they get really mad. So mad that you have the leave the house for a week or more. They’re really mad, because he’s your teacher. And for them he’s really dumb for dating you. It takes them more than two weeks to talk to you again. But for a while your relationship with you parents isn’t that good.
At first they don’t like Toby, because of the rumours about him. But you and him make sure your parents know the real story and from there on, they really love him.
Your parents really love Caleb. He’s the perfect guy for you and your parents think so too. He loves you with everything in his body and your parents love that.
Mikes parents love you so much. They think you’re perfect for him. You make him a little bit more sweet to other people. You make him happy. And well, your dad is really in love with him. Because Mike is the typical sports guy he can talk with. For both your parents, you’re the perfect match.
Noel seems like the perfect guy for you and that’s why your parents like him so much. Little do you and your parents know he’s not so sweet.
This scenario is basically the same with Noel. They love Wren, although he’s a bit older than you. He seems like the perfect guy and he’s so sweet to your parents that they like him immediately.
When you start dating Hanna, her mother is really really happy with it. She liked you already and now she’s even more happy that her daughter is dating you. For your parents it’s basically the same, because they love Hanna.
Your parents seem Spencer as a smart choice, while her parents don’t know what to think about you. In the end Spencers parents start liking you and get to know you better. Which makes them trust you.
When you tell your parents you’re dating Alison, they’re a bit shocked. You have different personalities and you parents don’t know what to think about them. But they trust you, so they trust Alison.
Aria and you are the perfect couple for eachother. And you parents think so too. Both your parents love the two of you together and they accept it immediately.
Emily’s parents like you really fast. You’re really sweet for Emily, which is the most important to them. You were a bit afraid of what your parents would think of her. But they tell you that as long as you are happy they are too!
Your parents think Mona is a bit weird because of the stuff she had to do with A, but they promise to try and like her. Because you trust her again and your parents have to trust them too, you think.