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rant ahead

take it from a devoted saw fan, this isn’t exactly an unpopular opinion but more of an educational rant

ok, everyone in the saw fandom is probably familiar with adam stanheight-faulkner, he’s the guy from the first movie, you might remember him as the guy who said fuck a lot or the one who died at the end, whatever

lemme just highlight things adam did that make him a complex round character (to me) contrary to some people’s opinions saying he was simply just for comic relief or a useless add-in

  • he starts off as a panicky, confused, and angry kid but by the end he’s the one trying to calm lawrence down. character development. like, by a long shot . even though the movie is a little over an hour and a half long
  • everyone has to make a living somehow, but he did it in the wrong way by invading someone’s privacy. it was a mistake and everyone makes mistakes, they’re human
  • he manages to crack jokes in stressful times. not many people are able to do this with ease
  • he is part of the overall plot. without him, lawrence might’ve never been tested, think about it
  • he didn’t want to show lawrence the photo of his family being held hostage because he knew how it’d make him feel. hence why he said, “i couldn’t” when asked why he didn’t show lawrence. so he’s not that apathetic, or angry, as seen at the end
  • lets also appreciate the fact that he fucking kills zep when zep is about to kill lawrence. lawrence is losing blood really fast and there’s no way in hell he can move, zep is gonna shoot him because it’s the rules. you think adam is dead when bam! he’s suddenly alive and smashing zep over the head and killing him
  • why did adam do this? to save lawrence? he knew lawrence was going to escape if he lived, but he didn’t know if lawrence would come back for him. he saved his life anyway, while being wounded from a bullet in the shoulder, he still finds energy to save him. Oh, but he’s a weak character, right?
  • ITS BECAUSE OF ADAM THAT LAWRENCE LIVES UNTIL SAW VII. It’s because of him that lawrence sees his family again. ADAM SAVES HIS LIFE. People seem to forget this and think of adam as the whiny useless kid

in conclusion, adam stanheight-faulkner is not weak, or useless, or unimportant. watch the movie after reading this whole thing, you might see it differently.

see as i see

Prompt: mukuro meets komaru in towa city post dr if

A/N Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love the power tandem of Touko/Komaru in dr:ae and how they conquered their own weaknesses. But I’m also curious as to how it would play out if Mukuro had been there instead. If you want a naekusaba version or aftermath then you can request it as a prompt but anyways, moving on.

Mukuro meets Chisa post DR IF

What IF Mukuro met Komaru in Towa City? - post dr if

Komaru just wanted to get out of her apartment but she was having regrets given the state of the outside world.

Just as soon as she broke free from her entrapment, a whole new nightmare welcomed her. Monokuma robots ravaged the city and slaughtered people wherever she went. Her legs kicked as she tried to run away from it all. Her eyes frantically searched for a safe hiding place but all she saw were corpses or people just about to be shredded into lifeless bodies. If she screamed, she couldn’t tell since her ears were already filled with the guttural shrieks of dying people. Even her own instincts screamed at her as she tried to save herself.

But what hope did she have against a slaughtering machine?

“Get away from me!” She yelled even though she knew it was useless talking to these things. Her whole frame trembled at her impending death as she was now surrounded by a whole flock of them. “Break!” She shouted as she shot one after another but where one fell, five more sprung in place from behind. She was overpowered. “No way…” She breathed and she could almost taste the despair in her mouth.

For such an ordinary girl, it seemed unfitting that she’d die by an extraordinary death. Slaughter was never fair.

The hoards closed in on her and she held onto her megaphone with a deathly grip. Tears streamed through her eyes and she furiously wiped them away for fear of her shots missing. They were close enough to lunge at her now and there was no way for her to clear a path for escape. So this was it then, she terrifyingly concluded. She braced herself for what she imagined to be excruciating pain that would last too long before she’d eventually die.

Except rather than pain, an explosion filled her hearing.

Then another. And another. A chain of explosions.

Cautiously, she opened her eyes and saw the hoards of monokumas thinning with every explosion. Something blurred flitted her vision too fast as it skidded around her and left a wake of bursting machines. It all happened too fast for her to comprehend what was happening. And just as soon as it started, it was over. All of the monokumas had fallen and all that was left standing was just her and her mysterious savior. A rather familiar figure in her eyes.

“Junko Enoshima?” Komaru asked uncertainly.

“Actually, it’s Mukuro Ikusaba.” She corrected her as she momentarily took off her wig.

“Mukuro?” She repeated. Her mind nagged her to recall where she had come across that name. Eventually, her eyes widened at the realization. “Mukuro as in big bro Makoto’s classmate?”

She nodded in confirmation and then fixed her wig again. One quick scan over Komaru told her that she was fine, at least physically, for them to continue. “Let’s go. It’s not safe to be out.”

“What’s happening? And what’s with the wig? What’s going on?” Komaru sputtered. Her mind was still racing from all that has happened.

Mukuro calmly regarded her. “Can you fight?”

Komaru blinked as her mind shut down on her. She was quiet for a suspiciously long while but it looked more like a consequence of shock. Her eyes searched Mukuro’s to find a sign of something only to confirm that she was serious. Komaru on the other hand was absolutely terrified at the prospect. She had just narrowly escaped death and this person was asking her for the impossible.

“You saw how I was. I was fighting for my life there! And losing!” She bit her lip from saying how she would have lost her life if Mukuro hadn’t intervened. “I’m just an ordinary girl. You fought way better than I could even dream of.”

She frowned. “It’s unfair to compare to me. I’m the SHSL Soldier.”

Oh, Komaru thought. Now she remembered. She knew her brother got into Hope’s Peak Academy where only the talented could attend but sometimes she forgot that despite her brother’s averageness, he got in through a lottery. So that meant that all of his classmates were crazy talented including Mukuro. She wondered if any of her brother’s luck had passed on to her given how time her assistance arrived.

“Then why are you asking me if I could fight when clearly you’re more fit for the job?” She questioned her.

“Because fighting and protecting are two different things.” Mukuro looked down, refusing to meet her eyes. “As much of a great fighter I am, I still can’t guarantee that I can protect you at all times. I’m more used to working alone so I’ll be leaving your side to attack more  often than not.”

Komaru felt her heart rate rising. She interpreted her words as her leaving and it scared her to the point of tears. She couldn’t handle being left unguarded at such crisis. “But I’m no fighter either. I can’t do anything that amazing or dangerous. I’m sorry.” She shakily admitted in between her sobs. “I’m sorry. I’m useless.”

Mukuro willed herself not to run away at the sight of her breaking down. She drew in a breath and carefully composed her words. “You’re right. Maybe that was wrong of me to push my expectations on you.” Her hand wanted to reach out to comfort her but she drew it into a tight fist instead. She couldn’t do it. She didn’t know how to do comfort anyways. “He’s better than me at this.” She muttered to herself and Komaru had a hunch that she wasn’t supposed to hear that.

Mukuro’s head snapped up and looked at her head on as she declared in a louder voice, “But I don’t think you’re useless at all.”

“What are you talking about? I’m practically deadweight. Just admit it, I’m useless.” Komaru retorted dejectedly.

“You’ve got that wrong.” She tentatively objected. “Let me rephrase my question earlier.” She took a deep breath and focused. Her gaze was unflinching and commanding. “Can you defend?”

“Defend?” She questioned, unsure where she was going with this.

She nodded. “Rather than fight, I need you to be capable to defend.” She paused for her to absorb that and then continued, “You don’t need to put yourself at the front and into the danger. All I’m asking is for you to defend yourself if ever anything gets past by me.”

“And what about you? Don’t you need me to cover for you too?” She hesitantly asked.

Mukuro smirked. “You saw how I fought, ya? I can handle myself just fine.”

The unexpected sass seemed to snap Komaru out of her frightened state. “Well at least one of us is confident.” She joked and for the first time since they met, a smile broke free on her face. “Thanks, Mukuro. I kind of forgot to thank you for saving my life back there.”

“Don’t mention it. I should have been here sooner anyways.” She informed her. “I’m part of the rescue group for the hostages held in the building that you were in.”

“Hostages? You mean it wasn’t just me trapped in an apartment?” She felt her stomach flip at that.

“No, there were others.” She shook her head. “And of course, something just had to happen on the day we pick you up. We should have known better that she would pull off something like this.”

“She? Who’s she?” Komaru asked, confused at the new pieces of information being casually dropped everywhere.

“It’s a long story.” She brushed her inquiries. “Let’s have your brother tell you the rest when you meet him.”

“My brother?” And then she suddenly remembers with full clarity that she hadn’t seen her brother in so long. “Makoto! Oh my gosh, is he okay? Is he here too? Oh, no I don’t think he’ll survive on his own out here. We gotta get to him fast!”

“Calm down. That’s where we’re going anyways.” Mukuro said and even gently patted Komaru’s head in an effort to soothe her. Her obvious concern was reminiscent of her brother’s. She smiled faintly. “He’s worried about you too. And you can tell him that you’re fine when we meet up with him.”

“Alright, that sounds like a great plan.” Komaru beamed at her, already building confidence.

“More like a promise I plan to keep.” Mukuro murmured to herself out of earshot as she recalled promising something similar to Makoto. With renewed conviction, she lead the way. “Let’s go, Komaru. Stay on guard.”

Komaru just wanted to get out of her apartment and coincidentally, Mukuro just wanted her to be safe. The city had transformed into a war zone as the two fought their way out of it.

Because if there was a way out then they were going to find it together.

Imagine secretly dating the Riddler

Batman trying to find out what his last riddle on the news was about but can’t because it was made specially for you.

No one believing you have a boyfriend because you can never bring Riddler to events or have pictures of you two together.

You always seem to be part of his hostages and your friends joke about how Riddler probably has a crush on you. Little do they know.

Edward sneaking into your house at night, scaring the crap of you. But after the sixth time you’ve grown accustomed to it and just wait in bed for him to join you.

Your friends setting you up on a surprise blind date and you having to hear riddler bitch about it on your next date. But it’s kind of cute how jealous he gets.

That rush of almost getting caught and Edward pushing the limit each time just for kicks.

Sports Reporter Riley Matthews whole world is turned upside down when Shortstop Lucas Friar signs with the Yankees, can she keep the secrets she’s held onto for the last thirteen years, can he keep the secrets he’s held onto?

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Author Note: So just an FYI the next chapter will be posted on Monday July 25th, 2016. If you have any questions my ask box is open and I’ll answer anything that isn’t too spoilery.


Wyatt lay on Alex’s bed, staring at the ceiling, “I can’t believe your posters are still held hostage.”

“Mom wants to make sure I don’t back out on Reese.” Alex came into the room wearing a black party dress, her hair in soft curls.

He knew it was Alex his best friend in front of him, but he couldn’t understand why his heart was racing, his palms suddenly felt sweaty. “You look amazing; Al, good thing the boys won’t be there or they might start treating you like a girl.”

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