not joe or andy oops

  • Declan: E-E..
  • Patrick: What? What is it? Egg? Eye?
  • Declan: Everything in this jungle wanna eat you, baby can't blame 'em 'cause you look so fine wanna give you sexual rabies gimme that sweet, sweet, monkey vagine though I wanna put your pelvis in traction on Pandora, the main attraction is blue rabbits fucking (Woo) blue rabbits fucking, yeah blue rabbits fucking you know, you won't see rabbit sex in The Lord of the Rings smack her in the ass with your ponytail thing Jake Sully was a soldier in a bad position he won't be scoring with that spinal condition they put him in a body with a tail and fangs and what we are presuming is an Indigo Wang (Indigo Wang) now he's gonna nail all the beaver he wanna while the animators spank it to Zoe Saldaña and now we've got blue rabbits fucking (Woo) blue rabbits fucking, yeah (Blue rabbits fucking all over the place) blue rabbits fucking (Blue rabbits fucking everywhere) blue rabbits fucking (This whole planet's got fuck stench) blue rabbits fucking, yeah (You can smell it on the other side of the sun or however many suns this damn planet has...)
  • Patrick: shit

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I edited a picture of Fall out boy for accuracy…they clearly photoshopped Patrick to be bigger so I fixed it.

Sorry for the bad picture quality…the app I used pixelated it…its quality wasn’t all too great to begin with anyways.

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-Fall Out Boy

-Sleeping With Sirens

-Bring Me The Horizon

-Panic! At The Disco

-Black Veil Brides

-My Chemical Romance