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I believe it was. I was in Camp Nou. I saw what happened live. We lived an historic night. We saw a valiant side that wanted and could play with risk. With an unique ending of making possible the impossible. Firstly, it was the tactics. Remember what some people said when my dad first introduced the line of three defenders for the first time? He said if the rival played with two forwards, or even one, why do you need to play with four defenders. You are losing two players. Luis Enrique was very brave against PSG, putting the line of three without natural fullbacks. I’m sure my dad, from the sky, felt very proud of Barcelona. He, too, lent a hand.
—  Jordi Cruyff on if his dad’s, Johan Cruyff, spirit was in the remontada.

Art trade with @colorfulwatcher! Thank you so much for your patience, hope you like it. Thanks for the lovely conversations we’ve had. My favourite topic would probably be talking about Zexal stuff (and other Yugioh shenanigans. Long live the shenanigans!). Though I haven’t had much chances to, I enjoyed reading your fanfiction. xD

This one includes Johan with Ruby Carbuncle, and the second art is the red student from Arc - V (the one that Asuka was talking to in episode 106). Since you love colouring and colorful things, I decided on a rainbowish background for the first one. It’s been a while since I used this drawing style. As for the red student’s theme, the best I could come up with at the time was a twilight sky, symbolic for a moment of obscurity. (Actually I don’t know anymore.. I was just thinking about her being carded). 

Thank you also for the lovely art trade. I loved the one you drew for me of Yuto and Yuya. Oh, and can’t forget the Dark rebellion that looked like it was photobombing xD.